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#bill and ted
Please message me anytime you want to discuss how amazing and adorable Alex Winter is! He deserves LOTS more love and I wish we could see his full performance in Peter Pan

This goes to all of u guys who love this iconic king ugh 😭

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I remember someone once saying ( i have a feeling it was on some youtube video) that if Neo chose the blue pill instead, John Wick would’ve been the result. I thought that would be odd since Neo would continue being a programmer at Metacortex and possibly not have the skills that post-red pill Neo did.

Instead, what if in Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure, Rufus had never shown up with his time-traveling phone booth and eventually Ted failed his History class which led to his father sending him to military school. From there Ted serves in the marines and eventually leaves it to change his name to John Wick and become an assassin.

Of course, I am aware that in the comic series, John Wick’s backstory was sad and that he was an orphan.

Maybe this could be an AU where Ted grew up to become John Wick.

What if in this universe, John Wick meets Bill. Gosh. Somebody, please write a fic on that.

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Hi guys I’m opening some slots for hand painted custom Wyld Stallyns jackets!

Price range is £50-£80 and free world wide shipping!

If you don’t want Wyld Stallyns but want another logo (or a Keanu quote) I can do that easily just let me know when we’re discussing the commission!

How long it will take to make? Once I’ve received all the things I need (i.e the jacket and paint) it can take at least 4-7 days.

All paintings on jackets will be waterproof and wash proof due to the paint that I use (still only wash the jackets on a low heat).

There’s also no discrimination on size if we can find you a jacket to customise I will get it done for you! Also if you have a jacket already and you want that customising please feel free to send it too me and I can give you a discounted price on your commission!

All commissions have to be paid up front to cover all costs.

3/5 slots taken

Reblogs are super appreciated my dudes!!!

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bill preston, with back problems at age 50: *relieves his aching body by lying down* bro im straight up having a good time rn 

ted, sitting up in bed and doing sudoku to keep his brain sharp: i’ll drink to that bro *takes a shot of nyquil*

radical marital bliss

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