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“Wet Sugar” is shuffling along and we see that Erik and Yani have placed themselves in an awkward situation back in Part 3 

We’ll get to meet Erik’s mercenary homie Tahir, one of the few people he trusts on the black market smuggling circuit who we met in Part 1.

The Angola job is on the horizon, so we’ll get to see Erik, Tahir, and Klaue get into some international problems as they track that vibranium.

Be sure to let me know if anyone would like to be tagged for this series.

Thanks for reading!

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Part III

A/N: Hot damn, here we go again. Part trois, coming at ya. Again, thank you for all of the support, and please please let me know if you want to be tagged in further works!

Originally posted by robtherich

Summary: You and your best friend go out for once, and you have a very pleasant encounter.

Six years ago….

“Bitch, you gotta get outta this house. Yo ass been puttin in overtime at the new gig since you moved up. It’s time to go out and turn up.” your best friend Jamila admonishes. Y’all are sprawled over your king sized bed, passing some kush back and forth between you. “Malik is having a party tonight, we should go! It’ll be just what you need, Y/N!”

You moan and groan at the suggestion, but deep inside, you know she’s right. You recently have been promoted to your new position at your job, establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with. Corner office, secretary, company car….the sacrifices you made were finally paying off.

You rise from the bed and turn to look at your best friend, eyes low and skin buzzing. “You know what…’re right. Let’s go…..never know what could happen right?” Little did you know, your life would never be the same after tonight.

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A/N: I got bored so I wrote a pregnancy drabble and added sadboi!killmonger.gif:

“Thanks again for coming!” You called, waving the last of your girlfriends off from the doorway of your quaint, cookie-cutter suburban family home. Your back began to ache once again, and you arched just slightly, never really sure how to best position yourself to work against gravity. Just when you thought you were full to bursting, your belly somehow found a way to further expand, and now that nine months had gone by, you were officially over it. Pregnancy was a bitch.

As you turned around to re-enter your home, you heard a shrill honk, and looked back to see your husband grin at you from the street, in his silver SUV. 

“Ay, baby!” he yelled out, and while you rolled your eyes at him, you too were grinning as he turned into the driveway. You walked up to Erik, ignoring the slap-slap-slap sound your flip-flops made as they hit cement with every step. He’d poked fun at your newfound wide-based gait and it didn’t help that not only did you look like a penguin in the Artic, you sounded like one.

“How was work, honey?” You asked first, as he quickly got out of his car, and he kissed you instead twice on the forehead.

“Same old, same old, princess. How was your day at home?” 

You shrugged and he raised an eyebrow. 

“So you didn’t have all your girls running in and out of my house all day?”

You smiled, sheepishly. You knew Erik liked his home to be a private space for the two of you, but he tolerated it for the sole fact that he knew you hated being home. Maternal leave was already hard for you, being the career woman that you were, and him having to go into work on a Saturday would have left you alone and stir crazy. 

“Just a few people came by…” you admitted.

“That’s what I thought.” He said, as he swung his laptop bag over one shoulder and clicked the lock button on his car keys. “Let’s go inside, you’ll catch a cold.” With that, he scooped you up into his arms and the two of you made your way back into your home.

“Damn, it smells good in here.” Erik said from the kitchen, once he had set you back down on the couch and gone over to wash his hands and inspect the multiple trays of food your friends had brought. You had the good fortune that you were the first of your friend group to be expecting, and with that came a rotating menu of dishes every week to make your life easier. Today your friend Anita had cooked her famous red rice, and even Erik couldn’t pretend he didn’t like her cooking.

As Erik washed up and set plates down for the two of you, you remained on the couch, fidgeting slightly as you attempted to find the best way to phrase what you were about to ask. It had been several years since Erik had made contact with the only family he had in Wakanda, and it had been only a couple since he and his cousin T’Challa had reconciled. You were only privy to some aspects of their feud, but you knew enough to know that it wasn’t an ordinary family squabble. They were royalty after all, and not just of any country, but of the most powerful and technologically advanced nation on Earth. It was hard to imagine that he had decided to live quietly now as the CTO of an aerospace engineering company when he had spent the greater portion of his life as a trained assassin.

Erik had decided to start a family with you and you were cognizant of how hard a decision that would be for someone who grew up like him. However, you wanted to push him just a step further. You wanted him to tell T’Challa and Shuri you were pregnant.

“Did you call them?”

The silverware clattered on the table, cutting through the oppressive silence that hung in the air after you’d spoken.

“Erik?” You didn’t turn around but you could already imagine his blank expression.

“I’m not going through this shit again with you, babe.” He replied, coolly.

You whipped around, watching him from the couch as he scooped rice onto a plate and brought it into the kitchen to microwave it.


He didn’t answer.

“Erik!” You said, getting to your feet, now annoyed. You stormed into the kitchen and he looked at you with eyes narrowed, then continued to go through the motions of preparing the meal. You followed closely behind him.

“Erik N’Jadaka Stevens, I’m trying to talk to you!”

He turned around so fast that you got startled and almost fell backwards if not for him steadying you by the shoulders. He looked intensely at you, his eyes still furious, and then let out a deep sigh.

“Just sit down,” he requested and commanded at once.

The two of you ate in silence. You contemplated pushing the issue further, but you knew by the look in his eyes earlier that you had pressed as far as you should in this situation. Any more and he could completely clam up, if not worse: disappear for a couple of days. 

Erik cleared the dishes in silence and made his way up to the bedroom alone. You gave him an hour to cool down watching an episode of Scandal and then made your way up to the bedroom also. It was around 9pm by the time you’d done some pregnancy breathing exercises, showered, and gone through your nighttime skin routine. You crawled into bed, laying your head on your pillow so that you faced his direction. He was reading a white paper describing some new gadget too difficult for you to understand (you were more of a soft science person). You were beginning to crave some attention.

He realized you were watching him, exhaled loudly and slowly and put away his pamphlet. He pulled you towards him so that you were resting your head in his lap, and slipped your satin bonnet off, slowly and deliberately teasing the braids in your hair

“Why do you always force things?” He asked the same way a kid would ask where babies came from.

“I want you to be happy.” You replied, just as matter-of-factly.

“I am happy with you, baby. When you’re not trying to get on my damn nerves.” He said.

“I know but… I think knowing that our baby can depend on someone outside of us, if something were to happen… I think it would help.” You insisted, your fingers tracing the skin on his legs.

This time the pause was as heavily pregnant as you were. Erik’s fingers had stopped moving in your hair, and he was thinking hard about what you had just said.

“You think it’s not too selfish?” He asked. “After all I’ve done…”

“You would have wanted an uncle or an aunt, wouldn’t you?” You said, softly. You knew the words would hit him hard in the only part of him that was soft and fragile, but he needed to hear it.

Erik’s hands moved from your braids to your belly, and rubbed it softly.

“I’ll tell T’Challa you’re pregnant first thing tomorrow morning.”

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tough superhero men that wear all black but i cant take them seriously because they have cute little pointy ears on their head

am i talking about batman or black panther

the answer is both 

and wolverine too tbh with his two little hair tufts

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Summary: Erik spends a night out on the town with Klaue’s men but returns to the compound to face some discord with Yani…

Mature audience only. NSFW.

Welcome to new folks coming aboard the party train! What it do to the folks who’ve been hanging with me for a minute! Next update coming in the next few days. Comic-Con is happening and I have some Afrofuturism stuff to do in town, so spending this time getting Part 4 together. Shout out to anyone in Chicago going to WakandaCon! Show out!

“Can’t do without you for sure
Amount a place I and I explore
Still nuh find nobody else I adore
Dem cyaan stop we, yeah
Yuh love a sumn wah mi have to protect
You are my balance and my ease to mi stress
Your vibration never fail me yet
Wull on pon me, yea…”

Jada Kingdom - “Wull On”

The bartender in front of Erik was quite generous with the hard liquor inside the mixed drinks she prepared for Klaue’s men.

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Leaked Phase Four lineup:

  • Black Widow - May 1, 2020
  • The Eternals - November 6, 2020
  • Master of Kung Fu - February 12, 2021
  • Black Panther 2 - May 7, 2021
  • Thor 4 - November 5, 2021
  • Doctor Strange: Nightmare - Febuary 16, 2022
  • Gaurdians of the Galexy Vol 3 - May 6, 2022
  • Spider-Man: Home Sweet Home - July 29, 2022
  • Young Avengers - May 2023
  • Ant-Man 3 - July 2023
  • Fantastic Four - November 2023
  • Dark Avengers - May 2024
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A Marvel Universe of Stories is meeting on Friday July 19 starting at 3:00 PM                                                                                

Black Panther

This summer experience the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 10 double feature events!

A superhero known as Black Panther defends Wakanda, a technologically advanced country in Africa that has hidden itself away from the rest of the world. Now, he must face a dissident who wants to sell the country’s natural resources to fund an uprising.

The film runs 135 minutes and is rated PG-13.

For more information, please call 340-1458.

image c. Marvel

LOCATION: Ben May Main Library                    

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