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🗒️🌿 : 11/100 days of productivity


-math test went alright, got myself a new book that i’ll take with me on the greece trip (more about that tomorrow) and a new mug. also, kiwis for afternoon snack as per usual.

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Reasons why u should listen to Beezer if you use audible and haven’t used up ur 2 free originals yet (Feb 2020)

  • It’s only 2 hours long
  • It’s about a adolescent beelezebub getting marooned on earth and learning about friendship/family/identity/etc and it’s rly cute
  • Beelzebub’s VA lowkey gives off invader zim energy
  • The other main characters, who take Beezer in once he’s banished, are a frankly adorable mixed race adopted family
  • There is a dog named Tony Pizzeria
  • Chiken nüget”
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  • Went to the gym and abruptly left
  • Went to Wally World for headphones and chatted with brother-in-law for a bit
  • Went to Tifton to get my mom some CBD Gummies and Tincture
  • Got books at the thrift stores
  • Had lunch at Olive Garden
  • Read Daisy Jones and the Six for 2h 54m 12s and read 256 pages, finishing the book
  • Read ‘Tis for 33m 40s and read 38 pages
  • Wrote half a page in my journal

The day started off fine. We went to the gym, and my headphones weren’t working. I had gotten my taxes this morning and asked if we could run by Walmart so I can get new ones and also get my mom a B12 shot because she was dragging. We ran into my brother-in-law and talked to him for about 30 minutes. My mom went to the bathroom and got sick and looked awful when she came out. She was on the verge of tears and said she felt horrible all the time and was so tired and had this overwhelming feeling of impending doom. She asked if we could go to Tifton and get her some CBD Gummies or tincture because when she had gotten stressed out in Atlanta last year, those things really helped her. 

Off to Tifton we went. I’m revealing my living area here, don’t stalk me, bro! We get her stuff at the Vape shop and then as we are getting into the car a girl backs up, hard, into our car. She knocked off the vanity plate, dislodged the front bumper a bit, and scratched it all up. We only saw the vanity plate and the scratches and were like, it is not worth the time to talk to the cops or file a claim just so our insurance can go up. After we left there, we went to the thrift stores, and I got books, as always. I found a copy of A Court of Thorn and Roses, so I am excited I can start that series. We went to Hobby Lobby, and I got some bracelets that you could buy and switch out the design plate on. Got one for me and mom that says “Just Breathe” on it with a dandelion slowly floating away. I also got a “Carpe Diem”, “We’re All Mad Here”, and “Once Upon a Time” with an open book on it. We had a great lunch at Olive Garden and I then I throw up about 50 feet from the restaurant. Like, WHAT EVEN? 

Got home, and I read Daisy Jones and the Six until I finished it and then started ‘Tis

We will attempt the gym again tomorrow. I have backup headphones! After the gym we will hit the library to return and renew books and then head on home for a reading day. I’m a little sad the gym didn’t work out today, but seeing my mom relaxed and feeling better is worth missing it every day. 

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My favorite book is Laughter: The Best Medicine, a reader’s digest from 1962. They took snippets from newspapers and magazine articles and editorials, and all of them are the 60′s standard for the peak of comedy, including such ‘geniuses’ as: “Mrs. Brown was complaining to her doctor that his bill was unreasonably high. ‘Don’t forget,’ he reminded her, ‘that I made 11 visits to your home while your son had measles.’ ‘And don’t you forget,’ she countered, ‘that he infected the entire school!.’” and other just horrible jokes. In fact, the jokes are so bad that it’s hardly the laughter medicine it claims. But still, I like it, because it is a glimpse into the world of the 1960′s. Reading it is like getting shot into the past, and you start to laugh along with them, you feel sucked into a whole other world that isn’t even that far from us. For a second you realize just how human the past is. 

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