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#banana fish

Shorter’s s/o trying on his clothes!

• He most likely encourage you to try some of his clothes on

• He thinks it’s the cutest thing!

• Probably will ask (beg) to take a picture of you

• He’s a pretty tall and muscular guy so don’t be surprised if the clothes turn out to be huge for you

• If this happens he will probably tell you how small and cute you are!

•If you blush, he will definitely melt

• If you decide to act like him, he’s gonna get flustered

• “I- I don’t talk like that!” “I have never said that!”

• He’ll hug you and shower you with lots of kisses!

• He sometimes leaves some of his jackets in your house on purpose

• 1st because he knows you love wearing his clothes

• And 2nd because he uses this as an excuse to come back to your place

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“The stain of red that colors the pavement,

Painted with blood of somebody you love.

Is this the sacrifice for the broken?

Using the purest of what’s in your heart ❤️.”

My soul will always be with you.

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Hello to you space friend!! If it isn't too troublesome for you may i ask headcanons for a baby aslan being adopted by the reader and living a safe and happy childhood with a loving mom? And growing up like a normal boy must do? Please this precious angel needs being cherished and protected to all cost!!

Hello, there, sweet human! Of course! What a lovely and heartwarming request! Thank you very much for this request, I had a lot of fun while thinking it through and writing it! 

I hope you like it; I apologize if this is not what you expected :) 



Ash Lynx / Aslan Jade Callenreese

  • Aslan would have probably liked it a lot to have a mother figure in his life. Therefore, not mattering how he met his adoptive mother, he would trust her seeing her loving attitude. 
  • Goes to school like any other kid, and his mother plays and helps him with homework during her free time. 
  • He’s always excited when he sees her waiting for him at the school entrance. 
  • His mother reads him bed time stories and soon he takes a liking for books. 
  • He gets to play with other kids and goes to school trips from which he returns with pure joy and tells everything to his mom about what they did. 
  • He soon grows to love his adoptive mother as if she was his biological one. 
  • His mother encourages him to try everything to find out an activity for him to pick an finally enroll himself on a hobby. 
  • He slowly earns the trust to tell his mother everything. 
  • As he grows up, he’s likely to be good at pretty much anything; from sports to arts, to languages, books, science, technology, politics, among others. 
  • No drugs, no prostitution, no alcohol, no abuse, no streets life. 
  • Aslan leads a wonderful and lovely life with his mom. 
  • When his brother returns from his military service (save and sound because we want to), he joins his little brother family. 
  • Aslan helps his mom around and with anything; he loves her too much. 
  • Since he becomes a top student he gets the opportunity to study abroad. 
  • Guess where? 
  • Right, Aslan, along with his mother and brother, move to Japan during his school year. 
  • There he meets Eiji and soon the two become good friends. 
  • Aslan´s mom has a good job and his brother is slowly growing even more into poetry. 
  • Aslan had a peaceful life; he grew up to become a fine man, knows how to protect himself, is interested in many things, and is good at all of them, has many good friends, his best friend and brother being Eiji, and his older brother, Griff, made his way into the literature world. 
  • Aslan will always be grateful to the woman who took him in and protected him from all evil while at the same time taught him how to protect himself form evil as well. She gave him love and security, she gave him a family, and even taught him not to hold grudges, not even about his father. 
  • She will always be he’s one and only mother. 
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I love your blog!! Can we have some first date headcanons for Shorter? :3

Hello, there, sweet human! I’m glad to know that you find this blog enjoyable! Of course! 

I hope you like it; I apologize if this is not what you expected :)



Originally posted by sajoou-moved

Shorter Wong 

  • He will be really excited, specially if he gets to show his s/o all the ways around Chinatown. 
  • He takes them to his family restaurant and cooks something special just for them. 
  • He’s very sweet, polite and attentive. 
  • He makes sure his s/o is safe and comfortable all the time. 
  • They take lots of pictures together. 
  • If his s/o happens to already know Chinatown, Shorter will take them to somewhere fun, like an amusement park or an interactive museum or gallery exhibition. 
  • They buy random and tasty street food. 
  • If his s/o is ok with it, he will take them for a smooth ride on his motorcycle all around New York.
  • He buys something for them as a memento of their first date. 
  • Hand holding and back picky rides if his s/o gets tired from walking.
  • If both feel like, they might get into the cinema. 
  • If not, near the late night, Shorter will offer them to stay at his place and watch a movie while chilling and having dinner. 
  • If his s/o needs to get home by a certain hour, Shorter will take them there safely and stay for a while at their place. 
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Banana fish (the manga)

****Lowkey spoilers ****

*****Trigger warning *****

*Mentions of Child abuse/neglect, rape, and violence.*


I love the relationship between Ash and Eiji. It showed that the love can be shown as something other sexual love. It shows that love doesn’t always have be shown through sex or sexual acts. They show that love isn’t words its actions that aren’t sexual that are intimate and sweet.

Eiji is shown as patient and understanding of what Ash has been through. He shows his affection through small gestures like hugs.

I think Eiji showed Ash that not everyone who does something nice for him wants something in return from him. He also showed him that being in be with someone else doesn’t have to be sexual. He showed Ash that love is more than a take and take situation. He shows him what it’s like to receive

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Banana fish theory

Kind of

Spoiler for Vol.19 and after ie graden of light

So there is this part in graden of light where Eiji is getting interviewed and they are asking about the photo of Ash aka “Dawn”. The interviewer ask who it is and Eiji kind of just slips of the question. So now keep this in mind the interviewer is a little older than Eiji so wouldn’t she or someone known who that was from some type of research, I mean they did research on what happened when he came to New York the first time so couldn’t have they just research and found that he was a former gang leader and adopted son of Dino Golzine aka a head of a mafia. So my theory is that Blanc is like the last one left alive and wanted to give Ash some dignity back and peace in death. So he whipped his names and etc off the face of the earth. So only then all that is left is a rotting corpse buried most likely in a papters grave, memories and lives that he touched. So Ash can finally have peace in death.

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