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#being a writer

You can do all kinds of slightly-weird shit and explain it all away with: “I’m a writer.”

Run outside when it starts raining, because it’s the perfect chance to figure out how slippery the grass might be during the reunion kiss scene, and whether the characters really could just skid down a slight slope. 

“I’m a writer,” you can say, when your friend asks why you’re soaked to the bone.

Stop mid-stride and sniff the air, letting your nose lead you to that one flowerpot that smells just right for the arrangements in the background of Chapter 6, and go find out the plant’s name from the old man weeding the garden beds.

“I’m a writer,” you can say, when he asks why you’re so curious.

Stare at the sky until you know exactly which shade of blue best describes it, then scribble it on the back of your hand with a leaking pen.

“I’m a writer,” you can say, when your boss notices the fading stain the next day.

I bet they’ll all go, “Ah, that explains it.”

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Hi, I’m a WRITER

That means I can write thought proviking, philosophical thoughts on love for my characters to ponder. I can spin eloquent discriptions of my character’s emotions. Build people, civilizations, and entire worlds from nothing but my mind and craft them into a story. Create entire pantheons of gods and their lore and myths.

But when you actually talk to me you get “fuck” in every other sentence, the inability to pronounce matriarchal correctly, and me forgotting that one overall term that discribes seconds, mintues, and hours in a broad sense.

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Someone: hey I like your story idea but uh… what’s the plot?

Me: Sorry?

Them: what are you planning on doing in the story? What’s the driving force?

Me: the what

Them: it just has so much potential

Me: …..

Me: Idk…..


Them: ????????

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  • it’s kinda funny when my English teacher goes around pointing out secret meanings in everything but as a writer who knows other writers and how writing goes on I’m just like “heh nope that’s definitely a 4 am shit spiel”
  • forgetting a character’s name and sitting there going “king- no not king- sounds like- KEANE. IT’S KEANE”
  • wanting to write but also not wanting to write
  • who is editing and why is she so complicated
  • I’m sorry the technical term is what
  • I’m gonna research this for a sec- never mind I’m conducting an extensive study on antisocial personality disorder now
  • fuck sleep
  • fuck me
  • fuck you
  • fuck grammar
  • this makes no sense. like. at all
  • writing is a conversation between my last brain cell and Microsoft word’s spellcheck
  • I can’t even carry a conversation why do I expect to be able to write one
  • it’s 3 am and here I am imagining the continuation of my story, one that I am going to fuck up when I try to write it
  • it makes sense that way but it’s not…impossible…to do it…this way…
  • there’s probably a word for this I just don’t know it
  • writer or serial killer? at this point I am fully willing to be both
  • write drunk and edit sober?? nah man just do everything high
  • so I read my writing and I shall yeet myself into the sun. farewell
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I have been rewriting and rewriting this one scene over and over again because nothing feels right and this has to be at least the tenth time I’ve rewritten it and still it doesn’t feel right. I think from now on each new idea for the scene is going to be ignored until I figure out the rest of the story because I’m getting a little tired of redoing the same scene over and over again.

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about the himawari training scene with the boruto, do you think we'll still see that?

I don’t know but I sure hope so. Maybe now with Naruto sealed away (for the time being at least) it’ll finally push all the next gen kids (Hima included) into training to get stronger.

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Okay but my favorite is when you have a character who is established as tough, relentless, independent, skilled, and jaded from their past without being cruel, and then you suddenly see them Soft™️. They’re exhausted so they drift off next to someone they trust a little more than the rest, their head winds up on their shoulder. They realize one of the less confident characters is scared, so they step in and say a few words that are gentle and encouraging. They try to be understanding and empathize even when they’re way out of their depth. This. This 100% is what keeps me from getting worn out with the ‘Tough Guy’ trope. It keeps them human.

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hi how are you tonight? just wanted to stop by and ask if you were in any other fandoms besides zombies? I jump around all the time so I was just curious!!!

Hi there! Not too bad, busy day for sure, but not too bad! (Although I totally destroyed my feet; handy tip, do not try to walk around for a full day in 3-4 inch heels with no break, then live at the top of a hill. Your feet will not thank you 😅)

I will admit, I actually tend to stick more to general areas of interest, like foreign languages, dance/art, classical music, fitness, etc, than I do fandoms persay.

That being said, I am in a few other fandoms, but it’s honestly not that many. I be boring, unfortunately 😂😅

However I enjoy: marvel, disney (no duh), harry potter, kazuo ishiguro novels, Doctor who (I dip in and out tbh), Good Omens, Starkid, any musical really…that’s kind of it. Not a very long list, but it’s something I guess?  😅😅

Thank you for stopping by! I always love seeing your name in my inbox, it really does brighten my day in the best ways 💖💖💖

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tbh i think the problem w comics tony isn’t that he’s being overused, it’s that he used to be a b list character who only got written by ppl who care about him pre mcu. but after he became mainstream via mcu he got put in the hands of, like, the famous writers who don’t really understand him + make subpar stories. tsim is being written by dan slott (the war criminal who came up w parker industries/superior spiderman) so it’s a wonder that it took more than 10 issues to start declining


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mutuals who are super cool with you for replying even after a thousand months? amazing. but mutuals who are super cool with you for replying after one second since they’ve replied when they were trying to make a dent of their drafts? are also incredible.

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