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#bella swan

Originally posted by fanfic-fanfic-everywhere

You eyed the vampires from inside, the Volturi leaders, Carlisle and the Volturi’s twins were all standing outside in conversation. Although Jane and Alec said nothing and kept their distance, they were only guards after all. 
“What are they talking about?” Your eyes narrowed on them.
“Who knows?” Bella shrugged.
“The guy beside the blonde is pretty good-looking though. I wouldn’t mind giving him a go if you know what I’m saying.” You smirked as Bella gasped behind you. “You don’t want to mess with him, he’s dangerous.”
“Oh I like some danger in my men just like you Bella.”
“No seriously, he’s a whole new level of bad.”
“I’m not so sure, he keeps looking over here.” You responded.
“At you?”
Mm-hm. Oh my- he just smirked at me! What in the hell!? That shouldn’t have been legal, he’s gorgeous!”
“(Y/N)!” You heard Bella call out from behind you.
“He’s so smug about it too! I’m not fooled, I’ve distracted him hard core! Serves him right too, being such a snack- being such a whole dang meal!
“(Y/N), he’s smirking because he can hear you. Super-hearing!" 

Your jaw fell open and your eyes were wide. "Run that by me again?”
The information slowly digested in your mind. “Well that’s embarrassing–hey! He’s smirking again! He’s so smug! Bella, come and see this!”
Your jaw fell open again as soon as Bella was by your side, he reverted back to being stoic and not even looking in your direction anymore. Bella shrugged and turned away. “Oh this is how we’re going to play it! You know you’re attacking me with being pretty! Smirk at me again! I dare you! Do it! Do it! Smirk at me!” Without skipping a beat Alec turned to you again staring at you for a moment before smirking.
You immediately doubled over making a wheezing noise in your throat before falling dramatically to the ground.
You let out a groan before whining you had been fatally hit in the heart strings.

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Twilight Aesthetics; Leah Clearwater | she-wolf

‘being any kind of happy is better than being miserable over someone you can’t have’.

‘i wasn’t born a compassionless shrew. i used to be kind of nice you know’.

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@met-by-moonlight asked for something with Jasper & Bella friendship, so here’s a thing set…idk man, sometime between NM and Eclipse? just pretend I know how timelines work

relationships: bella swan & jasper hale

characters: see above

~800 words

rating: gen

content warnings: none

Psychic chess is not a spectator sport, Bella decides. Sure, it was funny the first couple of times, watching Edward and Alice glare at each other across the board, expressions taut in the sort of concentration that would have meant purple faces and protruding forehead-veins in humans. But the novelty wears off. There’s only so many hours you can spend looking at a statue, after all, and Bella is about ready to put Brother and Sister Playing Imaginary Chess behind glass at the Louvre where it belongs.

There’s a disembodied chuckle from behind her as someone blurs through the living room—Jasper must be feeling her irritation and boredom secondhand. He pauses in the doorway to the garage.

“Best leave them to it, Bella,” he advises. “Could take a while.” He disappears.

With nothing better to do, Bella wanders into the garage after him—and does a double take. 

One whole section, the space usually reserved for Rosalie’s BMW, is taken up by what looks like a colossal doll’s house, taller than Bella and easily ten feet wide. Jasper’s blond head peeks out from behind one corner, where he’s gluing something to the roof—tiny shingles.

“Whoa,” says Bella. “I, uh. Didn’t know you were into this sort of thing.”

Jasper smiles. “It’s Esme’s Christmas present. Rosalie’s pet project, really. She lets me do the boring parts,” he says, gesturing to the unfinished roof.

Bella moves in closer. The house is empty, but something about the layout is oddly familiar—the back wall made entirely of glass…

“Oh—it’s this house!” The more she looks, the more she notices: the stairs that curve in exactly the same way, the perfectly matched cream carpet, the wall of shelves in Edward’s bedroom.

Jasper gives her a funny look. “Of course it is. Did you think we were taking up dollhouses in our spare time?”

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When Bella was pregnant and drinking donated blood, did they just send Jasper out of the house everytime? Or was it like they look up and he’s just there sipping one of the blood bags too like it’s a Capri Sun?

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Originally posted by lekinkytwilighters

Relationship: Sam/Reader
Words: 8.2K
Warnings: I’m afraid Sam’s OOC. I tried, I really did.

Imagine being Bella’s older sister from a woman Charlie was with before Renee. You’re only staying with your dad now until you get back on your feet and had no intentions of looking for romance, but apparently Fate has other plans for you.

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So it’s confirmed in Midnight Sun that Charlie’s thoughts are partially blocked to Edward (he can only catch the general tone/feeling of what he’s thinking), but it’s not like Bella where he can’t her thoughts at all.

It’s also canon that vampires who share genetics can have similiar abilities. (Edward and Bella with Renesmee, Jane and Alec, ectc).

Ergo, if Charlie Swan were to become a vampire (wouldn’t THAT be a trip) he would totally have the ability of a partial shield: not completely immune to mental vampire powers like his daughter, but the full potency of the vampire gift cannot be used on him.

So like Jane could make him feel some level of pain, but not completely incapacitate him, or Alec could cloud his senses but not totally deprive him of his senses. 

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