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Alright so I put this blog on the backburner for a while but now I am back and my dash is very very…lacking

So if you like any of the following


The Good Place

Jane The Virgin

Taylor Swift

Stranger Things


Anne (with an e)

Owl City

That 70s Show

Harry Potter


Good Omens



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This Strange New World Above (1/?)

AKA a b99 au of the Little Mermaid! I’ve been so excited about this concept because I love writing fantasy stuff like this! This story is going to take elements of the original fairy tale, the Disney version and I’m adding some of my own stuff in too - hope you like this first chapter. Also, if you were wondering, the title is from a song in the Broadway musical. 

The ocean is blue. Sure, that might seem like an obvious statement, but this ocean is a deep sapphire set against golden sand. Jake feels the waves crashing around his legs. He swears somewhere, he sees a flash of a tail and hears a siren’s song.

Then the scene slowly fades and he’s in a hospital room.

It all comes flooding back, slowly and then all at once. The cold dark and damp alley. The gunshots. The hands on him as he was rushed to the ambulance. He wants to get up, to move, to do anything, but he’s stuck, trapped under thin bedsheets and under harsh lights.

 Even when he finally can move, he still feels stuck as the Doctor tells him every gory detail of the damage done to his leg. All he can think is “this isn’t fair”. It’s not fair when he has to see all his friends go on with work while he’s forced to retire from the force. It’s not fair that they all get to roll on with their lives whilst he comes to a stop, stricken with grief over all that he’s lost. He sits in his apartment all day, not moving, not thinking. Until he decides that this awful new normal isn’t enough.

When he tells the rest of the squad that he’s moving away, they look devastated but they understand. Even Charles tells him that it’s the right decision whilst openly sobbing. So he moves to a beach house, in a tiny town called Westport Landing. His life is a lot quieter than his days as a cop, but it’s peaceful. He sails, he walks across the beach, he goes to nearby amusement parks, he levels up on his guitar skills. Pre-injury Jake would’ve been bored stiff, but after everything he’s lost, he’s happy to have a calm and peaceful life. Sometimes he still thinks he sees flashes of tails in vibrant colours, but then he brushes it off. He’s pretty lonely, but overall he’s happy. 

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We know Jake became a cop largely due to his Die Hard-fantasies of saving people and being hailed as a courageous hero by everyone. Yet, if someone asks you who the most badass member of the squad is, chances are, you’ll think of Rosa first.

Rosa, on the other hand, has shown time and time again that she loves learning things for the sake of learning – never mind if she gets a certificate or degree at the end of it. She’s drawn to the job for the intellectual challenge it provides. However, it’s commonly acknowledged that Jake is the most “brilliant” detective in the precinct – the way his mind puts together details that others have missed is unparalleled.

Both of them want what the other has, but instead of pitting them against each other, Brooklyn Nine-Nine instead showcases their mutual respect for each other time and time again, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it.

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i recently became active again and found out ¾ of my following are inactive so reblog or like if u post/reblog any of these and i’ll check out your blog:

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    • percy jackson, heroes of olympus, magnus chase, trials of apollo, the kane chronicles
    • all for the game, harry potter, six of crows
  • tv series
    • b99, the good place, atla, lucifer, stranger things
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Rosa is arguably one of the best detectives in the precinct, and it’s not just because of how intimidating she is; one of her major character traits (and the reason people are terrified of her) is that she doesn’t tolerate (what she considers to be) stupidity very well; the fact that she’s gone to school for a variety of professions (business, medicine, etc) out of sheer interest in learning something new suggests that although she’s a natural cop with respect to the physical prowess/courage/bravery required for the job, she was actually drawn to police-work because of the problem-solving skills and intelligence necessary to do it well; all of this together indicates that her Hogwarts House cannot be anything but Ravenclaw. In this essay I will –

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