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Originally posted by fyeahcolinmorgan

(GIF credit to @fyeahcolinmorgan)

Summary: (Y/N) was raised by witch hunters, she had always been told that the were evil. Having known nothing else but this, (Y/N) carries on her family’s legacy of witch hunting, until she meets one particular sorcerer that could change her mind forever.

Characters: Merlin x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name

Warnings: mentions of death/death penalty, slight violence, arguments, fluff


“You remember everything I taught you, alright?” father said, brushing back my hair that fell over my face.

“Yes, it will stay with me forever. If I ever spot a sorcerer I will report them to the king, he deserves to know what is happening within his kingdom. The people need to be safe.”

He sighed with a smile.“I’m proud of you.”

“I’m only going to be a servant in the castle, I’m not of any importance there.”

“No, you are of great importance. You’ll do amazing things no matter what you’re ranking is in life. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I thought back to that moment, smiling fondly. Father had always taken great care of me, especially after mother died. I only left to earn more money for us, there was no good pay in our town, and I wanted to go somewhere new. This was my own story, and I was going to choose the right paths to make my life the best it could be.

However, Camelot seemed to have a lot of problems involving magic, and I couldn’t help but think that I was drawn here for a reason, maybe it was some type of destiny. My town was notoriously known for hunting down and catching people who possessed magic, punishing them in the process. All children knew that sorcerers were manipulating, evil people, that they wanted to take over the world and rid of those who did not have the same curse as them. I had always felt protected by my family, they always helped to hunt down the wrongdoers, and taught me how to defend myself as well as spot someone with magic.

I was never sure if I agreed with the punishments handed out. It used to be death, though now things seemed to be twisted. Some people were let go, others ran away, some ended up being proven innocent. I used to always agree with Uther’s ways, but seeing these people up close, seeing the terrified looks on their faces made me question my beliefs. Then someone would come along and do something undeniable terrible, making me forget any other new feelings I had.

“Merlin, I’m surprised to see you up so early.” I chuckled as he walked into the linen room.

“Why’s that?” he asked, confused as he bundled up bed sheets.

“Gaius said you were in the tavern all night, don’t you have a hangover?”

“Uh, no. No not really. Don’t really get those.” he stuttered slightly, trying to laugh it off.

“Oh, you’re quite lucky then. If I’d spent that much money on booze, my father would kill me.”

“Well, I didn’t spend all my money, some people got rounds in for me too.”

“Hm, OK. I’ve got to get bed making, so I’ll see you later.”

As I brushed past him, neatly folded sheets in my arms, I thought over Merlin’s words. Whenever he disappeared, his excuse seemed to always link back to the tavern. I couldn’t understand how a servant (earning the same amount of money as me) could spend so much and have some left over; and the fact that he never came in with even a small headache seemed suspicious. Gaius was always there with an excuse, as if he had rehearsed it or been told what to say. 

And come to think of it, he always came back from quests unscathed (a majority of the time anyway) and he was a servant who knew nothing of fighting; some people were lucky, sure, but after hearing of all their adventures, I would have thought he would have some sort of injury by now, especially as a lot of them involved magic.

I had been taught how to spot a sorcerer from a mile away, however my instincts were being conflicted with personal feelings. Merlin was a kind person, he helped whoever he came across, and had a good judgement. All of the signs were there, I had reasons to believe he had magic. Though I was starting to believe it, I wanted to doubt myself, I didn’t want Merlin to be one of them. If he turned out evil, I didn’t know what I would do. Perhaps he was cursed, maybe he wasn’t born with it and was suffering! For some reason, my conscience wouldn’t accept the fact that he might have magic, that my usual actions couldn’t proceed because he was my friend, because he was a kind soul that had never done anything wrong; and I believed that he couldn’t do so either.

The warning bells suddenly sounded, startling me as I wondered why they were ringing. Sometimes these things were small, other times they could be fatal, but all the time we were never told what was going on. Poking my head out of the chambers I was currently cleaning, I went to ask a guard what was happening but none were there. Unsure of whether to scatter and hide or stay put, I looked down the hallways, hoping that there was someone around to help me. The fact that there was no one around made me anxious, was I supposed to be somewhere too?

“Sir Percival!” I shouted down the hall as I spotted him.

He turned when he heard his name, us both meeting in the middle as we scattered towards each other.“(Y/N), are you alright?”

“Yes, what’s going on?”

“We’ve caught a sorcerer trying to sneak in through the castle walls, he hurt some of our men in the process.”

“Are they alright? Where is everyone?”

“They’re hiding, I’ll take you to them.” 

 He took my hand as we ran, his sword in the other and his senses heightened. He lead me underground, scurrying down the spiralling, stone steps, only a few torches lighting the way for us. I could hear a crowd of people in the distant as we finally got off the stairs and descended down a long corridor. As we entered a grand hallway, I saw temporary hospital beds, some soldiers lying down with various injuries as servants tended to their wounds. 

“Where’s Merlin?” I asked Sir Percival, but he was already gone. 

I wasn’t sure where to place myself in all the commotion. This must be serious if we were hiding underground, and by the look of the soldiers injuries, it was easy to see that this sorcerer was powerful. I spotted Gaius mixing up remedies, and knew that it wouldn’t be easy for him to lie his way out of this one. Although I felt bad for taking advantage of the terrible situation, I wasn’t going to have many opportunities to catch him off guard.

“Gaius!” I called out, catching him before he attended a patient.

A wave of relief washed over him“(Y/N), thank goodness you’re alright! Here, you can help us with the soldiers-”

“Where’s Merlin?”

I only just caught the glimpse of hesitation in his words.“Well, he’s probably helping Arthur. You know the boy always gets himself in dangerous situations at times like these.”

“Shouldn’t he be down here helping too?”

“I understand you’re alarmed, but we can’t let worry take over. These men need our help, and with the little supplies I have, I’m not sure all of them will make it.”

“I’ll fetch you more supplies! We’re not far from your infirmary.”

“No, it’s too dangerous-”

I sprinted away from him, pushing past crowds of people and ignoring their pleas for me to stay. Already out of breath as I reached the top of the stairs, I found myself staring at the door that kept me hidden from whatever monster was terrorising Camelot. Was I really this desperate to find out if Merlin had magic? Could I really risk my life for this moment? Images of my parents flashed before me, how strong they looked when they returned from a witch hunt, how proud they were; wait a minute, my weapons! 

Sneaking out of the door, I looked down both hallways, the sudden darkness of the night giving me chills. It was too quiet, there didn’t seem to be any sign of fighting. Although this put me on edge, I continued on, slipping down staircase after staircase to reach the servant’s quarters. As I entered my shared room, I could feel the tension within me build. How did I not encounter anything or anyone yet? Grabbing my sword and bow and arrow, I tiptoed back out, only to hear the sound of hurried footsteps. Retreating back into my room, the door slightly ajar for me to see through, I spotted a cloaked figure running down the hall. I did not recognise this man, assuming that this was the sorcerer. As I followed his confusing path, I readied my bow and arrow, prepared to strike at any moment.

“You should leave the past behind you.” he suddenly said, stopping dead in his tracks.

“I will not listen to you, your evil lies will not tempt me.” I firmly stated, pulling the string back more.

“Think about this, young witch finder, would you really kill someone for being born this way? Something they couldn’t control?” He slowly turned around, his sparkling, amber eyes glowing in the dark.

“Yes, because all your kind ever does is bring murder and terror wherever they are.”

“Now we know that’s not true.”

“Y-yes it is!”

“Then I guess, after you kill me, you’ll be killing Merlin too? He should be on his way here soon.”

“Stop this! I won’t personally kill you, you must stand before the king and answer for your crimes.”

He chuckled.“Crimes, yes. The crime of being hunted down and almost killed, just because I’m slightly different. Makes total sense. And I suppose it makes you feel better that you won’t actually kill me, you’re just aiding in Uther’s terrible reign.”

I fired a bow at him, purposefully missing as a warning. It irritated me that he didn’t even flinch as it skimmed past his face.

“This is a dead end, give up, you knew this day would come.”

He looked behind him at the steel bars that blocked an old emergency tunnel, now shut off due to how unsafe it would be to pass through there.“You really think a bit of metal would stop me?”

“(Y/N) get down!” I heard Merlin yell, before the sorcerer threw his hand towards me, the bars flying out of the stone they were built in.

My eyes widened as I had no time to react. Before I could even blink, the four metal bars blasted into smithereens, no longer harmful to even a fly. They sprinkled down like delicate snowflakes right before my eyes, until I noticed that the sorcerer had escaped. Merlin grabbed me before I could take one step after him, having to control me thrashing around in his arms.

“Let go! Get your hands off of me!” I screamed.

“You can’t go after him, he’s dangerous!” he argued back.

“So are you!” 

That seemed to shock him, and I was able to get out of his grip. Our breathing was heavy and quick, and all we could do was stare at each other.

“What?” he whispered out.

“What you just did there, you’re….you’re a sorcerer.”

“That wasn’t me, that was clearly-”

“Merlin! He wouldn’t threaten to hurt me then save me.”

“(Y/N), I-”

“I’m a witch hunter. I have been my whole life, my family has been doing this for generations. I can’t believe that I’ve been friends with a sorcerer.” I threw my bow and arrows down in frustration.

“A what? You can’t be one of them.”

“Well, I am. My family were helping get rid of them, to make this world a safer place.”

“You don’t understand, we’re not all your enemy.”

“Yes you are. I really didn’t want this to be true, I couldn’t face it if you turned out to have magic.”

“Why? Why would it matter so much to you?”

“B-because….you’re my friend and I care about you. But now, I can’t be that with you.”

“What will you do now?”

I couldn’t give him an answer, instead shaking my head and beginning to walk away. Merlin reached out for my hand, but I quickly snatched it away from him, hurrying my pace so he did not see my tears. What was I to do? All I knew about sorcerers was that we were to get rid of them, though now I was conflicted. Merlin was my friend, and I couldn’t face turning him in, let alone kill him.


The city soon got back to normal after the sorcerer escaped. Thankfully no one died and everything was in one piece; well, everything but my mind. All I could ever think about was Merlin, and reflecting back on it, how he saved me with his magic. I had avoided him ever since, not sure how we would speak or if he would even want to look at me after confessing what my family were known for. However, I found that I was missing him, even his smile. If Merlin ever died….

“(Y/N).” a hushed voice called me. I looked around, confused where it was coming from.“(Y/N)!”

I looked to my right, spotting Merlin down an alleyway beside the castle. He gestured for me to follow him, and without hesitation I did. Nothing was said between us as I let him guide me, leading us out to the fields surrounding the back of the castle. I noticed him hiding something in his jacket, hidden from sight.

“I wanted to show you something, something that might change your mind.” he said, kneeling to the ground.

“Merlin, I’m sor-”

He shushed me, opening up his jacket to reveal something else bundled up in a handkerchief. I sat beside him, my heart aching as I saw a small bird, clearly in pain with a broken wing. Its breaths were rapid, scared for what was going to happen to him.

“Watch.” Merlin instructed.

He slowly lowered his hand over the bird, hovering above it as he chanted strange, unrecognisable words. I couldn’t help but watch his eyes turn amber like the other sorcerer, but he made it seem beautiful, enchanting even. His head turned to me as he stopped speaking, and I felt that I couldn’t look away. We broke eye contact when we heard the bird chirp, seeing that it was back on its feet, flapping its wings as if nothing happened. The bird hastily flew away, Merlin and I smiling and laughing as we watched.

“Do you see now that there is good in magic?” He asked, slight uncertainty in his voice.

I sadly smiled at him.“Yes. I’m sorry for my behaviour towards you, that I started treating you differently, as if you were the bad person. That’s how I was raised, but now I see that my parents weren’t completely right.” 

“Why didn’t you turn me in?” 

I looked away, feeling more and more guilt.“I couldn’t stand to even think about you dying. I was confused, angry, everything I thought I knew was flipped upside down. But what sort of friend would I be if I told everyone your secret? Put you in danger?”

“Thank you. That means everything to me. I’m sorry I had to hide it from you.”

“Does Arthur know?”

He shook his head.“He can’t know, not ever.”

“I won’t say anything to anyone, not ever.”

We smiled at each other, a new found peace between us. I lunged over on top of him, giving him the biggest hug I could muster. I had to hold him close, just for a while, just so I knew that he definitely was still here. Nothing but happiness filled my brain as he hugged back, feeling the same relief as I did. Merlin had changed my outlook, changed the way I viewed the world. There were still evil people out there, some with magic and some not, but those who did possess such a gift were going to change the world someday, even if it was centuries from now. And it was all going to start with Merlin.

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Does anyone have good recommendations for Merlin fics under 5000 words? I’m bravenclawesome on AO3 and am starting to podfic stuff again (after a hiatus of 3 years!) but only have the time to record and edit short fics - they’re very time-consuming to make!

Send me your drabbles, your PWPs, anything, as long as they are strictly under 5000 words, and I will read and consider them :)

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honestly anything related to merlin and arthur brings me the most specific kind of pain because it’s so bittersweet and soft at the same time????? i can’t even explain it but it’s enough to be its own feeling. something only merthur can trigger in me. can anybody relate lol it’s sort of like a happy/sad thing but not quite

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“You can’t,” is what he finally comes up with, which is feeble even by the standards of Arthur’s arguments so far. “Merlin, you can’t leave. I can’t—I don’t want you to go.”

Something must show on his face then, the rawness and regret he’s feeling, because Merlin throws up his arms in a show of frustration and bursts out: “Give me a reason then! Give me one reason I shouldn’t pack up my things right now and leave.”

That stops Arthur in his tracks, because what can he possibly say to something like that? A hundred things fly through his head, all of them wrong, and Merlin’s waiting, looking at Arthur like Arthur has maybe one chance in five thousand to redeem himself here.

In the end, Arthur doesn’t say anything. He darts forward before he thinks about what he’s doing, before Merlin can react. Merlin’s lips are rough, chapped; his stubble scratchy against Arthur’s palms. He tastes like chocolate and butter cream, and Arthur kisses him hard, trying to say everything without saying anything while Merlin’s frozen in shock beneath him.

“That,” Arthur says when he pulls away, his breathing fast and uneven. “That’s why you shouldn’t leave.”

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The Death Song of Uther Pendragon starts off with such a cheesy date, and no one can convince me otherwise! Like, had it not been for the woman’s scream, I would’ve been so happy watching the banter of an old married couple moaning and complaining that it didn’t go according to plans, but still being happy they made so many endearing memories together

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