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Bakugou: Where’s your boyfriend, Round Face?
Ochaco: S-sorry?
Bakugou:  The stupid nerd
Ochaco:  What?
Bakugou: Has freckles!! With bush hair! Wants to be a hero. 
Ochaco: I’m going out with Kaminari. And Deku’s gay. 
Bakugou: *storms out of the room*
*Distant screaming*: DEKU!!

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-So The Little Merboy and The Little Barbarian Boy Met-

The barbarian child was always loud, had been since they met.

Izuku can still remember the scream as he came out of the water to get a better look- a much closer look at the blonde boy who reminded him of the sun.Katsuki had been spearfishing when Izuku gave him a fright falling on his ass, the fish in hand jumped out of his grip and back into the body of water that was in a mountain cave that was connected to the sea.

Both curious befriended one another and as the seasons passed both Izuku and Katsuki learned more of each other and the worlds they lived in.


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Title: Bluebird

Author: EtherealBeing

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 53,108

Status: Complete


Dialing a wrong number was no unusual occurrence. Everyone did it once in a while, and Katsuki was well aware of that fact.

However, possessing this knowledge made it no less aggravating for him to discover — a full two minutes into his rant about his day — that he’d been venting his frustrations to a complete stranger. As if that wasn’t enough, said stranger was also inexplicably determined to hear his story to its end.

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Head cannons for bkdk wedding?

I’ve written a bakudeku wedding… three times now I think? But they’ve all been in fantasy settings, so I guess I’ve never given my take on one in the cannon setting.

Okay, so, as a hero duo their wedding is the big thing in the media that year, but they want the ceremony to be small and mostly family so the months leading up to it are crazy for them trying to avoid reporters and paparazzi, but the public is satisfied when they post photos afterwords.

They both wear white suits with gold accents (because those are snazzy and Katsuki will make sure they’re looking GOOD) and the wedding has a sort of crisp, modern theme to it, but is also heavy on the white (because they’re also little saps who wanna have a pretty wedding dammit!)

Izuku cries, because of course he does. Once when he comes down the aisle, and just when he thinks he’s collected himself he cries again during Katsuki’s vows. And trust me, their vows are sentimental as hell.

Kirishima gives a best man speech and embarrasses the shit out of Katsuki. Inko won’t stop crying either which makes Izuku cry a third time at the dinner. Mitsuki basically thanks Izuku for marrying her brat of a son and it just adds to his embarrassment. 

But, at the end of the day, they go off on their honeymoon feeling really happy and mushy (and tired) and take a good relaxing week for themselves before diving right back into hero work alongside each other, just a little closer now :)

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Do you think that, if ever in canon, Bakudeku gets together that they dated people prior to dating each other? Also what's your favourite fic that you've written/are currently doing? :3 (sorry if this ask accidentally sent twice or something my wifi's buggy)

Hmmm… while I very highly doubt they will get together in cannon, if they were to get together, like, in the cannon universe, I feel like it would go down one of two ways: either it happens while their still in high school because of how rapidly their relationship is improving, or it would happen when they grow up and become a hero duo, in which case I think it’s quite possible Izuku might have dated Uraraka before hand. 

As for my favorite fic that I’ve written? That’s always a hard question for me, but I think it might be The Kiss, because even though I struggled with it a bit in the middle, I think it turned out really good in the end.

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To celebrate reaching 8,000 followers, I want to host a Q+A tonight! Send me any questions you have about me, my fics, thoughts on bkdk/bnha related stuff, whatever. Basically I want to interact with you guys and have some fun to celebrate another milestone. I love you all, thanks for all your support <3

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Bakugo and Izuku are chilling outside. Bakugo has a weirdly flavored Popsicle, which Izuku asks to taste. When Izuku goes in for a lick, Bakugo begins calmly thrusting it in and out of his mouth, watching Izuku get cuter and cuter as he blushes redder and redder

Bakugo then drags Izuku inside to let him taste something that’s even more delicious than the popsicle. Granted, though, it’s not the cold refreshing treat that he might’ve wanted but it’s one he eagerly gobbling up anyway

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