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#bbc merlin

Merlin had once made a dark room dance with twinkling lights and Arthur as king had watched in silence, trying to memorize the sight; so very Merlin. Like memories of nights outdoors he could no longer have. Merlin had offered to replicate the effect for Arthur’s wedding, but Gwen had wanted flowers and sunlight - Merlin had smiled and wove the breeze to hold petals aloft. That night he had given Arthur a box when Arthur had returned from the queen’s chambers, inside a dozen tiny lights that pinned themselves to his canopy.

If Arthur had the chance, he would take that box over a space shuttle any day.

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utter my love || merthur

((I’ve been reading some merthur fics lately and it made me remember that I have such sappy sweet feelings about these two <3 Anyway, here’s a cafe/reincarnation fic))

I wondered, sometimes, why I bothered to stay. Why I hadn’t given up, moved away to live somewhere else, anywhere else. Across the Atlantic, to America, maybe. Or maybe moved out instead of away, out of my bubble of consciousness, out of my body, out of earth. Out of life.

It would’ve been so easy, so simple. But I was still there, even after every century passed, even after all the dark, swirling thoughts came, trying to convince me to leave. I lingered in Camelot, even though it didn’t go by that name anymore, even though nothing was the same now; the sights, the sounds, the smells. I stayed, through every war and revolution, every protest and reformation. I waited. Until suddenly, I wasn’t waiting anymore.

Time had slipped by, a revolving current in a slow, languorous stream. But time was fickle. It was thick, like honey, but as soon as you let yourself blink, it trickled through your fingers, a heavy waterfall. It was forever since I had last seen you, but now that you were here again, I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I would ever be truly ready.

My name had changed over the centuries. For every lifetime, it was a different letter of the alphabet. Last time, it was Matthew, the accountant. This time, it was Nathan, the barista. It was there on my chest, typed out on a little plastic rectangle, pinned to a cotton apron. A name, displayed loudly as the scent of dark coffee beans and light pastry filled the room, the idle chatter and soft music in the cafe a buzz in the background. It was there, easy to see, easy to say, easy to forget. And yet, you somehow managed to mess everything up.

But then again, how could I expect anything different from you?

You walked in the same way a lion would walk among his pack, with your head held high and shoulders straight. You brought with you an air of absolute confidence, scented with golden sunshine. You hadn’t changed much since all those lifetimes ago, and looking into your blue, blue eyes as I took your order was the damn hardest and most painful thing I had to do since that day.

You paid, muttering a soft “Thank you, Merlin” as you took your change, and left, coffee in hand with its steam billowing out behind you in a trail of regret. And I was left to stand there, staring at the door with my fingers cold and throat stinging. Arthur Pendragon, you goddamn prat.

The next time I saw you, it was six in the evening, two days later. I was just about to leave, ready to close up, but then you came barreling in, a look on your face that told a story of immense frustration and headache. You were angry, at what I didn’t know, but the moment you opened the door was the moment that my body pulled taut, like the end of a string reaching a hand out to grasp its anchor.

You rattled and complained to me, speaking of men too blind to see their own shortcomings, of company leaders so arrogant they couldn’t walk a single step without falling over for how big their heads were, and the sound of your voice around the sentences were all at once so familiar and yet so strange. You once confided similar sentiments in me, but this new, modern dialect fit differently in your mouth, the syllables a different shape than the ones I was used to hearing from you.

But then you started waving your arms, curling your hands into gestures as you talked, and within your sweeping movements you took my shoulder into your palm. And you said, indignance in your tone, “Can you believe it, Merlin?”

And everything within me melted.

Because although your speech may not have been exactly as I remembered, your touch was, and to feel your skin against me heated me from the inside, washing my form in complete and utter warmth.

So no, Arthur, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I finally, once again, after everything, had you right here in front of me, solid and real and mine.

I pulled you into an embrace, cutting your rant short. You spluttered, stiffened for one terrible moment, before reaching around to hug me back. Put your face to my neck and whispered “Merlin” into my skin. In that moment, there was so much I wanted to tell you, so much I wanted to say, but the only thing my throat could let loose was a strangled “Arthur.” But you understood anyway, pulling me tighter against your body.

All those centuries, all those lifetimes, I had stayed. But it was only then, enfolded in the circle of your arms, that I finally came home.

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Arthur: I'm telling you, Guinevere messes with me! She makes my palms sweat! Then my heart skips a beat! Then the earth moves!
Merlin: Uh, Arthur, that doesn't happen because she's messing with you. That happens because you have a crush on her.
Arthur: Well! I guess there's only one thing to do! Storm over there and tell Guinevere how I feel!
Merlin: ARTHUR NO--
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Send 🧀 for the cheesiest pick up line my muse can come up with

Oh, no, I’m not very good at these at all, I tried one time, because Gwaine made me, he wouldn’t leave me alone about it, but it doesn’t matter anyway because Sir Hayden just poured his drink over my head anyway so–

All right, all right, I’ll try.

Um–are you a sorcerer? Because you look like magic to–

NO, I’m sorry, I can’t do it, I can’t finish it, this just feels too awkward, I’m sorry.

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Merlin Memory Month: Day 7

Path 3 - A challenge accepted/ a challenge refused

Wherein someone does the thing where they challenge Merlin to a duel for Reasons and Merlin must take up the sword. And surprises everyone. 

Kind of inspired by this story which I love so give it a read if you’re bored and this sounds intriguing to you~ Also just have a list of Merlin sword fighting fics, I guess

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When you lived with your mother, it must have been difficult for her to keep you safe and not have you exposed as a magic user. Despite the danger, I can tell she still loves you very deeply and has faith that you will fulfill your destiny with Arthur. She's an amazing mom! What other qualities do you love about her?

Oh! Yes, my mother really is a very wonderful woman! I owe so much to her, you know. 

Ever since I can remember, she’s done absolutely everything she can to protect me–and I certainly never made it easy on her, either. I really can’t imagine how hard that must have been for her. She’s one of the strongest people I know. To have raised a child, all on her own, to raise a child with magic, all on her own, and in such a poor village, where everybody needs everything and there’s never enough to go around… 

But she did it. It must have been so hard, but she did it, and you wouldn’t ever know it was hard at all, not from her, because she’s never been anything but patient and gracious, ever since I can remember. 

And she’s never made me feel bad about having magic. She’s never wanted me to feel bad that things are so much worse for her than anybody else because of me, she’s never wanted me to feel like I should deny who I am for her sake. 

And I’ve never known her to turn away a person in need. Even a complete stranger. Even someone who hasn’t been kind to her, she helps them anyway, and she’s kind to them anyway, because that’s just who she is. She’d give everything she has to see to it another has what they need. 

And she’s so nice to Arthur, and Gwen, and the knights. Asks after them in every letter she sends, always hugs them all when I bring them ’round for a visit–poor Arthur still goes stiff as a board, but I don’t think he’s got the heart to ask her to stop–and she just makes them all welcome, makes them right at home. 

And she hasn’t let her life turn her bitter, either. She’s not upset, she’s not resentful, she’s never acted like she’s been cheated out of something better. Even with all the wrongs the people around her have done her, she’s never let it get to her. She’s always kept her heart open, and–well, I think that’s really brilliant.

My mother really is an amazing woman.

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references for my korean merlin au  where basically everything is the same but merlin is korean like me wow!!! i based these outfits mostly off of the joseon dynasty as well as some of my already existing knowledge. (Merlin’s casual outfit is based off of my actual hanbok i usually wear to events)

i took some liberties with colors to better match their outfits from the tv show + just make things easier to draw. Arthur’s armor outfit is basically what the knights would wear as well just less flashy probably. When i get time i wanna draw gwen and morgana’s outfits too!!!

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I truly think that if Merlin had listened to Kilgarrah, Arthur would still be alive like Kilgarrah was like let Uther die, Kill Morgana before she gets to strong, Let Uther execute Mordred, and then Merlin did none of those things and Arthur died bc of it so like

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if yall have any fics btw of arthur reincarnated and adapting to the modern world i am literally starving for those

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BBC Merlin (BBC) and Shrek Merlin (S): *See TrollJim*

BBC: What the hell are you?

Jim: Apparently a half-troll but I don’t really feel the human half anymore… Merlin cursed me. He said it would make me stronger.

BBC: *Looks accusingly at S*

S: Not me! I would never do something like this to a child! Make him deal with his deepest fears and issues maybe. But never this! How do I know YOU didn’t do this?!

Jim: Wait wait wait. You both are Merlin as well?

Both: What?

Trollhunters Merlin (T): *Enters* Trollhunter! Who are these men?

BBC+S: *Stare at T*

Jim: Merlin, this is Merlin and also Merlin. To avoid confusion, I’m going to call you all *points at BBC* Young, *points at S* Old, *points at S* and Napkin Head.

BBC: *Looks at S* Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

S: *Seriously thinking about making T do primal scream therapy* Oh yeah.

BBC+S: *Summon their magic and begin chasing down T*

BBC: When were done with this guy, I got dibs on fixing the kid!

S: Fine by me! This guy is gonna need a lot of scream therapy!

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