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place your bets, do you think we're getting to saturday drama free or is someone gonna drop a H-bomb right at the last second? We've been awfully well behaved, I'm getting antsy

This hiatus has been so dead, fandom is on the edge of the seat so there is no doubt we are getting drama the moment someone breathes too loudly. 😩 my ass is mostly anxious waiting for what the drama will be about. It better stay the hell away from Beliza, is all. Bellarke is a lost cause already, but Beliza must be protected.

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Hello friends and welcome to the sleuth station

If you look below, you’ll see our dearest Eliza Taylor with Adina Porter, raising funds for the horrible fires in Australia:


A wonderful and important cause.

But, that, while of course vital and necesaary, isn’t what I would like to focus on.

Note the makeup on Adina. They’re on set for the final season of their hit show The 100.

Also, note the time this was posted. 13 minutes prior to when I saw it, January 23 at approx. 2:25 PT.

Next note the first video promoting these shirts, featuring Eliza and husband (!!!!) Bob Morley.


As of today, January 23, it was posted 6 days ago.

Bob was clean shaven six days ago.

They were filming today.

This means. Beardless. Bellamy. Blake.


Beardless Bellamy 2: Bellarke will woohoo.

Have a good day!


Originally posted by cu-woman

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thinking about clarke’s reaction to seeing bellamy and echo reunite. our girl had NO IDEA they were a thing. all she new was that she called bellamy every day for 6 years and then he came down, saved her and her daughter’s life, traded 283 lives for HERS, while confirming that she is important to him right off the bat. she is so in love with him (as well as vice versa) and she had no idea i -

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2: And B gave C some intense looks while she was mourning L. In your opinion, what was his mindset in those moments? Her other friends gave her some shocked looks too while C was mourning L, too, like her outburst when Jasper snatched the Flame from her and she cried, “It’s L!” Maybe they didn’t realize C fell for L, and they finally did and understood it all? Could C have been vulnerable when L found her again, needing comfort/to feel loved, after Finn/Mt Weather? 馃し馃徎‍鈾锔

I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but as the seasons have gone on, and we’ve seen him get progressively more uncomfortable when she shows romantic or sexual attraction to other people, I’m gonna say that it was jealousy, but it was a jealousy that he didn’t think he had a right to have, because that wasn’t what their relationship was.

And you could see it with Finn and Niylah, too, as well as the big jealousy scene later with Cillian. 

And we’ve gotten equal levels of discomfort when Clarke was confronted by his menage in s1, or how she was listening in on ALIERaven’s attack on him when she talked of Gina. Or her major jealousy over Echo, even as she KNEW she didn’t have a right to his romantic attention so put it aside.

They both have been very respectful of the other’s free choice in partners, and shoved down their own jealousy. But the camera kept showing Bellamy’s face when Clarke mentioned L. So it was important for his character and explains, perhaps, why they didn’t get together in s4. Maybe he refused to be her rebound, or just for comfort.

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Off Script

Summary:  Clarke needs a fast way to pay tuition. Raven suggests the film company on campus that does porn. Clarke likes sex, so why not? When she gets there, she finds out exactly why Bellamy wouldn’t look her in the face when Raven suggested it

for @the100kinkmeme

Rated E, ~4.3k words

As it turns out, selling her art over the internet isn’t as lucrative as Clarke would have liked, and even on top of her part time job at the campus bookstore, it isn’t enough to cover her tuition.

Once upon a time she had a college fund, that her parents set up for her as soon as she was born. But her mom blew half of it on pills, and then the rest of it when she tried to gamble what she’d spent back. Clarke knows Abby feels guilty about it, and she’s in rehab now – but it’s not enough for Clarke to forgive her.

“I’m out of ideas,” Clarke bemoans to Raven and Bellamy, the two of them sitting across from her at a café on campus. Bellamy shouted her iced coffee out of pity. “I’m going to have to drop out.”

“Clarke, come on,” Bellamy urges. “You can’t drop out. You’ve only got a year left.”

“Well, it’s either drop out or become a hooker. Because nothing else is going to pay well enough to cover the school fees,” Clarke shrugs. She’s acting nonchalant about it, because she doesn’t want to worry her friends. But truthfully, she’s devastated.

“Okay, well, illegal,” Raven points out. “But there’s always porn.”

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But what has changed? Even the girls looked realistic in the earlier seasons. Why this beauty salon look all of the sudden? I really don't understand.

Yeah, they used to do better and it looked more realistic and it didn’t take you out of the story. Now, it’s such a typical CW show. Now they use about 3-4 cheap looking sets, go over the top with hair and make up, don’t explain how they can’t get food and need to eat humans but have enough medical content to maintain drug addictions for 6 years, enough make up for Octavia to use for 6 years, for the women to curl their hair, enough bullets to last… forever apparently, enough material to build a huge castle on a new planet, with big chandeliers, rooms, beds, tables, a ton of food, meanwhile the rest of the people couldn’t build small cottages but have to live in can boxes and also where’d they get all these stuff? All just fit in the spaceship, I guess. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

They absolutely used to do better. And this is why we no longer bother. Bellarke canon is the ONLY thing left. And then we see Bob and Eliza out and look forward only. 💁🏻‍♀️

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Bellarke January Joy 2020 Day 22 - the weather outside is frightful

Words: 6k

“Slowly, like a cliché horror movie, her fridge door opened. Inside it, a lone granola bar sat on the top shelf. Clarke never buys granola bars, and her fridge definitely only had expired mac and cheese the last time she checked.

Figuring she had nothing to lose, Clarke creeped over to the fridge. She lightly tapped the granola bar, waiting for it to do something crazy, like eat her hand. It didn’t. It was still a granola bar.

It was also still sealed, which was comforting. She closed the fridge with her hip, turning the granola bar in her hand.

Apparently, she took too long, because the voice sounded again. “Eat it.”

Clarke furrowed her brow, glancing around.

“Please,” the voice added, begrudgingly.”

Or, Clarke’s a hot mess, and Bellamy is the demon that takes care of her.


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raven, echo, and emori all looked pretty "realistic" in season 5 until they decided to change it up in season 6, but like why? what changed during their time in cyro LOL and the only one who actually looks like they live in an apocalyptic world is octavia bc they never seem to wash her hair haha.. but yah i shouldn't even care about these little things anymore

Yeah no, I don’t actively bother with it even though it’s completely ridiculous and I will point it out if I have to, but I can’t imagine watching this show for any other reason that to see a potential Bellarke endgame.

It’s just that, stuff like this, the stupid over the top make up and hair styles are one of the reasons this show continues to be seen as a “teen show” (in a bad way) instead of perhaps a cool scifi. The girls are all in full make up, they all look like their personal hair stylist is right behind them, not a hair is out of place and the men all have hair styles and all look put together in a pretty little bow. Meanwhile they are supposed to be living in a post apocalyptic world and it just all falls flat and becomes ridiculous when they don’t look the part. You can definitely make the actors look natural, a bit with the world they live in so to speak, while still make them look “pretty” if you have to 🙄 but I’d have a lot more respect for them if they weren’t styled like models walking down a runway while living in the woods with no food or water. But sure, y'all have make up and hair spray.

Anyway, it is what it is. Whatever. Canon Bellarke or bust. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I really need bellarke to make out multiple times and get their happily ever after in season 7 to make up for the heartbreak that was reylo in the rise of skywalker. I stg if at least one of my otp’s doesn’t become endgame I am going to LOSE IT

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clarke and bellamy's season 1 hairstyle was my favorite!! how about yours?

Honestly, I’ve liked them all except Clarke’s s3 hair and Bellamy’s s6 hair. Clarke’s hair was just ugh.. and Bellamy’s hair lacked the curls. I wish Clarke had a bit longer hair right now but honestly, their hair is the least of my concerns. Bellarke could potentially end the series never becoming canon and Ec.ho might be Bellamy’s endgame. When I tell you the pain I’m in… then I can deal with hair.

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All Because of You; a bellarke fic

When Clarke gets knocked up at 18 by her best friend’s brother, her plans for the future go down the drain. She never would have guessed that seven years later, her and Bellamy would be successfully co-parenting their daughter as best friends. Best friends - nothing more, nothing less. Clarke has never let herself entertain the thought of anything more - she knows where Bellamy’s stood since the beginning. It’s time for her to move on, once and for all.

When Bellamy gets Clarke pregnant, he feels like he’s ruined her life. He makes a promise to himself that he’ll make sure his daughter and Clarke have the lives they both deserve- and he’s sure Clarke deserves a hell of a lot more than him. He thinks he’s done a good job pushing away his feelings for her for the last seven years, but when Clarke gets engaged, he wonders if he’s made a mistake. He wonders if it’s too late.


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