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#bop spoilers

just thinking about the symbolism of Dinah’s job as a singer for her male boss, singing “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” and she shatters his martini glass, an ironically quiet act of rebellion as her boss only looks at her body and the sound of her voice, hearing none of the power behind it.

just thinking about how she watches him and other men degrade every woman around them and she forces herself to choke her voice down in their presence, while secretly using her voice to warn other women about her boss’s wrath.

just thinking about how Dinah’s power is in her voice, not only the sonic scream that shatters mens’ eardrums and forces them to listen to her, but pushes other women forward, sometimes on their roller-skates.

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Obviously spoiler alert but I’ve only tagged this with spoilers hashtag so it should be okay.

The Hair tie scene with Dinah’s hair messed up and the way she roars back into the battle like a damn fighter queen


The canary cry was a masterpiece


When Dinah is singing “A man’s man’s man’s world” at the club




The whole police station fight scene is fucking incredible. My best part is when “Black Betty” is playing.


Special award to the beard scene and Harley’s face when Cass give her the lighter 🤣 🤣 🤣


When Huntress come and finds Harley with her moto it’s amazing and bisexual vibes everywhere


HELENA OMG the way she smiles, proud of killing Victor is just pure gold I can’t get over it ! She’s like “aw yes I did that and that was great” it’s too much I’m dying.


The compliments scene at the end is one of my faves and I can agree with Helena on this. Her awkwardness is still showing but she’s trying to get the whole “having friends” thing it’s too cute.


I didn’t find a lot of gifs for Renee but all her scenes are great, my fav one is when she fights in the Booby trap a guy who’s more than twice her height and she’s so fierce goddammit


Of course, when Cassandra has stolen “Harley’s ring” if you know what I mean 😏 Don’t have a gif for this yet.

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I saw Birds of Prey a couple of weeks ago, and something has been bothering me ever since

During that scene when Cass and Harley are eating cereal, WHERE DID THE MILK COME FROM??????

They didnt just get it from the store, it had been opened and it was already sitting on the floor????? Cass didn’t put it down when she sat on the couch???? How long had it been there???? Was it expired ???????

This keeps me awake 4 nights out of 7 someone please help

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I loved the scene where they all jumped down the slide and the guy went in after them and huntress was like “great, a murder to-go” and when she came out the other end everyone looked at her like “Another one? Where did you even find him? It’s a slide, I didn’t see a murder drive-thru…”

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There’s been a war going in the Cassandra tag claiming that BOP Cassandra is a better version then comic Cassandra. I am… Rather neutral on this debate. Both versions still have that white savior trope. Whether it’s the fans or the story, she’s a prop for white characters.

 l am just bitter, but l wish Cassandra’s appearance in the live-action film would have been handled better. I hope she was more of a character than a vehicle to move the plot forward. They could have used Stephanie for the film instead.

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I don't even go here (DC) but after seeing BOP I am just living for all these vicroman smut headcanons. I might have to go browse the tag on Ao3. Got any recs within the film canon?

sure do! and glad to know I’ve helped convert someone to the dark side >:) of course, these are all explicit, because it’s me. enjoy!

No Means Yes by robinasnyder - daddy kink, fluff/angst

The Worst (Best) Days by Curupia - fluffy-ish smut, blood kink, Zsasz taking control for Roman

give a little (get a lot) by The_Picture_of_Dorian_Gay - first time between them, Roman in charge, riding the hell out of Zsasz

All the Pieces by DittyWrites - blood kink and painplay, Roman marking Victor after a kill, and then they fuck

Experiment on Me by someoriginalusername - Zsasz is bored one night, so Roman rides him in the office in his club

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I bet Roman doesn’t even reciprocate. He lets Zsasz fuck him and finger him but he won’t even blow Zsasz because “ew!” And Zsasz loves being his thing and taking what Roman‘ll give him so he’ll finger himself or jerk himself off or they’ll invite a sex worker in because Roman loves watching other people do his dirty work.

lfkdmfdk I love this idea lmao, Roman being so prissy that he cleans up right after sex and when Zsasz dares to come on him he’s like EW WTF NASTY so Zsasz has to lick it all up

it’s such a contrast to comics!Roman with his hands-on torture approach, but I love this take anyway, it’s so much fun to play around with

Mr. Discards His Gloves After Merely Touching the Back of Someone’s Head When They Blow a Snot Bubble While Crying Because He Just Killed Her Parents in Front of Her… legend

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                                          @haerleys​  sent  ;;   ❛ i got a bit of a record, all right? ❜ 


          there   is   a   RAISING   of   brow   as   you   look   at   her–   dare   you   say   amusement   crosses   your   face.   for   the   briefest   of   moments,   it   is   allowed   to   shine   true.         –before   you   CLOSE   UP,   shut   down   and   push   her,   metaphorically,   away.   distance.   you   always   have   to   keep   your   distance   in   moments   like   this.   can’t   LET   YOURSELF   be   seen   to   care–   to   have   a   soft   spot.      instead,   focus   only   on   the   ways   she   IRRITATES   and   rubs   you   the   wrong   way.  

          HUFF   escapes   as   head   shakes,   and   you   turn,   taking   steps   away,   only   to   spin   on   heel   at   the   last   moment   to   glance   back   at   her   before   you   lean   against   the   bar.   –the   place   is   empty,   on   your   command.         but   you’ll   never   be   one   to   underestimate   her   again.      men   are   outside   the   doors,   just   in   case.  

          hand   comes   up   to   reach   across   the   bar,   pouring   two   drinks   before   you   gesture   to   one   for   her.  

          “   a   bit   of   a   record   is   understating   it,   dear.   you   have   a   PENCHANT   for   theatrics–   a   LOVE,   it   seems,   of   all   things   OVER   THE   TOP.   i   think   i’m   justified   in   bein’   on   my   guard   around   you.   but   i’m   willing   to   put   it   all   aside.   come   together,   for   our   own   benefits,   hmm   ?   ”

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I have so much love for our new Dinah Lance, she’s quite amazing and beautiful and her character story in BoP movie is… I don’t even know how to explain it but it’s fucking relatable and beautiful and empowering and strong and so accurate to the Black Canary.

Okay so SPOILER ALERT BELOW !! If you haven’t seen Birds of Prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn, do not click !!

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While we’re horny on main for Birds of Prey, I’m not gonna miss shouting out about lesbian milf queen Renee Montoya. That moment when Harley rips Renee’s shirt open and she’s got the corset underneath? Fucking kill me right there in the theatre. Her funky casual “I shaved my balls for this” lost and found t-shirt? When she’s sloppy drunk and 500% down to Fight? This woman is my destiny I don’t even care she spent 30 years as a cop she can cuff me any day

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tbh i find more offense in cass ending up as a villain's sidekick when she's meant to be batman's than her voice. i understand the possible ableism of not letting her be mute, and i also understand the possible anti-asian racism of another mute asian, so i get why people may prefer one or the other. but god, she really should've ended up with the birds of prey helping her get set up with a better foster family, maybe trained by them to defend herself too, while harley did her own thing.

I totally agree that she should have ended up with the Birds of Prey too.  and unfortunately I worry that she won’t be in any other of the dc movies if this movie doesn’t start doing better. it has done $142.9 million worldwide in just under two weeks.

People should see it for Dinah, Renee, and Cassandra alone. 

mod ali

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Me while watching Birds of Prey: this is great but did they have to gay code the villian?

Me two hours later: oh !! They gay coded the villian to make it clear that the patriarchal hierarchy is not caused by or based around sexual attraction. Roman is a freak who degrades women entirely bc he can and bc he likes the power it gives him

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Cope with writing being too much effort by showering us with your snippets and thoughts. Jason pressed between roman and zsasz. There are knives. Roman pressed between Zsasz and Jason. Jason receiving a pajama set that has his own face plastered on it and not knowing what to do because what the fuck Roman


my current thoughts are: Jason wants to work undercover to try and take Roman down from the inside, so he applies to be a bouncer at his club. Roman is the one interviewing him, though, and decides he likes the look of Jason. so he’s like, “aww, sorry, but we filled that position already :( if you still need a job, though, you can be a dancer…” (bc lbr, Roman probably has strip nights, why else would he have those poles at every table??)

and Jason, realizing he’s not gonna get a job as anything else as long as this creep has anything to say about it, takes the job. learns from the other dancers how to gyrate his hips and work the pole, and even though it’s humiliating, it’s kind of… interesting, being in the spotlight like this

I imagine Roman would have much the same relationship with him as he does with Dinah in the movie, except much more sexual, since he’s gay af. forcing him to dance with him, watching him fondly as he works, calling him his “little bird” (let’s say he goes by Jay Fakelastname, so Roman calls him “Bluejay” to make the bird thing make sense, not knowing he used to be Robin)

Jason also starts to notice how manipulative Zsasz is the longer he’s there, and ends up weirdly conflicted, because Black Mask? a victim of an abusive relationship?? wow that’s weird, he shouldn’t feel bad for him, but it’s kinda sad to see him get manipulated like that without having any idea about it

of course, eventually, sex ensues… and Jason gets fucked by that bastard Zsasz almost as much as Roman fucks him, which of course, Victor doesn’t like at all, so he’s particularly rough, and Jason hates himself for how damn good it feels

and yeah, fun times, kinky times, I want it desperately

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