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#breaking dawn

Did I just indirectly quote Edward Cullen?

Yes yes I did, the line was “No measure of time with you will be enough, so let’s start with forever.”

The line I said was, “No measure of time will be enough, but let’s start with forever.”

So basically I just told my boyfriend a line from a wedding scene because I love him that much and my brain automatically thought to something romanic from Twilight

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I used to be a pretty big Twilight nerd, okay. I mean…I still kind of am, whatever.

Anyway! I thought it would be really interesting to put a Romancek twist on Bella’s pregnancy in “Breaking Dawn”; it seemed like something very plausible, with Roman being upir and all.

Check it out in my Romancek Mpreg One-Shot series, “Just a Small Bump” 💜

@elisabethwise @emmyrosee I would love your feedback on it, darlings!

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The honey moon scene in twilight bothers me

Like I understand it’s supposed to be cinematic and it’s supposed to show how beautiful she feels in that moment with him.

But it’s so just unrealistic, and the realism is replaced with him hurting her because he’s a vampire. I feel like that’s something that could have been more depicted in the movie.

You know, he is always mentioning how he doesn’t want to hurt her, but that’s the first thing that should have been mentioned when they got to that point. It would have fit in perfectly with his character since after the fact he avoids her in fear and regret of hurting her.

I just think it would have made the scene feel more beautiful and cannon to them.

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