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Biker Bucky and reader getting a pet together!

Adopting a dog together!!


Originally posted by thedoomydogs

You gripped Bucky’s hand tightly with nerves as you walked into the local shelter. He squeezed back before letting go and securing his arm around your shoulder pulling you closer. 

“It’s gonna be fine, baby,” he murmured pressing a kiss to the top of your head. 

Opening the door for you Bucky lumbered in behind you. 

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Hey in case anyone needs anymore reasons to hate the Russo brothers, they decided that Hulk dabbing was more important than the scene that was supposed to be in the final battle where Bucky straight up saves Tony and Pepper and Tony essentially lets Bucky know he doesn’t hate him. But no they decided to let Bucky live on in agony of never getting to make amends with Tony.

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So I kind of imagined a Pokemon X Marvel crossover and if the avengers had their own Pokemon, I think Bucky would vibe best with Psyduck, imagine Bucky still dealing with his PTSD yet in a healthy manner and Psyduck requiring its own “spa music” to keep it’s headaches at bay.. Imagine Bucky and Psyduck lounging around listening to instrumentals and sipping on chamomile tea and Psyduck giving Bucky its bone crushing hugs, gosh my heart….

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Hi 🙂💞 I’m currently writing a new Bucky x Reader story and will be posting the first chapter later today 💖💫 This is the summary.


Y/n fell in love with James Buchanan Barnes at the age of eighteen, but the only trouble was not only was he her best friends brother but he would never notice her in a million years. He was older, cynical, drifted from casual relationship to casual relationship and resolutely swore he would never fall in love or settle down.

On her 21st birthday, however, her relationship with James changed, and soon he was her first love, her first everything but the relationship broke down when Y/n told him she had fallen in love with him only to learn he didn’t feel the same and she fled the city with a broken heart.

Now a few years later she’s back home and ready to face the past and the man who despite her best efforts she is still completely in love with.

Main Pairings; Bucky Barnes x Reader and Sam Wilson x Rebecca Barnes.

Other Pairings; Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff x Vision and Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter

Story warnings; Angst, fluff, Second Chances, Angst with a happy ending 💖


It’s going to be quite angsty to start off with then transition to fluff. This story has been in my head for a while and I’ve been fleshing out the plot and really wanted to post the first chapter to see what you all think. I will be posting this alongside my other story The One as The Love Game is very nearly at the end. 💖

If you would like to be tagged then please let me know 🙂💞

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Hey, hey, hey! There’ll be a mass reblog of my previous posts for the new followers :) just warning y'all. So give them some love and please do reblog! It gets my creations around and recognized, and I’m not really asking much :D

Thank you! Also, my ask box is still open so you can request any characters or sorts! Enjoy!

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The way his arms feel around you would probably make you sob from happiness if you weren’t almost dead asleep. The way his beard is soft now on your cheek is perfect and, well shit he’s holding your hand too. If you weren’t almost dead asleep you’re heart would ache at his cuteness. Your arm is almost stuck caressing the middle of his back as he keeps you pulled close and if you weren’t almost dead asleep you’d try to kiss him. But when you had tried that earlier he had missed your lips and went for your cheek and you didn’t want that disappoint again. “I love you.” You whisper into his chest, it’s a little garbled from how your face I squished on his muscles but soft arm. “I love you too bubba.”

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He stood intense, a fierce look upon his face as he watched the woman before him clutching a babe to her chest, tears streaming down her puffy and swollen cheeks.

He crossed his arms over his plain black shirt as he shift his weight from one expensive black boot to the other. His blue eyes were narrowed as he stared her down with boiling rage.

“I can’t,” the woman whimpered, “I don’t have the money. I have a child and I can’t…”

Bucky could’ve cursed Stark to hell and back. He could’ve spat on his grave, if he were to die tomorrow. Bucky had told Stark not to borrow money to women like her. He had told Stark not to take advantage of young women who are in situations like she was.

“Forget the fucking debt.” Bucky dug into his pocket, into his wallet and pulled out a stack of bills. “Take the money and pay your goddamned electric bill before you have no heat or light.”

He spat his irritation toward the woman even though it wasn’t her fault. No, he didn’t blame her. He blamed Stark. He blamed Tony Stark for once again taking advantage of a young woman who would never be able to pay the debt back.

Bucky blamed Stark.

And he blamed himself for going soft at the sight of a fame crying. Perhaps his mama’s teachings on treating a woman in dire straights with respect hadn’t been lost on him.

But mostly he blamed Stark.


Originally posted by coporolight

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Old Man

pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

summary: teasing Bucky about finding a girl his age

masterlist | sebastian stan masterlist


Originally posted by cptnbucky

“So how does it feel to know you’re seeing an older woman now?” You tease . Since he came back after five years you decided to think of the more positive things life had to offer. One being how you could now endlessly tease James about your age.

“Sweetheart I’m still older. I’ve got decades on you”. He was half right- you were now older than he was pre super serum but with him counting the literal years. He definitely has some years on you.

“You’re right. You know, I really shouldn’t be with such an old man.”

“Oh no don’t get any ideas”

“Too late. James I think we should see other people.”

“Oh really?” He was humoring you now.

“Yeah I’ll find someone closer to my age”

“And what am I supposed to do hmm?”

“I’m sure you can find someone amazing . You know what let’s go to the museum”

“What on earth are you talking about Doll?”

“I mean I heard they just got a new dinosaur exhibit we could find you a lady friend there right?”you watched his eyes darken and knew it was time to run like hell.

“Oh you’re in for it now!”

“Catch me if you can old man!”

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Home - Part 11


While Bucky was bathing the girls and getting them ready for bed Steve and I were cleaning up the kitchen. I was stood at the sink arms buried in soapy water as i scrubbed the pans before passing them to Steve to dry.

“So things with you and Bucky must be good?” Steve said smirking.

“Yeah things are great actually Steve”

“Im glad, i like seeing him happy again. You know your the first woman his been with since Olivia”

“Olivia was his wife right?”

“Yeah, you guys spoken about her?”

I shook my head at Steves question.

“Not really. He doesn’t like to talk about her, his mentioned her a handful of times but nothing major”

“They were going through a rough patch when she fell pregnant with Rosie, they hadn’t planned on having her…. Buck had even said they were considering a divorce. But once they found out about Rosie they agreed to try again”

“I didn’t know that, all i really know is she passed while having Rosie”

“Yeah it was an awful time. Since Olivia though Bucky hasn’t dated at all. All his time goes into work and the girls. I’m glad he has you in his life. His been more like the Bucky i used to know and I’ve missed him” Steve said with a smile “you’ve been amazing to all of them Y/N”

“I haven’t really done anything Steve…”

“You’ve done more than you know”

“I’ll take your word on that” i chuckled quietly passing him the last of the pots to dry “i feel like I’ve brought nothing but drama to his life, Ms Harper acting up because she’s a jealous bitch, my asshole of an ex husband showing up and now Chloe…..” i sigh “i cant help but think he’d be better off with me out of the picture”

“You kidding?? He’d be devastated if he lost you”

“Don’t worry I’m not planning on going anywhere. There’s no way id be able to leave him and the girls…. or you” i added smiling at him “but it doesn’t stop me wondering”

“Things will calm down sweetheart, i promise”.

A knock at the door made us both look towards the front door, it was just after 8pm and we wasn’t expecting visitors.

“Stay here, i’ll get it” Steve said before making his way to the front door.

He reappeared moments later with another man walking behind him.

“Y/N this is Sam Wilson, his the one who’s been looking for Jack. Sam this is our lovely Y/N” Steve introduced us.

“Its real nice to meet you Y/N, i just wish it was under better circumstances”

“You too Sam, thank you for helping with this Jack thing”

“Hey anything i can do to get this scum bag, i’ll do it. Bucky told me all about everything that happened, i can’t believe no one would help you before”

“No one seemed to care” i shrugged “Jack’s got friends in high places”

“Don’t worry, when we find him he wont stand a chance by the time we’re done with him”

“Still can’t find him then huh?”

“Not yet, but we will”

“Rosie! Rosie get your butt back in here” Bucky was suddenly shouting before a naked wet Rosie came running through the living room and diving at me.

“Well hello to you too Miss Rosie” i laughed picking her up “Be right back” i told Steve and Sam before taking Rosie back upstairs.

“Returning one naked child” i laughed grabbing a towel and wrapping it around Rosie. Looking around i noticed the bathroom was soaked and so was Bucky “What the hell happened in here?” I laughed looking down at Bucky who looked exhausted.

“I forgot how chaotic it is bathing 3 children is what happened here. Brooklyn insisted on wearing her bathing suit, Allie and Rosie just kept fighting and splashing….. Brooke has gone to get herself ready for bed, i got Rosie out the tub…. by the time i had Allie out Rosie had done a runner!!”

“Yeah you gotta be quick Buck” i couldnt help but laugh at the look on his face.

“It never used to be this difficult”

“Awww poor baby” i cooed at him “go get changed i’ll sort Rosie and Allie out and check on Brooke”

“No its fine i can do it….”

“I know you can, but Steve’s downstairs with Sam you should go down”

“Has he found Jack?”

“Not yet. Go get changed we wont be too long”.

As Bucky passed he leant down to press a quick kiss to my lips “your the best”.

Once the girls were dried and dressed in their pyjamas i quickly dried their hair and braided it to keep it as neat as possible.

“Lets go downstairs and say goodnight”

Brooke and Allie ran downstairs (still too lively for this time of night) while Rosie was already cuddled up in my arms falling asleep.

“Their they are!” I heard Sam say before the girls started shouting excitedly for their Uncle Sam.

“One down, two to go” Bucky said smiling at Rosie asleep in my arms.

“She’s always the first down” i smiled stroking my hand up and down her back. Bucky reached for my hand and pulled me and Rosie down into his lap.

“Hey Buck you gonna get the beers or what?” Steve said from one of the sofa’s where Allie was now jumping on him.

“Ive got my hands full here you punk”

“Oh i see that” Steve smirked like the little shit he was.

“go get it yourself you normally do” Bucky laughed at his friend.

“Fine! I’ll get them”.


Bucky’s POV

Y/N was fast asleep in my lap still holding onto Rosie, i couldn’t help but smile down at the woman in my arms.

It was crazy how easily she fit into our lives, it felt like she’d always been here with us.

“Look at him Sam, have you ever seen him so loved up?” Steve teased nudging Sam making him laugh.

“Honestly? No!” He shook his head smiling over at me and Y/N.

“Shut up!” I mumbled at my friends rolling my eyes feeling myself blush.

“Its nothing to be embarrassed about Buck, its a good look on you. You look happy, truly happy”

“I am, i forgot what it felt like to have someone in my life like this. I can’t even remember it ever feeling like this with Olivia. I mean, i loved her of course i did… we had the girls…. but it was never this easy” i said looking down at Y/N again “its just so natural with her, even before we admitted how we felt about eachother”

“Just dont mess it up Buck, she’s one of the good ones” Steve said shifting in his seat before he started picking the label on his beer bottle.

“I won’t”

“Now we just gotta find her dick of an ex husband” Steve grumbled.

“You got that right. Sam, you haven’t found anything?”

“Well he had been staying at the Palmdale Hotel but he stopped showing up there after the incident at the store. So he must know we’re looking for him, maybe he left town…. we haven’t found any trace of him still being here Buck”

“Maybe, he wont stay gone for long though. The guy is hellbent on getting her back”

“He won’t get near her dont worry, even if it means one of us is with her at all times” Steve added finishing the rest of his beer and putting the empty bottle on the table.

“Yeah I’m sure she’ll love that” i shook my head, i could just imagine how she would react to having one of us ‘babysitting’ her 24/7 until Jack was dealt with.

“Well she’ll just have to deal with it”

“I’ll keep looking too, any sign i’ll let you know” Sam nodded “she gonna be staying here with you until we find Jack?”

“Yeah, i wanna make sure she’s safe”.

“Thats probably best, well i should get home before Wanda starts calling me wondering where i am” Sam laughed as he got up from the sofa “you need anything call me”

“Thanks Sam, you and Wanda should come by for dinner this weekend if your free?”

“Yeah sounds good Buck”

“I’ll walk you out” Steve told him following him to the front door leaving me alone with my sleeping girls.

“Hey doll” i said quietly stroking her arm “wake up, lets get you to bed”.

Her eyes fluttered open and she just stared at me as a smile spread on her face.


“Hey baby, you ready for bed?”

“Mmmmm, best get the girls to bed first though. Steve and Sam gone?”

“Steve’s just seeing Sam out, he’ll probably crash in the guest room its getting late and his had a couple of beers”

“Okay” she leant forward and pressed a kiss to my lips before getting up from my lap with Rosie.

“I’ll take Rosie up, you okay with Brooke and Allie?”

“Yeah, i’ll be up in a minute” i smiled as i watched her leave the room.

“You need a hand with the girls?” Steve offered coming back in.

“Yeah thanks, you take one i’ll get the other. You staying?”

“If thats okay”

“Of course it is” i nodded with a smile to Steve as he picked up Allie who was closest to him and took her up, i picked up Brooke and headed towards the stairs turning off the lights as i went, setting the alarm and making sure the front door was locked before i went up. After putting the girls in their beds i said goodnight to Steve and headed for my room where i knew Y/N would be waiting for me and i couldn’t wait to have her in my arms.


Home taglist: @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @lumar014

@bbmommy0902 @past-perfect-future-tense

@heathens-takeitsl0w @captainchrisstan

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an experience of a sudden and striking realization.


Originally posted by bbuchanann

Hi! this was written for @buckysmischief‘s 1K writing challenge! congratulations love! i hope this isn’t totally horrible

prompt: “you keep saying that you’re friends, but you look at him a moment too long for that to be true.”

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

warnings: language, lil bit of angst, fluff

word count: 2542

a/n: i’ve been wanting to do a wedding-esque bucky fic for a while now and i finally did it! (sorta!) i’m really nervous to post this because i just can’t tell if i hate this and that it’s cringey or if i actually like it, so…do with that information what you will. comments, likes, reblogs, and constructive criticism are always welcome!

Bucky was happy for Y/N. Really, truly happy for her. Seriously.

Sure, it felt like the wind got knocked out of him when she told him she was engaged to her boyfriend of seven months, and yeah, it was a slap in the face when he was asked to help plan the wedding, and fucking hell, asking him to be her Man of Honor was synonymous to a stab through the heart, he’s sure.

But he was happy for her. Seriously.

Was Bucky in love with his best friend? Of course he was- has been since their eighth grade snowball when she walked into the shitty gymnasium disguised as Paris in the ugliest dress he’s ever seen wearing a smile as bright as a thousand suns.

That tiny detail doesn’t matter, though. Y/N is in love with Daniel and they were getting married. He would never ruin that for her, no matter how much it broke him.

Bucky would survive this. He may only have half a heart by the time this is all over, but he had his loving friends on his side to help him through.

“You are such a dumbass!” Natasha exclaimed angrily.

Most of the time. They were on his side most of the time.

“I think what Nat is trying to say,” Steve gave his girlfriend a pointed look.

“Is that you’re a fucking dumbass.” Sam cut in, strong arms folded across his chest.

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