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And it is actually pretty fun. There are certainly some Pros and Cons however I did enjoy some of the games that I played. At first I was very skeptical despite being impressed with the trailer. with PVP being in the base game not being great (both adventure and survival), also having a poor track record wi BR and generally not being into PVP anymore it did take me awhile to really get into it. However I wanted to give it a shot as it was additional content. 

My Experiences

The first game I play I pretty much died right on spawn. and for some reason in the next couple of games I decided to play solo which was a bad idea as I got zerged all the time. I got quite salty with it and wanted to give up but I thought I would give it one more chance. So this time I decided to join this time round and thought we didn’t talk the experience was good until the ring of fire consumed me, like Unicron consumes planets. So ring of fire = unescapable radioactive death. Oh yeah the fire is radioactive and you will never out run it if your are trapped in it. Next round I joined a team, ended up dropping a mile away from them and then I saw man die. For it was I that killed him. Then the top ranked players in our team died somehow. So it was I and fellow ranked 2 (who was called Mossman or something) and  we where jumped by a band of travelling assholes. Mossman who was carrying team fell in battle I then decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and use my stimpak to bring him back and die as the band of travelling assholes sniped me behind the bushes. Don’t worry Mossman avenged our fallen comrades and I. Matter of fact he did really well he got to the top ten until he was sucker punched by some dude in Power Armour. Now I’ll will talk about the Pros and Cons.


The main Pro is that this is the best form of PVP in this game. As I mentioned before the PVP both in adventure and survival are not great as it is still buggy (especially in survival) and really unbalanced and it is still based on who has the better melee/V.A.T.S perk cards. 

Also this mode is generally fun. I’ll like how streamlined everything is. All weapons will have the optimised mods for than weapon. For example the automatic handmade rifle will have the best mods for that weapon type. Also when you find armour you find the full set and when equipped it will be all pieces i.e. both legs, chest and both arms. This is the same with Power Armour which includes the helmet and fusion core (which I am sure doesn’t deplete). Also equipment does not breakdown so you don’t have to stress about repairing your gear. However you cannot add or change mods i.e. change scopes or add a jetpack to PA but worth it for all the above.

Another thing I like is that I love about this mode is the both chems and mutations have no negative effects. So you can just go nuts with all the bonuses from them and you and adapt them to different playstyles. Also of course the survival aspects like diseases and the hunger/thirst meters (which in my opinion is the worst part of Fallout 76) are disable. Again this make the game feel so streamlined and keeps the action at a steady/good pace. The best part is that everyone benefits from all the above. so you can feel powerful quite quickly however however others can gain from this too so it is never unbalanced.

 Also it is a really nice feature to add the mobs from the base game like ghouls, radroaches and Deathclaws. In fact toward the end of the match a scroachbest is released to keep the game interesting and uniquely Fallout. Also dropping a nuke on your foes is not only satisfying to do but with atomic fallout adds more spice to the battle.


Surprisingly there are not too many. I mean there are a few bugs like there is a bug if you you try to revive a teammate while you are in PA you can lock yourself as the game thinks you are getting out you PA while trying to play the animation for resurrecting a player so you end up getting stuck and making a big target of yourself. 

I supposed the biggest complaints are more for BR in general. I fell if you don’t live and breathe BR mode or you didn’t get in early you are going to struggle. As these 24/7 will have the advantage of knowing where to go for the good loot and advantage points which can be overwhelming and frustrating for newer players. As you will spend more time in the lobby and loading screens when a band of players who don’t seem to have any life commitments like sleep, work and other adult stuff murder you because they have found all the good loot as you run about like a headless chicken finding gear. I think there should be a tiering system so anyone rank 0-5 have their own matches so they can get use to the gamemode and learn the mechanics at their own pace. Also I think they should separate teams and p-layers who just want to play solo as there is a clear disadvantage. 


Overall Bethesda seemed to nail the BR mode. It is pretty tight in terms of gameplay. However warning to V.A.T.S players there is isn’t any but you learn to get use to it. I don’t see myself playing this mode too much as I don’t really PVP myself but is a good solution to scratch the PVP itch when I have it. Also it nice to have the option as some times the base game can be slow paced and grindy at endgame when there is no events or you want a break from exploring/bs survival but you feel like some Fo76. i also forgot to mention that there are bonuses for playing the BR mode like you can earn cosmetics, exp and caps for the base game for playing so that is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what else they do with this gamemode. All and all I think it is a fun distraction and I hope they put some of the hard that Bethesda put in to the base game as well. Good work Bethesda and keep it up I guess.

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« Après, tu connais la suite. Je suis sortie de l’abri. J’étais plus que désemparée, j’étais perdue. Je ne savais pas vers quoi me tourner en premier… J’avais perdu ma famille, ma maison. Ma vie toute entière était réduite à néant. Mais la première chose que je devais savoir, c’était combien de temps j’étais restée bloquée dans cette capsule. Alors je suis retournée à Sanctuary… Et là j’ai découvert ce qu’il restait de mon ancien chez moi… juste un tas de ruine. Les toits étaient arrachés, il n’y avait plus de fenêtre. A l’époque, jamais on aurait imaginé vivre un jour dans un endroit pareil ! Et pourtant…
Codsworth, mon Mister Handy, était là. J’étais si heureuse de retrouver quelqu’un que je connaissais. Un membre de ma famille… Je lui racontait toute l’histoire, l’interrogeais au sujet de Shaun, s’il n’aurait pas intercepté un groupe d’Hommes qui se seraient rendus à l’abri. Il n’a rien vu. Mes espoirs étaient redevenu nuls, je n’avais aucune piste. Mais je savais au fond de moi que Shaun était vivant, alors j’ai avancé.

Codsworth m’a envoyé à Concord, en me disant que je pourrais peut être y trouver de l’aide. La ville grouillait de pillards, mais j’ai également rencontré Preston Garvey, un milicien. Je l’ai aidé à rejoindre Sanctuary, où ils sont maintenant entrain de construire une petite colonie. Après quoi j’ai fait un bout de chemin avec lui et sans que je puisse comprendre encore le fonctionnement de sa faction, il m’a mise à la tête de ses rangs en me nommant Général… sérieusement, moi ?
A chaque fois que je donne un ordre à ces petits soldats, je ne sais pas si j’ai bien fait, je suis continuellement dans l’incertitude.
Quelque temps plus tard, après avoir rassemblé assez d’hommes et de femmes, nous avons tenté de reprendre leur base principale, Fort Indépendance, un bâtiment d’avant-guerre qu’ils nomment « Le château ». Le fort était remplis de fangeux, il nous a bien fallu deux jours pour tout nettoyer.

Après ça, j’avoue avoir un peu délaissé les Miliciens. J’ai confié le bâtiment à Preston, je l’ai laissé s’occuper de toute les infrastructures, il a accueilli des colons, puis je suis partie de mon côté. Je sais que je peux lui faire confiance, il sait ce qu’il fait.

C’est là que je suis revenue sur mes pas. Je suis allée à Diamond City. J’ai rencontré Piper… elle m’a dit qu’un détective synthétique pourrait peut-être m’aider à retrouver mon fils.
Je suis venue te voir… et nous voilà maintenant, au troisième rail, tout fraîchement revenu d’avoir tué ce fumier de Kellogg.

« Hé bah, quelle histoire. Je ne comprends pas comment tu as encore les nerfs assez solide pour tenir dans ce monde. »

Je haussais les épaules : « Je ne sais pas non plus. Je me dit que tant que je n’aurais pas retrouvé Shaun, je ne dois pas m’abandonner à la folie. Et puis, j’ai toute l’aide qu’il me faut pour assurer mes arrières, hein ? Toi, Preston, Piper, et ce bon vieux Canigou…» Je tournais la tête vers Nick, lui jetant un regard plein de larmes.

« Aller, t’en fait pas, tu pourras toujours compter sur moi. » Nick me prit dans ses bras. Malgré le froid de sa peau de synthétique, la chaleur de son attention me rassura directement. J’ai de la chance de l’avoir avec moi. Les amis sincères sont peut-être la chose la plus rare en ce bas monde…

Nick se détacha de moi et me dit « Ellie a besoin de moi au poste, je vais devoir te laisser un petit moment. En attendant, détend toi un peu. Dès que j’en aurai fini avec la paperasse, on se retrouve et on reprend la route. » J’acquiesçais. Depuis que Kellogg est mort, aucunes pistes ne nous amène à l’institut. Nous ne savons pas où il se trouve, ni comment y accéder. Le fait que mon ami parte pendant un moment ne me dérangeait pas et même si retrouver Shaun reste ma priorité, il avait raison, j’avais besoin de repos. »


©Story of Elvira by Glim

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Bethesda are pulling the same crap that Ubisoft does by adding ‘time savers’ into Wolfenstien which basically means the totally uneeded grind that has been implemented is going to be so slow and annoying for players that they’ll resort to coughing up even more money to purchase XP or Money Boosters. Purchasable XP Booster Packs. In a single player game.

Ubisoft purposefully creating a problem to sell the solution is what stopped me from finishing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and it’s pushing me further away from buying Wolfenstien.

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