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Bucky x Reader imagine

Author note: This is my first time working with Bucky so I’m sorry if its not quite right. (also Buckys nickname for you is “smalls” because he finds it funny how adorable and small you look next to him and Steve.)

Description: You try to help Bucky when hes being pessimistic

Warnings: None 💞



Originally posted by coporolight

You: Please talk to me

Bucky: Idk what to say

You: Anything. If you don’t speak to me then-

Bucky: Then what?

You: THEN I can’t tell you I love you

Bucky: I- you shouldn’t

You: James “bucky” Buchanan Barnes you are a good person. Not just by steves standards but by mine. Which is why I want to make you feel better

Steve walking in from the kitchen: ooh she’s using your full name. What did you do wrong buck?

Bucky: All the things I’ve done. I can’t forgive myself for that.

Steve: Buck I’d stay but the rest need me for a mission. y/n is right though-

Bucky: Its ok Steve go before they leave

*Steve pats bucky on the back, gives you an approving smile and leaves. Bucky smiles at you*

You: Don’t think I’m going to forget about this because I won’t.You better forgive yourself after how hard I try. Otherwise you’re….. a git.

Bucky: Thats….not a good thing to say to make me feel better.

You: Well suck it up princess!

Bucky: I love you too smalls……even if I’m not ready to

You: I never said-

Bucky, with a small smile: Yes you did. Don’t think I forgot about that.

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Summary: All your life, you’ve been trained to achieve the utmost perfection in the art of assassination. After all, it was your area of expertise. However, a dilemma awakens when a charming and astonishingly persistent stranger enters your dangerous world.

Warnings: Steve Approved!

A/N: Hey guys! Haven’t written anything in a while and I miss all the frustration of forming cohesive sentences. Anyway, this one’s for @yslbuckyx and my prompt is assassin au. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this!!! Hope you enjoy :)


Originally posted by looprole

The knife was tucked neatly into the holster, a tinge of red evident on the piercing blade, almost as if it were blushing. It was an empty hallway. The lights of scrutiny blared at you like a spotlight as you walked away from the room of wrong. Hands reaching up to the buttons of your speckled white shirt, you discarded the identity into an unmanned cart. Now in gray, you’re less recognisable to the people around you.

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Bucky: You left in peace. Left me in pieces. Too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees right no-

Steve: I’m still her-

Bucky, screaming on top of his lungs: IM SO SICK OF THAT SAME OLD LOVE. THAT SHIT IT TEARS ME UP.

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members of the “i’m an emotionally repressed light haired bisexual in love with my best friend and I don’t know how to express that properly” squad

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I just now realized that while Bucky was in Hydra’s custody, they never gave him food or water while he was unfrozen. They gave him the nutrition through an IV pump. Coming from someone who’s had an IV multiple times (I have health problems so it’s no surprise when they give me one if I’m taken to the ER), a super soldier like Bucky would need more than one saline bag to replenish enough of his fluids before they wiped his mind and froze him again.


(You can see the tube that connects the pump to the IV on the back of his right hand.)

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What she said: I’m fine

What she meant: It’s been an eternity but I’m still traumatised and horrified by what endgame did to me, the pain does not end. My life feels pointless, I am dyin-

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Bucky: Arent you cold?

Steve: Not really

Bucky: Are you sure you dont want to put some pants on, Steve?

Steve: Why?

Bucky: Im huh trying to concentrate

Steve: On crosswords. Is the vision of my butt so shocking

Bucky: Im just trying to protect your body from unwanted admirers

Steve:… I see no one else but you and me here, Buck

Bucky: Im trying to say-

Steve: I know what you re trying to say, if you want it, come and get it, I have 2 hours.


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