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Is it bad to be a solo stan ? I sincerely ask :)

Personally, I don’t think so. There’s a fine line between being a solo stan and being an akgae. If you love one member the most, it’s actually fine; that is unless you go out of your way to disrespect or demean the other members. Solo stans basically just care about the one member they bias and don’t really bother with the others so they never really hate on them as well but fuckin’ akgaes are people who will go out of their damn way to disrespect other members just cause they ain’t their biases. I actually think solo stanning is not that much of a problem as it’s made out to be, it’s just the akgaes that deserve electric chair. Like, as long as a person loves one member and doesn’t talk shit or even bother hating on the others, by all means , it should be fine.

like, you can’t force the ot7 agenda on people who are casual listeners or locals who just care about any one member, it should by by all means be acceptable unless they go on to the akgae side that is.

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