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Taehyung One Shot: Unlovable

Summary: You love your best friend, but you will never admit it because you believe you are unlovable.

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Insecurities

Originally posted by taegiiseok

(Gif isn’t mine. Credit to the rightful owner)

You and Taehyung have been friends for a long time. You two act like you are dating, but you’re not. Even though you really love Taehyung, every relationship you ever had has gone wrong. You believe it’s you and the fact that you think you are unlovable.

Taehyung is over at your apartment to just hang out. You haven’t seen him in a while due to his recent comeback.

You two are sitting on the couch together watching a movie. You two are so close to one other, you are practically sitting on his lap.

In the movie, the guy best friend just admits to his girl best friend that he has been in love with her for years. Kind of like how you feel about Taehyung.

You scoff at the scene, unintendedly, because if you admitted to Taehyung that you love him, it would not go like that.

“What? You don’t think this is accurate?” Taehyung asks.

You are lost for words. How do you explain yourself in this situation?

“I think it’s accurate. Best friends do fall in love.” Taehyung says.

“Yeah, I guess.” That was your best reply.

“Y/N, I have something I want to tell you,” Taehyung says. You can feel your heart beating fast.

“I love you.” He says.

“No, you don’t. I’m unlovable.” You reply.

“What? No, that’s not true.”

“Yes, it is. Every relationship I ever had has gone wrong.” You argue.

Taehyung grabs your face and pulls you close.

“Y/N, you are not unlovable. I know a lot of people who love you, me included. The only person that doesn’t love you, is you.”

You feel the tears rolling down your cheeks.

“And if you let me, I can help you love yourself. ” He says.

You nod and Taehyung kisses your lips softly.

“You will learn to love yourself, the way I love you. I promise.”

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What do u think about jimin and halsey being a couple? (Cuz thatd be literally so adorable)<3 <3

Oml don’t even get my started they would be so fucking cute together my heart can’t handle it. I’m like in love with Halsey and Jimin 😂 They had matching hair for goodness sake! And the way Jimin’s like always complementing her and being like “look at me Halsey!” Ugh my heart. I just want them all to be happy and in loving supportive relationships :(

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this is the prologue to the switch series. you can begin the switch series (of written chapters) here.

⟼ days before you and jungkook are getting married, having made a vow to go two weeks without sex before the wedding.

⟼ dirty talk, romance, mention of masturbation, sexting (kind of)

win a customized smut scenario

author’s note: this is an updated version. i accidentally posted the unedited version (which is completely my fault, and i went to fix it as soon as a i realized). anyway, this one should be better.

This is an original work by Tal (@angelxtal/@admxtal), and @schmudt​ on tumblr for writing. All of my original works are copyrighted and cannot be reposted without my direct and explicit permission. I do not permit the alteration or repetition of my writing. This is purely fiction for entertainment purposes; the characters in my stories are ones that I created, and the BTS members whose names and/or physicality they share are not the same as the ones I write. This is all fiction! Thank you for reading!

author’s note cont.:

- and in this, the posting of any and all parts of the switch series is complete.

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