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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I’ve decided to release a nickname (or a few) everyone can call me by.

Some common ones:

  • Luck
  • Lucky
  • Charm

All based off of my username

Some others:

  • Sabii
  • Bii
  • Bean
  • Sabean

These are based off of nicknames I have acquired in school and online (because I haven’t released my real name) but these are all based off of my real name (especially Sabii)

I never truly realized that no one had a name or nickname to call me by but I was getting to thinking and here are some names you guys can refer to when talking to me directly (in chat) or sorta indirectly (in asks or when reblogging like the bias battle)

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Thu, 20.02.2020 (day 132)

I’m getting sick! Two days before the exam. I’m having a headache and my throat hurts … aaah! This is so frustrating!! 😷🍵

Breakfast was as usual some yogurt with an apple (208cal). I snacked throughout the day on an apple (92cal), nuts and dried berries (191cal) and I had a strawberry milkshake (176cal). For dinner I had some green beans (240cal). (Total = 907cal)

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Today’s Bean bun of the day is brought to you by lorge bun.

Oh friends I’m sorry my posts are rare now but there has been quite a scare. Recently we almost lost Coco and Puff on our adventures and since then we don’t go out much. I really do hope you’ve been alright since my absence! I’m also very happy to introduce you to my wife! Her name is Vanilla and together we are Vanilla Bean!!! Our adventures will be limited to our home but that doesn’t make them any less exciting! I hope your next home adventure brings you excitement too!

-love, Bean

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“Last Wish" 

 RP based around Lucas coming to end Bean’s life, and she asks for one last wish. Going on one nice date, since she’d never been on a good date before. They discover they have a lot in common and when the time comes to kill her, she wishes she had more time with him.

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