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#breakup quotes

i think about how you kissed me on the bridge that night, how it felt to have your attention on my lips when I was talking about something else, something distant, i think about how we didn’t talk about it afterwards, how i just stared at you until you did it again, i think about how things changed after that how i noticed more when you smiled at her or touched her arm, i think about your attention and how it’s not on me anymore

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“I wasn’t surprised when you left, I think we both knew it was going to happen one day, but I don’t think knowing it would happen made it hurt any less.”

-Day 471

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14 months ago we were talking about where our beach house was going to be, because you wanted west coast and I wanted southeast. 17 months ago I went with you to the doctor and I sat in the waiting room and I filled out your forms with information I knew as well as my own. 8 months ago I got rid of the car you helped me pick out. The car that two years ago you drove home from that bar on the lake after three martinis and a little too much sun. A year ago you were my life and now I have an apartment that you’ve never seen. Today, I realized I was wearing an outfit that you’ve never touched any part of except for the earrings, so I took them off. I never think about how my life and everything it revolves around can so drastically change, until it does. And it always does. But the same way someone you once knew everything about becomes a stranger, strangers can become someone you know everything about. And there’s one out there right now whose name you don’t even know, who will one day help you name your child.

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Rewriting Memories

“It’s 4 am and I’m wide awake,

Pretending to sleep just for sake;

•Wet pillow and muffled mouth with dried tears,

I remember the old us and that brings up my fears;

•Lying there with a constant thought in my head,

Did I deserve it and by ignoring me was your ego fed;

•Easy for you to say that we’re done,

In my defeat I thought you had won;

•I went through everything just for a smile on your face may it be out of my way,

Whereas you forgot that rewriting memories wasn’t always my forte.”

- Harsh Gandhi

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the strangest thing about moving on
is there is very little moving
when there does not seem to be an on

the dull ache sometimes grows
so as to catch me by surprise
and I’m mourning the loss of your pinky toe
in my life, which somehow hurts
me the most in the middle of a bite
of carrot cake. I’m mourning your mousy
hair in a haphazard ponytail and athletic shorts
and I’m still loving you

in those moments, I’m pretty damn stuck,
certainly not moving
and when I’m blinded
by the feeling of you,
there’s certainly no on.

(T. // staying put)

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“I spent three months being crazy about you, falling harder every time you looked at me. You are a coward. I haven’t been this disgusted by someone in years. You’re the type of low that ripples my calm. I struggled for years hating my body, it’s taken a lot of work for me to learn to love or even be content with myself. You have no right to pick me apart, point out my flaws, and say crude lies behind my back. Guys like you, dehumanizing others, are a huge reason why I fell into such a dark place as a teenager. I went from being over 200 lbs. down to 90 lbs. in a matter of months. I went from being told I was fat or gross, to people saying “Wow you’re so skinny!” And “Damn, when did you get hot?” Now people say I look healthy and it cuts me up a bit. You don’t understand how stupid comments can effect someone immensely. So what if I have scars, stretch marks, loose skin, and finally started gaining weight again. I’m not perfect, never claimed to be, and I wouldn’t want to be anyway. If you hated everything about me so much you shouldn’t have strung my heart along for three months. You knew exactly what you were doing, I just wish I would have realized how childish you are before I let myself trust you. I don’t regret anything though, seeing behind your pathetic disguise helped me remember why I am the way I am. People like you are why I’m the strong woman I am now. I honestly hope one day you’ll grow up because you’re digging yourself deep, but you’re the one who will have to live with the repercussions of your actions. I have no respect, compassion, or love left for you anymore.”


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