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adhglkjfsdgh i can’t believe i didn’t imagine that last mha chapter////

all might and aizawa talking like friends?!??! *lets see how far we’ve come plays in the bg* aizawa acknowledging the effectiveness of all might as a hero and concept, and giving him encouragement after all might HEAVILY implies to his coworker that he was suicidal?!?! toshi wanting to help train eri???!??!

im dead my friends see you next week

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I’m wondering how the ranks in the Paranormal Liberation front works. Is Dabi still Shigarakis second in command? Are the original LOV members ranked higher than the other commanders? I ask this because if Shigaraki is currently unable to fight does that leave Dabi incharge?

I think that every squad leader is equals with each other, tho it would be absolutely hilarious if Dabi was the one (temporarily) in charge of running the entire organization.

*At a plf meeting*

Skeptic: so, it has recently come to our attention that while the sales of our book have gone up, we’re have more bills than profits thanks to some of our members’… More strictly personal expenses. We should maybe considering putting a lid on those.

Toga, cleaning the dirt under her fingernails with a new, shiny, limited edition set of pocket knives: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Skeptic, turning an exasperated look Dabi’s way: Leader, could you please–

Dabi: I got this

Dabi, raising solemnly to his feet and opening up a power point presentation on Endeavor: so, first order of business is killing this stinky pile of fiery shit and empty his bank account–

Skeptic, now screaming into his open palms:

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Can I please get a love letter from todoroki馃А if you need to wait for inspiration that’s okie too

Beth your wish is my command–

Todoroki Shouto:

Hi, I know it’s sudden and a bit strange that I tossed a note to your desk but I didn’t want to get in trouble. 

Would you mind coming over this afternoon? I know you probably don’t, but just in case. 

Love you.


There are multiple eraser marks and there appeared to be some words crossed off. Glancing in Todoroki’s direction, he was seemingly fidgeting a bit.

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quirk time quirk time quirk time qui

(MANGA SPOILERS) So I got tired of screaming into the void about possible quirks Izuku could get so its time to ramble to no one

These are just quirks I think are possible… feel free to add or change anything. Or just talk about it. I do enjoy talking about this but I also have a tendency to overthink what I say so,,, i’ll just get on with this.

Of the two new quirks we know Izuku has/will get they seem to be at least somewhat defensive in nature, so i’m sticking with the theme of having defensive quirks. The strength part of OFA is pretty offensive on its own so I dont think there’s a need for him to have another offensive quirk anyways.

  • Shield: would be useful for protecting others and goes along with the theme of defensive powers. Izu could probably change the size and strength of the shields. All of these quirks were weak when the original user had them, but OFA boosts the quirks up for Izu so yeah.
  • Sixth Sense: Okay we know Hori likes Spider-Man so,,, SPIDERY SENSE QUIRK. I mean I think it would be useful because Izuku is a danger magnet. I don’t know if it would work exactly like Spider-Man’s spider sense, but I think Izuku would put it to good use.
  • Healing: He would mainly be able to heal others but maybe his own healing would slightly speed up too, or at least speed up when he uses the quirk. For healing other people the quirk kinda uses up his own stamina, so he needs to control how much he heals others so he doesn’t crash or anything. 
  • Restore: (OOF I got the idea of this quirk from @hey-hamlet and the anon who asked them about it so,,,) The quirk would let him rewind non-living things. Basically Eri’s quirk but you know. On non-living things. The anon pointed out how its a counter to Shigaraki’s quirk which I think is cool. Shiggy being mad that Izu just puts everything he destroys back together would be funny but also like,,, Shiggy is destruction and Izuku is the one who can fix it?? cOOL.

ANYWAYS those were just some ideas I thought were neat, I could expand on the quirks later but who knows. You’re welcome to leave any ideas you have like I said <3

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It’s only now that I noticed that the League has a mf jukebox in the back of their hideout. So don’t freaking tell me that they ain’t listening to some funky ass music while they wait for afo’s next instructions.

The League be like:

♪┏(⌐■_■)┛♪┗ (⌐■_■) ┓♪┏(⌐■_■)┛♪

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