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Hormone therapy, a quick unrequited crush/ex vanish solution:

*salesman voice* tired of seeing your ex in the street and crying? What about that crush kissing his girlfriend in front of you?

Oh boy, don’t I got a solution!

Step 1: Stop interacting with the crush/ex. No texting, no seeing, nothing. If you can avoid them completely, even better.

Step 2: Block them on social media. Yes, I know their stupid face is cute. We all know that. Haven’t you cried enough? Besides, their selfies are a controlled version of their face. Their actual face isn’t like that and you know it. Think of the things you don’t like about them if you accidentally do see their face. They aren’t that gorgeous, you just see them like that because that’s what you think when you’re in cloud 9 with them.

You aren’t.

So adjust your perception properly.

Step 3: Stop imagining scenarios where you reconcile/get the person. It ain’t happening, that’s why you’re here. How do they perceive you, doesn’t matter. How they are, doesn’t matter either. They have friends and family that can take care of them. Leave them with those that love them. They’ll be fine, I promise you. You aren’t the only one capable of giving them love. Consider that a blessing, rather than a curse.

Step 4: Stop talking about the person altogether, for a week. I know, I said this was a fast solution. It is. But you need enough leverage to actually do something, or else people will see it as a charade, and so will you. Avoid talking about them, change subject if you can, if a certain friend reminds you of them don’t hang out so much. A week has passed. Have the feelings gotten any better? Yes? Congratulations! Going no contact was the best way to go. Keep going till you don’t feel anything anymore. No?

Then yes, go to step 5.

Step 5: Choose a target. You’ll need someone else that isn’t the person you want right now. The optimal conditions for the new target to be a successful one:

✓ doesn’t have feelings for you (can’t stress this enough.)

✓ logically, you don’t actually feel anything for them.

✓ is attractive enough to you.

Take your time, choose wisely. Got the new target? Cool.

Step 6: Pull a Pavlov onto yourself. Basically, masturbate to them. If your target is the right one, you won’t develop actual feelings for them. Keep doing this till in your sexual fantasies the person you’re trying to get rid of is no more. This is hard at first. You’ll find it easier and easier as time goes on.

Step 7: Expose yourself to your crush/ex’s pictures. Don’t wanna do it? Don’t give a rat’s ass about them? See them on the street. Don’t feel a pang of pain in your chest?

Hey, guess what.

You’re cured.

Go, enjoy your life.

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Damn a year ago I had a breakup, and now today I’m having a breakup. We were so content, everything just fell apart. “Maybe you weren’t the one for me, but deep down I wanted you to be…”

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My time has been short

And my experience minimal

But my love for him was real

and forever lives with both of us.

We are no longer in love

but perhaps no one truly can stay.

But we shared loving moments

and I doubt those memories will ever stray.

So I accept the occasional text

Written soberly in his bedroom

That don’t have any other context rather

Than to see how I’m doing. 

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my friend just gave me this advice: “[he/she/they] isn’t unique, just the first” and ive never been hit harder with reality.

he told me this in response to saying the usual “she’s special to me, i felt this way about her faster than anyone and this and this and that were special and worth everything”

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