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#bellamy x josephine
OMG yes to clarke pretending or acting like josie for bell, maybe he secretly thinks about it but doesn't tell her but she knows because they're well... them lol and she justs stars being a brat teasing him

Yes! i think that it could go a couple of ways, honestly. 

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know I love all your posts and your Sleep series is pretty great too! You seem like someone I'd enjoy to be friends with irl :) Also, seeing Peter and Olivia on my dash made me think how amazing it would be if Bellamy and Clarke had some of the scenes they had :'( This is what I get for caring about a cw pairing i guess. Anyways, hope you have a great day!

Aw thank you! Listen if you’re just as thirsty for Bellamy/Bob Morley as I am, and you like Fringe, I’m sure we’d get on very well! And it’s always nice to hear from someone who’s following the sleep series 🥰

I’m definitely due a Fringe rewatch. I love it so much! Peter is truly the softest soft baby, and it’s so nice to have a male lead without a terrifying six pack tbh. Olivia is such a refreshing female lead character and I fell in love with her over the series as she gradually opened up emotionally. And I totally agree with you about the Bellarke bitterness. Like an idiot, I hoped that the Josephine/Clarke/Bellamy plot would end up like the Fauxlivia plot, with Bellamy thinking that he’s finally with Clarke, only to realise it isn’t her. I can’t believe that the writers missed that opportunity.

Imagine the bellarke version of this heartbreaking scene. No one would survive it.


Thanks for the ask hun! I hope you have a lovely day too x

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In addition to Clarke roleplaying as Josie, where is all the Josephine/Bellamy smut? Is everyone afraid of the consent issue (legit concerns are legit), lbr) especially after 6x09 and the cave. And I really wanted to see someone pick up the Bellamy chokes the mind drive out of Josephine kink mem prompt!

I’m gonna come clean here. Despite my desperate love for Bellaphine, I actually haven’t sought out the fics for it. Firstly because I was writing it and I didn’t want to plagiarise anyone. And then afterwards, because I felt that I’d written the pairing so exactly how I wanted it that I didn’t want to read anyone else’s interpretation 😂 So, there may be a lot of content that I’ve missed!

However, I just looked at ao3 and there are currently only 11 fics tagged Bellamy/Josephine, of which only 2 are explicit (and 1 of those is mine). I’ve definitely seen other kink meme fills and tumblr fics for the pairing that aren’t on ao3 but still. That’s crazy.

I’m honestly stunned that fandom hasn’t run more with the Bellaphine pairing. Not only do they benefit from the Bellarke/Beliza chemistry that we all know and love, but they have that *chef’s kiss* snarky antagonistic relationship that so many people, including myself, are sluts for.


(gif source)

And I mean. Look at these gifs, the smut writes itself.


(gif source)


(gif source)


Originally posted by bellarke

It’s basically Stardust if Yvaine was a sociopath.

I definitely think a large part of it is down to the consent issues - lbr, any Bellaphine fic is going to be at least dubcon, and while that’s the kind of thing that interests me, I understand that lots of writers wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Which is a shame. I firmly believe that exploring dubcon scenarios through art and fiction is a good way to build ‘consent literacy’ and if people are put off fictional explorations of consent by purity culture and the fear of getting it ‘wrong’, I think that’s actually pretty dangerous.

(I also think that the lack of Bellaphine content is down to the way that the show has completely wasted the Clarke/Josephine plotline but that’s a completely different rant that you didn’t sign up for!)

Good news is that the kink meme prompts are still there for anyone to fill so you might get lucky!

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i (safeandsound13) did three fills for the @the100kinkmeme flashround, thought i’d share them on here for anyone who’s interested. links lead to ao3, please mind the tags before reading!

the minute i feel your energy, the vibe’s just taken over me (B/C)

Drunk Clarke is at a bachelorette party. When Cop!Bellamy shows up to ask them to keep the noise down, she mistakes him for a stripper. He plays along. 

just got to let me try to give you what you want (B/J, B/C)

Josie tries to seduce Bellamy when she’s still in Clarke’s body.

he sees the universe when i’m the company (B/C)

When Bellamy confronts Clarke about what happened during the Red Sun, she makes a surprising confession.

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Dropping by again just to say that the more I think about the more I realize that "One look at you, and he should've known how this would end" is the loudest callout of the entire episode AND YET IT'S UNDERRATED. Jo is basically telling Bellamy "My dad is so fucking stupid, because your love for Clarke is written all over your face" THIS EPISODE IS... FANFIC.



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Re: Bellamy starting to kill Russell but stopping. I totally agree that he heard 'eye for an eye/blood must have blood' and stopped, but what also caught my attention - and I think his, too, is when Jo says, "If killing him is what you need, then do it." To my ears, it sounded like a perversion of "You want forgiveness? I'll give it to you, you're forgiven." "You're forgiven" is in my top 3 for how Clarke shows she's still there, w/ "Together" & "Head & Heart" in Trig.

Anonymous said:I just thought of something; if you tilt your head and squint your eye, what Jo says to Bellamy in 606 is a perverse parallel to what Clarke said to him in 108. “You want forgiveness? Fine I will give it to you”- “If killing him is what you need, do it [fine I will give it to you}, but let it end here”. Just another nail in the Bellamy coffin showing him that is truly not Clarke. Again, only if you tilt your head and squint

Two asks with the same concept. That Josephine’s “if killing him is what you need then do it” is a slant parallel to “you want forgiveness? I’ll give it to you. You’re forgiven.” Is it really so squinty if two separate people came up with it, and I can’t say you’re not right?

Hmm. Josephine doesn’t understand Bellamy (possibly she doesn’t understand humans, tbh,) and s1 Clarke didn’t understand forgiveness. Killing Russell won’t make Bellamy feel better… and he knows that. He learned the hard way. Which Josephine doesn’t know. She knows that Bellamy is a killer, but she doesn’t know what meaning it had, why he did it, or that he stopped. 

Josephine has no morals. She’s using simplistic morality to encourage him to kill Russell, get what she wants, and avoid repercussions. Bellamy said in season 1 “who we are and who we need to be to survive are two different things,” but he’s grown and learned and he no longer believes that. Killing Russell for vengeance would make him a killer. NEEDING to kill someone in vengeance doesn’t end the violence. Blood must have blood and eye for an eye and the ends justifying the means are NOT how you become a better person or make a better world. And BELLAMY is the good guy. 

Josephine arguing for the opposite actually snapped his own morality back into place, because even at her worst, when she accepted that the ends had to justify the means, she was ALWAYS trying to break the cycle of blood must have blood. And she was NEVER vengeful. 

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Even if J Roth's original plan was just to have Bellamy and Clarke be platonic partners, there is no way that he could ignore the chemistry and not have them end up together. Like there's no way they CAN'T go there, the signs have been there for so long

But J Roth’s original plan was NOT to have them be platonic partners. The original set up that he was given was to have them be romantic. He did not HAVE to go that direction, and he set up MANY different avenues for romance, but, I mean, he gave Clarke FINN as her love interest, had him be an absolute ASS in the end, and set Bellamy up as his opposite, much more quality guy, who had an immediate connection with Clarke. 

What about that says platonic set up?  They flirted. Platonic relationships don’t flirt. S1. 

Having chemistry between two characters/actors is not enough for them to go there. I mean, it’s smart, but it’s not enough. The story has been there from their first meeting. Did they HAVE to? No. But it was an option, and then,well, yeah you’re right, the chemistry and it worked with the story.

Anyway, we can see Bellamy and Josephine have no chemistry, so if they didn’t want to show chemistry between characters, they wouldn’t have. 

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im thinking that Josephine might pull RavenALIE with Bellamy. she’s smart there’s no denying that and quite perceptive so since bellamy was the first one who found out about her she might just assume that he’s her boyfriend or that maybe he’s in love with her and play with that. or play with what she’s learned about clarke and her other relationships so far there’s so many possibilities I can’t wait

yeah yeah. that could happen. she doesn’t KNOW the way Raven knew, but if he shows his hand, she could try to work it. but she doesn’t know them. she doesn’t know who they are, what they can do, or the connection they have.

tbh, i don’t think she can UNDERSTAND them, because she has no morality and they are ALL morality. Even when they break their own morality. They know it. 

it’s going to be really interesting. How long will it take us to get there though? I think e6 might have her taunting Bellamy, but he finds a way to break Clarke out for a minute, or finds a way to break himself out, or both at the same time, and then I think he paralyzes and kidnaps Josephine like Jasper paralyzes and kidnapped RavenALIE, then ep 7 will be the nevermore/nevermind where the team comes together to get Josephine out of Clarke’s body. This time it’s Raven’s turn to be the hero.


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So, Eliza has said that Josephine is going to have some fun with Bellamy. Given what we've seen I'm guessing torture of some kind. What would be more torturous for Bellamy? Physical or emotional? She prob won't hurt herself to toy with him cuz she wont hurt the "Ferrari" Do you think she would maybe try to force herself on him, like the Murphy/Ontari relationship? Or just straight up torture like chipped Abby?


i don’t think josephine is a sadist. she doesn’t seem to enjoy physical pain. killing is a means to an end for her. 

i think she likes control. she might get physical with him if she figures out that he loves Clarke. that could happen. 

it’s possible she likes torture though, i don’t really know enough about her, just what i’ve seen which is CASUAL violence, not fixated on the pain, which she could have with just the instances we’ve seen.

but the kind of playing that would go best with the narrative is taunting him about their connection. it is exactly the place where there’s room for him to face his very real feelings for her, and with the action dystopic genre, to do so with the villain who has stolen her body and LOOKS like her is some really JUICY drama. 

The melodrama this show goes for is with evil/good, life/death, torture and pain and captivity. loss and grief. It doesn’t really go with the romance. BUT THIS. This would combine the melodrama of action scifi show with the central relationship of Bellarke and the slowly building but restrained love story that persists past death, space and time.

I honestly think it’s time for Bellamy’s love to bring Clarke back.

I don’t think it will work totally, but it will be enough for him to know that Clarke is not dead and they have a chance. 

Josephine’s egotism is her fatal flaw, I believe. Hubris. She’s going to give Bellamy (who in my mind has always played the opener of doors) the room to find the crack in the prime/host symbiosis and wake Clarke up. I think it will be HIS LOVE this time. 

Because, despite all the trauma they’ve experienced, love has been the reason why. Love has been the answer.


to open the door.

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I can’t wait to see Josephine toying with bellamy whatever that means

Me too.

She really has no fucking clue what she’s in for. 

Clarke and Bellamy don’t play.

They are going to fuck her shit up.

She thinks she’s so superior. She thinks she’s a god. Meanwhile, Clarke and Bellamy are actually the people who have wrestled the world down and forced it into the shape that it is today. 

What is Josephine? A genius? Well we’ve got geniuses ourselves, and not just Raven. Abby, Clarke, Bellamy and Jordan have each proven themselves to be geniuses in their own rights, and Echo, Octavia, Emori and Murphy have proven to be right up there in their roles in the story. 

Josephine is a genius who was part of a powerful family who was GIVEN the nightblood and power over a whole planet.

Clarke TOOK nightblood and used it to come back from the dead, without help. And Bellamy took TWO dying people and wrestled them back into life. And Abby figured how to give nightblood and Octavia can kill everyone. And Raven will hack everything and make it go boom, and Echo will assassinate you, and Emori will lie her way in, and Murphy will destroy with a FUCKING ROCK.

Who’re the gods here? Some spoiled girl who doesn’t have a conscience or Wanheda and her pantheon?

Fuck them up babies.

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post 6x05 bellarke drabble. well, technically josephine and bellamy. inspired by eliza saying that josephine is interested in toying with bellamy.

title from “you are a memory” by a message to bears.

we’ve been here before (you are a memory)

Bellamy is cold.

It’s not the temperature of the room, or the heavy, metal restraints around his wrists, but that Clarke is gone.

He lost her six years ago, learned to live without her, but did he really? He’s not quite sure he was ever warm without her by his side. He had tried. To move on. He really had.

But when he found out from a young girl in the woods that Clarke was alive, after all these years, it was like his heart could finally beat easily again. When he gathered her up in his arms and she hugged him, it was like he was coming home as her warmth surrounded him.

And he hadn’t realized it until now. Until he’d looked in her eyes and found no warmth. Clarke was gone. She is gone. Losing her again—he doesn’t know how he’s going to survive that.

Just then, Clar—Josephine, he reminds himself, and his chest aches—enters the room, and God, even the way she saunters in is different, not to mention her cold, calculating eyes and manipulative, cruel smile.

Clarke is gone.

He looks away, a lone tear slipping down his cheek. “Go away,” he says, low and broken. She doesn’t, instead approaching him. “I said go away,” he snaps, a little firmer this time, but he still refuses to look at her.

She ignores him again and kneels down in front of him. “You can’t look at me.”

Bellamy shuts his eyes. “Please…”

He’s begging now, but she won’t stop, relentlessly curious, and it just brings a smile to her lips. “You two were a thing, weren’t you?” He shakes his head, still refusing to look at her. They were something, but not that. She cocks her head to the side. “But you loved her.”

It’s not a question, and he doesn’t answer her. Doesn’t deny it. Of course he loved her. He still does. But that doesn’t matter now.

Clarke is gone.

“Look at me.”

Reluctantly, he does, more tears gathering in his eyes. Somehow, she looks exactly like her and yet nothing like her at all, and it’s killing him.

“You know,” she goes on, getting even further into his space. “I may not be her, but this is still her body.” Bellamy’s eyes instinctively drop to her lips and she presses her forehead to his, leaning in. “If you wanted to know what it would have been like to kiss her…”

An inaudible whimper escapes him. He gets lost in it for a moment. The fingers she slides into his curls are Clarke’s. The skin pressed to his own is Clarke’s. Her breath is Clarke’s. But she isn’t.

She isn’t warm like her. She isn’t Clarke Griffin. She never will be again.

Clarke is gone.

Bellamy pulls away sharply before Josephine can kiss him, startling her. He’s not a cheater, but having a girlfriend isn’t what stops him. Josephine wants to use Clarke’s body like this. It’s disgusting.

He swallows, hard. “Get out.”

Josephine’s face falls and the false sincerity she looks at him with just about breaks him. “Bellamy—”

“Get the hell out!” he yells, and his voice cracks at the end.

Her lips twitch with a sinister smile and she rises to her feet. “That’s okay,” she says, almost to herself. “I’m more into John anyway.”

Josephine turns to leave, but then she stops and looks back at him. He’s got his knees up against his chest, head bowed between them as he cries, and she grins. She’s got him right where she wants him. Vulnerable. Weak. A complete wreck.

“This is gonna be fun.”

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I noticed that there was no Bellamy in the trailer for the next episode where do you think he is?!?! (Also why am I kind of shipping Murphy and Josie?)

I don’t know!!! I have a feeling they are not showing him though because it spoils too much, so I’m hype, especially since Jroth said Bob and Eliza are “fantastic” in 5x06. I guess he could have meant individually, but I’m assuming he meant they have scenes together and I just adjfskdjfalskdjf. Give me Josephine talking to Bellamy and him being an emotionally wreck over Clarke dying. I’m ready to ball my eyes out!!!!

As for Murphy and Josie, lmao I’m not sure. I guess they both have a diabolical nature to them??? I don’t ship them though. Memori own my heart! I’m just really excited to see how their dynamic plays out. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a double agent, working to save Clarke and everyone else, and I am Here For That!!

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