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Striking New Line-Up of Toys and Collector Items at New York Toy Fair

DC Collectibles, known for its iconic lines of collectibles, statues and action figures, directly from the source, is returning to the name on which it was founded, DC Direct. The move to rename reaffirms DC Direct’s commitment to source DC material and validates the authenticity of being truly “from the source”.

During New York Toy Fair, DC Direct will display its striking new 2020 action figures and statues in its booth. This year’s lineup will feature an all-new statue line based on the The Joker, a revamped Artist Alley line, and additions to expand its best-selling action figure and statue lines including DC Essentials, Batman Black & White, Harley Quinn Red, White & Black, DC Designer Series, DC Bombshells, and more. Take a look at NY Toy Fair Reveals!

The Joker Clown Prince of Crime Statue Line:

  • The Joker by Brian Bolland (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • The Joker by Jim Lee (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • The Joker by Lee Bermejo (NY Toy Fair reveal)

Batman Rogues Gallery Multi-Part Statue:


Batman Black & White Statue Line:

  • Batman by Brian Bolland Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Batman Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Batman by Freddie E. Williams III Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)

DC Essentials Action Figures:

·         Justice League Action Figure 6-Pack (NY Toy Fair reveal)


Batman The Adventures Continue Action Figures:

  • Thomas Wayne Batman (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Batgirl (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Robin (Tim Drake) (NY Toy Fair reveal)

Harley Quinn Red, White & Black Statue Line:

  • Harley Quinn by J. Scott Campbell Statue (NY Toy Fair reveal)

DC Bombshells Statue Line:

  • Poison Ivy Holiday Variant (NY Toy Fair reveal)

Look for DC Direct merchandise at Amazon

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hello everyone! I know I haven’t been active here but college is really being a bitch to me

I just wanted to let you all know that I made an ao3 where I’m writing for Roman Sionis, so maybe if you like him you could check it out here

maybe after my exams I’ll start writing back here too

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just thinking about the symbolism of Dinah’s job as a singer for her male boss, singing “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” and she shatters his martini glass, an ironically quiet act of rebellion as her boss only looks at her body and the sound of her voice, hearing none of the power behind it.

just thinking about how she watches him and other men degrade every woman around them and she forces herself to choke her voice down in their presence, while secretly using her voice to warn other women about her boss’s wrath.

just thinking about how Dinah’s power is in her voice, not only the sonic scream that shatters mens’ eardrums and forces them to listen to her, but pushes other women forward, sometimes on their roller-skates.

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i love that harley’s unrealistic fighting shoes weren’t high heels, they were roller skates

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I’m not going to support a film just because a woman made it.I’ll support it. If it’s a film I’m interested in, or good. Birds of Prey did not underperform because of sexism.Half of the audience were men.

Instead of shaming, and blaming men. Why not instead figure out why it didn’t perform so well? Contrary to what feminist or left-leaning people say. We do not live in a sexist society. Especially when it comes to media. Movies like Wonder Woman have succeeded in the box office.

Then there are people saying . Well more people saw Joker. So that proves sexism? Joker, and Birds of Prey are different films entirely. Joker also was not a film geared towards Men. It was just a film. Just like Wonder Woman. Sure they were women who were empowered about it. But it was not about empowering women. It was a superhero film.

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