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Todoroki and Kirishima comforting their s/o

A/N: Thanks for your concern, anon! I can usually work with general stuff but sometimes I run dry. Either way, I was feeling this request and I hope you like it and you’re feeling better, in case you needed some comforting fluff 💖


  • He won’t say a word. He doesn’t have to. He sees you curled up with a sad look on your face and feels the need to help you get cozy.
  • He will curl up near you so that he knows if you want to be left alone or would accept his cuddles.
  • If it’s the latter, he will use his left side to warm you up. It will have such a soothing effect on you that whatever problems with falling asleep you might have had will gradually fade away.
  • He will totally fall asleep too, lulled in by the tranquility.
  • And thus, you will wake up together and start the next morning in a much better mood, thanks to your lover’s gentle affection.
  • He will totally serve you breakfast in bed and prepare your favourite beverage.
  • Then, he will gently prompt you to go out with him for a walk amidst fresh air to clear your thoughts.
  • Strolling around the streets arm in arm, you lean on his shoulder and become able to calmly talk to him about what’s bothering you.
  • Get ready because Shouto has every intention to spoil you that day.
  • He takes on an unusually serious demeanor.


  • Kirishima will make your feeling better a mission, and won’t give up until you give him your brightest smile.
  • He will joke around a lot in an attempt to make you laugh, and might even resort to other methods - tickling, for example.
  • Sometimes being forced to laugh really helps.
  • Eijirou understands you like no one else and is able to skillfully combine that with his positive energy. Yeah, he’s a keeper. Because this proves he’s the best of both worlds, and you find that immensely reassuring when you feel down.
  • He is more than willing to slow down to provide you with the best kind of comfort possible. One of my personal favourite things is Kirishima lending you his clothes for when he’s away or you’re just cuddling together in matching hoodies. Except you wear his and he has yours.
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Dabi X Reader

This boutta be a series 

Warning; a–n–g—s–t, kidnapping, I’ve always thought Dabi to be a kind of  awkward, asshole type of person so i tried to write him as such, shite grammar, does this suck?? 


Originally posted by haru-kaas

You woke up the same as any morning. 

As soon as your alarm clock went off you lazily slapped the snooze button, dreading the fact that in ten minutes you would be forced to open your eyes and face the day. 

Wrapped up snug in your blankets you sighed ‘Skipping one day certainly wouldn’t hurt anything’ you thought to yourself, picturing what you might do if you blow off your classes. Maybe you could nap or make an actual meal. The extra time would be nice to get caught up on homework, you were falling behind in your classes anyhow… 

Your thought came to an abrupt end when your alarm clock went off again, only this time you had to heed to it’s call. 

With another sigh you slapped the little machine and rose out of your bed with an unenthusiastic stretch.   

Your eyes were met with the early morning sun, but it wasn’t harsh like usual, but calm almost peaceful. It didn’t assault your eyes as you readied for your day even though your window lacking in curtains would have allowed it to had it been at it’s full capacity. 

You slipped on your uniform, stared at your self briefly in the mirror all the small wrinkles and flaws screaming back at you but you ignored the rant that was bubbling in your head. It would come back to haunt you eventually. 

Grabbing your coat and backpack off of the rack next to your apartment’s front door, you headed out into the world any hope of having a day to yourself long abandoning you. 

Yes, it was just like any other day. 

Like clock work you walked down the bustling city blocks, you didn’t live in the best part of town but honestly it didn’t bother you. 

Passing by you were salary men talking on their phones and children walking in groups to school, their voices talking excitedly. Around you were the smells of restaurants making breakfasts, your stomach grumbled reminding you that you had not eaten breakfast.  

‘I could stop after class..’ you thought letting your eyes linger on the sigh of your favorite restaurant. It was a cute little cafe that sold basic dishes, nothing special but it had a certain charm to it. 

Pushing the thought of food out of your mind you walked the rest of the way to the station and hoped on the nearest train, in which you rode silently until it pulled up to your university. 

That’s what was supposed to happen anyway. 

You hadn’t even made it to the train station when you were grabbed and pulled into an alley way you had about passed. 

The hands that grabbed you were very warm on your skin, one being placed over your mouth the other firmly gripping your arm. If it hadn’t been for the trash and the awful chill air that seemed to haunt the area, you wouldn’t have been frightened. 

“If you scream you’re done for.” Your handlers raspy voice said. 

You nodded feeling your heart slamming in your chest, honestly the thought had never crossed your mind, despite all of the excitement you couldn’t help but feel.. tired. “What do you want?” you asked trying to contain the shakiness in your voice. 

“You don’t have a choice in the matter so I will cut to the chase, I’m with the League of Villain’s and my boss wants you to ‘recruit’ you for our organization” he said, his lips curling up into a smile. 

It was because of your quirk. When it came down to it that’s usually what people wanted out of you. 

You sighed and looked up at the strip of blue sky that lay in between the two brick building beside you. A fluffy white cloud floated by and for a second for wondered what it might be like if you were to be it. 

“Okay” you said. 

There was really no use in fighting, you had hear of the League of Villian’s and were fairly familiar with it’s members all having quirk’s that could over power yours. 

“Good choice” the man said, almost gently he spun you around and you were brought face to face with him. 

He had black hair and piercings, at first you didn’t notice the scarring that marred his body, passing it off as hallucinations from the shock of being kidnapped but that was until you looked at the corner of his mouth and saw the gleam from a silver staple. 

That’s when it all became real. 

A slight gasp left your mouth and you went to back away but he gripped harder on your arm. 

“Now now” he said his voice a hushed warning. “Don’t do anything to-” 

Underneath the pressure of his hand you could feel the roughness of the skin on his palm and you lost your breath. 

Your eyes widened and you felt a familiar fear creep into your body 

You hated the sight of the injured, blood cuts, burns, all of it. Something about the carnage of it all made your skin crawl and your blood run cold. 

Maybe it was because of your past but you couldn’t pinpoint exactly why it bothered you. 

Suddenly you felt your knees buckle and your vision cut out. 


Dabi lunged forward and caught your suddenly falling body with a bewildered look on his face. “What the hell!” he hissed catching you before your head could hit the pavement. 

For a moment he froze and stared down at you. Your eyes were closed and your body felt like it had gone completely limp. ‘Damn that bad huh?’ he thought to himself looking down at you. Your lips were slightly parted and your face looked oddly peaceful, he guessed you were pretty cute. 

‘I guess this makes things easier’ he thought before bending down and slipping one of his arms around your shoulder and the other around your hips. 

Though Shigaraki made it clear that he wanted you as a “healer” you wouldn’t be brought to the League’s central location, that was to risky, so you would be under his “care” Honestly he was pretty bummed about the whole situation, he didn’t want to be tied down because he had to look after some chick but he had to look at the bigger picture. 

“Up we go” he said blandly lifting you up and slinging you over his shoulders. 

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Boku No Hero Academia Lookin Fiine

Todoroki, Midoriya & Fuyumi


Dabi & Hawks






Present Mic


I had a few main trio pics but Tumblr deleted my shit and I deleted those pics.

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@bnha-halloween2019   | Day [29]: [ Hiding | “Keep quiet! Do you want to get caught?”] / [Aizawa Shouta X Reader] | [Mature] | [Lemon]

a/n: Yay, I almost finished with this list too! Hope you guys like it, it’s probably something a lot of you wanted to read for so long lol


Keep reading

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emmy...... pls let me get a hitoshi love letter 🥺💓

Of course!!!

Shinsou Hitoshi:

Hey you.

How’s being a hero been treating you? I know you must be under a lot of pressure, figures huh. Just know you can take it easy and relax sometimes okay? I’ll do what I can to support you, even if I’m under pressure by my agency too. 

I’ll make dinner tonight, ok?


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