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To live

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing,” says Albert Einstein.

Work hard till you make ‘the others’ glad. 

Also, when you start this excursion, let nothing occupy you. Continue posing a similar inquiry to yourself, consistently: 

If not me, at that point, who? 

If not presently, at that point when?

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We human beings are considered the most intelligent and responsible species on earth But today in this modern life, we became so greedy and irresponsible that the danger standing on our head is not visible to us.
Now we have to learn from the animals.

#touroxy #savewater #beresponsible #intelligent #responsibility #savetheoceans #savetheearth #savetheplanet #saveyourself

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We’ve to wake up to the fierce urgency.
Each one of us have to initiate and execute plans which can help save our planet - rather playing blame games.

Follow @tour.oxy for more

#savenature #saveearth #beresponsible #savetheoceans #cleanearth #savetrees #touroxy #saveplanetearth #initiative #responsibility #dontblameothers

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“They come back to you wanting to play the victim card,telling you how they made a mistake by letting their emotions take over from their hearts,telling you that they didn’t mean for things to end like that,that they are going to change and they make you promises that are too good to be true.They do this not because they are crazy in love with you but because they are testing you,their are testing their power over you,they are experimenting on you,they want to see how much power they have over you ,how much control they have gained over you.And if you allow yourself to be fooled by that then you’re just as dum as they see you to be.They leave you heartbroken and they don’t care about what you feel but it’s all for good because they were never meant to be in your life in the first place,don’t let them try to make you felled guilty for moving on or for trying to move on.When they realize that you’ve actually moved on they try to become your friend,I mean how can they become your friend now when they failed to sustain a relationship?.



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Judgement comes like sparkles of light, in a matter of time it radiates vastly.


Life is full of responsibilities and obligations, you’ll really have to be very careful in creating content and making decisions. 


With the application of modern and social media in today’s world communication and transfer of content seems rapid. You’ll really have to be very careful, one mistake your life will be in misery. It’s like content in the purgatory waiting for the judgement of other people, the bad part their is diversity in human intuition and perspective. Will your content succeed their subjective judgement or will your life get filled of criticism and scrutiny?

Like the movement of fast bullet trains, it shows how human technology and transfer of message has advanced through the years. Imagine how content can be posted in seconds and transferred all throughout the world in minutes. Content can become trends and influence the minds of others, people can go crazy with it! It’s best to say it is the age of social media influencers, they create content for fame and success.

Sometimes just for the sake of being different from others, influencers think out of the box but they forget about the plausible consequences. Not considering consequences can ruin your entire life, when you post something think of how other people will view your content. We have a diverse audience to cater, from different races and audiences that’s why it’s better to keep safe. When we relay information from others, never ever filter out important things because it might affect the whole context.

Formulate. Identify. Analyse. Think. Then Post

Know your sources and assess your personal understanding towards something. If ever you want to post something, post something of positivity it’s better if we know our limitations in posting. 

Think Before You Click (look down)

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Ecobabydesign wish U an Happy new ECO year ! Think about Planet, GO sustainable and BE responsible! In the new year Reduce, Reuse & Buy ecological products ! #ecodesignwillsavetheplanet #gosustainable #beresponsible #happynewyear #happy2019 #ecobabydesign
#ecoproducts #Designforchildhood
#nurserydecor #nurseryinspo
#ecofriendly #forourkids

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An #icymi Regrann from @cuteyevisions_ - Regrann from @only1sirjones - Regrann from @only1sirjones - Sir Jones PR & Media Productions @only1sirjones Presents A “Fashion & Fame” Loft and Rooftop (Pool/Jacuzzi) Party #FashionFameDTLA

You’re Invited to Join Sir Jones’ at the Launch of His New Home Photo Studio and Model/Talent Rooftop Model/Talent Lounge in Downtown, Los Angeles #dtla

July 28th, 2018

MERAKI STUDIOS @merakistudiosla
111 West 7th Street | Loft 305 | SB Main Loft

PARKING: Parking Garage is Directly Across the Street from Venue ($7)

Doors Open at 5PM
#RedCarpet Starts at 5:30PM to 6:30PM $7 Bar Pours | $2 Soda/Juice | $1 Bottled Water

18 to Party | 21 to Drink

Co-Host/Red Carpet Photographer: Sir Jones

Co-Host/Venue Sponsor: Melanie Rae @hashtagmelanierae of Meraki Studios


PERFORMANCES BY: Nitro Geez @nitrogeez, Revol @1kingrevol and Dion Lovelle @dionlovelle

Fashion Showcase by #fefebey @fefebey

5 MIN MASSAGE CHAIR MASSAGE BY: The Aztec Masseuse @aztecstudiosla

#Food | #Folks | #Fun | #Photos

Optional: Bring Your Swimwear for the #Rooftop #Pool & #Jacuzzi

DRESS CODE: Downtown LA Chic


#penthouse #cigars #420 #420friendly #beresponsible #SirJonesWorldwide - #regrann #cuteyevisions Model: @official_francesca_ (at Meraki Studios)

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