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pieczywo n - breadstuff
chleb m - bread
bułka f - roll
bagietka f - baguette
tost m - toast
płatki śniadaniowe pl - cereal
masło n - butter
twaróg/twarożek m - curd cheese
ser, ser żółty m - cheese
pasztet m - pâté
wędlina f - cured meat
szynka f - ham
parówka f - frankfurter
jajko n - egg
jajko na miękko - boiled egg
jajecznica f - scrambled eggs
szczypiorek m - chives
pomidor m - tomato
ogórek m - cucumber
rzodkiewka f - radish
dżem m - jam
konfitura f - confiture
masło orzechowe - peanut butter
jogurt m - yoghurt/yogurt
sok m - juice
sok pomarańczowy - orange juice
sok jabłkowy - apple juice
herbata f - tea
kawa f - coffee
jeść - to eat
smarować - spread
pić - to drink
kroić - to cut
kanapka f - sandwich
drugie śniadanie - (lit. second breakfast) packed lunch
posiłek m - meal

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Coming soon to Prism Events’ Tannenbaum 2019!

Sari-Sari - Christmas Pancakes 🎅
3 Christmas-themed pancakes: Rudolph, Santa, and Snowman pancake. ⛄️🍓
Includes napkin with utensils, and round table.
All original mesh, 1 li each, copy/mod.

*Coffee mugs are from our previous set Sari-Sari - Butterscotch Biscuits

Events opens November 23rd 💝😋

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Originally posted by tbhliz

Savory Oats

-¾ cup oatmeal (cooked)

-1 large egg

-1 tbsp soy sauce

-1 or 2 stalks chopped green onions

-black pepper to taste

-powdered garlic to taste

Put cooked oatmeal in the bowl first,

Fry the egg sunny side up leaving the yolk runny and place on top of oatmeal,

Chop up the green onions and sprinkle over the bowl,

Drizzle soy sauce and season with garlic and pepper.


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Mom has a new Bae so of course she has been texting away like a little kid!!

Mom to Bae: Good Morning Handsome! I’m with Kaja now, we are about to get ready for our day!

Bae to Mom: I’m headed back, take your time 🧁

Mom to Me: Guess what, Mo called me a Cupcake.

Me to Mom: Well at least he didn’t call you a Pound Cake!! 😂

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