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Today’s mission… Writing a scene in which Thor and Loki dress each other, be sort of naked, and have it not sound like Thorki.  I mean, I know how sisters would do this, but brothers?  I am not a guy.  Maybe I need to ask a guy.

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Thor watches the flames dance, watches tiny orange embers glow like fireflies. It reminds him of a funeral pyre, how warriors’ bodies were set aflame and adrift, their souls released to Valhalla. 

There was never a funeral for Loki. Not in all the times he died. 

Thor still can’t think of his brother without crying. There is a Loki-shaped scar on Thor’s heart and it bleeds when he presses down.

This is from one of the prompt requests I got, post-Endgame. It’ll probably be finished this week. :) 

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I reblogged The Breakfast but I'm also coming right here to say thank you thank you thank you! I really could see little Loki and little Thor in my mind's eye. It's absolute perfection and you're an amazing writer 鉂わ笍 Thaaank youuu 馃榿

It makes me so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I’ve been meaning to post it for a few days, but things have been busy. I like to think that even Odin was getting a little nostalgic and soft seeing memories of the boys when they were small :’)


Originally posted by willow-s-linda

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Excerpts from The Relic, Chapters 1 & 2

“Come with me to Norway, Loki. But if you say no, I promise not to ask again.”

It was a lie, they both knew it. Thor had been asking for months and he would keep asking; he was very bad at giving up.  He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, his precarious hope balanced like a coin on the edge of a knife.  He was close enough to the door to begin his journey without Loki, if this latest attempt to lure him outside failed, though it would require more machinery and less magic. His knapsack was packed. Stark had a jet ever available.

Loki’s chest collapsed with a sigh and Thor released a long-held breath of his own.

“Oh, why not?“  His brother’s mouth curved into a sardonic smile.  "Since you asked so sweetly.”


Loki turned to Dr. Eriksen.  She avoided his eye as she continued to smirk from the trick they had played upon him.  She was red-faced, with victory perhaps, but she coolly removed the tea bag from her mug, gave it a firm squeeze, and placed it off to the side.  Her motions were fluid, precise and elementally violent, and the sight of the shriveled bag on the table prompted Loki to crossed his legs, for whatever reason.


“Nevertheless,” continued Dr. Eriksen, “Many of the temples weren’t completely destroyed.  And your brother’s theory, as I’m sure you are aware, is that some must be protected by magic, unable to be dismantled by force.  Well, what he keeps asserting we call magic.  He’s very particular about that.”

Loki leaned back in his chair and looked out from the edges of his peripheral vision at Thor, who gulped down his coffee.  Yes, he was all too aware of his brother’s theories.  It had failed to interest him, until now.  He did not want to hear about magic while so much of his power was in shackles.  But now that many, though not all, of his talents were once again intact…

“Personally, I’ve always been fond of calling it magic,” he said.  The pause that followed was tense and dramatic. He might have shown off then, turned someone into a snail, but the idea passed.  “So, I am to be your sorcerer-codebreaker?”

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Summary: A mysterious package shows up on your doorstep, throwing your plans of doing nothing aside from going to work on New Year’s Eve awry. Are you really prepared to go to a holiday party hosted by Tony Stark, though?

Especially if your favorite customer is also probably going to be there?

Pairing: Loki x Reader

WC: 3241

A/N: A fic for @amaru163​, who’s celebrating a birthday when the New Year rolls around! It’s also on Ao3. Happy New Year, everyone! 🥳


Originally posted by xxlokixxlovexx

The first time you see Loki Laufeyson, he’s sitting at one of the small tables a short distance away from the bakery counter where you work in the atrium of Stark Tower, poring over a newspaper. “Is that… is that who I think it is?” you whisper to Preeti, who’s worked here longer than you and seems significantly more knowledgeable about all of the strange goings-on in the Tower.

She glances up from the cake she’s frosting. “Who, Loki? Yeah. I think he retreats down here sometimes when he’s in a bad mood. He always kind of just… sits there. He’ll order a coffee, but that’s about all he ever says.” She shrugs. “Not a very friendly dude.”


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I finished my Brodinsons Yule fic but now I need a title so you know, it’s really a toss-up whether I get the thing posted tonight.

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I tried to post this last night.  Fail.  Ended up with wall of text.  Could not fix on phone.

Anyway.  I figured I would post the reworked ending for Chapter 4 of The Relic. That way, if you’re interested, you can just read it here and not go poking around for what’s been polished up. Nothing plot-y has changed. I just wanted to punch up the tension between Loki and Cora, and clarify their motivations. So here’s the scene now…


Rage.  All he felt was hot, slick fury.  Loki curled his fingers around the wooden barrier of the catwalk, gripping it so tightly that it compressed ever so slightly beneath his hands.  For months now, he had been naught but apathetic and to suddenly feel fire was to be uncomfortably warm. Loki no longer cared what Dr. Eriksen felt with regard to New York, nor her knowledge of Norse history, nor anything else about the woman.  He had offered her his literal hand in kindness and she repaid him with a cold, judgemental stare and, he was convinced, a swift comparison to the perfection that was his brother.

Small-minded, aggravating woman!

“Listen, that was rude of me,” she whispered.

Loki spasmed.  How long she had been standing at his elbow, he did not know.  He turned to her with eyes full of poison.  He hoped.

Dr. Eriksen’s arms were folded tight.  “I didn’t mean for it to come out like that.”

“Don’t worry,” he hissed, so that Thor would not hear.  “I’m  quite used to it.“

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Ficlet Prompt: Brodinsons, Post-Ragnarok. Thor and Loki having to share a bed and getting annoyed with the other's sleeping habits. Sibling hijinks ensues! :3 (some normal, some magical :D)

I had a lot of adorable fun with this one. Ignore my questionable biology re: allergies and fake gravity. Thank you for the prompt, @ms-aqua-marvella​! 

Word count: 1644


Loki would be horrified if he knew, but norns, he was snoring.

It had been centuries since they’d shared a bed, so Thor had forgotten all of Loki’s unconscious little quirks. He’d especially forgotten that, when Loki traveled by airship for long distances, he snored when he slept.

He never snored at home, or anywhere else as far as Thor knew. It was just that something in the artificial gravity on board spacecrafts disagreed with Loki’s constitution, made it hard for him to breathe properly.

It was simply one of those things, or so they’d always thought. Some Aesir were intolerant of specific berries and could not eat them without breaking out in a rash. Others found it difficult to breathe in the springtime, when fresh flowers bloomed and pollen drenched the air.

There was no real reason. Eir simply said that biology worked that way sometimes. Neither Thor nor Loki gave it much more thought.

Now, though, Thor had to wonder if it had something to do with Loki’s being Jotun.

It was not a question he could ever ask.

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Sleepover Saturday ask, have you heard of "Thor: Metal Gods"? I've just now discovered it and I think it could be pretty interesting. So if you haven't, it's an audiobook/ebook featuring both Thor and Loki (brodinsons:D!!!!) going on a space Odyssey! I haven't read or listened to it, but seeing as I am starved for brodinsons content, I think I might check it out.

Ooh, I haven’t heard of it but it sounds cool! Do you have a link to the ebook? I can’t do audiobooks bc I just can’t focus on them (I just zone out, it’s really weird) but I’d love to read it (or put it on my list) if that’s possible. Brodinson content is always a fun time! 

Sleepover Saturday.

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Ch 31 is now in the hands of the beta. It’s essentially a crack fic in the middle of my vewwy srs story. Haha. But there is, hopefully, also some pretty deep feels.

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@ms-aqua-marvella I am publicly calling you out for the absolute travesty of feels you have heaped upon my inbox. Who do you think you are, coming into MY house, in MY inbox, and making me cry? Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow! 




*(I am totally joking, I hope that’s clear, lmao. I’m sorry, I’ve had a lot of sugar this weekend.) 

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