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#bucky barnes x reader

Okay. Here’s chapter 9. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m listening to Box of Oddities podcast while I post this. Anyone else listen? Shout out to @heli0s-writes​  @imaginingbucky@seasaurusrrex​ for writing such amazing stories and being such amazing people. Thanks to @everythingisoverrated​ for always putting up with me even though I’m being a whiny, pathetic, emotional mess. @captainsteveevans​ for this amazing mood board that I still can’t stop looking at. It’s gorgeous.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Warning: fluff, probably a gross amount of it, and most likely swearing. Also, a lot of posts about marble because it’s amazing. Also, I know nothing about cultures and cultural food, but I like to learn. If I get anything wrong, just let me know.

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Chapter Nine


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Hi everyone. I really want to start working on my first book, but I have a few story ideas and I can’t decide which one to start first. So, I decided to leave the decision up to you guys. So here goes nothing:

Option 1; Loki x Barton! Reader

Mischief Managed

As a single mom with a troubled past, you only want what’s best for your son. Unfortunately for you, the universe seems to have other plans. When your brother is kidnapped by a certain mischievous god hell bent on world domination, you must join the heroes tasked with saving the world in order to get him back. The only problem is, you seem to be falling in love with the same man who took your brother from you in the first place.

Option 2; Steve Rogers x Barnes! Reader

Currently Untitled

Bucky Barnes hates therapists. He doesn’t trust them and he for sure does not want to live under the same roof as one. Unluckily for him though, Tony Stark had hired a team therapist to live with the Avengers shortly after the battle of New York. When Bucky’s memories are restored and Steve is working on getting him officially instated as an Avenger, the Captain wants him to see his personal friend in order to help him work through some of his past issues. It’s painfully obvious Bucky’s oldest friend is smitten, but that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t want to see a therapist. That all changes though when he remembers the woman…his sister and Steve Rogers fiancée. Unfortunately for him though, she doesn’t remember him and Steve and her don’t remember each other. How will he get his best friends to fall in love all over again especially when it took them so long to admit their feelings the first time?

Option 3; Steve Rogers x OC! Katherine Fury

Solar Flare

When a small town is destroyed in a bombing, a young girl aquires mysterious and godlike powers. She now must live her life on the run from people who want to exploit her for her powers. That is, until a mysterious man with an eye patch takes her in. Now, she gets to save the world for a living as long as she never falls in love with one of her teammates…oops.

Option 4; Steve Rogers x OC! Maggie Stark

We’re Both Out of Time

When Tony Stark’s only daughter met Captain Steve Rogers, he found something oddly familiar about the 4 year old girl, but that’s not possible, is it? Not until Maggie Stark accidentally gets teleported back in time to the 1920s where she meets the young Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. With no way home, she is forced to only hope her father is looking for her in the future, otherwise she will never see him again…until her now best friend who she has fallen in love with over the years joins the army, gets injected with a experimental drug, and crashes a plane into the ice with her on board. Now back in the future, she must decide if she wants to confront her dad or if it would be better for him to live without her considering he wants his little girl back, not the broken young woman she is now.

Option 5; if none of these options win, I’ll start with my mini series.


It’s a Steve x reader secret relationship trope. It will probably only be about 2-3 chapters.


(ps I don’t have any real preference of which to write first, all of them will probably be written eventually so just vote for your favorite. All of them are really close to my heart which is why I’m having such a hard time deciding. Solar Flare was my first marvel book idea ever snd Michief Managaed was my first reader insert idea.)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3k

Warnings: Smut!! In the first part only. Terrible editing all the way through. Cliffhangers (oops)

Series Summary: Ex-army doctor, and now the Avengers on-mission doctor, Major (Y/n) (Y/l/n), had prepared herself for anything. That was, of course, until she met a devastatingly charming Sergeant from Brooklyn with a quick wit, a kind smile and a taste for adventure. I wonder what will happen?

Series Masterlist

Chapter 6

You were surprised at how quickly you adjusted to having someone in the same bed as you again. A month after your injury, Bucky had pretty much moved full-time into your room. His was only a few doors down, but it now acted mainly as a storage room. Predominantly keeping Bucky’s knives safe as you had forbidden them in yours. Although nightmares rarely entered either of your sleeping minds anymore, having the other there when they did, helped significantly. Tonight, there was a pretty heavy thunderstorm going on, and both you and Bucky had woken with a start at the loud claps of thunder that had broken through the silent night. It was now 3 hours later, and you and Bucky had taken to talking, knowing neither of you would get back to sleep unless the storm ended. You always hated thunder, it made you anxious and kept you on edge, and Bucky seemed to feel the same way. 

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Through Thin Walls 11


Originally posted by eightiescarol

Summary: Here We Go Eleven, Here We Go!! Harsh times call for rash decisions, and what better way to make rash decisions than with alcohol? The answer to that is literally almost anything.

Parings: Stucky, Stucky x Reader, mentions of Peter.

Warnings: No real warnings here except for mentions of Alcohol and Drunkenness.

Notes: I had this written and then it didn’t save. I actually wanna cry.

They say that the first step into the unknown is always the hardest, and that once you cross the threshold of the mystery land every step beyond that seems a little less heavy. But just because they say that doesn’t make it true.

Some may call you a coward for you inability to face your conflicts, some may call you weak. You just thought of yourself as avoidant, someone who was unwilling to place yourself in such a painful and uncomfortable situation. You didn’t want to face the music. You didn’t want to see Steve and/or Bucky. But if that made you a weak coward, then so be it.

It didn’t matter though, because in life we don’t always get what we want.

You’d been so careful to avoid them. Only coming home to grab clothes and the things you needed, then returning to Peter’s apartment to continue hiding out like you’d been for the past two weeks. You now considered Peter the closest thing you had to a bestfriend - regardless of the fact that he still was in love with you - and had been clinging to him like he was your last lifeline.

He didn’t mind you being there and neither did his roommate Ned. You weren’t sure how long you were going to let yourself live like this. You wanted to move out of that damn apartment as soon as possible, but some little part of you was just holding on, still stuck on what was and what could’ve been. So here you sat, in this endless loop of avoid, sneak, and hide. You felt so lifeless.

And what do people do when they feel lifeless? Stupid things. Stupid things like convince Peter to go to the bar across town. The very same bar where you so drunk that you made the mistake of bringing Peter back home to those godforsaken thin walls to fuck. The night you got caught. The night that probably began this whole downward spiral.

History repeats itself, that’s for damn sure. Except this time Peter wasn’t as drunk. He knew that alcohol wasn’t his friend and that he was only there to support you, so while you were on your 6th shot of fireball, he was chugging water bottles. And when you started getting touchy feely, he turned you down. As much as it pained him to, as much as he wanted to ignore that voice in his head telling him that you were drunk and not in control, he didn’t. And you didn’t like that.

In your intoxicated state it didn’t seem like Peter was avoiding taking advantage of you, it seemed like he was rejecting you. After everything else you’ve been through, rejection was not something you were going to put up with.

You fought him when he tried to take you home, you smashed a shot glass and threatened to impale him with a large shard, you cursed him and threw dazed punches that actually kind of hurt. You kicked, you scratched, at one point you even tried to bite.

You managed to escape him and he lost you in the dark of the city. He searched for you, but came up with nothing, he was sick to his stomach worrying about you. There was one place he hadn’t thought of, and of course that was here you’d went. Back home.

Even if you were drunk off your ass, you knew the way home by heart. It took quite some time to get there, between your stumbling steps and constant sway, but you made it. As you stood outside the door to your apartment, two things dawned on you.

1. You didn’t have your fucking keys.

2. Bucky and Steve were probably right next door.

But neither things really mattered too you. You were too wasted to care.

“Fuck.” You giggle smacking your head off the door when you swayed too far. You attempted to steady yourself on the doorframe but your eyes were playing tricks on you.

You couldn’t contain the laughter that spilled from you as you laid sprawled out on the floor. “Ouch.” You giggled, laughing only because you knew how ridiculous you must’ve looked.

“Doll?” You look up to see a shadow looming over you.

“Oh hey, Buckarooney.” You give him a dazed smile. “How’s- hic -how’s the weather up there?”

“Oh Doll, your trashed.” He mumbled, looking over you with concern. He held his hand out in front of you. “Here let me help you up.”

You took his hand but made mo effort to pull yourself up. He quickly picked up on this and bent down to that he could lift you, cradling you in his arms bridal style. You giggled at him as he lifted you and began humming a poor rendition of the wedding march.

“Let me guess, you don’t have a key?” He looked down at you as you tucked your face into the space between his shoulder and his neck.

“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’ with another small round of giggles, shifting in his arms. He rolled his eyes at you with a small smile.

“Of course not. Only smart people carry their keys, not dip sticks like you.”

“If I’m a dip stick, then you’re a, a-” Your mind blanked as you searched for words. “-A noodle head.” You smile triumphantly.

“Okay, then Miss Dipstick, where should this noodle head take you?” He mocked you, pulling away so that’d you’d look up at him with those goddamn gorgeous eyes of yours.

“Home, Sir Noodle Head. Take me home.” You answered, opening one eye for him, then pressing your face back into him. He furrowed his brows at your response.

“What do you mean? This is your apartment.”

“No, that’s where my stuff is. That doesn’t make it home.” You yawned before finishing out. “Home is where I’m happy. You and Stevie are home.” He froze when those words left your lips.

The alcohol was taking its toll on you, making you feel heavy and exhausted. “I’m gonna go to sleep for a sec…” You trailed off before small snores began sounding from you.

Bucky looked down at you with tears in his eyes. He had no idea if you’d meant what you said, but he wanted you to mean it. He wanted you to mean it, more than anything else he had ever wanted in his life. Because if you meant it, that meant that thing would go back to normal. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, but eventually things would be like they once were. And he needed that.

You were right. Home was when the three of you were together. He hadn’t been home in so long, he’d desperately missed it. He wanted to sleep in the same bed as both you and Steve again. He wanted to wake up every day to give you both good morning kisses and go to bed every night after giving the two of you a kiss good night. He wanted to give you kisses every hour in between.

Since you’d left everything felt so empty to devoid of joy. You were the sun to a rainy day, the oasis in the desert. With you everything made sense. But without you they had nothing.

Blinking the tears away, Bucky brought you inside and laid you down on the bed that had once been shared by the three of you. He peeled of your jacket, shoes, and jeans and traded them for the pair of basket ball shorts that you used to steal from him. He pulled the covers over you, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“…love you Buck.” You sigh in your sleep, rolling over on to your side.

He sat there for a moment and watched you. Not in a creepy somnophilia way, but similar to the way a mother watches their child. With love, and concern, and adoration in her eyes. Bucky loved you. He missed you. He wanted you home.

Home, sandwiched between Steve and him. Home, cocooned in your favorite blanket on the couch next to him. Home, laughing at Steve’s dumb dad jokes and making fun of him with Bucky.

To avoid waking you, he snuck into the hallway quietly, before pulling out his phone and dialing the number he knew by heart. It only took two rings before an answer.

“She’s here, Stevie. Our girl is home. We need to fix this.” He whimpered, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. “I can’t take this anymore.”

What you didn’t know was that this whole situation tore a rift between Steve and Bucky as well. That’s why Steve had been staying at the office extra late or sleeping on Sam’s couch. That’s why Bucky had been alone in their apartment for the past 10 days. Their entire world was falling apart without you.

They needed you, just as much as you needed them. Bucky desperately needed you to see that. He’d be willing to do anything to make that happen.

So Bucky sat and waited for Steve’s arrival, surrounded by nothing but the eerie silence contained by the thin walls.

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Idk if you remember this prompt from like Christmas but it was “mob!bucky gets out of jail and reunites with his wife and baby” or something like that. Maybe mob!bucky realizing that his wife controlled the business while he was away and from then out theyre a kickass power couple together, when before she was more passive in the business

Bucky ran his hands along the wood grain of his desk. It felt like centuries since he last sat behind it. 

Being back felt surreal, and he caught himself pinching his arm to make sure it wasn’t a dream - that the universe wasn’t playing a sick joke on him. If he woke up back in that prison cell, he wasn’t sure he’d survive it. Not again. 

He had been more than ready to give up the mob life. He never wanted to go back to prison and be away from you and his son again. Those days he spent away from you were the most agonizing to him. He should have been there for the birth of his son. He should have been there for the appointments and the happiness you felt when you saw the first heartbeat. Which is why he was more than willing to retire. 

But you refused to hear any of it. You didn’t spend your precious time running the business just for him to let it all go. 

The amount of work you put in for him and the company was astounding, too. His men were now your men. They respected you even more than they did before; maybe even feared you a little. And he had never been more proud to call you his wife. 

It was a no-brainer to sign over half the company to you. It was truly going to be a Barnes’ family business. 

You peeked your head into his office, a wide smile on your face. You were ecstatic to see your husband back behind his desk where he belonged. 

“Ready for the meeting?” 

“I’m ready for the meeting, sweetheart.” 

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Mob!Bucky x reader are the type of couple to have been in love for a while. Maybe hc of how you react when he starts doing this business?
  • Bucky is apprehensive about starting up his own club. 
  • The venue practically falls into his lap thanks to your father, but he’s terrified of failure. 
  • What if he invests all his money and it flops?
  • What if he can’t provide for you anymore? 
  • You are the main reason he finally steps up and says yes. You reassure him that you are always going to be by his side no matter what happens, and it is all he really needs to hear. 
  • As long as he has you by his side, he knows he can succeed even if the rest of the world is against him. 
  • It’s not easy in the beginning, either. 
  • Bucky’s vision is a speakeasy. He wants the main store to be simple - like a book shop - that you will be able to run because he wants you as involved as you want to be. And one of the bookcases opens up to reveal the entrance to the club. 
  • Only those with the password can get in. 
  • He has to gut the entire venue and rebuild it almost from the ground up, but you roll your sleeves up and get to work with him. Just like you promised. 
  • A lot of your money gets invested in in it, but you know it’s going to all work out in your favor. 
  • And that makes it worth it.
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It Takes A Village - Prologue

Pairings: Single Dad!Thor x Reader x Bucky x Clint

Summary: Thor’s life is without meaning or direction. Can a fateful one night stand and the arrival of a super-soldier, famous archer, and a new mortal change things for Thor?

A/N: Got an idea for a story, and instead of working on the 4 writing challenges I’m taking a part of, I decide to write a new series. I have no idea how long this will be, but hopefully I’ll update it every Monday. A huge thank you to @marvelgirl7​ for beta reading this and helping pick out the title. I really hope y’all will like this! 


Thor thought that after the second snap, the snap that brought everyone back, it would make him feel whole again. He thought that going away with the Guardians of the Galaxy would give him a sense of purpose. Thor was wrong on both accounts. Even though he saw countless families being reunited, he still didn’t have his. Those who came back didn’t fix the hole in his heart, it didn’t bring back his mother or brother. And while Thor thought that being with the (As)guardians of the Galaxy would give himself a sense of purpose, Thor learned, after a specifically challenging mission, that the Guardians we’re just babysitting him. They did not need the God of Thunder. And Thor knew when he wasn’t welcomed. So, Thor went back to the one place he knew he would be welcomed; a little cottage, set on a hill in New Asgard.

In this little cottage, Thor isolated himself from the rest of the world. Turning into a hermit, Thor quickly turned back to alcohol. Why bother being sober when all life offered was pain? Why be sober when you are haunted by the ghosts of your past? Thor couldn’t find happiness while sober, but he was determined that he’d find it at the bottom of a bottle, or he’d die trying.

Thor soon learned that food and alcohol didn’t bring lasting happiness. Hell, it didn’t even bring temporary happiness. So Thor turned to the next vice, women. Every night a new lady caller would appear up on the hill. And that same woman, the next morning, would come down the hill, boasting about bedding the famous, mighty Thor. If you were to ask any Asgardian citizen, they’d say that Thor should just replace his door with a revolving one. It would save a lot of hassle. Yet despite the number of female callers Thor has, he’s still not happy.

After the deed is done, and the woman of the night, who’s name Thor doesn’t even know, cuddles up to Thor, he starts to think. Where did his love life go? He remembers his youth and his teen fling with Sif. He remembers Jane and the love that she brought. He even remembers the secret crush he harbored on Valkyrie for a while. How could one’s life be so ruined where one is forced to have one night stands to have any form of human contact? Yet despite his misery, Thor doesn’t change things. He is convinced that one of these days, the women and beer will bring him happiness.

This pattern continued for many months, until one fateful night that would change Thor’s life forever. Thor is on his 11th bottle of beer while chasing noobmaster on Fortnite. He’s about ready to go for the kill when there is a knock on the door. The knocking is strange and uninvited. Thor’s nightly woman shouldn’t be here for at least another two hours. Thor, with a beer in his hands, walks over to the door. He opens and finds no one is there. Stupid kids with their pranks. Thor is about to close the door when a wooden crate catches his attention. Setting his beer down, he picks up the crate, which to his surprise contained a sleeping baby. Pinned to the blanket that the baby is swaddled in is a note that reads.

“Dear Thor,

I can’t be a single mother. And I couldn’t force me to get an abortion. I just couldn’t do it, knowing the life that was growing in me. Before I went to Child Protective services, I wanted to give you the chance to be his father. I know that you will decide what is best for him.

Xoxo - Sarah”

Overwhelmed and afraid, Thor cradles his son and carries him into his home. Their home.

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Pairing: 40s!Bucky X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, character death (sorry lol), angst.

Word Count: 819

Summary: The occurrence of a natural electrical discharge for a very short duration.

A/N: Feedback always appreciated! Thank you to @jesus-buck​ for editing this. 

Phenomena Masterlist.


You had heard about Bucky Barnes many times. Heard the rumors that were spread about how he broke hearts. Heard the whispers from your friends about how easily he was to fall in love with. The women that came into your father’s corner store warned you not to get too close. You had never met him, to you he was just a myth. Until today. 

He was supposed to deliver something to your father, but as soon as he stepped into the shop the connection between the two of you was obvious. He straightened his broad shoulders, smirked, and did the famous head tilt when his electric blue eyes met yours. He looked undeniably handsome in his brown pressed uniform. He’d deny it, but you caught the way he checked his reflection in the glass before he approached the counter.

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Title: Alternate.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Summary: Who knew falling off a cliff after making a wish on the shooting star could make you end up in a totally different universe?

Possible Series.

A/N: This is yet another possible series that I had in mind.

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CD! reader for "i'm so sorry i'm two hours late but i saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that has the whole bee movie script printed on it and i followed him because i was reading his shirt, long story short, he was a Tall Fellow and now i'm three towns over"

SNKSNKS Bag of Tricks Masterlist

“Where the hell are you?”

You have to pull the phone away from your ear. Bucky’s volume is loud enough that in the middle of the Manhattan sprawl, those around you can hear.

“Hey so funny story… Uh, there was a guy–”

“The mark?”

“No– I mean, maybe his name is Mark. Whatever. So Mark was wearing this shirt with lots of words on it, and you know, I just wanted to read it. Turns out– can you believe this, Buck?” He’s silent on the other line, fuming, because you were supposed to meet him in Tribeca but instead you’re in Greenwich. “Well, he–had The Bee Movie script all over his shirt and I just– you know how I love inter-species erotica.”

Now the passerby’s are really starting to stare. “I’m coming to get you. Stay there. I swear to God.”

“Yeah, yeah.” You huff, stepping into a shop, “Well, I’m gonna grab a slice at John’s. You want one?”

Another silence and you pre-emptively move your phone again in case his yelling takes your ear off. Instead, he sighs, long-suffering, and grumbles.

“Two slices pepperoni. Go ahead and shake the parmesan on it. Don’t eat my crust.”

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The uncharacteristically quiet voice makes him turn quickly. He hadn’t heard anyone approach and it startled him, “Jesus Christ, we need to put a fucking bell around your neck,” he snapped.

You wince at the harshness of his tone. “S-sorry. I- We- we’re the only ones here,” you stutter, “I- I-I-”

“Spit it out,” he rushed, glowering at you. 

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Steve x reader x Natasha x Bucky x Sam

The five of you had been through a lot together. The fact you all had actually managed to work through every trial and tribulation was something you were all extremely proud of. Originally it had been you, Steve and Sam together with Natasha and Bucky being a couple. 

When the five of you had gotten together there seemed to be nothing that could go wrong. Sure, you were all Avengers, and you all risked your lives daily, but nothing seemed to be able to go wrong. That as what you all thought until you all tried to spend the night together.

You’d all been out for the night and when you got back to the tower, you, Steve and Sam had invited Bucky and Natasha to stay in your room. Out of the five of you, you had the biggest bed but apparently it wasn’t big enough. By the next morning, Steve was hanging onto the edge of the bed, Bucky had already fallen off and the rest of you were all laying on top of each other.

For the next year, you’d all tried to spend a proper night together but the five of you never fit. Even when you all were practically laying on top of each other. A few months after all getting together you had ordered a custom bed.

Though it did fit the five of you perfectly, it didn’t fit into the room. The bed took up half the room at least and pretty much touched the walls.

It was on your year anniversary Sam brought up the topic of moving into your own home. The five of you discussed it in detail for a long time and after countless talks about worries, wants, needs and location, you all decided that moving into your own place was the best option.

You did look at a few listings but you ultimately decided building your own place was the easiest way to get your place you all loved.

With some recommendations from Tony you found a team that could build the house quickly and with no fuss. So, here you were six months after the original talks with the team and your home was ready to move into.

“And that is the last box.” Natasha said, taping the box closed. “Here you are.” She said, handing it to Steve.

“That is, officially, two bedrooms completely packed.” Sam sighed, wiping the sweat off his forehead. “I’m beat.”

“It could have gone much quicker if some of us weren’t hoarders.” Steve said, placing the box with the others. 

“Speak for yourself.” You snorted. “I just packed at least two boxes of cookbooks from the 1940’s.” You stated, mock narrowing your eyes at him.

“They’re not all cookbooks.” He denied. “And there are not two boxes worth. There is probably one box at most.“

“You’re not the one who packed them.” You exclaimed, flopping on the mattress that was laying on the floor.

The house Tony had made for the five of you was officially complete. The five of you were set to move in the next day and had spent the entirety of today packing up both rooms. Boxes lined the walls of both rooms and that had been with the five of you editing your belongings where you could.

Most of your furniture, including the bed frame, had already been moved into the new place. All that was left was the boxes here, the mattress and a few odd pieces of furniture.

“If you want to compare who has the most stuff,” Natasha started, sitting down next to you. “How about we address the box of glass animal figures I had to help you wrap and put away?” She asked you.

“Those are my grandmothers and I promised my mother I would keep them intact.” You said with a shrug.

“Are we seriously arguing about who is the bigger hoarder here?” Sam questioned, taking his shirt off and moving towards the chest of draws. “Because I saw the boxes of weapons we had stashed around both rooms and whoever they belonged to is the bigger hoarder.” He stated.

“To be fair, those weapons belong to everyone in this group.” Natasha said with a wave of her hand. “You just never noticed the amount.”

“You do realize all those draws are empty, correct?” Steve questioned, laying on your other side. “We packed them up this morning.”

“Well now that I’ve gone through ¾ of them yes.” Sam sighed, placing his shirt on one of the boxes. “Guess I’m going without a shirt for now.”

“I’m okay with that.” You smirked, attempting to sit up but gave up when you realized Natasha and Steve wouldn’t let you move.

“Where’s Bucky with the pizza?” Natasha asked, hitting closer to you and pressing her face into your neck. “I’m starving.” 

“He probably had to sign something for the delivery guy.” Sam said, laying behind Natasha and throwing his arm over her waist. “You know how it is.”

Steve let out a hum in response as he rolled onto his side and curled up next to you. Looking over your shoulder you saw Steve’s eyes were closed and his breathing had begun to even out. You turned back to your other two partners but stopped yourself from saying anything when you saw they were in a similar position.

You waited for a minute to ensure they were all well and truly asleep before you attempted to move out of their grasp. As slowly and carefully as you could, you twisted, shifted and turned trying to slid your way out of their arms. 

Unfortunately for you, their grip was very tight and the more you moved the tighter it got. You let out a huff and laid back. Now you had three people pretty much laying on top of you and you couldn’t move.

“Need a hand?” Bucky asked from the doorway. He was watching you with a smirk as he leaned against the doorway, hands full as he held multiple boxes of pizza.

“Please.” You begged, barely able to lift your head. “My lungs are about to collapse.”

“Alright. Give me a second.” He said and placed the food on top of some other boxes. He grabbed a pillow from the floor and then moved over to the mattress. “I’m going to lift Steve off you, you need to move as fast as you can and I’ll put a pillow in your place.”

“Got it.” You told him. Bucky silently counted to three and then pulled the large man off you. You lifted Natasha’s arm and slid to the bottom of the bed. You turned to see Bucky replace you with the pillow before letting go of him. “Thanks for that.”

“Anything for you, doll.” He said, kissing your forehead before helping you stand. “You want to take this to the living room? Or what’s left of the living room?” He asked you.

“Sounds good.” You said, grabbing one of the boxes from the pile. “Are you excited for tomorrow?” You asked as you both sat on the floor, using a box for a table. “It’s our first place together.”

“Of course I’m excited, baby doll.” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you into his side. “The five of us finally get to live together. We haven’t been able to really spend a night together since we all became a couple.“

“Can you really call us a couple? There is five of us.” You teased, knowing he hated trying to figure out what to call your group. 

“Whatever. We could call ourselves a pentagon and I wouldn’t care. I get the four of you all to myself.” He said, kissing your forehead. “And there’s nothing I want more.”

“Y/N, where’d you put the box with my books?” Steve called as you helped Natasha move the large bed.

“In the kitchen. Where we put cook books.” You yelled back as the two of you finally got the bed where she wanted it. “Please don’t make me move that again.”

“Do you know which boxes they are in?” Steve asked as he jogged into the bedroom. “Sam just put them all in the corner.”

“I think I wrote on the box in pink highlighter if that helps.” You told him.
“Are you seriously alphabetizing the bookcase already?” Natasha questioned, raising an eyebrow at the blonde. “I thought you were helping Sam and Buck unload some of the boxes from the truck?”

“They banished me to the kitchen.” He grumbled, ears turning pink. “Said I was doing too good a job.”

“That’s such a lie.” Sam said, coming into the bedroom. He was carrying multiple boxes and you could only just see his head behind them all. “You shouldn’t lie to people like that, Stevie.” He teased, placing the boxes next to the walk-in.

“What did you do this time?” Nat asked, turning to Steve.

“I tried to take over again.” He admitted, kicking the ground as if he were a child being scolded. “To be fair, with my plan we could’ve been done in an hour.”

“More like a week.” Bucky commented, entering with another bunch of boxes. “He wanted to go through them all and take them in alphabetically.”

“You’re a bit of a control freak sometimes, you know that, Steve?” You said, also raising an eyebrow at the man.

“Come on.” Natasha said, grabbing Steve’s hand and pulling him towards the doorway. “I’m putting you to work in the living room.” She told him. 

“Did you seriously banish him from the truck?” You asked the men as you moved over to them to help put things away.

“He made a blueprint, doll.” Bucky stated, making you almost drop the shirt you were holding. 

“Are you kidding me? He made a freaking blueprint?” You questioned, eyes flicking between him and Sam in shock. “When did he get time to do that?”

“He was up at four this morning, so who knows.” Sam said, shaking his head as he began hanging up clothes. 

The three of you unpacked the entire bedroom, with some occasional help from Steve and Natasha, and by the time you had finished night had already fallen. 

“I’m exhausted.” Sam sighed, flopping face first onto the bed. “I agree with Steve, we’re all hoarders.”

“What’s this hear about me being right?” Steve asked as he walked into the bedroom. “Is that an admittance we should’ve followed my plan?” 

“No that’s an admittance that we’re hoarders.” Bucky said as Steve sat down next to Sam. Sam grabbed Steve’s arm and pulled the super solider down so he was laying on the bed with him.

“I told you that yesterday.” Steve chuckled, smiling as Sam moved so he was using Steve as a human pillow.

“Well no-one was paying attention yesterday.” You said, laying on Steve’s other side. “You smell really good.” You murmured drowsily. You could faintly hear Bucky chuckle as he climbed in behind Sam and you felt Steve’s chest flutter as he laughed.

“Thank you, darling.” He said, kissing your hairline.

“Where my compliment about my smell?” Bucky teased.

“Love you Bucky.” You whispered, shifting closer to Steve. “Love you boys.”

You didn’t hear the responses from the men as you had already begun to drift off to sleep.

Non-reader POV

“You’re going to throw someone off the bed if you keep moving like that.” Natasha commented, leaning on the doorway as she watched Steve struggle to move. 

“You try trying to get out without disturbing anyone.” He whispered, attempting to lift Sam off him. Sam only wrapped his arms around the blonde tighter, making Steve sigh.

“Okay do you want my help? Because otherwise, I think someone is going to get hurt.” Natasha said, moving off the doorframe.

“Please.” The man begged. “I still have things downstairs I want to put away before I go to bed.”

“Okay, I’m going to pull Y/N off you and you’re going to roll closer to Sam.” Natasha instructed, standing behind Y/N. Steve gave the red head a nod and she lifted their girlfriend off him. 

Once Y/N was off his chest, Steve rolled so he was closer to Sam. Natasha laid Y/N back down and then rounded the bed so she stood next to Bucky and Sam. 

“I’m going to pull these two back and you’re going to need to get off the bed as fast as you can.” She said, gently griping Sam’s arm. Without another word she pulled back the grown men and Steve managed to get to the end of the bed.

“Thanks for that, Nat.” Steve said, kissing Natasha in thanks.

“No problem. Now let’s leave these three to sleep.” Natasha said, watching as their three sleeping partners gravitated towards each other in their slumber. “We are going downstairs and were going to have a talk about your packing system.”

“Does anyone else hear a ringing?” Natasha questioned.

The five of you had been stuck on a mission for the past week. It had been a long week filled with sweat, wounds and fighting. Not just fighting with HYDRA agents, but for the past week the entire team had been subjected to listening to Tony and Steve bickering.

As for the mission itself, it hadn’t gone as well as planned. Everyone came out of it battered and bruised, in more ways than one.

“No, but I can’t hear over the gunshots.” Sam grunted, leaning against the porch chair as Steve pulled out his keys. 

“It could be worse; you could have to cart this thing around.” Bucky said, gesturing to his metal arm. “Careful doll.” He said, catching you as you tripped coming up the stairs.

“I think I just fell asleep for a second.” You murmured, resting your face on Bucky’s shoulder. Steve finally managed to open the door and once it was the five of you all stumbled inside and onto the living room couches and chairs.

“I don’t think I can move.” Steve sighed, resting his head on Natasha’s lap. “My legs feel broken.”

“They’re not broken you’re just tired.” Sam said, lightly tapping one of Steve’s calves. “Anyone want any coffee or something to eat?”

“I’m ready for bed.” You groaned, leaning into Bucky. “I feel like my soul is about to fall asleep.”

“Alright then. Why don’t you four go upstairs and get into bed? I’ll join you in a minute.” Sam suggested. 

“Come on doll. Let’s get to bed.” Bucky said, helping you stand. “You too Stevie. You gotta get up so Nat can come to bed.” He added, tapping Steve’s shoulder. Steve let out a groan but managed to stand after a minute, allowing Natasha to stand. 

Bucky ushered the the three of you upstairs and with his help the three of you somehow undressed and climbed into bed. Bucky got in first and instead of you all picking sides,the three of you simply just laid on top of Bucky. 

You’d barely muttered the words, I love you, before you fell asleep. 

Non-reader POV

“You want me to shift them off you?” Sam asked, entering the bedroom. 

“No it’s okay.” Bucky responded. Somehow he managed to get a hand out of the pile and he raised it to Sam. “Come join the pile, Sammie.”

Sam smiled and stripped off his uniform before joining the pile. He lay surrounded by his favourite people and smiled at Bucky. 

“Night Buck, love you. 

"Love you too, birdbrain." 


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50 with Bucky oh my God yes!!! 😘 You're doing amazing okay love you BAI


A/N: Hope this is good! I had a lot of fun with this one.. making it short was hard! *FROM THESE PROMPTS*

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff… possibly inplied smut if you really dig deep 

Shivers ran up his spine, the ground below frosted over with a fresh layer of snow. He tugged at his jacket pockets, hoping the friction would give him a little bit of extra warmth. You can feel his eyes staring holes into the back of your head. Feeling his body close the gap between you two, he nudged your arm lightly. 

“It’s so cold out here.” Bucky whines in your ear, his warm breath sending new shivers down your spine as it moves the hair covering your ears. A small smile cracking at the sides of your plump lips, slightly frozen and numb from the cold. Without putting down your binoculars, you answer with a slight shake of your head. 

A few seconds later, metal hand wraps around your waist. Bucky wanted your attention and you knew he was going to do anything necessary to achieve it. “It’s reeeeeeeeally cold out here isn’t it Y/N?” 

Bucky took the chance to nuzzle his face in your hair that was covering the back of your neck, insulating it from the cold. His movements made you drop the binoculars to the ground. Your elbow nudging his in his hard as a rock abs, earning a low chuckle from the man. 

“Stop whining. I am not cuddling with you.” You half whispered back. Your voice was stern and demanding, but your eyes were soft and playful. Bucky’s smile lit up when you turned around to face him, slowly dropping to your knees to pick up the binoculars. His eyes watched your every move. 

Arching your back, you slowly stood back up. Coming face to face with Bucky, his lip caught between his teeth, giving you a look that only you can get out of him. “Now that’s not fair.” Bucky mumbled under his breath. His hands finding your hips under all the layers of clothing you adorn. 

“We’re the backup. How bad would you feel if something happened to Steve? And all because you were being a needy little boy, getting ‘warm’ with a lovely young lady in the middle of the woods?” You countered, in a slightly rougher, sexier voice. Turning around in his arms, you brought your attention back to the building you were supposed to be watching. 

Bucky stood behind you, contemplating your questions. His thumb thumping on your hip bone. “Yeah.. I can live with myself.” Bucky whispered in your ear as his arms tightened their grip around your waist, lifting you up and spinning you in the direction of a large tree, out of eye sight of the building. A squeal leaving your body as you tried to keep quiet and act mad. But Bucky knew better… knew you better, and continued to carry your squealing body away. He was getting those cuddles tonight!

This was fun…. I really liked writing this one. Needy Bucky is the best!

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a/n: i miss having time and energy (and inspo lol)  to write tbh but this was sitting in my drafts for a while so oop || if you liked this or any of my other works please consider leaving a nice comment or supporting me in my last sem of college! (commission/donation info here)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: Helen of - of - of - of wars and bloodshed over a woman who has never wanted any of this. Helen of no one, not even herself anymore. Helen of a fun pastime for gods and monsters on the earth and heavens, all baring their teeth at each other for the gaze of a woman who is tired of the fighting. | other parts on AO3

Words: ~ 1.4k+

Warnings: probably some messed up grammar/syntax here or there, but no real warnings i believe? feel free to lmk if i do need to add anything!

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Decade Dance

Word Count: 1636

Warnings: Cursing, nothing too major. I’m posting this on my computer and that’s usually when it fucks up the format, sorry if i delete this and re upload it. Credit to who made this gif, it is not mine. 


Originally posted by coporolight

Why does Tony enjoy partying so much? Is it the lack of attention he gets every day? The way he loves knowing millions are mad they weren’t invited? Or just the pure pleasure he feels knowing most of the team is uncomfortable with being in the public eye. Who knows, I wish he wouldn’t have one almost every month. 

This month’s theme: decades, ”come dressed as your favorite era and let loose” I can remember Tony trying to convince me to come. 

”It’ll be fun! There will be booze and young eligible men, practically an open buffet” His voice raised an octave to convey excitement. 

”Why would I care, I’m not looking into getting sloppy drunk and waking up with some weapons intern,” I whine praying he’d stop. 

”But Tin-Man’s going, wouldn’t want another gal stealing him would you?” He tries bargaining with me, it almost works. Imagining Buck with another girl makes me see red and gets my heart pumping, but Bucky is old enough to make his own decisions and clearly, I’m not one. 

”Tony shut up before someone hears you, and for the love of God forget you know my secret. I told you that whilst doped up on truth serum and you promised not to utter it to another soul!” I gripe. Unlike Tony I try to keep my voice down, there are too many ears in the compound. 

”Come on Y/N let loose, show grandpa what he’s missing, he’s likely to have a heart attack seeing YOU all dressed up.” Widening his eyes to get the point across, I rolled mine with a huff. 

Reaching the kitchen there sat Steve with Sam, both flushed and sweating from their sparring.Great Steve most definitely heard us

”Capsicle dance Saturday, you bringing a plus?” Steve rolled his eyes at the question.

”I’m not going, I have mission reports to write up-” He turned towards me, ”doubt Buck’ll go without me there.” 

”Actually he’ll most likely go just for Y/N, he’s been planning to talk to you,” Sam spoke up, breath still a little heavy. 

”See all the more reason to be there Y/N. Don’t you want Barnes to have fun for once, Rogers help me here.” Steve stood up, patted me on the shoulder and left.

”Steve’s a loyal friend he’s not going to make me do something I’m uncomfo-” 

”You need a friend that will push boundaries, look, kid, you’re coming whether you want to or not. Boom, finale.” Leaving no room or time to complain Tony waltzed out of the kitchen. 

Now here I am with my hair in waves going away from my face, all set with half a can of hairspray. The outfit move was green velvet bell-bottoms, a Fleetwood Mac shirt, and a black leather jacket. I had on soft blue eyeshadow and a coral nude lip. Sam and I had decided to go as the ’70s together. 

”Nat and I are ready, are you coming with us?” The thick Sokovian accent startled me from my thoughts. 

Opening the door there stood two goddesses awaiting my appearance. Wanda was a hippie from the ’60s, flowy floral dress that was complemented with a floppy white hat, her face was natural except for some rhinestones by her eyes. Nat was the opposite of the both of us, she rocked a grunge look from the ’90s. Ripped blue jeans, flannel (that I’m sure she stole from Clint) around her waist, and a bleached Stone Temple Pilots shirt. She had a smokey eye and dark plum lips on, her hair pin-straight, as per usual. 

“Woah!” All of us said at the same time. 

”Nat, you’re literally a goddess, what the fuck?” I chuckled as I looked at her.

”Thank you-” side smiling she glanced between Wanda and me, ”you both are gorgeous!” 

We all giggled as we walked to the elevator, still complimenting each other.

When we arrived at our floor the elevator door opened to show Sam, he was wearing denim bell-bottoms and a white tank top under a denim jacket. 

”Ayy groovy lady!” He held his hand out for me to take. Once I put my hand in his he spun me around making my bell-bottoms flare and me laugh. 

”Both of you ladies look gorgeous, makes me want to go back in time to pick up some foxy babes.” His goofy smile had us laughing, Wanda and I linked our arms with him and we all walked into the party. 

The smell of perfume, drinks, and sweat gave me a headache instantly, I already wanted to ditch. 

Tony had just gotten done giving his speech and the music was blasting. I couldn’t think straight, too much noise brought welcomed memories, unfortunately, that comes with the job. To combat this I usually throwback drink after drink, then I’d return to my room early, but tonight had to be different, I promised Tony.  

Grabbing a beer from the bar I turned around to people watch, but my attention was pulled to the far wall. Sam was talking to a Greaser from the ’50s, but not any Greaser. It was Bucky. Hair cut and slicked back, face bare, tight blue jeans, tight white shirt, and to top it all off a fucking black leather jacket. Choking on my sip of beer I began coughing, I couldn’t breathe just from the look of him. Damnit he’s going to be the death of me. 

And as if on cue Bucky looked over at me, blue eyes somewhat blurry from distance but still captivating. Slowly getting up I walked towards him, everyone else had disappeared, the music and smell of sweaty dancing bodies had faded out. It felt like just him and me. Almost there a girl cut in front of me and practically ran to Sam and Bucky. I decided not to embarrass myself or cause a scene and go outside instead, they’d probably be entertained for a few minutes.

Stepping into the chilly New York air was like throwing water on a fire to my skin, it like I was sizzling. I could finally breathe again, not to mention hear myself thinking. The music was a low hum which was nice background noise to watching the stars. Cursing at myself for not talking to Bucky I remembered what Sam had said. 

”he’s been planning to talk to you” 

Bucky would come out here if he wanted, but I couldn’t help but be anxious he wouldn’t. This wouldn’t be the first I thought he’d do something just to be proven wrong. 

Getting lost in thought I didn’t hear the door open. 

”Apparently I used to love parties, could stay out all night and do it all over the next day, according to Stevie, too bad I don’t remember, huh? Maybe it’s what happened or the fact that I’ve gotten older but I prefer the calm things. Waking up to the smell of coffee, walks in the park, movie nights, and getting lost in beautiful things.” Turning to look at him, I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Doll, I-I know I’ve been holding you at arms length and being a little weird lately but I don’t know how to handle myself around you. I get too lost, no self control, you’re so kind and understanding and-and the nicest person I’ve met. Sometimes it honestly scares me how much I feel like myself with you and that’s something I haven’t felt in a hundred plus years.” His confession made me freeze, how do I say it back? I feel the same way but there’s no way it’ll be as good as his. 

“Bucky, I know the feeling. I constantly think about you-us, if there is one, I’ve been trying to tell you but I was too nervous to say anything. I can’t tell you how many things Stark has blackmailed me into just so he wouldn’t tell you. I just thought you’d reject me and to me I’d rather not know than be rejected by you.” I scanned his face for clues on the next move when suddenly he reached for my face. His huge hands placed below my jaw to hold me in place as he leaned in and kissed me. 

Soft. His hands, lips, movement, it was all soft, he handled me like I was glass but I waited so long I needed more, I needed fire. Bucky went to pull away but I pushed back, pulled the collar of his shirt and kissed him with everything I had. I needed him to know how I felt, I needed to feel like I was being seen and accepted by him. His movements stuttered for a minute and I was afraid he was going to leave, instead he grabbed my hips and pulled me even closer to his body. I hadn’t realized how cold I was until I felt the radiating heat coming from him. I was hypnotized by his body, I could stay like this forever. 

Breaking apart we both panted, almost gasping for air. It felt like we had kissed for an eternity. His eyes greeted mine the same way mine did his, full of shock and joy, and maybe something a little darker. 

“Sorry about that-“ I straightened out his shirt but his lopsided grin said it all.

“Don’t freight Dollface, just a shirt. You kiss every guy like that?” 

“Only the ones that drive me slightly crazy.” I couldn’t help but bite my lip like a shy school kid. Something about Bucky brought out this vulnerable and raw emotion. 

“I hope one day you can show how you kiss when you’ve gone completely insane, I’d risk dying for your lips Angel.” The words mixed with the truth in his eyes and toothy grin he had, I all but melted into his arms. He really will be the death of me. 

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Request:  Dark! Bucky interrogation drabble

Pairing:  Dark!Bucky x reader

Warnings:  Non-con (Please do not read if this offends you), This is kinda hard to warn, not that bad IMO.  

A/N: This is for @opheliadawnwalker3

Words:  500 (Just a drabble)

   His lips were everything you wanted.  His teeth, even more.  You cried out and arched your back as he bit into your clavicle.  


Originally posted by bishopl

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