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Starring:  Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader and MCU characters!
Contents: Spoilers for Endgame!! I’m not going to spoil anything by saying what to expect.
A/N: As always but still sincerely: previous chapters can be found on the Masterlist. Thanks for likes and reblogs and comments <3 Just shoot an ASK my way if you want on the list.


Originally posted by captainevans

11. The Doctor

…   Reader   …

Breakfast around the small table in the kitchen is more pleasant than expected, disregarding the wiggling eyebrows Bucky keeps flashing. It does help when you convince the veterans to talk about the old days where the lack of modern technology must have made things horribly tedious. Through their stories, you begin to understand why the two men became such good friends and you feel a tickle of regret when you say goodbye to the former Winter Soldier. Nice guy.

All the worries generally associated with your live outside the Bartons’ farm returns for full power as Steve drives you towards Doctor Bruce Banner’s lab. The Captain is explaining about Banner’s past (as if you didn’t know) and the key role he has played during the struggle against Thanos – something that has left him visibly injured on top of the changes he still deals with.

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HP, and Marvel matchups if ok with you! Female, American, ENFP, bi, likes soft feme girls and more masculine men idk why. Proud Slytherin. I'm Bubbly, independent, Loud and Friendly. Always trying to crack a joke. But i hide behind humor its like a safety blanket. I always procrastinate. Hobbies include Baking and cooking, i also love to swim and really anything related to water. I'm very into marine biology and hope to become a marine biologist one day. Thank you!

HP: Sirius! 
 - He would be able to get past the Slytherin house part of you fairly quickly once he got to know the real you. He’s dealt with other from the house quite often, and while he has a negative view of it, if he genuinely liked you as a person, he would look at you for you, and not your house. 

 -He’s quite extroverted and loud as well, so your personalities would mesh really well! Your happy and positive demeanor will always cheer him up on days where he might be having family problems or other issues going on. He would respect your independence too, because a super clingy s/o doesn’t suit him well. 

 -He’s always goofing off and not being serious too, so he’d typically never get frustrated with you for doing the same. You would recognize that you each use it to cope in different ways, so neither of you would take offense to it since you understand each other. 

Marvel: Bruce!

 -Baking and cooking are some of the best ways he can calm down and distract himself from stressors or problems going on in his life. Doing so with another person who enjoys it like you would make it an even better pastime for him since he wouldn’t be adrift in his own thoughts. 

 -He of course loves science, so he would be ecstatic that you want to go into the field of marine biology. He’s very humble about his own work, but he would tell everyone he could about your own if given the chance because of how supportive he would be. 

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Summary: Thor is your Secret Santa. He is new to the game and it doesn’t go quite as expected. Why would it? [Submission for @holy-captain Liv’s 1.2K Challenge]

Prompt: Secret Santa

Warnings: Implied Sexual Content, otherwise it’s Fluff

Word Count: 2,080


Immediately after Thanksgiving was over, Tony Stark was ready to get into the Christmas spirit. The following Monday, he devoted a team meeting to discuss holiday arrangements. The previous year, he had involved you in the preparations, but this particular year you were invited to also take part in the celebrations.  

“For one thing,” he’d explained, “we all feel you’re an important part of the team.” As the compound’s Facility Manager, you saw that all their basic needs were met. “For another, Clint and Rhodey have already left and I need an even number. I had to invite Barnes who, as you know, isn’t even an Avenger and doesn’t live here, although he may as well for as much time as he spends hanging around, but the last thing I need is for Rogers to throw another one of his hissy fits and ruin everyone’s fun.”

Sitting in the conference room, doing your ever-loving best to concentrate, you struggled not to gawk at Thor. It was hard, though. Like trying to ignore a beautifully crafted marble statue, or an adorable puppy. He seemed to be both, quite honestly, making discretion that much harder.

In your brief tenure, he had been in and out of the Facility only a handful of times. Since his recent breakup with Jane, he decided to stay at the compound through the holidays. The god enjoyed Christmas so much, he wanted to spend one more season on Earth before departing.

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From the Endgame script:



[Image description: Screenshot of Endgame shooting script that reads: SMART HULK: I have seven PhD’s, an MD, the Hans Bethe Award for Physics, and I’m personal friends with Bill Nye the Science Guy. We’re good.]

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Summary: Bucky finds a girl out on a mission and was supposed to kill her but instead brings her back to the tower after reading about her in the Hydra records

Warnings: Mentions of torture, starvation, eating disorders, destructive behavior, domestic abuse


Originally posted by bishopl

By the time Rayne woke up, bucky was already on the plane for the mission, his mind muddled and taken up with thoughts of her and the gut wrenching fear that another agent would come to finish her off while he was gone. He of course knew that hospital security would never allow that to happen but he didn’t trust anyone at this point, not even his team mates. If he wasn’t there, she wasn’t safe in his mind- in his professional opinion. He didn’t speak most of the ride to the zone, he was too occupied with his worry, until Steve eventually pulled him out of his slump.
“Bucky, Tony is keeping surveillance on her, you have no reason to worry so much.”
Bucky looked over to him, his face giving away his offense, and the other team members tried to mind their own business for the moment.
“Steve, no offense but you don’t understand. I was the reason she’s even there. I was the reason she went out on her own, because she was upset I didn’t make the time to be there when I should’ve.”
He huffed. Steve rolled his eyes slightly and stifled his scoff.
“Bucky, no offense, but you weren’t the only reason she was there. She went on her own accord because she wanted to. Ya, she didn’t know she was being looked for but she knew you always went with her out, she knew there was a reason. Don’t blame yourself when she shouldn’t have gone out by herself in the first place.”
Bucky was at the point of ripping his head off, standing up and growling at him.
“She’s just a girl Steve, she’s never experienced anything other than Hydra, how would she have known we had to protect her, that they would try and kill her? All she knew was them, she would’ve never thought they’d try and kill her Steve!”
Bucky was fuming at this point, livid he’d insinuate she was stupid.
“She just wants to live a normal girls’ life, she just wants to do what everyone else in the world does, shop, read books, draw, have hobbies, do day to day things Steve. Don’t pretend you don’t want to also. I know just as much as you do that you would much rather have went home and married Peggy and had kids and been happy. Live a normal life. We don’t get to do that, she doesn’t get to do that. Don’t act like we weren’t just as naive when we signed up.”
The others were staring, silent, waiting for the old married couple to stop bickering. They knew Bucky was right though, none of them really wanted this. A russian spy, a giant green monster, to be shunned from society for things they were ‘gifted’ with. Bucky would know best about getting served a silver platter of something shitty. They all would have rathered to live a normal life and not worry about what they have to save people from, what they have to risk their lives for each day. But that’s not the life they got. This was their job.
It was silent the rest of the ride after Bucky cooled down and sat back down. When they got to the zone they completed the mission quickly, trying not to poke at the wound any more. Everyone was a little baffled at Bucky’s revelation, as true as it was. No one ever said it out loud before. It was a silent ride back, everyone stuck in their minds, thinking through everything he had said. It hurt how true it was. Natasha thought about a regular 9-5 job, maybe one day finding someone to share her life with, sitting leisurely on a couch one day, watching grandchildren open christmas presents. These were the simple things they weren’t awarded, for having children was too much of a risk. What if someone got a hold of them and use them against her? She would never want to put that option out there.
It hurts to think over, if Bucky was honest. What was he even hoping for with Rayne? Nothing could become of them. Not if he wanted her safe, wanted her alive. Hydra was constantly after him, and now her? He couldn’t risk her life anymore than what she already dealt with. The reason to kill, or kidnap her was even more now, if he kept this up. Today was a morbid day, realization hitting Bucky hard in the chest.
Meanwhile Rayne sat at the hospital, doing breathing exercises and wondering how much more she would endure before Bucky would show up. Or Steve… or anyone really. She felt alone, every abandoned at the moment. Where was everyone? She didn’t eat much, nerves making her nauseous. Maybe they found her too much of a liability and decided to leave her on her own. She sighed shakily. She had no one else, where would she go, what would she do?
Doctors poked and prodded their way through the room multiple times, pulmonologist, physical therapist, cardiologist, nutritionist, all wondering about her well being, even the things that didn’t concern her at the moment. Her history being brought up, her disorder, her mental state, everything was poked at, everything was prodded for information. She was exhausted, she wanted company that wasn’t nosy, she wanted a friend. She began to become quiet, reverting to her small being, quiet, silent, still. Everything was spiralling around her. Fear, abandonment, sadness. Panic was enveloping her quickly, nurses calling her name, getting no response. They in turn called doctors, who ordered more mind numbing medicine. She felt nauseous. They gave her medicine for that too. She was having so many things pumped into her arm that she was drowsy, falling asleep slowly, wishing for someone, anyone to arrive.

Bucky was on his way as soon as the plane landed. He didn’t even go home to shower first, just changed his clothes and got in the car. Driving like a demon, which was very unlike him, he arrived shortly and made it up to her room as they pushed more Ativan. She was slumped back on the pillows like her body was limp, her eyes blinking open drowsily before they pushed Zofran and another pain medication. He sat down beside her bed, watching her doze in and out before she finally realized he was there. She stared him down, squinting trying to get her brain to process who he was. It had been hours of mind numbing medication and she had to will her brain to think. Finally she choked out his name.
His heart broke at her voice and the gasp that followed it, her shortness of breath causing painful, raw, sharp intakes of breath, and a wheezing exhale. He would have rathered her not talk at all if that was what he had to listen to after every word. A nurse came through with some paperwork, calling Bucky’s attention away from the pale girl. She pulled him to the side.
“We believe she’s stable enough to go to a rehab facility to finish healing. We are concerned about her mental health though and would like to send her home on some anxiety medicine and antidepressants. We also want to keep an eye on the eating disorder. In the rehab facility we want to send her to, she would get all the care she would need for her mental health. We believe it would be the best one, but of course, the choice is up to you.”
Bucky stared down the nurse. Antidepressants? Banner never said anything about her mental health. He nodded at the nurse but inwardly wondered.
“I think we have a place we want to send her that we’ve scoped out prior. Thank you.”
“Ok. If you get us the number we can go ahead and put in the order for the transfer.”
With that she nodded at Bucky and left the room, scribbling something down on the paperwork. Bucky was baffled. She never seemed depressed to him.. but given the circumstances he could believe it. Maybe he wasn’t being as attentive as he should be. Maybe that’s why she got hurt in the first place, because he wasn’t paying enough attention to her or her surroundings. He would have to up the ante on it.
He got the information to the nurse who put in for the transfer without question. She would be transferred back to Banner. He didn’t trust the security of anyone but himself, and let it be known now, no one would be getting close to her again.
When he got home she was mid transfer, the ambulance a couple minutes behind him as they had to put the paperwork through first. Steve met him at the door.
“Sorry I was being a prick earlier..”
He mumbled to Bucky. Bucky waved him off.
“It’s no big deal. She’s being transferred back here to recover.”
Steve’s eyebrows furrowed. He wasn’t usually this annoyed by something, let alone this curt with Bucky.
“Buck, don’t you think that’s a bad idea?”
Bucky paused. He knew this was coming.
“What d’ya mean?”
“I mean, she’s become a huge distraction for you. Do you really think this is what you need to be around. I mean, you have a job to do, just like the rest of us. You talked about how we don’t get the easy life. Why are you charading around, pretending it’s a possibility? You’re only gonna end up hurting both her and yourself.”
Steve pointed out. He didn’t want to burst his best friend’s bubble but someone had to do it.
“Steve I really don’t-”
“Bucky someone has to tell you this eventually. Do you think I like telling you this? Why would I want to kill something like this for you? But you and I both know you change when she’s around. You’re gonna get her hurt one way or the other. Either she’s gonna get hurt because of Hydra, or she’s gonna get hurt from this relationship. One day you’ll inevitably have to let it go. You can’t lead a normal life with her.”
Bucky was getting red in the face, Steve could see the steam from his ears but he kept on.
“What did you think would happen? You’d get married and have a normal life one day? That isn’t for us. You have to stop this Buck, you can’t keep shredding your feelings for her. You know it will never happen, stop lying to yourself.”
“Shut the hell up Steve.”
Bucky growled, looking down. Steve’s emotions spiked into anger, frustration taking him over.
“No Bucky! Don’t make me do this! You’re both gonna get killed! You’re gonna hurt her feelings even worse if you let this go on any longer. Don’t do this to her or yourself Bucky.”
“You’re just pissed off you didn’t get this with Peggy!”
Bucky countered. Steve deflated. Was that what this was? Was that why he was so annoyed? Was he just jealous?
“We both know this has nothing to do with Rayne. We both know you just are pissed off I got what you didn’t in the end.”
Bucky’s words were tipped with pure poison, stabbing into Steve’s chest and twisting.
He swallowed hard before continuing.
“She is sickly. She needs constant care that we don’t have time for. You don’t have time for! We have more important things to do than dote around, bringing her blankets and pushing medicine for her to be completely numb. This isn’t a good life for her either Bucky. She’s in constant pain, constantly battling this sickness. This disorder has consumed her. Do you really think you’re just gonna pull her out of it like that? Banner already got the orders for her medicine. Anxiety and depression. That’s a heavy thing Bucky, that’s not something you need to be constantly worried about, you’ll hinder this team, your teammates, you’ll get distracted on missions and end up getting  killed.”
Bucky huffed.
“So that’s what this is about then? The team? Weren’t we made to keep people safe? To fight Hydra so that civilians can lead normal, safe lives? And you’re gonna throw her out to the wolves?”
“Bucky, we can’t protect everyone if we aren’t focussed, we have to be at the top of our game. You’re one of our best people, we can’t lose you.”
Bucky chuckled sarcastically.
“If that’s your way of being a best friend then you already have.”
Bucky pushed past him, shoving into his shoulder and almost knocking him over. Steve scoffed in disbelief and Bucky paused, willing himself not to reel around and knock him on his ass. He didn’t understand. Bucky saw her for what she was. He had been through Hydra, they hadn’t. He understood her.
“You weren’t there Steve, you didn’t go through Hydra like her and I did. Don’t pretend you know. You didn’t give up on me, and I’m not giving up on her.”
He left it at that, storming off to his room to finally shower and wash away the feelings of the day. He needed the hot water to recharge him and renew his energy.  

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Now taking requests for:

  • Tony Stark (platonic)
  • Steve Rogers
  • Peter Parker
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • T'challa
  • Carol Danvers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Sam Wilson
  • Bruce Banner
  • Clint Barton
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Stephen Strange
  • Peter Quill
  • Gamora
  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Any and all Marvel characters (I think I’ve missed a few lmao)

I don’t write smut, heavy gore/violence, dark themes or hate speech.

Happy requesting!!

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Unusually Silent

Prompt 24

Secret Injury

It’s - okay, see, it’s like this: Steve is in love with Tony. Literally every inch of Tony.

And let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of inches, no matter what Tony says when he’s feeling insecure about himself and his physique. (As big as Tony’s ego is, his height is incomparable; he’s like a tiny adorable kitten that’s walking around in an expensive suit).

And so, as with everything, Steve loves the fact that he is the only one who gets to see Tony first thing in the morning. He loves seeing Tony wake up next to him, all sleepy soft and hair product-free, curls mussed and hanging over his eyes. He makes sure to have a pot of coffee already made and a mug waiting on the marble kitchen counter after his run for whenever Tony decides to stumble out of bed. 

However, his favourite thing about loving Tony is the fact that Tony feels as if he can come to him and tell him about his day, or the annoying intern who didn’t get his coffee right, even though it wasn’t his job to get Tony his coffee fix for that day. He loves that Tony feels as if he could vent to him whenever he was feeling frustrated with the board members after a meeting.

If he was completely honest with himself, he really just enjoys the fact that Tony talks to him. And really, Tony talks enough for the two of them most of the time. Which, when they first started dating, was a massive issue, not because he didn’t like Tony talking, but because Tony would start talking to him, babbling and waving his hands in the air when he spoke of something that he was passionate about, only to stop mid-sentence and go completely silent.

It took him an embarrassingly long time to figure out that many of Tony’s past relationships (if you can even call them relationships) weren’t very kind to him. His past lovers liked Tony, but not enough to listen to him go off on a tangent on whatever interested him at the time. They preferred when he was quiet and only spoke when spoken to, not when he spoke at speeds too fast to grasp. 

It made his blood boil whenever he thought of Tony’s past relationships. Especially because he knew that Tony was young and vulnerable and more than a little insecure enough to believe and fall under whatever coercion his past lovers had to have told him. They made him believe that they loved him, when in reality they only really loved the riches and fame that came with bedding a Stark. 

Which made his job - and no, he really didn’t mean it to come out sounding like it was some sort of chore to be Tony’s boyfriend, but being Tony’s boyfriend was a full time job - so much more difficult, especially since Tony still held his old insecurities concerning his past lovers close to heart.

He had a ton of trouble when it came to convincing Tony that it was his job to listen to him. Because, if not him, then who else would listen to Tony? It was part of being Tony’s boyfriend.

Also, he just really liked when Tony spoke. It never ceased to amaze him how Tony’s eyes lit up and his hands made vivid gestures in the air whenever he spoke. Tony was like an excitable child whenever he spoke about things he was passionate about, and it often showed when he asked Tony to tell him about his day or what latest project he was working on.

And, after nearly two years of them being together - they had celebrated their first anniversary more than five months ago - he liked to think that he knew Tony well enough by now.

Which, is to say that he knows Tony quite well.

Well enough by now to see that something was extremely wrong with him.

He first noticed it when they finished their little street fight with Doom (he absolutely refused to call it a mission because to him, missions meant battling against their challenging enemies and blowing up their hideouts while staying hidden long enough to make it out and be on their way home on the Quinjet before their enemies even realized what hit them) and Tony had flown back to the tower without saying a word.

He supposed that the second clue was when he finally managed to get out of the shower and Tony was nowhere to be seen in the penthouse. When he’d asked JARVIS, all that the AI could tell him was that Tony was busy in the lab and would be out in time for supper. 

It wasn’t unlike Tony to do something like that, except at least ninety percent of the time Tony slinks off to the lab after a mission (or a simple, yet monotonous fight with at least another person who just so happens to be frustrated with life and has now decided that villainy was the best route to take) and forgets to come up for supper. And to shower and sleep. Those are the times that he hated because he knows that Tony feels as if nobody should worry about him, because all his life nobody has ever made it so that he felt as if he should be worried and cared about. Except for Rhodey and Pepper. And the late Jarvis. And himself, of course.

So he shrugs it off and tells JARVIS to remind Tony that they’ll be having supper with the rest of the team and watching a movie later. JARVIS assures him that the message would be relayed and he made his way down to his art studio to work off a little more of the adrenaline that was still coursing its way through his body. Unfortunately for him, the fight with Doom and his bots were of no challenge and was easily defeated, which meant that he didn’t have an outlet for all of his energy. Painting helped relieve some of whatever pent up emotions or leftover adrenaline he had and it seemed like the best bet.

And then when it was time for supper and the takeaway boxes were all strewn about the coffee tables in the communal living room in front of the big screen and Tony still wasn’t there, he went down to the lab to retrieve Tony.

“Tony, the rest of the team are upstairs waiting for you. Clint wants to start the movie already and is threatening to eat your Chinese if you aren’t upstairs in the next five minutes,” he says, walking down the stairs leading into the lab.

He immediately spots Tony in the centre of the lab, holograms splayed up in the air all around his head.

It’s almost amusing to see when Tony startles, causing his hand to wave the holograms away before whirling around to face him. Almost.

What causes his amusement to fade, however, is how pale Tony looks.

His skin looks almost ashen in the artificial light of the lab and although the lights in the lab are probably only making it look more severe, Tony doesn’t look… great, for lack of better words.

He looks tired. 


When he mentions Clint trying to steal Tony’s chinese food and it garners absolutely no look of horror from Tony, the metaphorical alarm bells in the back of his mind start ringing. Because Tony always, always, always has something to say when it’s Clint who’s trying to steal his food. Tony’s lack of outrageous response that he always manages to make, paired with the pale complexion that now fills his form is what makes him do a double take.

Because something is immensely wrong.

He sees when Tony realizes the exact moment that he clued on to the fact that something was wrong because Tony tries to pull a face to show exactly how unhappy he is with Clint but it fails. All it does is fall flat and show how miserable he looks.

“Tony, what’s wrong?” 

Tony shrugs the questions off again and doesn’t answer him, just turns back to his floating holograms.

His nonchalant attitude just serves to worry him even more and he pushes for more information, anything that will tell him what is going on with Tony. His effort, however, is futile when Tony waves him away, and, almost as if feeling guilty (he should feel some guilt because it really hurt when Tony ignored him without even speaking to him), he blows him a kiss and shoots him a tiny grin over his shoulder. 

“Steve, it’s fine. Just- go upstairs and make sure that Barton doesn’t get his grimy paws on my chinese food. God, he’s like a freaking vacuum when it comes to food,” Tony says. The last part is muttered under his breath, but he hears it anyway due to his keen sense of hearing.

His abrupt change in attitude does little to ease the wariness that lingers, but because he’s a good boyfriend and he doesn’t want to push Tony too far - and sometimes being a good boyfriend means making sure that vultures like Clint can’t get to the other’s food - he moves to leave.

It’s not fast enough because just as he’s stepping over the threshold of the lab and the glass doors are sliding shut behind him, he hears Tony curse up a blue streak and a loud clattering as whatever tools were around Tony is knocked to the floor.

The sound is enough to make his blood run cold and he runs back through the now tiny opening of the still closing lab doors, halting it in its process of shutting behind him.

He’s met with the sight of Tony slumped on the floor, hunched over his right leg and body all tense.

“Shit, that hurts like a bitch. Dum-E, what have I told you about chasing after that damn ball? I said that you were going to trip someone and look what you do, tangle me up in your goddamn wires,” Tony huffs in irritation.

He crouches down next to Tony, who looks slightly stunned at seeing him still down in the lab and not upstairs defending his chinese food before going back to glaring Dum-E into submission. He takes a second to look at Tony’s oldest ‘bot and sees how its arm is slumped in regret. 

He turns back to look at Tony when he hisses in pain, hand hovering inches above his right ankle, which, now that he’s looking at it closer, is swollen and slightly bruised.

“Tony, what happened?” he asks. He winces when he listens to the sound of his own voice, hating how it comes out sounding more than a little exasperated and disappointed. 

Tony must’ve picked up on it too because if possible, he hunches over even more and pointedly avoids his eyes when answering him.

“I was doing maintenance on Dum-E and Butterfingers must’ve moved the ball harder than necessary because Dum-E chased after it and his wires got tangled up around me. It might not have been as bad if I hadn’t already hurt my ankle in the fight with Doom and his less than intelligent robots.”

He sighs, because what else was he supposed to do? This is exactly what he should be used to; Tony always refused to admit when he was hurt and would to try his absolute best to escape medical. Whenever he landed up in hospital, which was a rare occurrence, Tony always signed himself out, much to Rhodey, Pepper and his chagrin.

And now Tony was hurt.

And Tony didn’t tell him.

“Tony,” he sighs, “Why didn’t you just say something? How long have you been hurt? And why didn’t you tell me?”

Tony looks extremely guilty.

“I didn’t want to bother you and it’s not exactly the first time I’ve sprained my ankle,“ Tony says.

"Christ, Tony,” he says as he takes hold of Tony’s ankle, trying to be as gentle as possible. It looks bad, and, judging by how Tony keeps on shying away, it probably hurts just as much.

He feels around for any points of tenderness, gauging Tony’s facial expressions and tries to move it slowly to check the range of motion.

When he moves it a little bit more to the right, Tony yelps, grabbing hold of his arm to stop him from moving his ankle around any further. He grimaces and moves his hands away, feeling guilty for causing Tony even more pain than he was already feeling.

Tony’s ankle was extremely swollen, and although he might not be a medical doctor or have the same amount of medical experience as Bruce, he could at least tell that it was a grade three sprain from his time spent in the army.

Tony probably tore a ligament when he landed in the armour. He saw how hard Tony landed, and even though Tony hadn’t said anything on comms during the fight with Doom, he’d heard how the rest of the team had commented on Tony’s hard landing. It must’ve happened then.

It was a wonder that Tony was even standing when he came down to the lab earlier to tell him about supper. 

Now that he realizes it, Tony’s silence was probably because of all the pain that he was in, and not because Tony was mad at him or avoiding him and the rest of the team.

The fight with Doom had been over eight hours ago and Tony had been in the lab ever since the fight was over. Which meant that Tony hadn’t even put ice over his ankle. And from what he remembered, if your ankle was sprained, especially if it was as badly sprained as Tony’s was, you’d have to use an ice pack or ice bath immediately for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat every two to three hours while you’re awake. 

“Tony, I’m going to help you stand, and then we’re going to medical so that we can sort out your ankle.”

Tony scowls.

“I don’t need to go medical, Steve. It’s fine, I can handle a sprained ankle by myself. I’m a big boy.”

“I’m not asking you, Tony, I’m telling you. And right now I’m not liking the way your ankle is swollen. Maybe if you’d told me about your ankle earlier then we could’ve forgone going to medical, but you didn’t and now your ankle has swelled even more. I won’t ask anyone else to help you, because I know you and you hate medical,” he says as he grabs hold of Tony’s waist and slowly lifts them up.

Tony leans heavily on him, face screwed up in pain and he hates the way a pained whimper escapes Tony’s tightly sealed lips.

When they’re finally standing, well, when he’s standing, he decides to forget about helping Tony walk to medical; he’s in too much pain.

So, ignoring Tony’s complaints about not being carried, he hoists Tony up in his arms and leaves the lab.

He needs to get Tony’s ankle compressed and elevated.

By the time he’s done sorting out Tony’s ankle, their Chinese food is long cold and the movie with the rest of the team is more than halfway, but at least they got to spend the rest of the night in bed together as they ate supper and watched a movie on the big screen in their room.

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I is for Isolation

Prompt 7


Before he got the serum, he wasn’t that good at going out and seeing the world. Sure, he went outside and played ball with Bucky and a few others down the street in Brooklyn, but when it came to getting a date with the gals, he was as unpopular as the kid who sat at the back of the classroom. Which meant that nobody really saw him or liked him.

Except for Bucky. 

Bucky was his best friend, his brother. But sometimes, Bucky crowded him so much that he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. So he went to the roof of their apartment to seek solace in the quiet of the sun setting over the Brooklyn skyline.

And when he tried, actually tried to get a date for once, the girls looked right passed him and zoned in on Bucky. After all, he was a looker. He was healthier, was more good looking and charming. None of which were things he was.

So he was often surrounded, but still lonely.

When the Valkyrie crashed into the depths of the ocean, the ice took hold of him in their claws and held him tight in their vice-like grip thousands of feet below so that no thermal scanners could pick up on his temperature or the wreckage of the plane.

He was isolated in a cage sculpted from pure ice, lost to the world for seventy years.

And when he woke, the world welcomed him into their ‘open arms’, trying to welcome him back to society.

But he was lonely and left alone to navigate a strange and foreign world. 

He doesn’t feel very welcome. 

After the Battle of Manhattan comes and goes, and he and the team are left on cleanup duty, he goes home to an empty apartment, undresses into comfortable clothing only to eat a subpar meal and fall into bed just to wake up the next morning and restart the entire cycle over again.

He’s alone and not even SHIELD is a welcome reprieve anymore. He thought that maybe they’d send him on missions with other field agents, maybe he’d get to feel that semblance of actually belonging to a place and being included in on something instead of excluded and treated as something alien.

That doesn’t happen and the feeling of being alone never fully dissipates, merely gets slightly forgotten.

When Tony’s invitation (read: order) to move into the tower comes, he’s not exactly thrilled. Will the team only accept him as their Captain? Or will they accept him as Steve Rogers?

He decides only time will tell and bites the bullet by accepting Stark’s offer on moving into the tower. A week later he’s standing in the foyer and being led by a secretary to an elevator that he’s told will lead him straight to the common room of what is believed to be the top floors of the newly named Avengers Tower.

He’s right and a few months into living at the tower with a team that has become friendlier over time shows him that they only know the Captain. They don’t understand him, won’t take the time to get to know him. Not Steve Rogers.

They’re almost as bad as the junior agents that were in charge of re-educating him in the twenty-first century. They can’t tell that he’s struggling with adjusting and them making jokes and playing pranks aren’t making it any easier on him, the nights he spends laying awake at night becoming more frequent.

He’s still lonely.

He misses Bucky. Wishes for all the times that Bucky spent overcrowding him because he knows now that he’s in the future nobody really understands him. The future is not for someone like him.

So he spends his time in his room and learns, tries to see what’s so special about the generation that spends so much time engrossed in their devices than having proper face to face conversations. He can understand why Tony gets so excited when he talks about the future, can now see why Tony is labelled as a futurist. 

Tony’s ideas are bright, but he burns even brighter. And when Tony smiles at him, he feels breathless, because Tony is starting to see the real him.

But when the night comes around, and the team spends dinner together, the conversation doesn’t fully extend to him, beyond trying to keep the conversation polite for his sake. He’s once again being excluded and he thinks it might be okay.

It’s not.

He wants to go back. He wants to go back. He wants to go back.

He’s still alone.

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Ragnarocc Teaser #24

“Hey, Bruce.”

“Hey,” he nodded his head in acknowledgement, “Long time, no see, huh?”

“Afraid not.”

“What’ve you been up to since I last saw you?”

“You know,” I shrugged, “Ascension to godhood. The usual.”



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Concept Art

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