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Happy holidays ☃️ + sugamon + stuck under the mistletoe + make it extra fluffy bc I’m a fluff monster and that’s all I eat lol ❤️❤️❤️

courage, just wait a bit


Originally posted by fairy-jnani

pairings: namgi, side junghope and jinmin 

genre: fluff, best friends au, rated pg13 

warnings: swearing, mentioned alcohol, pining 

a/n: i don’t think i hit the mark with extra fluffy, but the fluff is there, i promise!

words: 688

summary: Yoongi wants to kiss Namjoon very much, all the time if he can get away with it. But Namjoon definitely doesn’t want to kiss him back… right?

+ tag list: @dimplemono @kirtikagarg @disrespectfulkookies @honeymoonjin @roseyjongdae @reeneryu @dumplinbon @joonsvalentine @smoochkook

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BTS as Christmas Songs

*i do not own any of there gifs*

Jungkook (전정국): “All I Want For Christmas Is You” - Mariah Carey

Timeless, and good for everything much like the golden maknae himself.


Originally posted by twoy

Taehyung (김태형): “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” -  Elmo and Patsy

Quirky and a bit head-turning much like V with his signature boxy smile.


Originally posted by jjeongukks

Jimin (박지민): “Santa Tell Me” - Ariana Grande

Fresh and sassy. Could be cutesy or classy just like the king of eye-smiles himself.


Originally posted by jungshiii

RM (김남준): “JOY”- NCT Dream

This cheerful mashup of some of the greatest holiday hits adds a dash of rap and hip hop flair. It’s quirky and innovative like the god of destruction himself.


Originally posted by slapmon

J-hope (정호석): “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”- ???

This is the merriest of all Christmas carols, bringing lots of hope and joy just like J-hope.


Originally posted by addiktdtosuga

Suga (민윤기): “Dear Santa”- Girls Generation- TTS

This song starts off sad and soulful but turns upbeat and cheerful at the drop of a hat. This is exactly like Yoongi who may seem grumpy at times but has the happiest gummy smile.


Originally posted by charrytommoto

Jin (김석진): “Last Christmas”- Wham!

This song is sad but terribly romantic. This is right up Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s alley necause it is so romantic (and I can totally imagine him dancing to it 😂)


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

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-> Pairing: Jimin x Reader
-> Family!AU // Fluff
-> Word Count: 4.1k
-> Summary: The family trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house will have to wait until after Christmas.
-> Warning(s): Jimin is very suggestive // angsty teen

A/N: This has not been edited.


Originally posted by jiminxh

“And at last I see the light, and It’s like the fog has lifted~” The song from Tangled rings through the car, being echoed back by the child in the middle seat and her father in the driver’s seat in front of her. The man looks to her through his mirror and sings to her, “And at last I see the light.”

“And it’s like they sky is new~” She sings back proudly, her voice quiet, yet confident just like her father had taught her to be. She’d be a strong singer once her lungs developed a bit more, and then Jimin would really be in trouble when she got older. 

You can’t help but watch them both with a smile, enamored in the way your husband smiles at you daughter when they sing together. The passion and the honest truth behind his voice as he uses the song to express his true love for her. His actions were enough to make you melt, and you can’t help it when you interlace your fingers through his as his hand rests on the center console.

“All at once, everything is different, now that I see you.” Jimin sings. He turns his attention from his daughter to the road, and then to your hand placed in his. He pulls it to his lips and places a soft kiss to your knuckles and sending a smile to you as he finishes the song, “Now that I…see you~”

From the backseat, your second eldest watches with pure joy to see her parents love each other so much. She bounces in her seat with excitement, “Has Mommy always been your Princess, Daddy?”

“Mommy’s been Daddy’s Princess since I first met her, but now she’s my Queen.” He explains.

You turn to your daughter, leaning over the arm connected to your husband, “That’s makes you his Princess, Mimi!” 

“I’m a Princess?!” She asks in excitement. She’s immediately overjoyed until she begins to think about everyone else, “Wait, does that mean Hannie is a Prince?”

She’s referring to your 13 year old son sitting in the very back seat with your luggage and the presents disguised as luggage taking over where the seat should be next to him. He has headphones in with his head resting against the window, eyes closed meaning he was probably asleep. He was in the middle of puberty at the moment, so you could understand that he was a little grumpier than he used to be. However, you’re 8 year old daughter wasn’t able to understand that.

You nod to her, trying to remain positive, “Yes, he is. That also makes Taehyung and Taeyoen a Prince and Princess just like you!”

“But Hannie is too grumpy to be a Prince! He can’t be Prince Charming if he makes pouty faces at Princesses!” You daughter argues. She turns to look at her brother minding his own business before she turns back to look at you, “Princes aren’t meanie pants.”

“Hannie has his own way of showing affections, Mimi. Not everyone loves the same way.” Jimin jumps in. His daughter usually listened to him when he tried to reason with her, and respecting his sons personality was important to him. “Hannie makes pouty faces at you, but he still plays with you when you ask him nicely.”

Somi pouts, “Yeah…but still.”

You release your hand from Jimin’s grasp to grab the tablet charging by your feet. You plug in headphones and reach back to hand it over to your daughter, “Why don’t you watch some movies for a little bit, baby? We’ll be at grandma and grandpa’s soon.”

She happily takes it from you, “Okay, Mommy!”

You turn back to the road ahead of you and relax back into your seat. Being in the car for so long was making you tired, but that was to be expected anyway in your condition.

“What are you thinking about, beautiful?” Jimin asks, interrupting your thoughts with a hand placed gently on your knee.

“Oh, you know, just all the fun we’re going to have on this trip.” You place your hand over his and sigh in content, “Your mom has so much planned for us, I don’t know if we’ll be able to do everything she wants to do.”

“Well, I know my parents want to take the kids out, so maybe you and I can get to work on baby number 5?” He gives you a sly wink to indicate he’s joking, your interlocked hands moving to rest a little higher on your leg tells another story.

“Disgusting…” You hear your eldest scoff from the backseat.

You laugh, “Watch yourself, Park Jimin. Our little Hannie is listening.” 

“I can’t help it if my wide is a goddess.” He says nonchalantly, as if the information was just common knowledge amongst everyone. He shrugs, “Besides, how can I not want another baby when we make them so well?”

You shake your head, “I’m not a baby factory Jimin.”

“I know, and I appreciate your willingness to comply despite that.” He says with fake acceptance, his head leaning towards you.

You lean forward and move his head back towards the long road ahead of you, “Keep your eyes on the road, you dog.”

“If I do that will you pet me?” He asks suggestively.

You hear your son groan from the back, “Can you turn the music up so my ears don’t have to hear this?!”

“Yah! You’re wearing headphones, what’s the problem?” Jimin yells back. He would not be mocked or scorned by your son, even if he was being mildly inappropriate. But he had a right to be inappropriate with his wife in his own car. “Sheesh, your son is something else…”

“Oh, so now our baby is just my son? Seems fishy to me.” You say, crossing your legs in a dramatic fashion. You both continue to watch the road ahead of you, watching as the snow continues to come down lightly, and then harder and harder as every mile goes by. “Could this snow get any worse?”

And as Murphy’s Law would have it, the soft snow raining down soon turned into a mixture of snow and sleet raining down on you. Jimin sighs, “I think you spoke too soon, (Y/n). I can’t even see through this!”

“Should we pull over and see if it gets better?” You ask.

The soft music that was playing through the XM stereo your husband had purchased is interrupted by a loud beeping noise, “Attention: The National Weather Service has put a winter advisory from 10:00pm December 23rd to 7am December 24th for the following districts: Buk District, Busanjin District, Dong District, Dongnae District, Gangseo District, Geumjeong District, Haeundae District, Jung District, Nam District, Saha District-”

You interrupt the announcement, “They’re just listing off every district in Busan, Jimin.”

He squeezes your hand, “Let’s just keep listening.”

“-We’re expecting strong winds of over 50 mph, and mix of ice and snow. Please take shelter and stay away from windows. Again, the National Weather Service has-” 

Jimin removes his hand from yours and switches from the radio to his phone music, “I’ll take the next exit and we’ll find a hotel for the night.”

You nod in agreement, “I’ll call and see who has opening before I call your parents.”

You start scrolling through your phone to look for the closest hotel with decent reviews, looking up every now and then to see the snow getting harder. You find something coming up for the next exit and decide to give them a shot.

As Jimin takes the exit coming up, Hansol notices the change in speed and looks around, “Hey, why are we getting off here? Is it time for a bathroom break?” 

“There’s a snowstorm coming through, Hannie, it’s not safe to be out like this. We’re going to find a hotel to take shelter in for the night.” Jimin explains, taking the exit slower than he normally would.

“But what about Grandma and Grandpa?” He asks. 

Jimin sighs, “It’s only for one night, Hannie.”

“Dad-” “This isn’t a discussion, Hansol. We’re stopping.” 

The car goes back to silence except for the talking you’re doing on the phone, “Yes, we need a suite if possible. Really? That’s amazing! We’ll be there soon. Thank you so much. Yes, have a great Holiday to you as well.” You hang up the phone and return to the page where the hotel’s address is, “The hotel I just called has a suite that we can take. Let me put the address on my phone and we can get there.”

The directions to your in-law’s house changes to the hotel, and soon you find yourself turning into the lot of the large hotel. As Jimin drives up to the front door where you can check in, you start to pull on your coat. “I’ll go check us in if you want to get the kids ready to leave the car. I’ll bring a luggage cart back out and Hannie and I can get everything and everyone inside while you park the car.”

“Sounds like a plan.” He nods. He puts the car in park and undoes his seatbelt, “Use the card with Taehyung and Taeyoen’s faces.”

“Will do.” You hop out of the car quickly, shutting the door before the cold air can disturb the warmth inside the car.

Jimin turns around to his children and reaches to shake his eldest daughters leg behind his seat, “Mimi~ Somi, wake up baby.”

“Taehyungie~Taeyoennie~ Up up up!” Hansol urges, shaking his siblings lightly.

Taeyeon rubs her eyes, “Are we there?”

“No, Princess. We’re going to stop for tonight.” Jimin explains.

“Where’s Mommy?” Taehyung asks.

“Mommy is inside getting us a place to stay. Let’s get our coats on, okay?” The three younger children start pulling on their coats, trying to put their shoes back on if they were taken off during the trip. Jimin does his best to help and turns to his eldest momentarily, “Hansol, go ahead and get the bags next to you ready to go for your mother.”

“Sure thing, Dad.” The teenager begins to shuffle the bags around, making sure you’ll be able to grab the heavy ones easily to place on the bottom of the cart you were bringing back. 

“Alright, I have our keys.” You say from the trunk, having come back from inside. You immediately begin removing bags from the trunk with your sons help while your husband continues bundling up your younger children. He grabs the bags on the floor of the middle row and pulls them into the passenger seat next to him,“I’ll take care of the bags up here after I park the car, babe.” 

“Okay.” You place the last bag on the cart and turn to offer a hand to your son to help him out of the car. “Take the cart inside Hannie, I’m going to send Somi in after you, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.” He nods, grabbing the cart and heading inside with everything. You close the trunk and go to the side door to pull Taehyung and Taeyeon into your arms, standing next to the door so Somi could hold onto you if she needed to. You close the car door and rush after her into the warm lobby to wait for your husband to join you with the rest of the bags.

Jimin runs in with his hood up and three backpacks on his arm. He shakes snow off of him and reaches to take your youngest son out of your arms, “Let’s get to our room.”

You all reach the room and make quick work to get your children settled while your eldest and your husband unload the luggage cart to return it to the front desk, “I’ll take the luggage cart back down to the lobby, Dad.”

“Thank you, Hannie.” Jimin smiles.

You finish pulling out the last toothbrush and stand up tall, “Let’s get ready for bed!”

You and your husband help your children get ready for bed, Hansol helping as well when he gets back from returning the cart. You all take turns in the bathroom prepping for bed, and it feels amazing when you get the last child to bed and you can fall into bed next to your husband after driving for so long.

You can’t help but to cuddle into his warmth, holding on tight to him like he would disappear by the time you woke up the next morning. Even he can feel it.

“Everything will be fine in the morning, (Y/n). Get some rest, beautiful.” He whispers, placing a soft kiss to your forehead before resting his own against yours.


“Mommy! Daddy! You gotta look outside! It’s so pretty!” You hear Taehyung yell from under closed lids. You can feel the jumping from beside you, and you already know he’s attacked your husband by the groan of pain he lets out beside you.

Jimin sighs, “Taehyung, you need to calm down.” 

You open your eyes and see your youngest son climbing off of his father, begging to be followed back out the door to the main area of the suite you had rented last night. You can’t help but laugh at the irony of how similar he was to his namesake, “You shouldn’t have named him after Taehyung…he’s a carbon copy.”

“He can’t be a carbon copy if he’s my son.” Jimin protests, rolling over to cling to his pillow.

“Yeah, I guess so.” You tease. Your smile turns to a wicked one, “Unless…”

Jimin doesn’t like that response, and is quick to attack you with everything he has, “Why you-!” “Agh! Jimin, no!”

“Daddy! Stop attacking Mommy!” Taehyung demands, stomping his little foot on the floor. He races back to the bed where your husband tries to punish you and climbs back up enough to pull at his father’s pants, “You have to come and look outside!”

“Okay, we’re coming.” Jimin groans, swatting at the little boys hands to let go of his pants. 

Your son runs away as you sit up to leave the bed, but your Husband is quick to pull you into his lap so he can whisper his very real threat into your ear, “You and I will have a very detailed discussion later.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, pervert.” You say, rushing him off and escaping his grasp. You follow the sound of your excited children to the living room and feel your heart drop at the sight of the snow piled high and mighty in the vast parking lot. “Oh no…Jimin.”

“It can’t be that bad.” Your husband tries to reason, coming up behind you to take a look for himself. You shake your head, “Jimin, it’s up to our bumper!”

“Can we play in the snow after breakfast?” Taeyeon asks, bouncing beside you. Her twin is quick to join her, “Can we?!”

“Can we?!” Somi asks.

“We’ll see.” Jimin says. His phone goes off from the pocket of his sweats and he pulls it out to look at the caller ID. He sighs, “My mom.”

You shake your head, “I’ll get them ready to eat breakfast.”

By the time Jimin was done talking to his mother, you had all of your children ready to go and eat downstairs at the breakfast the hotel offered. It was a piece of cake getting them all settled in at a table with their food and drinks.

“Pancakes!” Taehyung cheers excitedly, digging his fork right into the soft treat.

Taeyeon watches as her father cuts up her food in front of her with the same delight, “Waffles!”

“Peace and quiet…” Hansol mumbles, shoving a spoonful of cereal into his mouth instead.

“Daddy, are you going to eat your bacon?” Somi asks, her mouth slightly full with eggs and the bacon that was on her plate a moment ago.

Jimin swallows his food, “Yes.”

“Oh…” The small child seems to be disappointed at first until she shrugs, “Can I have it anyway?”

Jimin stares in shock, and you’re quick to react to the situation, “How about we get you your own bacon so Daddy can eat his?”

“But Daddy picked that bacon, so it has to be the best bacon if he picked it!” She argues.

“Well, can’t argue with that.” Jimin shrugs, relenting to his daughter’s wishes and dropping some bacon onto her plate.

“And now an important weather announcement-” You turn from your family to look at the TV above the bar across from your table. “It looks like residents everywhere are waking up to piled in cars across the southern region of the country. The weather front that came in last night that still seems to be going, doesn’t look like it will be giving in anytime soon. Get that hot chocolate out and ready, because your regular shovel won’t be able to do much for this weather folks. Roads everywhere won’t be open until the state can get plows through the tough snow. We’re definitely looking at a ‘White Christmas’.”

“Does this mean we aren’t going to make it to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Christmas?” Hansol asks.

“Let’s just keep an eye on the weather and see if it clears up.” You says, trying to make light of the situation. There was no guarantee that you would leave today or tomorrow, but there was no way of knowing that you wouldn’t. You take a sip of your tea, “As long as it clears up and the roads are plowed, we’ll be able to keep going.”

He rolls his eyes - the first mistake, “So, in other words we’re stuck here and you don’t know if we’ll be able to actually celebrate Christmas right, right?”

“That’s not what I said, Hannie.” You say.

“No, it is.” He argues.

“Hansoel, you need to watch your tone with your mother. There’s no reason to pick up an attitude.” Jimin warns, giving your son the look that says he needs to really watch what he’s doing before he gets in trouble for it.

“I’m not picking up an attitude!” He huffs. Your son gets up from his chair and storms out of the breakfast room, heading off in the direction of the lobby. Jimin calls after him, “Hansoel.”

You place a hand on Jimin’s arm to calm him down, “It’s okay, Chim…let him be. He’s disappointed right now. He’s allowed to feel frustration, and we can’t just punish him for feeling.”

“You’re right.” He sighs.

“Is Hannie going to be okay?” Taehyung asks, syrup all over his face.

“Hannie will be just fine, baby.” You assure. You take a napkin from the table to try and clean the area around his mouth - much to his disappointment, “Let’s finish our breakfast and see what there is to do, okay?”

After a whole day of nothing, you can really understand Hansol’s outburst from the morning. He did eventually apologize to you, but you couldn’t help but feel for him. He was really excited to be with his grandparents for Christmas, and now he was stuck in a hotel nowhere near his home or any familiar home. With all your children asleep in time for Santa to come, you can’t help but to sit in your thoughts staring out the window as you wait for your husband to finish in the bathroom.

Jimin steps in from the bathroom, hair slightly damp and phone in hand. He sighs, “They don’t think the roads are going to be clear by tomorrow, babe.”

“What are we going to do?” You ask, “The kids were so excited to spend Christmas with your parents, and now we have them locked away in a hotel with nothing to do!”

“Hey, that doesn’t matter.” He sits beside you on the bed and pulls you into his embrace, rubbing comforting circles into your shoulder, “Christmas is just about us being together as a family.”

You sigh, “Yeah, but not for kids, Chim. This year was supposed to be special.”

He nods in understanding, looking as seldom as you do, but his face suddenly brightens up, “We can still make it special~” 

“What did I tell you about that 5th baby?” You ask, taking his response in the wrong way.

“I’m not talking about that, woman!” He defends himself. He stands from the bed and goes to the couch by the door where he left his slippers, “Let’s make this a Christmas that they’re never going to forget!”

Somi wakes up the next morning needing to use the restroom. She hops out of bed and rushes down the hallway with her feet to the room right beside the one she’s currently in. When she goes to leave, she can’t help but notice the garland that now hangs from the room in front of her. No tree, but under the garland is a pile of presents waiting to be opened by her and her family. 

The young 8 year old can’t bear to hide her excitement and quickly runs to her older brother in the room where she had been sleeping in. She races into the room so fast that she knocks the air out of him when she tackles him, “Woah! Hannie! Hannie, Christmas came!”

“Somi, get off of me!” He groans, rolling over to push her off of him.

She falls to the floor with a soft thought, but she doesn’t let that deter her, “But, Santa came, Hannie! He decorated our room for us too!”

“What?” He asks, still not completely awake.

“Mommy…?” On the other bed in the room, Taeyeon sits up on the bed she shares with her brother, rubbing her eyes in hopes of waking up.

At the mention of her mother, Somi jumps down from her brother’s bed and races into the room er parents are staying in. Just like with her brother, she launches herself on top of her father - earning a groan of pain - and hopping up and down in excitement, “Mommy! Daddy!” “Mommy! Daddy! You have to come and look at what Santa did to our room last night! You have to look at the presents he left!”

“Okay, we’re coming Princess.” You assure her, sitting up slowly. 

She slides off of her father - much to his relief - and races back into the living room to join her now wide awake siblings. As you and your husband join her with sleep still in your eyes, you can hear the excited sounds of your children, “Santa came! Santa came!”

“What happened in here?” You ask, taking in the work you had done last night with your husband. It wasn’t anything impressive - just whatever the hotel had left over that they let you borrow - but it was enough for them.

Hansol shrugs, already knowing what must’ve happened, “Santa must’ve wanted to make us feel like we were at home for Christmas.”

“He sure did a good job.” Jimin compliments, sending a wink your way.

“Can we open presents?” Taehyung asks.

“Of course you can.” You sit down on the couch closest to the presents and look to your 8 year old, “Somi, why don’t you pass everyone their presents?”

Your daughter is more than happy to hand out presents to everyone, separating them with ease and even moving her grandparents gift to the side for when they get to see him. One by one, everyone received a present and then another and another until only a few were left.

“Daddy! Santa left one for you too!” Somi says excitedly, handing over the last gift for her father.

“Oh~ Did he now? Let’s see what he brought me.” He teases, giving you another daring wink. He unwraps the box and you can feel your stomach flip as he rips open the top and pulls out the cute baby bib. He laughs, “Looks like Santa wants us to have another family member too.”

You shrug, “Or he already knows that there’s another one on the way.”

The look on Jimin’s face is priceless as he looks between you and the baby bib in his hands, letting it all sink in before his smile overtakes his face, “Don’t mess with me. You’re serious?!” 

“Yeah.” You assure him, feeling all the anxiety in you bubble away as you can finally reveal to him that he will indeed be getting the 5th child he’s been asking for.

He wraps you in his embrace, and your other children are quick to follow even if a few don’t understand what’s happening. But in this moment, having your family all together, everything just feels right.

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piercings and earrings

jungkook bring back ur double helix 😳

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masterlist  previous part  next part

pairing: maknae line x reader

summary: jungkook wags his tail and his eyes look like truffles. jimin drinks blood out of juice boxes and bendy straws and tries to wink but ends up blinking both his eyes closed. taehyung likes the ocean and all kinds of art and apologizes to rocks. you don’t know if they want to take you out the date way or the assassination way and somehow you think it’s both.

genre: werewolf!jungkook, vampire!jimin, hybrid!taehyung, witch!reader; humor (??); poly!au (in the future!)

words: 14k


There’s a caw by your window, a fluttering of feathers. A knock on the glass. You lift your head warily, eyes squinted, still stuck in a sort of dissociative post-morning state. One, two.. Eight. There are eight crows outside your window.

Crows are often seen as bad luck, omens of death - but people forget they could mean good news. Upcoming wealth. New beginnings.

You watch them for a long while, still under the comforting weight of your quilt, until there’s a sound and the flock flies away with a flourish.

There are eight crows by your window. A sign of a life altering experience soon to cross your path.

You close your eyes and burrow deeper into your pillow.


You think you fall in love the same way you fell into Petz. Accidentally and while making a fool of yourself.

Namjoon comes running over, phone in hand. He frowns. “Did you just trip and I didn’t see? Dammit. This is what happens when I volunteer to take cute pictures of puppies for Jin-hyung. Do it again.”

“I will not.” You say as you right yourself, walking inside the pet store properly this time. Namjoon steps inside behind you, cleaning his shoes over the carpet for more time than necessary.

The pet store is large and cozy and has puppies. It’s everything you expected but you’re still caught by surprise. Namjoon looks around in wonder, only really here under the pretense of wanting a fish but when you turn he’s cooing at a barking labrador, his hands and cheek pressed to the glass.

“Do you think Kimbap would mind if we got a dog?”

Your brows furrow, watching the labrador from beside Namjoon. The dog paws at the glass, and Namjoon boops at where its nose is.

“Kimbap is a cat.”

“He is.” Is all Namjoon says and that’s that.

You leave him to his fantasies as you walk around, not a worker in sight. No one in sight, really. By now you’d expected to be jumped by someone with a Petz logo on their shirt and convinced to buy an entire alpaca farm and multiple chew toys for a dog you don’t even have, but it’s completely void of people.

You pass by puppy cages and reptile tanks and find the fish, too, before you find a single person. You wonder if you came to the wrong pet store. Jimin said he volunteers here, but maybe it’s another Petz entirely. You suddenly hear a commotion somewhere in the back rooms, so you head there, hoping to find someone.

And you do find someone. His back is facing you and there’s no logo on his shirt but there are, like, three to four kittens clinging to his arms, so he’s either thinking of adopting all of them or you’re witnessing the beginning of an abduction.

The kittens are clutching at his arms and emitting tiny meows as he sets them into their little cat houses, muttering something to them but you can’t make out the soft words and you’re distantly aware you’re staring. Not just at the kitten’s heads poking out through the arms but at like- the actual arms. They’re tanned and muscular and have kittens on them. This is just devastating.

He looks up and straightens and it’s three seconds before he turns to you that you notice the antlers on his head and the boxy smile. Oh no.

The boy suddenly stands as straight as a board as his eyes meet yours. His hair is as blue as the ocean he loves so much. There’s a streak of kohl over his lashes that’s a bit smudged on one side, as though he forgot about it and wiped his eye.

There’s only one kitten on his arm now, black fur tipped with brown and almost dozing off, all curled up and comfy. He raises its paw in a little wave. “Hi.”

You don’t know what to do. He doesn’t mention that he knows you, doesn’t even look too surprised, only smiles like this was inevitable. It makes you smile, too. “Hi.”

“Are you here to adopt?” He says- Taehyung says, your mind supplies even though you didn’t ask it to- tickling at the kitten’s tummy as he does, “A kitten, maybe?”

No you are not, you’re definitely not. "Um. Maybe,“ you answer, stepping in closer.

Taehyung stares at the kitten cradled in his chest for a little while longer before turning, gingerly placing it with the rest. He brushes a finger lightly over its head before stepping back and you’re now absolutely devastated.

The boy bites at his lower lip, considering you with narrowed eyes. "A reptile, maybe..” He mutters, more to himself than anything. “Come!”

He takes your hand, quick and excited but soft as he tangles his fingers between yours. Good god.

The deer hybrid leads you to the reptile tanks, pauses by one, tap tap taps at the glass and you both watch as one of its inhabitants comes padding out with surprising agility.

“That’s Guac! She’s a bearded dragon and is also very much pregnant. Me and Jiminie consider stealing her every day.”

You laugh, staring at the reptile’s beady eyes as she blinks, one eye then the other. “She’s pregnant?” Guac doesn’t look at all pregnant at first glance, but there’s a slight bump on her stomach that you have to squint to even notice.

“I was surprised too! She was alone in her enclosure and we still have no idea how the dude got in there to impregnate her. Kookie said something about horniness surpassing all boundaries, but, well. I have no comment on that.”

“He is a menace I am so sorry.” You say but you’re laughing and it makes him laugh, too. “You know Guk?”

Taehyung makes a soft sound as he opens the enclosure, like a hum and a yeah all rolled into one. You watch as he picks up Guac as he would the kittens, soft and gentle and fond. You think he’s like that with everything. You think you’re looking at him like that, too. “Kook visits every so often. He’s cute and funny and has a boopable nose and gave me a rock. Oh!” He startles, raises a hand over his mouth. “Not a rock. Sorry. Crystal,” he corrects.

He’s rocking the bearded dragon softly like he would a baby, bouncing it lightly in his arms. Guac doesn’t seem to mind. You’re fully endeared.

“Did Guk tell you that?” You tickle under Guac’s chin and it makes Taehyung giggle.

“Yeah,” he smiles, bordering on fond. Kisses Guac’s head before placing her back in the tank, watching as she scampers back to the little cave by the corner. Too fast for a pregnant lady, you think, but who are you to judge. “He talks about you a lot, you know,” He whispers, like you’re being let in on a secret. Turns to you with an expression you can’t quite decipher.

You don’t know what to say to that and you don’t want to regret it if you do, so you only nod.

There’s a shout and Taehyung’s head jerks up, smiles something wide and giddy, spots Jimin before even you do. He dashes past you before he’s jumping half on Jimin, tugging him towards you, and then jumping half on you too for no reason except maybe that he can, pulls Jimin in for a soft kiss that goes long and flushes both their cheeks and leaves them both breathless and giggly and there it is-

a little pang.

You scratch at your chest, look around, spot Namjoon idling by the tanks where a school of fish whiz by. Namjoon’s a doctor. A sorta-doctor. An actual witch. A little bit of a seer, if he thinks hard. He knows cardiac arrest and medicine and sickness symptoms and the like. He’ll know you’re dying.

Or he’ll catch you staring, turn, and send suggestive eyebrow raises before scampering back towards the puppy section. Great. Amazing.

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