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Étourneau sansonnet / Common starling.

Sturnus vulgaris - Protonyme : Sturnus vulgaris - (Linnaeus, 1758) :
Français : Étourneau sansonnet ;
Anglais : Common starling - European starling - Starling ;
Espagnol : Estornino pinto - Estornino europeo -Estornino común ;
Portugais : Estorninho-comum - Estorninho-malhado ;
Italien : Storno comune ;
Allemand : Star ;
Néerlandais : Spreeuw ;
Russe : Обыкновенный скворец ;
Chinois : 紫翅椋鸟 ;
Japonais :  ホシムクドリ ;

Ordre : Passériformes - Passeriformes /
Famille : Sturnidés - Sturnidae /
Genre : Sturnus /
Espèce : vulgaris - Étourneau sansonnet /
Taille : 21 cm - Envergure : 31 à 40 cm /
Poids : 60 à 96 g /
Longévité : 15 ans.

Sansonnet par Philippe Rouzet -


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*Please read description*

No, I’m not giving them a child…..yet. Hear me out!

Reason 1.) As Pastel told me Megs would need some time to get used to a new thing. He needed some time to get used to to their cat. Now image dealing with a child. Poor thing would be in shock if Starscream came home with a child! (he wouldn’t do it, but is capable of it)

Reason 2.) Their relationship is chaos. And when I mean chaos, I mean pure chaos. (Poor child would live in terror)

Luckly enough they are aware of their situation and won’t get child anytime soon (God bless), but one day they’ll like to be a parents (especialy Starscream)

Two days taking care of their small princess uwu💕💞


Avian! Starscream @nightmareflame

Megatron @pastelpaperplanes

Manolin @/shocky_milky (on Instagram) (you mentioned that she doesn’t have parents, so I gave them the most chaotic ones :’) )

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