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Stain’s s/o being rescued by a hero that he was going to kill?

-The mission was simple. You hide in your shadow form so you could help him if he needed it. Meanwhile he’d kill the hero he was tracking.

-Except the mission was not simple. For one, he lost Crimson Riot amongst the many streets while chasing after him. Two, Chizome had stopped to make sure you were keeping up alright.

-That’s when Crimson Riot struck. Snatching you up before Chizome could even get close to you.

-He’s…confused to be honest.

-How did the hero even see you while you were blended in shadows? Your quirk allowed you to remain hidden from the human eye!

-Meanwhile you’re having a blast. Playing the sweet innocent victim all the while trying to distract Crimson Riot until Chizome arrived.

-Chizome is ticked that the hero not only managed to escape him, but he kidnapped you in the process.

-You coaxed Crimson Riot into believing you were a low tier hero like Erasurehead. And had been tracking stain to see where he lived so the police could capture him more easily.

-You kept his attention on you as Chizome approached from behind. Crimson Riot never saw the sword swinging until it was to late.

-Chizome was exceptionally grumpy afterwards. Holding you tightly by the waist as you made your way home.

-“Relax, he just got lucky,” you chided. Though Chizome’s scowl remained. He wasn’t upset with you per say.

-He was upset with himself that he had allowed you to be taken. He should’ve been watching you better. What if he had attacked you? You could’ve been injured today.

-“He could’ve discovered you weren’t a hero. What then? You could’ve been arrested,” he huffed.

-You offered a smile leaning your head on his shoulder.

-“I’d never get caught when you have my back.”

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Weak - Shigaraki Tomura

Its been a while. I’ve been dealing with a lot of..stuff. But I’m back I guess. My requests are still open.


“Do you have a death wish hero?” Shigaraki’s voice rasped. His grip tightened around her throat. He watched with wary eyes as she stared back with a calm, almost serene look.

“Tomura..” her voice was leveled, not at all the time he was expected. Her hands reached up to touch his which were around her neck. Her touch made him shiver, causing a rise of anger within him.

“Don’t call me that!” His eyes closed as his breathing intensified shakily.

Scream at me! Plead for your life. Anything! Why aren’t you scared?

“Don’t-Dont call me that” His voice softened, cracking at the last word. Dropping his arm, he fell to his knees defeated.

“Why won’t you die?”

She slowly descended onto hers as well, in front of him. His shoulders shook. Planting her own hand under his cold chin, she forced him to look up at her.

The action almost seemed comical as if he was a child. This only angered him further; he felt as though he was being treated like one.

“Why should I die?” Her voice was leveled and soft, revealing no emotion. The way the question formed it was as if she was genuinely questioning.

Yet looking into her eyes, he saw something in which he found familiar. Pain. And he took this in, eyes never leaving hers.

“You make me weak.” He felt compelled against lying.

I don’t want to be weak..

She smiled a sad smile and grabbed his hand, lifting it to place upon her cheek. Her skin was soft as well as warm. To him, the feeling was that of which he has been longing to feel again for some time..

It was such a beautiful feeling to him. Different than the deteriorating effect he had on other people.

Yet a part of him wanted nothing more than to wrap his hands around her throat and constrict her breathing until she fell limply into his arms. At that point in which he could place a final kiss on her forehead.

Morbid, but so was he.

But the majority of him couldn’t help but sigh at the intensity of her gaze into his own. His stomach dropped. Something about he way she stared back at him with that damned look. Others would tremble underneath his hard gaze.

Completely crumple beneath his touch.

That was what he was used to. Death. Sadness . Loneliness.

This was new to him. And he didn’t take new well.

Is this what it feels like?

His heart was beating erratically.

Is this how people feel when they’re in love? If so, why is it such a horrendously beautiful feeling?

His breathing became calm again, his slight tremors stopping.

“Tomura.. then be weak for me.” She leaned forward, her head against his. He sniffed, closing his eyes.

He wanted this moment to last forever.

Yes, this is such a beautiful feeling..


This story is on my Wattpad @holographic-tacos

As well as more oneshot similar to this. You may request there as well.

Thank You.

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Ok, honest question: What does Mineta pervert-ing over his female classmates do to the plot? To show the others are respectful? NO. Because they want to please dumb 12 year old boys? I HOPE TF NOT. Like seriously, it adds nothing to the plot. The show's whole purpose is showing what a true hero is and making Mineta like that is against what they're trying to tell us since the begining. Viewers know it's not heroic, characters know, everyone KNOWS. SO WHY IS HE FUCKING IN THE STORY?

horikoshi likes him, so that’s very telling.

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I saw your post ab the bnha inverted AU and I was wondering Is it an official AU or a fan one? Also where did you get all this info about it, and is it all real(like not made up)? Ive been looking for more information forever but can never find any other than pictures of them on pinterest

Hello! It is mostly some random stuff I came up with on the spot after seeing some fanart. Not sure there is any actual Canon to these things though

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hey! i’ve been gone for a while because i took a break after the whole jon drama but now i’m back!!!

i’m hanging out with another garfield kinnie and trying to be ok with doubles more because there are so many garfield kinnies in my city!!

i’ve also discovered a new kin: midoriya izuku (deku) from BNHA!!!! i hope u all have a great day

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