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#bob morley

So I’m so out of practice with my drawing skills but figured I’d share some of my progress!!

so here is my attempt at Bob Morley

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I watched the first episode of season 6 of The 100 last week and it was really awesome! <3

I really love that poster so much! It’s so cool and different, not like any I’ve seen before for anything really. It’s really nice <3

They went to planet Alpha where those others from that ship had landed hundreds of years ago.

Those crazy bugs in swarms and stuff was unexpected! That planet is crazy. That’s one thing you don’t know about other planets, what inhabit it! They could’ve immediately gotten eaten by some giant thing for all the knew after landing lol. Even if the atmosphere and whatnot is similar to Earth, it doesn’t mean it has the same species on it. 

I can’t believe Shaw just ran in to that radiation shield like that, that was dumb. Shouldn’t just run around on a planet you know nothing about.

The place those people lived was well … interesting looking. It looked like I dunno, inspired by clowns and the circus or something. It was colourful I think. It wasn’t what I expected at all lol. I expected some very basic stuff but it wasn’t so basic.

Bellamy said to Clarke that the girl had told him about the radio calls lol.

They found that crazy book saying the eclipse on that planet caused people to go crazy. Ya know, because that’s just great lol! That’s all they need when they think they’ve got a nice new start on a nice friendly habitable planet.

Emori was the first to go crazy and she went and stabbed her lover Murphy. That’s nice init lol. That’s the first person she goes for … clearly there’s like no recognition of people in this crazy state or so it seems.

It’s like the classic TV trope in lots of Sci-Fi shows such as The X-Files (ironically the writer of the next episode wrote episodes of The X-Files! lol) etc where people in a remote location get infected with some kind of virus or something and they all go insane and kill each other until eventually someone goes and finds out they’re all dead. Toxins in the air are making them kill each other, so some kind of virus type thing.

So, now instead of them killing other people like pretty much is the plot to every season of the show they’ve decided to make them go and kill each other! Not too much different. I love the show but they don’t stretch their imagination much plot wise akin to The Walking Dead.

Abby tried to save Kane while they still are in space on the ship. She had to lol. Trying to use the Skaikru blood. 

In turn they decided to wake up the sleeping psychopath aka Octavia … she was better off asleep, not gonna lie. 

She went to Kane and went on about how he went and betrayed Wonkru. It gave him internal bleeding so in the end Abby ended up putting him back in cryo until she could’ve figure out how to save him yet again. That’s the one good thing about all those cryo pods I guess, they can keep people alive who would have otherwise died.

You could also tell Eliza and and Bob had gotten together and married in real life now by the way they looked at each other. It was so cute <3

I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season and see what happens! This is one of my favourite shows! I love it so much <3

Bellamy Blake // Bob Morley <3

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December 2015 - girl meets world (2014 -2017)
“I’m in it for the long game”


August 2016 - The 100 (2014 - present)
“Victory stands on the back of sacrifice”


2017 and 2018 - Game of Thrones (2011 - 2019)
“a lion doesn’t concern himself with opinions of sheep”


March 2019 - Marvel’s runaways (2017 - present)
“I always saw you”


September 2019 - Legacies (2018 - present)
“dad, do you think I’m broken?”

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