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Bragging time

A lovely couple that I helped map out their finances is now out of credit card debt! It took them about a year (after moving to a more affordable city) to get their balance down to zero. They are going to stick with the spending plan that we worked on and put the money that had been going to the credit card company into savings for a house.

Don’t let them tell you that millennials can’t budget!

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Update on our day & new ramp project. Frost fighter heater is amazing piece of #equipment #efficientvelotools #teachingmethods #cost #budgetingtips make sure you can cover the costs & allow for tools doing the same work in a different season may affect how the team performs. #planningahead #projectedincreases #2019goals (at Lava Lanes of Medford)

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Just a few bits and pieces, I would welcome any chat in the comments. How are you doing on your goals? What things are you thinking about or need any advice with, go for it <3 

+ growing my natural hair colour out is going well, I am finding I need to wash it much less often which is great because I always had to wash it every single day before and I always wanted to rectify that.

+ I haven’t mentioned this here but I have been funded 50% to do a course by work and have cash-flowed the rest by shifting around some of my sinking funds. I start end of September. Plan is to save £200 a month in a sinking fund for year 2 if I need it, but also to look into various funding opportunities and try to get sponsored by work again. The course will make me eligible for more skilled jobs in my field and as such, better paid ones.

+ We got approved for a mortgage on a flat. It’s very exciting but incredibly slow moving but we will be in before xmas. After that a big focus is becoming mortgage free asap.

+ I am going to start reporting spending here more, especially as I am going to be focusing on these pretty intense financial goals.

+ I wonder if we might need to get a credit card to cover any moving stuff. My partner is really good at saving a lot of their pay and not spending any money, so more likely I will end up owing them some £ and paying that off informally. The essentials we need are: a fridge freezer, a mattress and a washing machine. You can get serviced white goods from charity shop furniture outlets, which is our plan. A lot of the rest we will try and get from freecycle but we are happy to sleep on a mattress and live without a sofa initially if it comes to it.

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Are you planning an adventure? A holiday away? Here’s a great tip on budgeting and being money savvy for your trip 💵✈️🌍
I thought I’d share some tips from my #travelplanningseries videos I did recently on my YT channel! (Link in bio) ❤️
Where to begin? A good start when it comes to #budgeting for a trip and planning how much money to save and spend on this trip, is to create a spreadsheet 🙌🏼 I used Google Sheets to plan out our main criteria’s regarding money, that Mick and I will need for the trip. Those were; food, accommodation, transport (intercity, international, buses, taxis, planes etc.) and leisure time. I did research online for all these categories and put down estimated amounts we’d need. I also created a “higher” and “lower” budget. So “lower” was things we absolutely needed and was a necessity for the trip, and “higher” included extra things we’d like and things we could go without.
Watch the full video and my other track planning videos (link in my bio to the playlist) and message me with any tips or feedback you have! ✈️✨
#budget #budgetplanner #budgetingtips #budgeting101 #budgetingtools #howtobudget #savemoneytips #budgetandtravel #budgettravel #travelonabudget #budgetingsecrets (at South Africa Cape Town)

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So how many of y’all have trouble budgeting your spending money?! I mean hey, no shame or judgment here, because we all secretly know we’re each guilty of seeing those one or two items TJMAXX or Target has with those orange and red clearance stickers 🤷🏼‍♀️ “but it’s only $3.00!” Which we repeat in our heads all the way to the checkout cashier to justify those couple of dollars, just so we don’t feel so guilty about it. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ll be the first to admit I’m WAY too bad about this.

One thing I can admit about myself is that I hardly EVER buy anything full price. I like to coin myself the queen of deals (and most of my friends would tell you the same). I’m that woman who finds the best promo codes for online shopping, or that woman who buys name brand items I find at places like Ross, Tjmaxx and Marshall’s..and then flip it online through my Mercari or Poshmark apps 💁🏼‍♀️💰✨

So anyways LETS GET TO IT!! I want to share one of my own personal budgeting tips with y’all! Now, whether you’re like me, or the extreme opposite, my second reason for blogging about this is for those of you who may not even know about these FREE, NO FEES debit cards 💳☺️ Oh yes, I said free!! And it’s as simple as downloading apps to your iPhone or Android 👌🏻

Venmo is the app I prefer.. but there’s also other apps like Cashapp that offer the same types of cards I’ll be discussing. (I secretly prefer the 🌈 of colors the Venmo card displays ❤️🧡💚💗💙💛)

So how does it work? Simple!

  1. Download “Venmo” or “Cashapp” to your iPhone or Android.
  2. Create your free account.
  3. Link your bank account and debit card to your newly created account (yes it’s secure).
  4. Request the FREE Venmo or Cashapp debit card offered in-app.
  5. Add funds to your account (however much you want to spend daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  6. Once your card arrives, use it JUST LIKE a normal debit card! You can keep a check on the balance of your card via the Venmo or Cashapp on your phone.

Now, with these cards, you have the option to automatically reload funds, or just add $$ whenever you see fit. This is exactly why I feel these cards are perfect for helping yourself to budget your spending 🙃🙂

You can set your own daily, weekly, monthly, etc. limits on your spending. This goes for groceries, gas, eating out , retail shopping, and whatever else it is you spend 💰💰 on.

I hope y’all enjoyed my small budgeting tip or at least found it somewhat informative and helpful❣️


Taylor Hart Amback

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