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I have this headcanon that when Thor and Peter officially meet for the first time Peter goes to introduce himself and is like Hi I’m Peter P- and Thor just cuts him off and is like Starkson yes I know. I’ve heard many tales of your adventures and Peter starts dying inside at first and is freaking out because he as just addresses as Starkson and Mr. Stark talks about him to the other Avengers but later Peter starts walking around doing a deeper voice and is like Hello I am Peter. Son of Stark. And tony is just in the background listening and smiling like a proud mom


Originally posted by gutsnstuff

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- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

-Warnings: violence, mention of wounds/blood??

WC: 1300 or less

*I do not own any gifs or pictures*


Originally posted by universemarvel

3rd Pov.


Rose steps forward as Steve leads them ready for the fight. They begin to jog, turning into a full sprint as they clash, those few flying in the air to crash together. Rose slides against the ground again, making T’Challa jump over her as she turns to stand and flips in the air towards Spider-Man.

She dodges Wanda’s moving debris, kicking the boy as she lands. He falls to the ground as Rose moves towards Wanda who threw Natasha against something away from Clint.

“Go to the jet, use the code 69251, it’ll open the door and check the hack. It should be close.” She urges as the boy stands and shoots at her. Rose flicks her hand for the shot to divert to the concrete. Spider Man slings himself at her, his feet connecting to her back as she hit the ground hard.

“I’m sorry.” Spider Man speaks through his mask, as Rose’s helmet was cracked. She pulls the plastic eye cover from the helmet, her face covered in a thin white mask except her eyes. She stands and kicks up hitting his abdomen, and flipping around to kick his legs out.

Rose diverts away, kicking T’Challa away from Bucky last minute as Wanda throws him through a metal walkway. She pulls Bucky to stand, giving him a nod as she rushes towards the Prince.

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- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

- Warnings: violence, in the past

- WC: 1000 or so

*I do not own any gifs or pictures*


Originally posted by fuforthought

3rd Pov.


(Not doing italics as it may take the whole chapter)

“He should be good.” Clint finishes as the man stumbles out.

“What time zone is this?” The man asks, glancing at Rose who he scrunched his eyebrows at.

“Who’s the kid?” He asks, and Rose rolls her eyes.

“I’m Rosabelle, Rose.” She says, and the man looks away to see Steve.


“Rose, your mission is to get the jet working. No doubt, Tony has some kind of mechanism to keep it from being taken.” Rose nods as they were all in their suits, ready to fight.

“I need you away from the main action, I’m not letting you fight.” Steve adds, and Rose steps forward to face him.

“Honestly, Captain, you wouldn’t be able to stop me.” She adds, and Steve smirks impressed for a moment as he got back to the task at hand.


Rose pulls on the white helmet, the black tinted cover hiding her face as she separated from the group, Steve heading out alone as a countermeasure through the parking zones of the airline.

Rose rushes through the parking garage of the abandoned airport, sprinting through the first floor of the airport. She pauses before a locked door of the jet, she flung her hand, the door flying completely off. It lands next to the jet softly, as she used her powers to make it hover to the ground quietly.

She rushes through the jet, attaching a metal device to a back hanger. A projected screen appears before it, numbers calculating to open the door. The numbers rearrange for a few seconds longer as it combines a five digit number and unlocks the door lowering to the ground.

“Rose.” Sam whispers as they still watch Steve talking to Tony’s group: James Rhodes (War Machine), Natasha, Spider-Man, and the Black Panther (aka T’Challa). 

Rose steps in, jogging to the pilot seat and setting the metal device on the command switches, the program beginning to hack in as it showed a loading sign as it decoded the protection unit.

“Sam, it’s gonna take some time, it’s fighting many firewalls and unscrambling codes.” Rose replies, scanning over the numbers and codex.

“Stay with it, keep it free. We’re heading towards you.” Sam orders, and Rose nods to herself, a feeling of slight helplessness hitting her.

“You are helping by accessing the jet.” She says to herself, as she checks the projecting blue screen.

“You could go out and help Cap distract them as the code works.” She persuades herself quietly, as her feet quickly moved on their own to exit the jet.

“Hey, the code for the jet door is 69251. I’ve reseted it, it’s the only way to get in.” Rose yells, sprinting back through the airport to meet up with Wanda and Clint.

“No, stay back.”

“Sorry, I can’t. I left the device, it won’t leave a trace. Tony won’t know it’s there until it’s accessed at 75%. Which’ll be in 4 minutes.”

Rose rushes to a stop next to Wanda, she gives her a look, which Rose counters.

“I can’t just be the IT girl, I have to do something.”

“You don’t even know what we are doing this for.” Wanda replies, and Rose nods in agreement.

“I know, I can guess pretty easily though. The government made you guys sign those accords, Prince T’Challa’s father was killed along with many others. Bucky looks like the supposed assailant, and Cap chose his side along with the rest of you. I can trust Steve’s decision, if I know you all have my back.” Rose finishes as Clint was also listening to her.

“You’re a pretty good kid, aren’t you?” He questions for a minute before looking back out to Steve.

“I’ve known my fair share of pain, heroism, and justice. I also have a cell phone and a TV.” She adds, and they chuckle as they all look to see Steve as Sam spoke through the comms.

“We got eyes on the jet in Hanger 5, Rose set up the device.” Sam says as Clint raises his bow back with an arrow ready. Steve shoots attached hands up. Clint fires his arrow, slicing through the white substance around his hands.

Scott, the Ant-Man, grows to his normal height, kicking Spider Man in the face as he hands Steve his shield back. Iron Man flies in the air, heading towards Rose, Wanda and Clint. Steve chases after the Black Panther, who was after Bucky and Sam.

Clint keeps Rose close as they sprint onto the runway, dodging Iron Man’s rockets as they blew up around them. Rose turns and flings a wave of force towards Tony, distracting for a second as Clint and Wanda continue sprinting and she rushes towards Steve.

Rose slides across the concrete, kicking out T’Challa’s legs as Cap dodges his claw strikes with his shield. She stands quickly as War Machine slams a large glowing bat against Steve’s shield. A loud crashing sound vibrated through the air, hitting those few close. Rose moves help Cap stand.

Steve gives her a warning look, as she shrugs and stands ready to fight. Rose jogs at T’Challa, using her power to dodge his claws. She uses her power force in the punches as he flips back from a power kick.

Steve flips to dodge Rhodes, Rhodey or War Machine, and kicks him down. Scott appears as Rose kicks T’Challa back again and lands back next to them.

“Cap, heads up!” Scott tosses a small gasoline truck into Steve’s hand, holding up a blue disk.

“Throw it at this. Now!” Scott yells as he throws the disk and Steve tosses the truck. The truck now growing to full 3 ton size in the air after hitting the disk.

It explodes on impact on top of Rhodes, flames flying everywhere as Rose ducks slightly to avoid shrapnel. Steve pulls her to sprint towards the jet, everyone meeting a couple hundred feet away as Steve led the way.

A yellow laser beam burns a line in front of them, Vision speaking as he lowered down to the ground and they stopped moving.

“You must surrender now.” Vision finishes as he touches the ground and everyone on Tony Stark’s side lands on the opposite side of the line, the same of Steve’s ready for a fight.

“What do we do, Cap?” Sam asks, and Steve takes a step forward.

“We fight.”

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