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I loved you before the sun rose and doused everything in the golden light of new beginnings.

I loved you before the birds woke up to sing about the wonders of the new day.

I loved you before the new day and even begun and it was just me sitting in my room, silently counting all the reasons I loved you.

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you cant question my love It’s taken me two years and multiple stages in life to say if I truly love you, I will do anything in the whole world for you even if you dont give me an ounce of time. I have loved guys way too long who did not deserve me because I “loved” them and thought well if I love them and they love me then you’re supposed to conquer these issues together, but those issues were supposed to be a petty argument over something so small you wouldnt even remember in three days not you cheating on me with someone who was 15 when you were 22. Those issues werent supposed to be putting your hands on me. Those issues shouldnt have been you telling me to kill myself for me exposing who you truly were. Love should not be me picking up every single peice of damaged you. but two years later, I dont let that happen anymore. you will always be my past but you will never again be my future. My future is much more happy, vibrant, a fresh of breath air and a warm hug. It’s so much more. I am so much more.

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feb 26, 2020 (57/366)

-happy hump day!

-didn’t wake up as early as i’d like today but what’s new

-at least i worked out woohoo!!!

-showered, got ready, & met my boyfriend at our old meeting spot

-we grabbed whataburger & went our separate ways

-studied a lot today

-also went to church for ash wednesday and met up w my mum

-i’m actually rlly tired idk why eh

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She moved on. She was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on. She was there when no one else listened. She was there when no one else said, “I understand your problems.”

You forgot her. You forgot her love. You forgot her support. You forgot her importance. She found true love elsewhere, she found happiness in other people, she found solace without you. Now she has moved on, to the life she has always deserved.

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I don’t know what to do anymore…when i told him i wanted more time together, when we are home because he just watches videos on his Computer, he tells me that we like different things to watch and i don’t like what he watches. But then i do get interested in his stuff and spend time together to watch what he wants, and when it’s my turn to pick something he doesn’t like it and goes on his phone… do i do???

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