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*slides plate of cookies to you* so tell me more about kirans 5 potential boyfriends

bruno - SPOILERS!!!! FOR KIRANS BACKSTORY!!!! much involvement in kiran’s scars and amnesia and pretty much everything mysterious about kiran. also the reason why kiran never calls alfonse ‘my prince.’

matthew - kiran’s ex. gave him up to alfonse bc he was unsure if he was good enough and didn’t want to hurt him on accident. still loves kiran bc he dumb. also kiran’s right-hand man, first hero, and most trusted hero. knows basically everything abt kiran tbh. acts like hes over it but lbr he aint. hes still pining, like the rest of us

alfonse - kiran’s actual boyfriend. kiran loves him (at least he can persuade himself that he does) but cannot trust him for reasons that have to do with his backstory, so ends up not telling alfonse anything personal whatsoever :( trying his best to get kiran to open up out of his professional tactician facade but isn’t really succeeding too well.

grima - 200% in denial and Pining Into Oblivion nonetheless. extremely concerned over kiran’s rapidly deteriorating health and doing his best to comfort him even though he knows absolutely nothing about emotion. kirans also slowly helping grima figure all that emotional stuff out. very protective. saw kiran be a badass once and still isnt over it.

kiran ekura kurade - KIRAN^2!!!! belongs to @fulgur-caligo-custodis he and kiran basically are both extremely mentally ill boys that find solace in each other and are all around adorable. makes up a high majority of the aus i have. he cutie. has a lot of issues and heals w kiran. a very good boy. likes cats.

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"You’ll come out, or I’ll-I’ll-I’ll break down the door!" - Bruno

’ You’ll come out, or I’ll-I’ll-I’ll break down the door! ’

Time for Bruno to deal with a angry teenager and he’s not having any of it.

A small group of Beast Makers were huddled around a single hut in the Beast Makers home.  A few were there out of concern, the rest to be entertained.  They strained their ears to hear the drama unfolding inside Bruno and Cleotilde’s house.  This time, it wasn’t the leader and his wife bickering again.  It was something far worse for their age.

The other Beast Makers didn’t know all that transpired.  All they knew was that there was a spilled and cracked cauldron, a trashed beast-making room, and a certain teenager locking herself in Bruno and Cleotilde’s room.

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Scenario where Bucci Gang has to meet up with the Don of another organization and their Don happens to be Giorno’s sister? I luv sibling aus 馃槶馃槶



“La Morte?” Narancia repeated confused as everyone stared at their capo.

“Yes. They recently gained a new Don after Moretti was assassinated.” Bruno said, giving everyone in the room a shock.

“He was murdered?!” Mista exclaimed. The black haired male nodded in response, leaving everyone in silence momentarily.

“Had it coming.” Abbacchio seethed, not looking up from his book. La Morte’s old Don was truly the worst of the worst. A prime example of a criminal if anyone saw one. Bruno sighed silently at the goth’s statement before moving on.

“Anyways, their new Don requested to meet us in person in hopes of forming an alliance of sorts.” He continued, receiving a much larger reaction.

“How will he be better then the last one?” Mista asked, messing with his gun while staring at the capo. 

“I don’t think you can get a good Don in an organization made mostly of assassins.” Fugo answered, fixing his tie. Mista and Narancia chuckled while Giorno held his chin in thought.

“But why would they want to meet us instead of the boss?” He asked, catching everyone’s attention. They all made different sounds of agreement while turning to Bruno, expecting an answer.

“He didn’t specify why. And you know how the Boss is with his identity.”

Everyone leaned back into their chairs, varied sounds of understanding ringing through the restaurant.

“When will we meet him?” Narancia asked, taking a bite from his orange.

“Not sure exactly when, but all I know is that they’ll be meeting us here.”

And with that, they all returned to their regular activities. Fugo scribbled more math problems on the notebook while Mista and Nara exchanged jokes and giggling like little schoolgirls. Abbacchio continued reading his novel, making light conversation with Bruno on the side. Giorno stared out the window, lost in thought. He couldn’t help but think about how  weird this situation was. 

Why would a powerful mafia boss pick such a public place to meet with them? Did they support the drug trade? Would they be lowlife scum unworthy of the position they have? Could it be possible they were involved with the death of the old Don? Are they a threat to his dream? It’s always fair to be cautious when something seems off. Something his sister taught him.

Before she disappeared.

The ring from the front doors cut him from his trip down memory lane. He tilted his head to the side, trying to see through the doorway who arrived, but it seems fate wouldn’t assist him as the waiter blocked his sight as he delivered the food.

“They’re in here, ma’am.” The receptionist said from around the doorframe, catching the capo’s attention.

“Thank you, sir.” A feminine voice responded before soft clicking grew closer. Soon enough, the sound stopped suddenly, bringing everyone’s eyes to the walkway.

There stood a young woman, or more a teenager. She had piercing mature eyes, holding kindness and confidence. Her hair framed her (s/c) colored face, a few strands pulled back and held tight with a flower pin. She wore a halter crop top with a star shaped window, black leggings, ankle boots, and a oversized jacked that fell off her shoulders and nested in the folds of her arms. A smile spread across her face as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

“Buccellati, right? A pleasure to meet you.” Her voice, smooth as silk, tickled the capo’s ears as she held her hand out. Bruno grabbed her petite hand into a firm handshake, a polite smile painted his lips.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said kindly, earning a soft chuckle from the girl. As they exchanged a few more words, Mista leaned closer to his friends, a sly grin on his face.

“She’s pretty cute, huh~?” He purred, making Fugo’s cheeks turn a slight pink. Narancia laughed while poking his face.

“Looks like someone’s got a crush~!” He not-so-quietly whispered, making Fugo blush harder. He grabbed a fork, his knuckles turning white from holding it tightly.

“Narancia, I swear to God…” He muttered, a dark glare fixated at the black haired teen. He stuck his tongue out at him, knowing he wasn’t going to do anything with her in the room.

“Where’s the Don?” Abbacchio asked sharply, cutting through Bruno and the mysterious lady’s conversation. She let out a soft chuckle before a confident smirk slid on her face.

“You’re looking at her. I’m Don Joestar.” She stated proudly, making everyone’s eyes widened.

“I-I thought the Don was a male! I’m sorry!” Bruno apologized quite frantically, making you laugh again.

“It’s alright.” She brushed it off, a happy smile on her face. She turned around, finally staring at the men sitting around the circular table. She took a few seconds to observe each one of them until she finally arrived at the last man. Her smile grew wider at the surprised stare he was giving her. 

Mista leaned over to Giorno, pushing his arm slightly. “You good? You look like you’ve seen a ghost-”

“(Y/N)?” He said softly, making everyone’s head snapped towards him. Abbacchio opened his mouth, ready to yell at Giorno for calling a Don by their first name until she let out an airy laugh.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? God, I missed you so much.” She said, her voice breaking a bit towards the end as she took quick steps closer to him, her arms open wide. Giorno stood from his seat just in time for (Y/N) to wrap her arms around his chest, giving him a bone crushing hug. One arm snaked behind her head while the other went on her back, pulling her closer to him. He nestled his face in her hair, taking the familiar scent he missed so much. Everyone watched in shock and confusion as the two had a touching reunion. Narancia slammed his hands on the oak table, making the cutlery clink together as they hit the hard surface.

“Giorno, you’re dating Don Joestar?!” He shouted in disbelief, making Fugo slap the back of his head. “Ow! Fugo, what the hell?!”

“We’re in public! Can you not scream, dumbass?!”

“Who are you calling dumb, bastard?!”

The two pulled away from each other, staring at the two teens fight back and forth. They both laughed as (Y/N) wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.

“God, no. He’s my brother.” She said, placing a hand on Giorno’s shoulder and leaning on it. Fugo and Narancia let go of each other’s collars, their mouths agape. 

“But your last names are different.” Mista pointed out, now joining the conversation. She clicked her tongue as she stood up straight, her hand not leaving him.

“Changed them.” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Bruno leaned in, a hint of curiosity shining in his blue eyes.

“Is this why you wanted to meet us in person?”

She nodded slowly, a smile creeping on her face.

“Why wouldn’t I? A friend of my brother is a friend of my own. With that being said, it’s so nice to meet you all!” You said, flashing a closed eye smile.

(Sorry for it ending so abruptly, I didn’t have any ideas on how to properly end it ;-;)

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Turbo Dualista profesional del futuro Bruno o Antinomy es de los pocos que pudo derrotar a Yusei de manera sencilla pero el no quiso en si ya que su objetivo principal es que Yusei aprendiera hacer el Accel Synchro y el Delta Accel

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By request, let’s explore Cinderella movie, which has had people torn on whether its a story of female empowerment as a rock bottom girl puts up with all of life’s hardships and gets her just reward, or if it’s a sexist story of a girl who twirls around, does nothing, and gets rewarded with a happily married after.


Starting with the flashback clothing, we can see that the father is wearing a waistcoat, a regency tailcoat, and some sort of ascot perhaps? I’m afraid that while it looks familiar, I am uncertain of the name.  The regency era was a period in English history between 1811 and 1820, meaning the film takes place at least within if not after this period.

Cinderella’s childhood dress bears a similarity to the dress of the child in this Victorian illustration. Based on the dresses of the older women, I would guess that this image is from the 1850s or the 1860s.

The stepmother’s gown strikes an imposing similarity to the dominating shoulders of the 1890s, as seen in this 1898 French fashion illustration. Also present is the high lacey collar that frills out, and hair being worn up.

Anastasia and Drizella are wearing bustles on their gowns to exaggerate the curvature of their rears, a trend that began around 1872 and lasted through to the late 1880s before dying off in the 1890s. Tall feathers in the hair was popular in Queen Victoria’s court (1837-1901), and young women presenting at court often wore feathers in their hair.

Cinderella’s gown bears a similarity to this 1860 portrait of Princess Dagmar of Denmark. We can see that underneath Cinderella’s dress there are petticoats used to give the gown shape, although the presence of a crinoline is unclear. My guess would be no, although it could be a smaller crinoline that emerged in the 1870s.

Much like Eric in my Little Mermaid review, Eric is wearing epaulets on his Napoleonic jacket, meaning that this movie takes place after the Napoleonic Wars that began in 1814. And Charming’s costume is nearly identical, except that his jacket is not in a Napoleonic style, it’s just some sort of fancy dress coat.

The Grand Duke has a monocle which was first invented in 1720 and his funky mustache style is called the A La Souvarov, named for Alexander Souvarov, a Russian military leader who lived from 1730-1800.


Mousetraps date back to 1534, but the modern mousetrap as we know it with the springlock metal bar was invented in 1884, meaning that the film likely takes place before this invention.


There’s actually very little else to talk about outside of the fashion. Because the movie is set in only two locations, we don’t see a very wide variety of technology, and nothing that would dispute the late 1800s era setting the fashion was pointing to. Now, as for setting that’s a sneaky little bugger. The fashion points to the 1860s, 1870s, and 1890s, long after France had lost their monarchy not just once but twice. Charming’s name is apparently Henri if the Disney wiki is to be believed, the Stepmother’s family is the Tremaines, and at the ball three other women’s names are spoken: The Princess Frederica de la Fontaine, M’amselle Augustina Dubois, and M’amselle Leonora Mercedes de la Torre. All explicitly very French. In the opening of the film, however, the narrator says that she’s living in a small kingdom. Which led me to suspect Belgium as a possible location. Its French-speaking, small, and was ruled by King Leopold II from 1865-1909 which covers the time period of the film perfectly. Because of the mousetrap, we know the daughters aren’t wearing out-of-style clothes, Lady Tremaine is just ahead of her time, setting Fashion trends 20 years before they become popular. I based the year of the film on the opening narration when it’s stated that Lady Tremaine squanders her late husband’s estate to spoil her daughters. Every other woman at the ball is wearing dresses shaped more like Cinderella’s, it is only Anastasia and Drizella wearing the latest fashion, the newfangled invention of the Bustle. 

SETTING: Brussels, Belgium (Capital & seat of Monarchy)
KINGDOM: Kingdom of Belgium
YEAR: 1872
ERA: Victorian Era (1837-1901)
LANGUAGE: French, Dutch

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