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#breakup quotes
tara love / because you might leave when the stakes get too high
Don’t you understand?” she asks, “I can’t stay. I can’t build a life with you because the closer I get to you, the less I realize I know. When I ask myself about our future, I realize you’ve been plotting your escape. I love you more than love, but I can’t wake up one day and see my identity dissipate with any semblance of truth you’ve put up in front of me.
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tara love / and we owe it to them to make sure they never have to again
There are people in our lives that give too much in hopes that we will receive. They sacrifice all feelings of safety and strength to appear strong and give us a sense of security. They take their hope and spin it into love.
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“It’s a constant back and forth between my head and my heart. My head tells me to let you go, that you bring me nothing but pain. While my heart tells me to hold on, that some love is worth fighting for.”

-Day 464

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I don’t know how you left me so easily. I do know that three and a half months ago you told me that knowing you had hurt me killed you inside. I know that you told me how nice it was to see me smile again. I know you told me I was amazing even when I could only see my flaws. I know that even before we were together, you could tell when I was upset even if I didn’t say anything. I know you would hug me everyday when we said goodbye. I know you would kiss the top of my head when we cuddled. I know you would hold my hand and pull me closer. I know you startled me but immediately wrapped me in a hug. I know you gazed at me from across the room like I was the only thing worth looking at. What I don’t know is why I wasn’t enough for you. Or maybe why I was too much. I don’t know what made you decide to leave without an explanation. I don’t know why it suddenly didn’t bother you that I was hurting. I know a lot of things, but I will never know what made you change your mind.

–late night thoughts about you


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tara love / as all things are
I look at the stars and remember the night I lost my childhood. You look and reminisce of an almost forgotten moment of nostalgia. She sees her passed father that promised to be here and she can almost feel his presence, hear his excited explanations for the constellations. You will never see the stars how I do, the same way I will never know the stars like she does. It’s quite beautiful I suppose, and a bit tragic.
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tara love
They tell me to try and describe how I feel. Drowning. Sinking. Dying. Suffering. There are so many words that could describe, yet they all evade me. I wish I could illustrate desperate choking sadness and how it steals the brightness in colours and sparkles, or why laughter feels unnatural, like an impossibly distant memory of the past, but no words could ever properly explain how it feels to see the world through a cracked lens.
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tara love / you can try to forget, but we will always be real
You can swim in pools of liquor and smoke until your lungs give in, but you won’t find the remnants of us at the bottom of the bottle and her cigarettes will never cover the memory of my scent.
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Do you remember 3 months ago? When you were still in love with me? When I was in love with you? Do you remember the night I was curled up next to you, with your arm around my waist and my head on your chest? Do you remember how you pulled me closer and held my hand? Do you remember what it was like when I was still exactly what you wanted? I do. Of course I remember all that. I think about it everyday. How could I not? One day you loved me and the next day you didn’t. How could that not consume my thoughts? How do you wake up one morning and decide that the person who occupied every corner of your heart and mind the night before now doesn’t deserve a single spot? I’ve never understood that. I’ve never understood how a person can just wake up and not love someone anymore. I’ve never understood how feelings could change so quickly. How someone who meant the world to you for months now isn’t even a single town. How do you decide to give up on the one person you never wanted to hurt? How does that not break something inside of you? How do you give up on someone without a second thought? Did I really mean nothing to you at all?

-late night thoughts about you


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tara love / all that matters are the opinions of those who do matter
It will never matter how kind, generous, or forgiving you are to the cruel people who you constantly try to prove it to. It’s useless to cater inner beauty to those who refuse to remove their blindfolds.
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tara love / my smile has lost it’s lustre
My mind screams to be released from the grasp of my thoughts, but my heart no longer aches from the numbness that has settled in and this is how I know that part of me has died.
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tara love / you’ve shown me hope and i am forever grateful
There’s not one day that I don’t wonder if it’s worth it, but you always remind me that it is. That even if the sky falls and the world crumbles, we will fight our way through this, hands held, one step at a time.
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