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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#black panther fanart


First art of early 2020

is actually last art of late 2019

How’s that for a reveal. Very mild? Fine. Well… I know the location of the architect of all your pain. Lets go beat them up together. And get milkshakes after.

I convinced myself it was worth trying actually drawing with ink and paper and pain and oh god oh god. It wasn’t. CTRL Z FO LIFE.

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At last, I can post all the art for my caprbb collab with my pinch hitter, Nonymos on the Steve/T’Challa fic A Door Behind a Door!! An adorable kittycap Fruits Basket au!!!

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing kittycap fic! And for reassuring me that there are others out there who know what Fruits Basket is LOL. Please check out the fic and give it your love!!

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(FINALLY!!!!!!) Completed : Warrior Falls, Staedtler graphite pencils + Sakura Gelly Roll 08 white pen on mahjong paper. I started this drawing on 17 February after falling in love with the Black Panther movie on Valentine’s Day 😁💜 I finally finished it yesterday (14 May). Thank You Jesus for making this possible. Spending alot of time on such a drawing is a dream for me so thank You Lord!!!😙💖💖 Hope you like this, Tumblr. Thank you!❤

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Shuri deserved a gf in BP and she deserves one in Infinity War so to tide me over until then here’s her rowdy zoologist gf that loves field work and brings it to her girlfriend’s lab (she also gets beat up by the local animals a lot cause she keeps trying to capture and examine them)

Her name’s Lyric (thanks to @yungtonymontana from the BP discord server) she’s 17 and she owns four different kinds of snakes + 6 dogs

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                                my favorite princess 👑

/ i recolored the second one as u can see there’s a lot more shading around her face ;a;

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