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Still no luck on the radio? No. Trust me, I know the feeling. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond all those years. Madi told me. Of course she did. I know it sounds crazy- Madi certainly thought it was…But talking to you every day, even though you didn’t answer, it kept me sane. It’s not crazy.

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Imagine Your OTP

Person A: Can I tell you something?

Person B: *Nods*

Person A: Okay, this is really hard for me to say and I’ve finally worked up the courage and it’s just that I love you.

Person B: *Takes out Air Pods* Sorry, did you say something?

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are you kidding me? that ending is everything i’ve ever wanted in this season!

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I don’t know about you, but I look through my ship tag a lot here on Tumblr and there’s one thing that bewilders me, popping up in asks to popular blogs in the fandom over and over. The fear, and I feel this somehow relates to younger fans, that the ship will never become canon in the show, and that consequently, shipping it will amount to nothing in the end.

The ship in question is Bellarke, but really this is true for every ship that was ever shipped. I have shipped Bellarke since the beginning of times feels like, although in all fairness it has been a few years.

I have rewatched some episodes multiple times, seen dozens of fan videos, read metas, listened to brilliant podcasts, read interviews and spent my time reading a honestly embarassing amount of fan fictions. I have laughed and cried, died from cuteness and felt their heartache as it were mine for several years now.

My point is, my ship has given me so much in terms of fun and entertainment and understanding of myself. So what if it never becomes canon? Yes, I do understand that some ending in canon leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. I experienced that, had to nope out of so many fandoms because of it, but at the end of the day, all the feels you feel because of your ship are yours and true and they are not invalidated by canon (or by other fans shipping an opposite ship for that matter).

So, ship fearlessly, enjoy all there is to enjoy about you ship and have the time of your life doing it.

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You know I really resent how everyone treats Octavia like she didn’t literally grow up underneath the floor, in a single room, the only people she ever saw were her brother and mother who was murdered for having her, the second she was really in the world was on the ground. Surrounded from day one by death and murder, the only person who ever loved her outside of family was murdered in front of her, she grew up in a war zone. The only time she got validation and praise (outside of bellamy) was through violence. She was forced to become who she was in the bunker by adults who gave her impossible choices and then abandoned her. Of course she did terrible things, but she was intensely mentally ill and suicidal for years and it was ignored by everyone because she was useful in a fight. Then they punished her because they hated themselves. Her arc makes much more sense when the seasons are watched back to back

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I don’t get it, guys.

Bellamy and Clarke are CANON in the books. I think I read the books right, right? I mean THEY ARE CANON, right?

How can you waste it on the show? “Writers can rearrange the story how they want’’. I DON’T CARE. If they’ve had the AUDACITY to put on the screen “based on the books by Kass Morgan” then they can’t EXPECT ME NOT TO HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS.

I MEan.

Imagine if Outlander didn’t put Jamie and Clare together. “Based on the books by Diana Gabaldon” BUT WE AREN’T GOING TO WRITE THE CANON COUPLE ON THE SCREEN.


Originally posted by adventurelandia

Sounds ridiculous, uhn.

I’m tired.  

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Hey if anyone is going to Conageddon and looking for a roommate for the weekend hit me up cause I didn’t realize I needed to get a hotel this early haha 

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Someone recently mentioned Toni DiMaggio (of Tony Recaps) as one of the people who are now coming around to Bellarke - since she said in one of her latest recaps that she ships it now,  after not shipping it or allegedly  not being able to see it before. 

Which reminded me of her old recaps of 1 and 2  from 2014/2015, which I read a year ago as I was binging the show, when they were still on the website.  A few months later, these recaps got deleted in some site revamp or something, so I don’t know if they are still available online, but I used to save my favorite photo caps, so I have quite a few of them on my computer. I particularly enjoyed all the jokes about Bellarke sexual tension and comments about their chemistry and how much better it was than the Flarke chemistry, going back at least to 1x04. That was before she declared in one of her recaps (season 3b?) that nothing romantic should be there between Clarke and Bellamy because that would supposedly “diminish what Clarke had with Lexa”.

Anyway, these are just some of my favorite Bellarke-related caps from Toni Recaps for season 1 and 2. There were more I wish I had saved.

1x04 Murphy’s Law:


There was another one from the same episode with Finn watching Bellamy and Clarke argue and wondering if there’s something going on, but it seems I didn’t save it or can’t find it on my computer.

More under the cut:

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Omg clarke is gonna get married or at least engaged again isn't she?? After bell answered being totally over her (sure jan 🙄) I can feel it coming 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Hope I'm wrong though. Anyways, I'm loving this so bad. Cannot wait for the next update (also, if you could give us a tiny tiny snippet of the next chapter, it'd be so great. If not, that's cool too) love you, you're the best. Oh, and congrats on all your nominations, you deserve them

thank you so much!! don’t want to give anything away re clarke getting married/engaged but i’ll post a little snippet just cause i’m feeling generous hahaha (this is not the beginning of the chapter jsyk)

from chapter seventeen, titled they’re playing our song

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