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Hello friends and welcome to the sleuth station

If you look below, you’ll see our dearest Eliza Taylor with Adina Porter, raising funds for the horrible fires in Australia:


A wonderful and important cause.

But, that, while of course vital and necesaary, isn’t what I would like to focus on.

Note the makeup on Adina. They’re on set for the final season of their hit show The 100.

Also, note the time this was posted. 13 minutes prior to when I saw it, January 23 at approx. 2:25 PT.

Next note the first video promoting these shirts, featuring Eliza and husband (!!!!) Bob Morley.


As of today, January 23, it was posted 6 days ago.

Bob was clean shaven six days ago.

They were filming today.

This means. Beardless. Bellamy. Blake.


Beardless Bellamy 2: Bellarke will woohoo.

Have a good day!


Originally posted by cu-woman

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Hi! Just wondering if you know what happened to Bob’s dog? I remember seeing him with a small brown dog but I haven’t in a long time..?

Bob had two dogs with his ex. When they broke up, the ex took the dogs.

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As much as I want to know the meaning behind Bob's new tattoo, there's a part of me that doesn't want someone to ask him about it. I don't have any ink of my own, but I do know they can be very personal and I wouldn't want him to be put on the spot if he doesn't want to disclose it to the public, especially not when there's some firebreathing dragons in fandom ready to strike him and his wife down for existing. I don't want another Comic Con igniting his anxiety. For that, I'm ok not knowing.

I hear ya. Thought I think Bob can and would probably set boundries if he feels like he needs to. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, I think he’ll make that clear. And if he has no problems talking about it then he’ll share. I’m not too worried about it. Bob is very good at keeping his life private on his own terms.

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Hi Bob my name is (...) and I would like to know what the new tattoo in your forearm means? Bob: It's a preview of how my life it's going to be from now on...

Lmaooo.. I would die, no doubt. That is one of those things that will take me out because my poor heart wouldn’t be able to handle it. 😩

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There is a longing inside of my chest
For what could have been
The weight is heavy, tell the sender that I am ready
To see you again

I know I’ll see you
I know I’ll see you on the other side

Oh, wait for me
In fields of gold
It’s not the end
It’s all I know

So don’t let it go
Don’t let go

I won’t let go…


New year, old sketch finished. Finally… ;) It was a pleasure to draw you, Mr. Morley. As always. I love your freckles and curls - just EVERYTHING about you tbh. *lalala*
Btw: First try on a beard here. Ever. So don’t go hard on me, ‘kay? I’m TRYING. :P

Hope you like my new piece. I’m taking this with me to Paris in April, where I (hopefully) have the chance to meet and talk to the Morley’s in person - in case of Bobby: again. I’ve been missing him sm.

All in all, let’s hope for a great last season (and i am ignoring that i’ve written “last” here…)!  Not too many characters please, focus on beloved ones okay? Like in the good old times of the first seasons? And give them peace already. They deserve it.

So, have a nice weekend, guys! Hugs and love, Anne (x)

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