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God’s Love, God is Love

Thanks be to God who has lavished His love on us through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Lord. His beautiful name is music in my ears and heart!

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love.” God is love. Whosoever will may come to Jesus and experience the joy of His salvation.

Bible Verse Garden | A Walk In The Garden Devotions

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James 5:16

“Tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer!” (TPT)

“We serve a God who can do more than we can ask or imagine. So it’s time to stop playing it safe. We weren’t created for a life of comfort. We are passionate and powerful, charged with changing the world in radical ways!” —Craig Groeschel

People in the Bible prayed deeply personal prayers, practical prayers, gentle prayers, loud prayers, desperate prayers. What all those prayers had in common was that they were heartfelt, honest prayers to a God that was very real to the people who prayed them. Heartfelt, honest prayers move God.

God wants us to pray and then trust that He is listening and that we can leave our prayers with Him. He wants us to trust that He’s working all things for our good. Not sometimes, all the time.

Praying isn’t always easy. Some days it may feel like praying into a vacuum. Nothing. Emptiness. Other times it feels like blessings are pouring down like warm summer rain and God is as close as if He’s sitting in the next chair. What I’ve learned in over 36 years of knowing God is that He is always there, listening, even when you can’t feel Him. He doesn’t need to take notes and He doesn’t need long prayers. He knows what you want. He just needs your permission to work on your behalf. Why? Because you have free will and God is a gentleman. 

Ask, seek, knock. And God will respond. Your prayers have power to make great things happen. “Tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer!” The only qualifications you need are to be a godly believer who prays godly prayers - then your prayers can change the world. Really.

God spoke the Universe into existence, so He works well with spoken words! But God also hears the silent words of your heart, like He heard Hannah’s silent prayers (1 Samuel 1:12-13). God hears every prayer you pray and every prayer is important to Him.

“Your prayers matter. How you pray matters. What you pray matters. Your. Prayers. Move. God.” —Craig Groeschel

PRAYER: Lord, thank You for always listening! Help us to pray honest, heartfelt prayers according to Your will. Release the tremendous power available in our prayers. Help us to pray life-changing prayers with complete confidence and trust in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen 

“When a believing person prays, great things happen.” —James 5:16 (NCV)

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