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Yandere!Bruno headcanons

{Queued post to keep my blog active while I stay offline to avoid spoilers}

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{I don’t know if you are into dark stuff,but I asked as anon and you said Bruno was your fav so I came up with something!}

Sensitive content warning/Toxic relationship warning!

Originally posted by highdio

•He doesn’t show his dark side and isn’t the particularly violent yandere type.If everyone sees him as the trustworthy capo he acts as,then it will be easier to have them on his side.He is skilled when it comes to manipulating the crowds

•While he will get his hands dirty if someone comes too near his obsession,he prefers to move strings from the shadows.If his obsession believes that he is the only one who truly cares about them,they are bound to come to him,right?

•Anyone who his obsession seems to have an interest in mysteriously stops speaking to her,or gets sent to jail for a crime they swear they aren’t guilty of.Being part of the mafia has it’s perks,he can get rid of anyone he wants

•He is quite a stalker.He knows his obsession’s routine,all their tastes and who is closest to them

•He breaks into their houde with zippers and leaves anonymous gifts for them on their bed,often with creepy,obsessive ‘love’ letters

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V.I.P Very Important Pup Pilot Episode Progress #2

Hey there, guys. Happy Easter! So after a few days, I made some headway with the pilot. I finished one of the first scene of the episode. I know I have a lot to go, but I’m still working hard. Btw, I did finish the first scene with pan over, but I’ll try to implement it more on a video editor, and I thinking about cutting out the second one. When I make more major progress, I’ll let you guys know. Still, I would like to hear what you all think of this scene so far. I’ll see you guys on the next update.

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Hey remember that BrunoGhiaccio ship I love that literally makes no sense, well have some more because I doodled several a few months ago! Sometimes when you wanna eat specific food you like, you gotta cook it yourself

language isn’t fully safe for work, be warned just in case

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For the hand prompt! Bruno and soft/rough hands

Hi Isabel!!! Hope you like this sugar ❤️


His hands are rough and hard. Though is anyone surprised? He tries to soften them up with hand creams, but it doesn’t do much. He often worries when holding your softer hands in his own that you hate how his feel. He still loves how yours feel, it reminds him that you’re the soft and comforting part of his life, while his hands represent the tougher side.

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Mmm... How the Bucci Gang would react to a S/o that knows how to Pole dance? And they discover it in the most unexpected way: During an uncover mission with the sexy outfit and all? Also NSFW please? (Trust me, without the usual erotic point of view is an excellent exercise馃槈)

I don’t know anything about pole dancing,so sorry if this sucks!

It’s a post VA AU so minors are aged up!

Nsfw warning!


•He thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him at first,but he is soon hypnotized by the sight in front of him

•He teasingly asks why they hadn’t hold him before,they could have had so much fun with it after all

•He asks his s/o if they could put on a private show for him,he would be eternally grateful to his s/o


•He is quite surprised when he sees them.He didn’t expect it at all.It’s a pleasant surprise though

•He loves how the outfit looks on them,especially if it’s a darker color.He might ask them to wear it on the bedroom

•If they are up for it,he wants to know if they can do another kind of dancing with that outfit:lap dancing


•It has always been one of his secret fantasies,this is literally a dream come true for the marksman

•He would probably be speechless,literally.He is blushing and can’t even say a word,he is too enchanted

•Back home,he is gonna take the chance if his s/o allows him to.He wants to get some action with them and that outfit


•He doesn’t know what to think at first,since he has seen nothing like this before.His whole life was spent studying

•He soons lets himself enjoy it though,he loves the way his s/o’s body moves

•He loves how tight the outfit it,showing all their good features


•He smiles to himself as he shamelessly self indulges and watches them dance and put on a show

•He is gonna be a bit touchy afterwards,he can’t help it after seeing all that!

•He will buy his s/o more revealing and expensive outfits to dance for him with


•He is a flustered mess similar to Mista,he can’t believe he is watching something like that.It’s almost too much for him to take

•He praises his s/o,telling them how amazing they are at it and how much he enjoyed it

•He would probably get aroused and he is really bad at hiding it,his s/o would probably realize it right away


•She is completely amazed by how good they are and how gorgeous they look.She can’t deny how much she enjoys it

•She wants to give some love to her s/o once the mission is over.Praising them,kissing their body,asking them to dance again for her

•She would want a matching outfit to wear in bed

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