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#bp librarian at your service
hi again, no it was not the right my wrong series 馃ズ sorry

That’s okay! I can only remember a few like that so my brain may be a lil rusty😩. (I’m still catching up with everything😫🙈). There was Brother’s Friend series by @imaginewhoever but she’s not longer on here😒.

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hello! i’m looking for a killmonger fic. he and reader are in a relationship and the argument turns violent with him snapping a broom in half? thanks in advance馃槆

A broom? I may have to dig deep for that one. But the only one i can think that can kind of be similar to that one is Can’t Raise A Man (and him and reader are married) by @captiansaveasmut . Is that it? If not please let me know.

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I’m looking for a T’Challa fic he and the reader are in an arranged marriage they hate each other I believe Nakia is her sister/step I can’t remember who wrote it 馃槴馃槴 help please

Heyy!!👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾!! That’s 4am series by the good sis @oceanscorazon 😘😘!!

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Alright lady, can you link me some soft boi erik fluff and smut?馃槉馃槉馃槉


- fumbles series, on the rise series (has a mix of both and some angst), warm, home sweet home series- the coninuation to (the very best man series) (fluff), my bad, it’s raining, our house, meet the parents (fluff), just the thought of her, thic(k) ass slice of heaven (fluff), you happy (fluff but will make you cry), my dope man series, three very big words,(good (fucking) morning, remember me series (one of my absolute faves), the end of an era (fluff but angst, evergreen series, coconut series (smut), daddy time? series (fluff)- @killmoncoochie

- barbara walters gives commentary to an exclusive interview with you that feature your husband, rapper erik ‘killmonger stevens and all the blurbs attached (fluff)-search erik killmonger or erik killmonger imagine or rapper erik; erik shows off his new outfit after getting back from the mall (fluff), still not a player (fluff), otis (fluff), you still have time (fluff)- @livingmybestfakelife

- she’s mine fluff), black panther trinity parent drabbles (fluff), nerd, erik’s girl- @black-mcu-imagines

- child of mine series, baby mama, just a friend series (fluff), not your girl mini series - @wakanda-inspired

- kissing strangers series, smile for me daddy series, teach me series, movie night, slow ride, mines, thunderstorm, gir fuck you, eat your breakfast and eat your dinner, secret admirer, amusement park fun, night at the movie theaters, day drunk (fluff), worship, loving the way you love it, just like you (fluff), displays of affection- @thehomierobbstark

- kissing strangers series- @halcyonscry

- all erik fics/headcanons (fluff)- @thebrokenmistakes

- will the bell ring series (with angst), i feel it, you know what i mean.”, you should have seen it (fluff), but if you cannot see it, is it really there?, song of stevens series, n’jadaka’s helpful hands mini series,  @eerythingisshaka

- chunk series, she got game (fluff), written all over your face, baby bump series (with cuddle buddy, and hc: chubby!erik trying on old clothes) (fluff),-@ghostfacekill-monger

- until the quiet comes series, soundtrack series- @muse-of-mbaku

- dance it out (fluff), caught up series- @twistedcharismaaa

- rekindle series, daddy’s here series, bon anniversaire, noel, adoration series- @soufcakmistress

- pretty girl series, bad mood- @i-jus-wanna-writehappy

-piece by piece, keys and a crown series- @iwannalearnhowtoship

- sink or swim, sis; coming together- @janelledarling

- fight like a girl, erik dating an awkward black girl (fluff), reader is secretly in love with erik, erik and nerdy reader, erik takes reader’s virginity series, erik sercretly buying reader gifts from her watchlist (fluff), reader avoiding erik after play fighting/rough sex, reade being intimate with erik for the first time after being in an abusive relationship, eriking being all soft and comforting to the reaer on her first flight (fluff), erik texts his fiance to come to his bachelor party cuz he wants some pussy. his groomsmen panic when they see her, erik watching the reader sleep (fluff), erik telling the reader how pretty her pussy is, erik having a breastfeeding kink, erik and reader having sex for the first time since their baby was born, erik and reader laying freaky hide and seek, drive in movie date with erik, erik helping his wakandan girlfriend speak english, reader being sy and erik bbreaking her out of her shell, erik catches the reader masterbating and she gets embarrased, reader asking erik, “erik, if i was wakandan, what tribe would i be from?”, reader says in the middle of an argument, “i mean look at me! why would erik stevens want to be with a girl like me?”, pillow talk with erik and reader asked, “which scar hurt the most?”, erik helps reader cope with depression after she loses both of her parents a year after each other, erik helping the  reader with morning sickness (fluff), reader is shy/bashfull/ 

- ember series, seasons series, happy holidays brielle series, it’s been 30 days, mounds, angel series, wet dreams series, oh daddy series, the lagoon series (with angst), class of 2004 series- @eye-raq

-  rainy day savior (fluff), au where erik’s dad wasn’t killed and took him back to wakanda where he grew up. years later his dad is dead and erik moved back to the us where he met y/n, the most beautiful place on earth (fluff), otto’s shrunken head (fluff)- @eyestheyseeyou

- killing em softly series- @eyeknowmywrites

-  fix my crown series (fluff), #tsr bae blow the whistle, all skate: bounce, rock, skate, roll-  @apantherinmypastlife

- insecure series (fluff)- @erikslulbaby

- overstimualted series (fluff)- @princessstevens

- just about everything (a few scary pieces)- @supersizemeplz

- what we used to be series (with some angst), personal trainer series, good moaning, wet dreamz- @dacreskars

- thanksgiving w/mr. stevens with its companion piece: valentine’s gumbo- @mermaidchansons


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Hey! Do you know the name of that story where the reader is in a relationship with T’challa and nakia and some crazy ex they used to have is plotting something? I can’t remember but I used to get tagged in it 馃槴

Wait was it 4AM series by the good sis @oceanscorazon (in this it was t’challa x black!oc)? If not, please do come back! If it is, be sure to check out @dqa-support support when you’re done!

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Hey Madam Librarian. I read a Fic a while back about Erik being turned into a baby and then being cloned so there were like 50 little angry toddler Erik’s running around the palace. Do you remember who wrote that? I need that laugh again

Hey boo!! It’s book 2.1: 50 Ways to Stress part of The Lion and His Lamb Series by @youreallyshouldtalkmore . Do check the whole series out too.

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Niaaaaa, help me please. I'm trying to remember who wrote The Gift (I hope that was the name). A fic where Erik had a 6th sense so to speak, and could see dead people after they'd transitioned. In the first chapter he ran into his elderly neighbor at the grocery store, and when he got home he saw the family had all come together because she was actually already gone home to glory. Does this make any sense? Do you know who wrote it?

It does makes sense! That’s Sight series by the good sis @ghostfacekill-monger 😘😘😘

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Hey girly, I hope your holiday went well! I know you’re pretty much the bp fandom librarian so here goes nothing 馃槶 like forever ago, I read a fic about an awkward reader trying to set up an intimate and sexy night for mbaku and it ends up being soft and fluffy? Like she chickens out and he finds her under the blankets 馃槀If you can help in any way that’d be so great! Thanks! 馃挄

Hey boo!! My holiday went well. A few bumps but we pulled through. I hope yours did. I also hope you have a happy new year!! I sure can!❤️. I hope this is the one!! Also check out more of @iwannalearnhowtoship work if you haven’t already!😘!

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