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Let the studying begin. @caltradarts @rhodessajones
*****storytelling****** is an everyday practice. A necessity in life. A way to inform, learn, educate, create and much more. My ancestors uses this mode of communication to educate and inform the people.
As part of this apprenticeship,
I am investigating my existence here on Turtle Island. Who of my many ansestors opened the door for me to enter into the gates of the other dimensions of Africa. Walking these streets, smelling the aroma of the foods, the vibrations of the loud laughters, the depths of the deep cries, the roundness of the lips and hips, the sounds, the gestures, the blackness, the Africanness. How are we connected? Do you know my great great great great grandmother? Is she yours too?
#artist #student #storytelling #bayarea #blackart #blackstories #blackwomyn #Africa #Nigeria #Igbo #Biafra #Uzo (at SOMArts Cultural Center)

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That Black Guy

That Black Guy wakes up every day for school

He feels that his education is not important, so why try right?

He doesn’t see the point in learning the parts of a cell

He unsure of how studying History can benefit his Future

He has $85 in his bank account, but doesn’t know what a budget is

That Black Guy gets out of school and takes the bus to go to his part time job

A job that pays the bare minimum, for intense labor

He doesn’t know any better, his mom has been doing similar work for years

He’s ready to go home, but he know the Christmas Jordan release is next Saturday

He begs for overtime, to ensure he will have enough cash to add them to his collection

That Black Guy catches a ride home from his friend who does not have a plethora of Jordan’s like him

He gazes out of the window, slightly ashamed he had to ask for another ride

He jokingly asked his friend,man what I gotta do to get like you?

His friend replied by simply saying “can’t be fuckin off your lucci gotta save up”


To be continued..

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