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#bnha fics

inspired by this pic from the new outro that made me cry


if you fall (hold my hand) - 7k

tags: getting together, internal conflict/angst, dabi=touya, implied/referenced child abuse, a happy ending of sorts


All of this…it has nothing to do with him, this is about Dabi, about Endeavor.

keigo discovers more about dabi’s past than he bargained for

(and perhaps his own, too)

[read on ao3]

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i really can’t believe i went and wrote a 10000% serious fic on shiggynatsu but here ya go lmao

夏の死 (death of summer) - 28k

tags: dabi is touya, angst but a happy ending, canon divergent, getting together, enemies to friends to lovers, natsu is protective, shouto is too wise for his age, liberal interpretation of shiggy’s control over his quirk, nobody actually dies dw it’s not like that, also why does shiggy not have gloves this should be an obvious solution




“His name is Shmigaraki.” Natsuo blinks at Touya - Dabi, but he’ll always be Touya to him - standing in the doorway. Behind him stands Shigaraki Tomura, head of the League of Villains, with the hood of a black sweatshirt pulled down over his face. Touya tilts his head.

“He bears a striking resemblance to a particular villain…”

[read on ao3]

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I need a blog that does pro hero fics bc I’m feeling the thirst for a specific spectacled man suddenly

Spoilers be damned I will love him forever

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Plaything or More - Chapter 8

Pairing: Warrior!Katsuki Bakugo x reader

Word Count: 3.2k

A/N: I have one more chapter left before I’m caught up with my previous account! I’m really excited to start putting out the newer content and I really hope you like it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on it bc I’ve gotten some mixed reviews on this series, while there will be light fluffy, happy parts, this is a dark series, and I have trouble keeping things dark. I pretty much already have everything planned out to the end, there will be a few just, relaxed and fun chapters but be prepared for some serious shit. Just saying.

With that being said I very much hope you all enjoy this chapter, I love you all and have a wonderful day. 

WARNINGS: A lot of… reflection on the shit that Baku has done so it’s fucking angsty, reader is sort of losing her mind.  (I don’t know this is just a serious chapter.


You couldn’t hear anything other than your heavy breathing. Couldn’t feel anything other than the chill of the night and the branches slapping against your arms as you ran.

You felt like you’d been running for ages, it had been maybe an hour. All you thought of was getting to Bakugo. You were annoyed with the fact that you loved him, but you didn’t have time to care about that, you didn’t have time for anything. You had to find him.

You smacked straight into something solid, knocking the breath out of your lungs as you fell to the ground and looked up to find a large man, taller than Bakugo, more buff, not as lean as the warrior prince. He wore spectacles and had black hair. He looked down at you with a suspicious glance.

“Who are you?” He demanded, grabbing you by the arm. You felt trapped, your mind working to think of a way out, an answer for him when you heard a familiar voice.

“Iida!” Midoriya yelled, “The girl that stayed from today has gone missing, the men think she overheard them talking about-”

Midoriya finally came into sight, spying you in Iida’s grip.

“Killing Bakugo.” Midoriya finished his sentence, a terrifying look sliding onto his face, more terrifying than anything you’d ever witnessed from Bakugo.

“So, you overheard did you?” The green-eyed man said, “You weren’t leaving to warn anyone, were you?” 

You shook your head,

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hello! can i please have a dad!aizawa x mom!reader and their kid on an amusement park? thank you!

oof. aizawa might be a bit ooc but i had a tough time writing because of how i started this out. just in case it isn’t clear, (d/n) = daughter’s name. It takes me forever to come up with names because I’m super picky with them and I personally don’t like it when a name is chosen when I read a scenario like this, so i was just thinking on what I’d personally prefer. 

scenario _ Aizawa Shouta

“Do you think that we should really go on that ride? It seems a little…” Aizawa trailed off, peering at the huge roller coaster displayed before the three of you. As one of the cars raced by high above, his hair and clothing ruffled in the wind that carried from it. There were many words he could choose from, but in the end, he decided on one. “Fast.”

The screams coming from the passengers implied that it was as extreme as the ride’s information said it was. Turning his head away from the behemoth, he saw the entrance to what looked like might be a cute boat ride. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw several families walk in with little toddlers, so he pointed at it, prompting you and your daughter to look.

“Why not that ride, (d/n)? Doesn’t that look like it might be more interesting?”

“Maybe later, Daddy! I want to go on this one now, though!” She hopped on her two feet excitedly, tugging on his arm. When more people walked past you and into the line’s entrance, she hopped faster and tugged a little more desperately. “The line’s getting loooongeeeeer.”

He sighed. Of all things, she had to be excited to go on the high-speed one.

“Come on, I’m sure it’ll be fun. This is a highly esteemed theme park. The workers will make sure we’ll be safe, they know what they’re doing.” Your voice sounded encouraging, but he could tell you were one second away from making a teasing remark.

“I know that.” You gripped his shoulder, rubbing it in an effort to maybe ease any tension out.

“Oh yeah? Well, I didn’t think you’d be hesitant to go on this, Aizawa. You can face villains but not a roller coaster ride? What’s up with that?” He turned his head to glare at you, which only made your smile grow wider.

“I don’t want to chase an adrenaline rush when I don’t have to.” As he bonked you on the head for your comment, he heard (d/n) let out a whine from next to him.

Daaaaad, pleeeease.” He sighed again. “DadIwannagoontherideitlookssofunpleaselet’sgoIwannagoon-“

Gripping her hand, he began walking to the entrance.

“Let’s go, then.”

❅ ❅ ❅

“For the record, I was not afraid to go on that roller coaster earlier. Is it so much to want to relax on a vacation? That’s all I wanted.”

“And why are you mentioning that now?”

“Yeah, I don’t get it.” (d/n) chomped on her fork, eating her meal happily. She moved idly, her feet swinging underneath her chair. “We’re relaxing now, right? That was also, like… a million hours ago.”

“Don’t chew with your mouth open, please.” She nodded, grabbing another forkful of food. “And I’m mentioning it now because I didn’t really get the chance to earlier.”

“When you have a nine-year-old dragging you to different places all day, you don’t really have a moment to breathe.” You added, eyes wandering off to your child, who still seemed to have a lot more energy to spare despite the fact that all three of you got up earlier than usual. It was now dinnertime and she didn’t seem like she’d stop soon. 

You suddenly felt the same as Aizawa and hoped that your daughter would want to call it quits soon. Maybe after the fireworks? You locked eyes with your husband and you knew the two of you were thinking the same thing. 

❅ ❅ ❅

As the sun set beyond the horizon, the three of you continued to walk around the park, going from destination to destination. The only solace you could take in was the thought of waiting in a long line, still standing but no longer moving. Whatever happened to your stamina after the two of you became parents made it dwindle drastically, apparently.

“Oh, look at those light up wands! Can I have one? Please!”

The three of you stopped at the cart that appeared at nightfall, looking over at all of the different assortments of light-up toys.

“Yeah, you can pick out two if you want.”

“Thanks, Dad- WHAT! Two?!”


“I should get a necklace too, then! Or maybe a crown? Oh, there’s a big hat too! And a balloon. Although, that may be too annoying to carry… Hm…”

You couldn’t help but laugh at how your child’s personality contrasted with your husband’s. 

❅ ❅ ❅

The fireworks erupted loudly around you and everyone else in the crowd, but despite all of that you could still hear the sounds of your daughter’s laughter as she sat on top of Aizawa’s shoulders. With all the colors popping up and lighting up the dark sky, you were glad that she could see such a beautiful moment. It was the perfect way to end the day.

You saddled up closer to your husband’s side, his arm moving from holding (d/n)’s leg to wrapping around your side. You continued to enjoy the fireworks. 

❅ ❅ ❅

“I’m glad we came today. It was nice to get away from life for a second.” You whispered to Aizawa, as you drove home. Your daughter slept peacefully in the backseat, having nodded off the moment you all left the parking lot.

“I’m glad we did too, even if it’s not exactly my cup of tea.”

“No, it might not be your idea of fun. But you have fun when the people you love have fun.”

“I suppose.” You laughed lightly, knowing he was teasing even when his tone of voice hardly changed. You leaned over in the car and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

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howdy folks honestly bakudeku isn’t the first ship i’d pick to write abt but i was inspired by @dabidevito​‘s ask from a while ago (x) and anyway it turned into a whole Thing™ so please enjoy!

rescue me - 11k

what if baku and deku were like. actually friends when they were kids tho

tags: baku is bad at feelings, and protective, childhood friends but for real this time, lil bit of angst but always a happy ending yo, canon divergence

[read on ao3]


“Kacchan, you have the best quirk ever!” Katsuki smiles super big, making more explosions in his hand for Deku to watch. His eyes are wide, and he claps at the firecracker pops Katsuki makes. It feels funny, like his hand’s being tickled, but he mostly just feels excited by how awesome Deku thinks he is.

“It totally is the best!” Katsuki agrees, and the big flop of green hair on Deku’s head bounces as he nods. “I’m gonna be the best hero ever!”

“Just like All Might!” Deku shouts, and he punches his hand in the air. Katsuki does the same thing, but he makes his hand explode. Everyone thinks his quirk is so cool, but Deku is the one who asks him to show it off the most. He’s probably just jealous, since he didn’t get his quirk yet. When he does, it definitely won’t be as awesome as Katsuki’s, though.

“I can’t wait to get my quirk! We can be best heroes together!” Deku likes to say that a lot, Katsuki thinks, but he knows he’s going to be the best best, just like All Might. And now that he has this quirk, he’ll totally be better than Deku. He smiles wide, and Deku smiles too.

“Show me the explosions again, Kacchan!”

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A YSAG Fan Fic! Thanks @myherowritings for such wonderful work, hopefully you enjoy this!

Inspired by You Suck At Gaming

You smiled at your phone incredulously. Another night with Shinsou working on your gamer gurl skillz? You were sure to be halfway decent with all this practice. Oh, and he would make you guys dinner? What a great night to hang out!

Shinsou chewed on his lip as he waited for a response from you. Hopefully she didn’t think he was being too forward? Was it a date? Would she mind? He had been wanting to do something more intimate since their Just Dance stream. Your friends were great and all, but having you to himself meant that you might actually pick up on the hints that he had been throwing out lately. The thought also made him incredibly nervous, what if you were just ignoring his feelings because you didn’t share them? What if this pushes you away?

“Ok!!!!!! I’ll see you at 6 then??? Ready for that dank ass food 😫 We can see if your cooking skills rival Katsuki’s 😘😘💍💍”

He sighed. Smiling but also sighing. “Sounds great. See you soon kitten 🙄 and I’ll try my best.” Your responses never gave him answers to his feelings, if they were reciprocated or not. Shaking his head, Shinsou switched tabs to start his grocery list for dinner. What could he make that was woo-worthy? But also lowkey. Like he was trying, but not too much?


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I figured if I’m going to get back into this website, might as well promote where I’m more active.

As nobody probably knows, I like to write, and b/c of that I’ve started writing fanfic. My only current fic (if you ignore the two hetalia fics) is called Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions. Long title I know.

If you like :

- Dadmic

- Quirk! Izuku

- Kid Antics

It might be the fic for you! Do heed the warnings as their are some sensitive topics.

I hope if you read it, you enjoy! If you want, comment that you came from tumblr, I’d love to talk to people about it.

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i should preface this by saying it really isn’t a dabihawks fic it’s mostly just dabi and his hawks obsession but here it is anyway lmao please enjoy as an end to dabi’s bday

the last of the real ones - 2.1k

If anyone asked, Dabi would swear up down and sideways that he pays absolutely no attention to news about heros.

It would, of course, be a blatant lie.

[read on ao3]

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hbd u burnt strip of bacon. insp by someone’s post from a zillion years ago abt dabi getting all his piercings from claire’s (someone dm me if u have the link to the post i could Not find it and i want to link it)

haven’t had enough - 5.7k

tags: meet cute, getting together, pining, some casual suggestive flirting

[read on ao3]

“Just the one side?” Hawks confirms, and the guy nods, arms folded over his chest and gaze fixed on the counter. From what he can see, he doesn’t have any other piercings, but scars run the length of his cheeks and Hawks has the sinking feeling that he’s no stranger to pain.

He looks so utterly uncomfortable to be here, hunched over like the black leather jacket he’s wearing might protect him from the onslaught of glittery purples and pinks scattered around the store. Hawks decides to take pity on the guy.

“Okay, normally we’d charge full price regardless, but I’ll give you a discount for the piercing since it’s just the one side and the one earring.” He types everything into the register and rattles off the total, and the guy looks up for the first time since he’s arrived in the store.

“Thanks,” he mutters, blue eyes catching Hawks’ for just a moment before he ducks his head again. His hand digs into the pocket of his jeans and produces a wallet, equally as black and leathery as his jacket. Once again, Hawks is left in mild confusion - why would he choose to come here, of all places, to get a piercing? They’re not exactly the most reputable, and even Hawks isn’t really a big fan of using the piercing guns, but it’s extra money on the side, and he’s good at his job. He’s also far more diligent in cleaning the tools, and he excuses himself to the back to do so before piercing this guy’s ear.

By the time he returns, the guy has meandered over to the chair in the back of the store, positioned next to the big sign advertising their ear piercing deal. He’s staring up at it, like it contains some special information he hadn’t noticed before, and he seems to startle when Hawks approaches.

[keep reading]

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For real though, writer to writer, if you’re having trouble finding the motivation to write that story you’re half way through, ignore the whole:

‘You can do it. Even 1000 words a day is still progress’


1000 words is a lot. You might not have time. It’s unrealistic.

100 words a day. 

That’s all you need. Even if it’s all you write, it’s 100 words you didn’t have yesterday. Little by little, day by day, you’ll build your story up.

Don’t lose hope. From one very easily demotivated/distracted writer to all of you, 100 words is all it takes.

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Okay so I think thisll be especially cute!! How about #40 and #5 for izuku midoryia?

This was cute! Domesticity is usually sweet and simple to write. 

5. Giving them a kiss before going to work and they are still in bed.

40. Making a goofy face until they notice and laugh.

Midoriya Izuku

While you were covered in soft sheets and warm blankets with your head gently resting on a cool pillow, you could feel heat slowly begin to form on your cheek. It began slowly and through your closed eyelids you could sense the light creeping into your bedroom, telling you that morning was coming and that sometime soon you would have to start another day. Eventually that heat and light came to be too much and at that, you opened your eyes.

Even though your eyesight was still blurry, you could make out that there was a figure in front of you, standing near the edge of the bed. As the figure reached out a hand to gently massage your shoulder, you relaxed. You knew exactly who it was.

“Ugh… heading out already? What time is it?”

“It’s about 5:30 in the morning. I was about to come tell you goodbye, but I’m glad that you woke up before I did.” You hear him chuckle and take on a more lighthearted tone. “Saves me the trouble of waking you myself and making you grumpy.”

You humphed, rubbing the sleepiness from your eyes.

“5:30. That’s so early.”

Izuku kneeled to get closer to you, his face not blurry anymore. You could see his cute smile and the way his eyebrows were drawn up, worried that you’d be mad at him for leaving so early in the day.

“Duty calls.” He gave you a kiss on the cheek, a far cry from when the both of you were younger and too hesitant to even hold hands.

You sighed, closing your eyes again. Going back to sleep sounded nice.

“I know, I know. Go save people, hero man.” You figured he would have gotten up and started his goodbye already, but instead he gently patted your cheek.

“Look at me, (Y/N).” And you did, expecting him to say something romantic as you both peered into each other’s eyes. Instead, his face was scrunched, and he was sticking his tongue out at you. You laughed, coughing a bit as your throat still wasn’t cleared after sleeping all night.

His face quickly turned back into a smile that gave away how much he adored you. After you stopped laughing, he leaned in closer to you.

“I’ll be back in time for dinner and a movie.”

“That makes me feel better.”

“Good.” At that, he gave you a goodbye kiss, leaving you thinking that waking up so early wasn’t as bad as you initially thought.

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12 Days Of Christmas

a Bakugo Katsuki x F!Reader


Its been 2 years since Y/N and Bakugo broke up around the holiday season, and not on the best terms. It’s finally Christmas season again for Y/N and all her fellow peers, and a familiar (not so friendly) face has decided to come back to town for the break, making Y/N… not jolliest. Will something spark for Bakugo and Y/N again? or will the holiday season end on another low note?

I’m really excited to finally post this and I hope everyone enjoys it!

Series Masterlist:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

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So I’ve been sticking to Discord Servers and shit because of all the bs nonsense on Tumblr for the past…er…yeah lol

So anyway! Here’s my current bnha fic projects that I’ve been working on for a while now!

Memoirs of the Rebellion - In which All for One formed an Empire, took over Japan and other parts of Asia, and was able to eliminate One for All once and for all. Izuku, donning a mask and the moniker “Deku”, is leading a rebellion against AfO while also disguised as a sickly quirkless student named “Yagi Izuku”. Heavily inspired by Code Geass.

The Villain Manager’s Shorts - A mostly crack fic where instead of meeting All Might, Izuku met Gentle and La Brava and then became a manager for villains. His main client is now Shigaraki Tomura. Featuring Izuku in various eye-burner suits that makes AfO grateful he can’t see lol.

Paper Cranes - A type of role-swap/role-reversal that’s still in its beginning stages. Features Buri (Placeholder name for the First OfA User) as Izuku’s younger son who is going to UA to be a Hero and to try and revive a case that the Hero Commission has long since frozen.

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Hi! I was wondering if I could request some headcannons where a quirkless reader is dating (whoever you want to write about) and they are about to have their first kiss, but it turns out the reader does have a quirk and they accidentally steal the hero's quirk like temporarily when they kiss? Maybe they both freak out and are confused but then there's fluff at the end. Idk, take it wherever you want to go with it if you'd like. Thank you! 😁

I got an input on this one so its favs only in this house. Powers are based off Rogue from X-Men!


  • This situation happened fairly quickly with Kaminari. He never minded that you didn’t have a quirk, kid acts like he has an ego but the moment he finally gets a S/O every bad thing about them is tossed out the window.
  • You two are walking around the city, it was supposed to be a movie night but Kami can’t sit still. He’s practically skipping while you two are walking down the street. He stops you for a few moments and pulls you into his arm for a kiss. Your first one!
  • You really tried to be excited about it but the moment you felt your energy spike, and Kaminari go limp, you knew something was wrong. Pulling away, Kaminari was out and fell to the floor. With a squeak you knelt down beside him and tried to shake him awake.
  • Instead you just ended up releasing electricity. You squeaked again and jumped away, shoving a knocked out Kaminari away from you. You waited for a long while for Kaminari to wake up and for whatever quirk she took to go away.
  • It took an hour for this to happen.
  • Blinking, Kami stared up at you. “So. I’m guessing you do have a quirk.”
  • “Yep.”
  • “And I dont think you’ll let me kiss you for a while.”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Shit.”


  • Todoroki didnt mind that you didnt have a quirk. In fact, he preferred it to anything else. He didnt have to worry about the odd complications that were brought up when in talks of two superheroes dating. He also got a taste of the non hero life through his S/O.
  • Needless to say he really liked it.
  • He was enthralled by the idea of a calm day together. No training, no familial drama. Nothing. Just you and him. Fine by Shoto.
  • His arm was wrapped around your shoulders and you curled into his side. Your kiss was slow and tentative. He leaned in and everything felt so natural. The kiss was soft and sweet. And short.
  • Todoroki started to feel faint, so he pulled away as quickly as the kiss began. He was on the verge of passing out, putting his hand to his forehead. You reached out to grab him, but instead blasted frost onto his forehead.
  • “What the…” Todoroki swallowed, lifting his right hand up to see if anything would happen. The only thing that emerged was a puff of cold air. He looked up at you with wide eyes. “You… you do have a quirk.”
  • “I guess I do I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” You asked, leaning forward.
  • “I’m fine,” he shook his head. “Let’s… let’s not kiss again until you figure out how your quirk works.”
  • “Yeah. Yeah okay.”
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