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Tags: Arranged Marriage AU / Prince AU / Historical AU.   

Coming soon! 

If I could draw, I’d show you boys with buns and lots and lots of robes. 

And tea.  So much tea. (Literal tea, but also some drama and secret spilling, too).


            Her touch, once so sure, suddenly so tentative. Her hand, brushing through her hair to find any loose strands, to slick back any part of her that was out of place, wrong, ugly.

            “Please him.”

            A command and yet advice like that given when they were younger.  Run faster. Catch me!  Climb a little higher.  Swim, swim, you idiot.  Swim, or you’ll die.

            That crashing sound, like waves ripping open as her lungs almost burst, came rushing over her head at the words.  A question formed on her lips, one she knew the answer to. She had known since she was a child. She had seen it with her own eyes, felt it on her own skin one too many times.  To disobey, to displease was to be worthless and replaceable.  And yet she asked, anyway, her lips stable, no waver in her voice, no trembling in her limbs.

            “And if I don’t?”

            The subtlest disrespect, the most she could muster and get away with.  The teasing she had coated the same question in so many times before being stripped away now.  Nothing but seriousness, but the deep eyes staring back at hers she had looked into so many times before, had fallen asleep across from night after night. She knew the truth because she expected the truth.  Had only ever had the truth staring back at her every time she looked into those eyes.  Still, the answer was soft, almost reprimanding, because she knew better.  

            “He could kill you.  He could kill me.  All of us, if he wanted to.  So. Please him.”

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“What? Do I need to comfort you from the thunder,” I teased back. He was so perfect, and the fact that he was actually taking up my offer had my heart skip a beat. I stood up from the couch, taking our cups to go put in the sink, and looked at him, “let me go grab the blankets.” — ☁️

❝alright,❞ taehyung nods, letting your figure hurry off & he releases out a heavy breath already longing for your presence to show up again. he was too deep into you & it did not matter if it was dangerous at this point. but now to complete the piece between you two— he could finally mark you…

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[2:37 AM]

“How much do you miss her?” You asked softly, feeling your throat tighten. Jin’s quietness scared you. Before you could repeat your question, he finally opened his mouth.

“Way too much. I didn’t mean to fall in love with her again, but seeing her the other day made the feelings come back.” He whispered as if he was scared to say it out loud.

You turn your back to him and it broke his heart. He really did once love you or at least he thought he did. Now that he laid next to you, he realized it didn’t feel like home. You weren’t his home and you both knew it. No matter how much you cried, you knew it wasn’t going to make him stay. So you let yourself silently cry. He gently patted your back, his touch made your skin burn. You shoved his hand off of you and wiped your tears.

“I don’t think you ever stopped loving her. When I wake up I want you gone.” You spat as you glared at your wall. You closed your eyes and fell asleep with teary eyes.

When morning came, you laid still, scared to find out if he actually left. You took a deep breathe and sat up. Your eyes began to water as you notice the doors to the closet were open and his clothes were gone. You began to sob feeling stupid for kicking him out. “I wish I was her.”

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The Great Platonic Love Series

 Fandom:  BTS

Pairings: Namjin, Jikook

Status:  Ongoing series

Words:  52,000 words

Summary:  While romantic love may fail them at times, the friendship that the seven of them share never does.   An alternate reality that follows the boys’ path as members of BTS with hints of fantasy thrown in.  The boys have many trials ahead of them, and they face them with tears, laughter and the purest love for one another.

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