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@ask-theinventor theme song

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The Inventor’s theme song

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Alternative Bands You Need To Listen To: Part 5 🌸

Skegss⚡️ (makes you feel like you’re skateboarding down a boardwalk in the middle of an australian summer)

Vundabar🌚 (one of my all time favorite bands… they make a unique kind of alternative music with catchy melodies and gritty lyrics/sounds that are truly brilliant)

Goodbye Honolulu🌺 (really good garage rock stuff and an overall awesome sound. chord progressions are also a1)

Made Violent 🔪 (also restores my faith in alternative and punk)

Courtney Barnett🍃 (if you don’t know this songwriting wizard by now… relatable music, awesome guitar playing and band, just overall beautiful songs)

Gallus💥 (my favorite modern alternative band for the past 2 yrs now… super underrated shit, real rock songs that are clean and so advanced. definitely check them out)

Otherkin👌 (imagine a movie intro of someone walking through high school in the early 2000s, with a little more punk)

Cosmic Flanders🔮 (only have 2 songs rn but I know they’ll be big, has a retro-rock and modern day psych-rock feel)

Violent Soho🧨 (reminds me so much of classic 90s bands, ultimate new headbanger music with plenty of more mellow bops too)

The Delta Riggs ⚫️ (the BEST funky alternative)

The Dose 💊 (90’s vibe… it’s good stuff)

The Growlers☀️ (y’all should know them but if you don’t… mix of indie/rock/alt/with some pop stuff, overall the band is super dynamic with a great lead singer and amazing riffs/beats)

Skinny Girl Diet🌹 (female nirvana. that’s it. fucking awesome)

Hot Flash Heat Wave🌊 (mix of post-punk and psychedelic pop stuff, super catchy tunes that you’ll love)

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i made a parody

of “bad guy” by Billie Eilish, and later on i will be making a music video for it. the vid with just audio is linked below:

thank you!

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