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#bill and ted

Yo, I go by McFly here on Tumblr and I am 19 (almost 20), autistic and my main special interest is the 80′s! So I recently got back into this account after being locked out of it for over year, and I’m looking for new people to follow! Reblog if you post the following:

- Back To The Future

- Bill and Ted

- Duran Duran

- Roxette

- The 80′s in general

- 80′s aesthetic

- The Inbetweeners

- Autism-related stuff

- The Simpsons

- Balthazar Bratt (Despicable Me 3)

- Australian pop culture

I can’t promise I’ll follow everyone who reblogs this,but I’ll certainly try <3

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Rip to bill and ted but if i could time travel i would go back to when there was cocaine in coca cola

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