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Christmas Headcanons

  • At first they’re all going to spend Christmas apart, Diego, Luther and Five forgetting about it entirely
  • Ben tried to get everyone together but in the end it’s Vanya who manages it with the help of Allison
  • Vanya mentions to Allison how much she’s always wanted a family Christmas (the snowy, Christmas card type) because it seemed to represent everything that Hargreeves stopped her from having
  • Luther and Diego are easily persuaded (Diegos not exactly enthusiastic, but willing, Luther’s always keen to get the academy back together)
  • Diego tracks down Klaus on the streets, and Klaus agrees to come, insisting it’s only for the free food
  • Five refuses, because they’re “too old for Christmas” and it’s an overcomercialised holiday. Weirdly though he changes his mind the next day, saying Delores had been telling him off all day.
  • Anyways, because they’re all failed adults ™ and ain’t got any money they agree to do a secret Santa
  • Diego gets Luther and buys him a book about the moon… but it’s a kids picture book. Still, Diego insists “the shop assistant said that was the NASA one, is it not the NASA one?”
  • Luther gets Vanya some classical sheet music and loads of sour candy. She eats one and sobs, and gives the rest to Klaus. She could’ve played the music when she was 13 but insists that she loves it, because he felt bad about the candy.
  • Vanya gets five and buys him a gift card for griddys bc the only thing she can think of that he likes is coffee
  • Five gets Klaus and when he asks what he wants (gasp five it sEcREt Santa) klaus just says drugs. Five gives him a baggie of crushed vitamin c tablets and watches as Klaus proceeds to snort it, thinking its cocaine ( we’ve got to get you healthy one way or another, right? )
  • Klaus gets Ben (who btw had a NEAR death experience when he was about 17 but is COMPLETELY ALIVE) and buys him a novelty waffles t-shirt. Ben pretends he’s hates it, but wears nothing else for weeks.
  • Ben gets Allison and buys her some fancy chocolates, because, unlike the rest of them, Allison gives out “An Adult Who Has Their Shit Together” Vibes ™
  • Allison gets Diego and buys him an “I love my mama” shirt. He has never and will never worn it.
  • Because as previously mentioned, they’re broke so they order Chinese take out and pizza and have the most random Christmas lunch ever.
  • A group of carol singers come round after lunch, and are TRYING to sing, but klaus (who answered the door) won’t stop hitting on one of them. Eventually he gets his number and name (Dave)
  • That’s it I guess but feel free to add
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Vanya: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Allison: I’ll have a latte.

Klaus: I’ll have a blueberry muffin.

Ben: I’ll have a bagel with a little-

Vanya: You know I was just being polite.

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Umbrella Academy Hunger Games AU

Ben - District 8 (Textiles)

On the surface, there was nothing special about Ben. In the arena, that was a different story. He earned the nickname The Horror, picking off his opponents one by one with almost animalistic brutality. After winning, he claims that he didn’t remember the killings, feeling almost like some beast had taken control of his body, leaving Ben to deal with the guilt of each death. 

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3K Umbrella Academy Day!!!

So I hit 3K followers!!! And to say thank you I’m doing a blurb week to celebrate!! Every day will be dedicated to one person or collection of people who I write for!! And today’s day is for The Umbrella Academy!! So send in some blurb requests for Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben and Vanya for me to write!!


Originally posted by shi-n0-tenshi

Click here for the full post and prompt list!!!

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Can I get some uhh, Ben fluff? Maybe soulmates, maybe not, beyond that I give you full control.

Ben Hargreeves x Reader


From the minute you are born you get a necklace. On the necklace there is one half of a broken heart. Your soulmate has the other part of the heart. The necklace glows yellow when your soulmate is still alive. It glows blue when you and your soulmate’s necklaces fit together. It stops glowing completely when your soulmate dies.

At age fifteen your necklace stopped glowing. Your soulmate had died, even though you never meet him it made you feel empty inside. At the age of seventeen you got murdered, saving your sister’s life in the process. You decided to become a ghost in order to look after her.

One day your sister met this boy. He was a junkie and had a great sense of humor. The two began talking for what felt like forever. In the middle of their conversation you left your sister and went up to the fire escape above them to sit and watch.

Another boy in a black hoodie sat down next to you.


You looked behind you trying to find the person he was talking to. Seeing no one behind you, you answered.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.”

He pulled off his hoodie allowing you to actually see his face. Your weren’t going to lie, he was pretty cute.

“I’m Ben.”

You two looked down at the ground watching your sister talk to the junkie.

The junkie said something funny to your sister causing her to laugh.

Ben let out a sigh.

“God he’s such an idiot.”

You let out a small laugh.

“Is he your brother?”


He looked at you then then your sister noticing the resemblance.

“Is that your sister?”


It got cold all of a sudden. You shivered and rubbed your arms trying to stay warm.

“Oh do you want my jacket,” your new friend asked.

“No it’s ok.”

“No it’s not take it.”

Before you could object again he wrapped his sweatshirt around you. You noticed his soulmate necklace, the light was out.

“Your soulmate died to?”

He looked at you then his necklace.

“Yup, it stopped glowing when I was seventeen.”

“Mine stopped glowing when I was fifteen….”

Ben stared at you for a moment.

“I died when I was fifteen.”

You looked him in the eyes.

“I died when I was seventeen.”

“Y/N you don’t think…..”

Ben took off his necklace and gave it to you. You took off yours, and put them together. They fit. Before you knew it the necklaces turned blue.

You didn’t say anything for a few minutes trying to wrap your head around this.

“Wow, after all this time of being alone, I finally meet my soulmate,” Ben said.

You reached out and held his hand.

“I don’t want to be alone again.”

He pulled you into a hug.

“You won’t have to be….. soulmate.”


AN: I know the story wasn’t that great but I hope you liked it!

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Vanya: I just want to dance around a maypole with a flower crown on my head singing Celtic hymns.

Klaus: I just want to dance around a stripper pole with one hundred dollar notes hanging out of my jockstrap singing “my neck my back”.

Ben: like, what were we even expecting him to say, Jesus Christ.

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A TUA Alice By Heart AU

Here is the AO3 link:

Summary: “In the academy, everyone always paired off. Even we weren’t allowed to associate with each other it just happened naturally. Luther was always with Allison, Diego was always with Klaus, I was always with Five, and Bonnie was always with Ben. We would mix sometimes too. Klaus would be will Allison or Ben, or Ben and Bonnie would join Five and me, but that was always rare. They stopped joining me after Five left. It got lonely. I remember Bonnie and Ben were always in the Library, reading the same book every few weeks. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. I think it is a cruel twist of fate that Ben is now stuck in wonderland with Five”-Vanya Hargreeves

Bonnie and Ben Hargreeves were best friends, but once they reach the age of 16 Ben starts to get nervous and feels like he doesn’t have much time left. To calm him down they two read their favorite story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” As the story goes on familiar faces pop up instead of the characters they once knew. As the Academy slowly turns into their own Wonderland life is still going on and they need to learn how to grow up, or it might kill them. Sometimes coming to terms with the mortality of your family is harder than coming to terms with your own. (You Don’t Need to Know ABH to Read This) Please Enjoy!!

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