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might be an stupid question, but how to get over someone you never dated or met? met this very cute guy online, we hit it off, planned to met and everything. but he stopped talking to me one day, and i still dont know why. its been a year and im still heartbroken

  First things first in this situation, you need to give yourself a little reality check. This might sound harsh but trust me, it’s something you need to do. You need to realize that you had an infatuation with someone who didn’t feel the same. Once you fully see this it becomes easier to focus your love on someone who will love you back. I find us girls give all their love to the wrong men and that is something we all have to work on. We need to stop wasting our love on the wrong people.

  Once you have realized your worth, it is much easier to release someone from your brain when you are caught up with other people. I have been heartbroken before, and yes it does take a long time. I had been attached to the thought of this guy for almost two years and I have finally gotten over him. I really just put all my focus on meeting new guys and putting myself out there more. I deleted all this guys information from my phone, no instagram, no snapchat, no texting. I completely cut him out. It really made things easier because instead of wondering if he is going to like my instagram posts or snapchat me, I realize I am now in control of the situation. 

I hope this helped a bit beb! 

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