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#bug fear
Any tips for getting over an irrational fear of spiders? I think they're super cool and beautiful, but I can't help but scream encountering one.

Yes this post here! There are also stories of people overcoming their fears in the bug fear tag. :)

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I got over my fear of bees in high school when I was working a party for a club I was in! We had a table with soda and juice for people to drink as they went through the party. We were holding it in this courtyard though, and bees started swarming all over the drinks table. The girl who was supposed to do drinks was too scared so I stepped in! It was actually really cute! They just wanted some juice!! I ended up getting over my fear, making some cute bug friends, and ending up with a nice story!

They are just thirsty and want to do bee stuff

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My “how I stopped being afraid of bugs” story: I had a lifelong, intense fear of bees, wasps, etc until one year I went to a renaissance festival. I was pretty high on some edibles and I mixed it with cider so I was floating and this yellow jacket started interacting with my cider. In my altered state I felt no fear and this yellow jacket and I totally vibed and I haven’t been afraid since. Due to the subject matter I understand if you can’t publish this but I wanted to share with you.

No judgement here I just want people to vibe with bugs so I think this is a very nice story

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do you have any advice for someone whos scared of cellar spiders? i love arachnids so much but every time i see a cellar spider i just freak out

The same advice I give to anyone who is afraid of any kind of bug! Educate yourself about them and then look at photos and videos to desensitize yourself to how they look and move. Also there’s a myth about them (and harvestmen) that they have very potent/dangerous venom which is super not true. Their venom is very weak and they don’t wanna bite you anyway.

Since you said you don’t mind other arachnids I’ll assume you won’t mind this close-up of a cellar spider face because LOOK HOW CUTE


Photo: Public Domain

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Hello! So I saw your advise a while ago to someone on how to be less wary of spiders by watching videos and looking at pictures of the leggy bois, and decided to try it myself and now I feel much more comfortable with them, I even have one living in a flower pot in my house! He's very nice and eats bugs for me! So thank you!

This…is such a good message. Thank you so much this actually made me emotional I’m so glad you so quickly got to the point that you can let a friend live in your house now! This made my day thank you again

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is it weird to be super scared out of my mind when i see a tiny spider but less scared around bigger spiders like tarantulas? i have arachnophobia but i almost don’t notice any anxiety when i look at tarantulas at the pet store.

I used to be the same way! I think it’s less scary when you can see all of what’s going on on their body and also they can’t scurry away and hide very easily. For me there was always a happy medium between small enough to be creepy, big enough not to be scary, and then Too Big Yikes

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Do you have any tips for those of us who are trying to overcome a fear of bugs? I am especially freaked out by spiders. Spiders are the one thing that I can see a picture of and my heart immediately starts to race, but I want to get over it. Your blog helps. Any other ideas?

I have a bug fear tag with answers to similar questions, and I’ll direct you to this post in particular. Basically education and exposure! And for spiders in particular, try to find ones that don’t freak you out quite as much start there with looking at photos of those. For a lot of people, that’s jumping spiders, since they are very adorable. Educating myself about them helped me in particular - the vast majority of them are not dangerous and they’re quite interesting! Wolf spider mothers, for example, care for their babies for some time after they hatch. And there’s a species of spider that’s entirely vegetarian! Cool.

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When ilI was younger I was afraid of bigs because of a bad run in with arts (a swarm of them on you legs biting everything will do that), but as I've grown I've come to love bugs and even have a couple bug fursonas. I've had more than a coupme friends and my sibling come to me and tell me that my love of bugs has inspired them to admire and discover their own love of bugs. Onto neat bug things, my fav are cicadas because thet have a strikingly different call depending on which area they're from.

This message was a wild ride thank you so much for sending it. And heck yeah I love cicadas!

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Not really an ask but I just wanna say that I recently found your page and have been using it to get over my entomophobia (fear of bugs) and instead see the beauty in them and it’s been helping a lot so thank you!

I’m so glad you’re working on appreciating them! They are pretty neat

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My ex used to be afraid of spiders but he let mr relocate them. Instead of being afraid he saw how much it meant to me that they live and he started watching tarantula feeding videos until he got over his fear and now even as exes we can gush about them and he shows me videos he finds and makes silly voices for them.

That’s adorable! I’m glad he made an effort to get over his fear. Honestly it really does help being around people who aren’t afraid. And looking at pictures and watching videos is so helpful as well.

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I used to have major arachnophobia and uneasiness around most bugs, but in recent years I've completely turned around on them. I especially love spiders, they make me smile! I can't wait for spring to come so I can go out and look for jumpers. I'm going to garden as well and hopefully attract lots of bees! 💛🐝 I'm so glad I'm a bug lover now.

I’m so glad too! Life is more enjoyable when there are tiny friends everywhere. Hope you find some good lil jumpers.

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hey! i used to follow this blog and i thought it was really cool until i developed a phobia of bugs, so i have to unfollow, but i just wanted you to know that i really loved this account and its really just a sweet positive place to be and thank you for that!!

How unfortunate! Glad you enjoyed while you could. Hope to see you back if and when you’re ready to embrace bugs again. :)

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Scorpion anon, if this helps at all, when my girlfriend was little, she lived in an area where scorpions would sometimes get into her house. So when she was like 3, she goes to use the bathroom and sees one in there, so she runs to tell her mom. However, being 3, she forgot the word "scorpion", and told her mom that there was, and I quote, a "bad crab" in there.

BAD CRAB. This is very cute. We don’t want to give them a complex by calling them bad, though. How about danger crab? :)

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I've seen you help a lot of people with general fear of bugs/spiders, but I was wondering if there's any advice you could give for fear of scorpions? I always feel so bad because I know most of them can't kill me ;-;

Pretty much the same advice as getting over fear of other bugs, just education and exposure! It’s not unreasonable to be afraid since they can sting. Scorpions in general, though, don’t want anything to do with you. They’re not going to randomly attack you. In fact, living in Arizona, where there are more than 40 species, I rarely ever see them. Once in a while they can get into houses but again, they aren’t going to hurt you unless maybe you jam your foot into a shoe that happens to have a scorpion hiding inside of it. If you’re outside, they like to hide under rocks and logs and in wood piles during the day, so just look before putting your hand anywhere like that.

Scorpion stings are painful, but there’s only one species in the US that’s considered potentially very dangerous to humans - the Arizona bark scorpion - and even then, a healthy adult would likely survive a sting just fine. Only young children, elderly people, and adults with compromised immune systems may have an issue. In Australia, none of the species are considered deadly to humans.

If you have trouble even looking at them, I’d say try what I always recommend, looking at photos and videos online!

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Heya! I got a question! Do you have any advice for getting over phobias of bugs? I find them so amazing and i can handle seeing them online but I shut down and panic when they are near me irl? ;v;

I have a bug fear tag where I answer questions about this a lot. Short answer is education and exposure - learn about them, watch pics and videos, and eventually work up to being near them in real life. Start with the ones you absolutely know can’t harm you and it would probably also help to start with ones that won’t jump or fly at you suddenly. Some zoos have bug exhibits which might help you safely view them! Or google local entomology shows/meet ups,  you can often see and interact with bugs at those. Or even a pet store! They have crickets and mealworms you can view through glass and sometimes tarantulas and other cool bug pets. :)

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i replied to a post here about my feat of bees but tumblr likes deleting my replies, i have an extreme fear of them bc of the same reason shots make me like spaz out literally, bees and shots might as well be deadly venomous snakes to my brain and i hate it bc bees are so cute in pictures but up close theyre the grim reaper themself lol

It’s completely understandable to be afraid of bees, their stings hurt! And can potentially be life-threatening if you’re allergic like I am. So it’s okay to admire them from afar. :)

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Is there a good way to get over a fear of spiders, seeing them often on your blog has helped some, but what’s the next step? I really like gardening and I don’t want to harm any boys.

Reading about them is very helpful! Learn some fun spider facts. That sometimes helps your brain realize 99% of them aren’t gonna hurt you in any way so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Watching youtube videos of them also is helpful I’ve found. Start with jumping spiders if the other ones give you too many willies!

Some cute spider (and arachnid) facts:

-Wolf spider mothers care for their young for several weeks!

-There’s a species called Bagheera kiplingi that is mostly herbivorous.

-The bugs people often call daddy longlegs are not spiders but harvestmen! They aren’t harmful and don’t even have venom glands.

-Baby spiders are called spiderlings.

-All spiders produce silk! Not all spin webs. Some spiders produce up to seven different kinds of silks, all for different purposes!

-Some spiders eat their own webs before making a new one to recycle the amino acids. Thrifty!

-In some species of jumping spider, males perform elaborate courtship dances to impress females. Please look up videos of this, it is absolutely adorable.

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