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Hello my darlings!! I’ve missed you so! New chapter in the works! (we’re getting there) in the meantime, here’s a teaser of Y/N singing to ????? (You could fill Brian, Roger, or Deaky in those five ?’s) up to you to guess who it is!! (By the way that’s me singing in the audio I just recorded that 5 mins ago lmk what you think it’s probably really bad lol) Love you all forever! Even though this fic hasn’t blown up yet (which is totally fine but I’d love to be writing to a bigger group of people!!) y’all in the CLGOL fan group are amazing and I love you all forever♥️-C

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Hi! This is a whole two days late because of work + zero motivation! There was actually a lot more planned for this (including the ending scene, which I loved) but I’ve been staring at it for 2 ½ days and quite frankly I’m half a blink from deleting the whole thing. I might go back and finish it later on, but for now please take this and enjoy it while I furiously attempt to finish the last two prompts today!

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October 19, 1982, Fukuoka, Japan. First night from 6 shows in Japan. These six shows in Japan, although very good, seem to be shows that the band simply want to rush through quickly enough because they need a break. That said, it never takes over the music. Each show has its great moments, and to keep things as fresh as possible, they each have a different setlist. © to

© @rogerstaylor_blackqueen on Instagram.

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Your weekly Queen/BoRhap Fan post (one day early)

  • Brian May is bloody brilliant. If you want proof just go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister (which is probably not his best song but is my personal favorite)
  • Oh and ‘39. I nearly cried. Jesus Brian how do you manage this???
  • How could people say the editing on BoRhap was bad?? I was in awe the whole time I was watching of how good it was
  • Watch count: 8. It’ll be 9 later.
  • Really though, going back to that first one, go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister. Brian’s voice and the guitar on this song are just so melodic and beautiful and meaningful when connected to the lyrics. So go listen to it right now. (I think I’ll send it to my sister when she graduates high school)
  • Go follow @irvinis!!! They have the most amazing Queen fanart I’ve ever seen in my life and I can’t get over it.
  • I’m writing a book. Queen is a subject. Prepare yourself for tons of random facts and possibly pictures.
  • “You’re an overgrown schoolboy” in Death on Two Legs 😂 I need to know which of them wrote this who was it??
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