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#bug art
Fact: Despite Bubbles supposedly being capable of speaking multiple languages, the only language she would be incapable of speaking in is sign language.

where there’s a will, there’s a way

bonus: weapon

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Behold! A man! (or a cockroach)

This is the weirdest submission I’ve ever gotten but I support this digital cockroach

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Was looking through stuff on my computer to toss out and found these. I drew them like two or three years ago while thinking about concepts for like what older!PPG designs could look like if people actually like gave them dresses that weren’t skintight suits and let them still be feminine while also not being overly sexy (like what tends to happen to a lot of superheroine designs in general). I dunno. They’re okay I guess! I’ve been sitting on these for a while and never got around to doing anything else with them (and most likely will never do anything else with them), so, here you go internet!

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Eremnus lineatus | Jan. 2020

This week’s weevil is the pinstripe weevil! I don’t usually anthropomorphize bugs, but I thought of this one as wearing a little pinstripe suit and I just couldn’t resist.

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