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#brooklyn nine nine

i wanted to make a lil update, since i’ve not posted in nearly two weeks and i feel kinda guilty about it, so i’m back! (kinda)

now i know, i said i would start the 10 Weeks of Productivity challenge 3 weeks ago - but it had to be put on hold as i went on a family vacation last week, and took the week to just chill and spend some well-needed time with my parents & grandparents in the sun. this week has been mental, and so i haven’t been able to take pictures of any of the work that’s been due over the past few days (hence the lack of content!)

work-wise, the week ahead looks like it’s gonna be another pretty mad one, but i’m going to try and post at least twice about college work and revision - in fact, i’m going to commit to that.

as for non-work-related things, well:

  • doctor who s12 finishes on sunday, and that’s going to be a fun one! i’m going to put out the warning now - this blog will not be spoiler-free!
  • since my last original post, i’ve started brooklyn 99 - and i’m now about halfway through season 4! i love it so much, and some b99 content may start creeping its way onto this blog soon who knows?
  • torchwood has been put on iplayer! please, please, if you haven’t watched it yet, or you haven’t heard of it - go watch it! if you haven’t watched it in a while - go watch it again! seriously, torchwood is brilliant, and i’d highly recommend it.
  • plus, my social life is coming out of its winter hibernation, which is fun! march is going to be an enriching month, both knowledge-wise and socially, and i can’t wait.

well, i think that’s all! thank you all for being so patient with me with the 10 Weeks of Productivity; it’s a process, but that’s why i decided to do it, and call it a challenge. i hope to be active on here a little bit more over the coming weeks and months, and hopefully my grades can improve with that too :)

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This was really fun - really invigorating. The kind of episode that’s so fun that it actually makes the rest of this season seem less good by comparison. Not that I actually dislike the others, but I really, really enjoyed this!


The subplot didn’t pack much of a punch compared to the main story. I like Amy and Holt being in competition, but Terry had nothing to do except be vaguely incredulous of their behavior, and Charles was pretty sidelined as well. That’s not really a big structural problem, but I did find myself less entranced whenever the subplot came around.

There could have been an opportunity for more fear from the rest of the Nine-Nine, once they realized Jake and Rosa were nowhere to be found. I wanted to see Holt, Amy, Charles, and Terry panicking a little bit!

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this or that

dark chocolate or white chocolate? colored pencils or crayons? macbeth or hamlet? dandelions or clover? crosswords or word searches? blizzards or thunderstorms? falcon or the winter soldier? french or spanish? m&ms or skittles? queen or the beatles? rom-coms or horror films? monopoly or clue?  brooklyn nine nine or the good place? merriam-webster or the oed? newspapers or magazines? socks or slippers? sondheim or bernstein? new york or london? carousels or ferris wheels? fairy tales or myths?

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