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there is so much to unpack from the new bnha chapter because the whole family dynamic was set up so well with so many complexities that in the end, while it’s easy to blame the entire family and say “they were all terrible lol”, there is SO much more to it. Like, congratulations on horikoshi’s part for making realistic family drama in just two chapters.

but also fuck him because I, emotionally, cant handle this.

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Hc that Twice/Jin has the same ‘insults’ and 'threats’ Daz has

  • You look like someone stepped on a goldfish
  • Look like a squirrel dropped in paint
  • I will slap the tits off your chest-
  • Jesus tapdancing Christ
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I’m so damn sad.. Tenko really just wanted to be protected, he wanted to be saved but noone cared enough about his dreams of becoming a hero. Because of his fathers abuse he views the whole world as bad. He hates everything and that’s not his fault. Killing people he loves on accident, getting a long awaited quirk that ends up doing nothing but destruction and eventually becoming a villain instead of a hero.

I can’t blame him for hating the world, it treated him like shit

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So, I don’t think I’ll ask for votes anymore. I get very few responses and this time, I only got 7 votes. So yeah…

Either way, here’s a fluffy little scenario for Alpha!Fatgum since I did say I would be writing today. I actually got a little side tracked…I went out with my granddad today and bought him a bunch of steel for a project he wants to do. My christmas present to him basically, just a little early. Plus I had some house cleaning to do, so yeah…just a quick scenario today!



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Mha chapter 236!!!

Spoilers ahead!!!

Warning:Graphic content,gore and (animal)death ahead!!!

So the flashbacks continue and I’m amazed by how horribly angsty this chapter was.(But I also hope we’ll go back to the present next week I want to finally see the fights)

Let’s start!

as expected the chapter starts with shigi accidentally killing the dog.Poor mon-chan

the sister comes out to apologize but terrified of what’ in front of her she runs back to the house.Tenko manages to grab her though not realizing that he was the one who killed mon-chan

the result is her death.He vomits and the mother and grandparents come out after hearing the screaming

of corse they meet the same fate.I feel so horrible for the mother despite being disintegrated she desperately tries to hug him

this also explains why he can suddenly disintegrate without touching.He always could but because of trauma he couldn’t use it anymore just like with twice.

afterwards the father comes out looking like he is about to shit himself lmao

meanwhile little tenko keeps breaking my heart along with the ground just look at him my baby

so this might get me hate but this is actually a reasonable action like if he didn’t get a hold of the tool and let tenko touch him he would have died on the spot and he was terrified and aware of this by the looks of it.I also don’t think he tried to kill him which actually surprised me I thought he would charge with the blade but instead he tried to knock him out

nevertheless he just managed to make things worse lol.Tenko was already hatefilled for the way his father treated him for wanting to be a hero so begging for help and getting hit by a trimmer on the head was the last straw.He snaps.

The father kind of brought this upon himself tbh.

What I also find interesting is his face.He actually enjoyed it.This 5 yearold boy went from vomiting to actually taking pleasure in brutally murdering someone with his own hands.Damn.

And now he stands there like a bloodthirsty monster probably waiting for his next kill.

I gotta wonder is it the nature of his quirk?Toga loves blood which is tied to her quirk and a lot of other people like bakugou have similar personalities matching their quirk.Maybe destruction is just part of his nature now that he activated it.

Of course there is a high chance that afo forced this quirk upon tenko but even then I guess the desire to kill would also become part of him even if it wasn’t originally his actual quirk.

I also don’t believe these memories are fake.They’re probably real and I feel like it’s more likely that afo just gave him this cursed quirk.Knowing that one day tenko would be upset enough to let it activate.

Anywas I really hope next chapter is gonna be in the present I’m tired of flashbacks right now in fact I’ve had enough for this arc I don’t want dabis anymore(for now)

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the thing is i feel like, if we do get a second sports festival arc, itd probablt have to be Quite down the line considering like, i feel like that sorta arc (to me) would work as a good “look how far the kids have come” sorta arc

buuuttttt we already got that sorta arc with the 1a vs 1b arc, especially since that one also included shinsou coming up again and showing “hey! i actually can keep up with all yall!! fuck everyone im gonna be a hero too!!!” which like, i dunno is sorta a Big change between now and the first sports festival

anyways im just rambling bc im tired and the sun is starting to come up but basically what im saying is if there is a second sports festival id be interested in seeing what the like, concept of the arc would be since i dont think a “lets see how far weve come.amv” would make sense bc we already lowkey had one of those

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Later than I want + Fan Art!

Really bad heat index + broke AC = fml

My laptop is a gaming one with huge fans but its a pain to use in the heat because it can easily warm up a room. I’m already pushing 90 in my room and I have to think about what I’m going to with my reptile and fish.

So small rant…excuses whatnot.

Please go check out Yoko@ Yokaris6 on Twitter! They posted fanart that was inspired by I’m Friends with the Monster in my Closet. It’s really good and I really like the creepy tone of it.

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