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Summary:  You were saved from an unlikely incident. Your savior leaves small gifts on the shore for you.

Words: 1600+

Day 6

The next morning you woke up, groggily rolling over on the hot beach. It had seemed hotter than normal today. You wished you could take a dip in the sea water, but you knew he was lurking around.

You looked towards the water and sucked in a deep breath. Was it worth it? You wiped your arm across your forehead. You felt like the sun was hitting you under the shade of the trees. You sprawled out in another feeble attempt of cooling off.

After what a few measly seconds you screamed in frustration. You pushed yourself off the ground, hastily walking towards the enticing water. You stuck your foot in the water slowly, before putting the other in. You walked further in, letting the cool salty water seep into your skin. You then fell face first into the shallow water, a soft smile on your face as your body instantaneously cooled. You stood up, brushing your wet cool hair away from your face. You laid back on the water, letting the soft waves hold you afloat near the shore as you shut your eyes.

You hear a light splash but pay no mind to it. Your mind was beginning to wander. You relived how you used to go down to the river and hop on an inflatable tube, carelessly floating along with your friends. You had no worries on your mind and nothing too stressful to focus on back then.

You almost didn’t react when a hand touched your lower back. You were so deep in your daydream that your mind had thought it was one of your friends below you.

But your mind was fast to snap back to reality when another was placed on your upper back. You tensed, a breath getting caught in your throat. You were scared to pry your eyes open so your mind went on autopilot instead and did the smart thing of thrashing around.

Your breathing became rapid as the arms held your struggling figure. You finally arched your back and fell to the side into the water, taking a breath as your head went under. Your body spasmed, not capable to take the water into your lungs.

Arms were quick to wrap around you, yanking you out from other the water and holding you to his chest. You knew it was him, the man who crawled on the shore. You coughed up the water, your body shaking violently in the arms of the creature.

You could feel a hand run over your back slowly. It was an attempt to soothe you but it only frightened you more.

“Let it out, it’s alright!” You winced away at his voice but didn’t struggle as you continued to hack up more ocean water. Your lungs burned and your head throbbed. As you finished coughing up as much water as you possibly had the energy for, you went limp in his arms. Heavily breathing with your body shaking.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” You were pulled on top of him more, as you both drifted further onto the shore. You now believed this is what a wet cat felt like.

“Who are you?” You weakly asked, your eyes were still closed, not ready to look at the creature.

“My name is Hanta Sero, I’m the one who pulled you from the water when you fell off that boat.” Your eyes cracked open at that.

“You… Saved me?”

“Of course I did! Don’t you remember?” You blinked the stray seawater from your eyes in confusion. This stranger saved you? You did remember seeing black eyes staring at you through the water as you lost consciousness.

Your head turned slowly towards him, scared that he had a different, scarier form than what you had seen when he climbed onto the beach. Your eyes widened for a short moment before they relaxed. He was much better looking up close, dare you say, cute even. He had soft black hair and eyes to match. In addition to that, he had a kind smile. One you felt like you could trust.

Plus, if he wanted to kill you he could have by now. You’ve let your guard down multiple times.

“You… You aren’t planning on eating me are you?” A loud laugh in your ear made you flinch away.

“I wouldn’t dream of it!”

Day 7 - Day 12

The next few days you had slowly become comfortable with him, you would sit with your lower body in the water while he would float in front of you.

You were weary at first. You heard the myths of mermaids and sirens but you were also told it was all just folklore. Fake. So meeting one in person wasn’t exactly easy. You weren’t sure if he was going to eat you or enslave you.

You made sure to keep close enough to the shore that you can run from him if needed but close enough to him so that you could hear him speak to you.

You only talked about menial things, what he ate, what his hobbies were, some cool stories about him. Apparently, there were tons of his kind below the ocean surface. You had no idea!

Day 13 - Day 20

You had finally decided to go deeper into the water. You both would talk in extreme detail about how different your lives were. He also talked about how he had a tape ability, you were pretty impressed seeing the tape reel out of his elbows.

You were definitely sure that he wasn’t trying to enslave you with how kind he acted towards you. Though the eating part, you were still a bit skeptical about.

He would bring you gifts each day, and you hated to admit but you loved when his fins fluttered in excitement when you accepted them all.

Day 21 - Day 24

It felt like you had been on this island forever. Yet, you weren’t homesick. Hanta had found you a yellow dress from a shipwreck. It was highly faded from the salt water but you were still glad to see something other than your torn pants.

You did have the thought of leaving the island if only for one more bite of something other than plain fish. You would even accept salted fish as an exquisite meal at this point

You had gotten so comfortable with Hanta that you allowed him to hold your hands and pull you out onto the water. At some point during the few days, you had also gotten used to napping on his stomach as he floated on his back in the water. It was weirdly soothing to be on be rocked to sleep with the calm waves.

Day 25

“Would you ever leave me?” The question caught you by surprise. Your eyes had barely just opened from your nap.

“Why do you ask?” You tiredly asked, bring you limp arm out from the water to rub at your eyes.

“I’m just curious.”

“No, I don’t think I would.” You hummed your answer. His gills fluttered a bit and you tilted your head in confusion.

“Hanta, is there actually a reason why you’re asking me this?”

“What if… I told you I had found a way to get you home?” He muttered, your eyes widened and you shook your head frantically.

“I don’t want to hear it.” You snapped, pushing your hands on his chest, forcing his head underwater as you pushed yourself up. He spat water at you as soon as his head popped back up.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to leave you, Hanta. You make me happy. So please don’t tell me things that will make me want to go back for a pizza.” You whined, wrapping your arms around his neck to keep yourself above water as his tail dipped below into the water.


“Yes really!” You rolled your eyes. He was acting surprised even when you both were practically attached at the hip at this point.

“Why would you want to stay with me when you could be with your own kind?”

“You’re so much nicer than my kind. You’re forgiving and patient. And… I think I love you as odd as it is?” You questioned the last part as you spoke before looking away. “Yeah, I think I do.” You said more confidently.

“What is love?”

“Love is… When your stomach feels like butterflies when you are around a certain person. You get happy when you see them and sad when you have to leave. You feel like you belong with just that person. “ You freed an arm from his neck, grabbing onto his hand with your own. You would intertwine your fingers but his webbing made it a bit difficult. “You feel like half a person and when you are with the other you feel whole.” Your face flushed a light pink as you spoke. You kept your eyes down, looking at your hands under the water.

“We call that a bond.” A soft rumbling pulled from his throat like a purr. “And I guess in your terms, I love you too.” He spoke softly, your eyes raised up to his, a bright smile on your face as he squeezed your hand.

“I’m so glad.” You laughed, pressing your forehead on his happily.

“What if… You could become like me? Would you want that? To be bonded with me for eternity?”

“You could do that?”

“I can only do it once!”

“You would do that for me?”

“I mean you seem like the only option around!” He teased, stealing his hand from yours to push the wet hair from your face. “But yes, I’d gladly do it for you.”

“I… want to. If it means being with you for the rest of my life, then I want to do it.”

“Are you sure you wanna be stuck with me?”

You giggled and smacked his chest. “I do.”

His lips were placed quickly onto yours as he pulled you down into the water. A warm feeling engulfing your body as your sight faded to black.

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“I asked Kaminari this afternoon to talk to me via messages since I had no more data left, but he refused and said, ‘that’s gay lmao’ I was like, I’m a girl, moron. But he was like, ‘but you’re my bro!’ and I thought Kirishima was his bro. The entire conversation got me so confused and then Sero messaged me that Kaminari got short-circuited.”

— Jiro Kyoka, probably

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au where toshinori is a friend of inko’s before he becomes all might, and when he learns that inko’s husband has Basically left her, comes to help out because she has a little kid and still has to work and stuff, and he does care for her

and over years of deku’s dad just not coming back and not interacting w the family at all toshi accidentally fills that place for her, all while trying to keep a lid on his v soft little crush on her for the sake of her marriage, until deku asks if all might is his new dad and he has to talk to inko, who is not against trying something out with it

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