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Please for the love of Satan DO NOT LET YOUR PET BIRDS GO. You are not doing them a favour by releasing a captive animal into the wild, likely not even in their native environment. You can really cause damage to the local eco system and native plants or animals. Surrender your bird to someone with an aviary or who will allow them to live in the house and sleep in a cage at night. Many rescue organisations if they don’t take birds might be able to put you in touch with someone who can give them the care they need. There are flocks of feral ring neck parrots in many countries such as England and they create competition for food with native birds. Your poor bird is likely going to die though because they have only ever known being fed at regular intervals and never interacted with trees or grass or predators. They’ve had their home climate controlled such as warmed in winter and cooled in summer. They don’t know how to handle weather such as snow or rain and are far removed from their wild counterparts somewhere else.

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lost one of our own today.

she had some droopy wings and diarrhea this morning and barely made it into the evening. we think it’s what took her sister last year.

rest in peace, baby. i hope whoever, or whatever’s up there treats you well.

to all of you, treat your pets like it’s the last day you have. things can happen suddenly and you never know how much time you have left together.

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Lora here is significant in that she’s the first plucked parrot I’ve ever made. A custom order and part of the same flock as the previously posted Al and Dio.

Like what you see? You can find my store and various gallery and social media links at my website,

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took Kev to the vet

they didn’t find anything, which is good but also bad because we don’t know why she’s not acting normal

gonna try pain meds for a few days in case she pulled a muscle and hope for the best

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