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#bujo spread

jeong yunho aka the light to my dark days♡

couldn’t just not have a spread dedicated to him and the love i have for this precious human being♡

ig: @bblueside_
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Couldn’t focus on reading last night, no matter how hard I tried. Because, I had just finished watching Pride and Prejudice (the TV show- hence the spread), I couldn’t stop thinking about it and so I decided to re-watch Bridget Jones’s Diary because hmm Colin Firth. So yes, I just had to do a spread! 

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Day 22/100 - Tuesday Reflection -

100 Days of Productivity Challenge

Entry by @whitelattesandbadassery

Song of the day

The day isn’t technically over yet…

But the day is at the point where i could’nt write an authentic morning entry.

Today was good, its well into the evening but I am far from sleep. I have so much i need to get done tonight. Writing entries has been hard but I am NOT quitting, I’ll just catch up, it’s not something I should beat myself up for.

I’m studying with Thomas right now (yes the famous mysterious boyfriend i write about all the time)

If this is your first time reading an entry of mine… I kinda just write whatever the fuck i want. It’s a to-do list mixed with a diary, mixed with a reflection type thing. My therapist thought it would be a good idea, and I agree!

To do list:

  • Finish this

I’m so tired, that’s gonna be all for today.


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March is going to be exciting for me because I’m going to start using a new notebook for my BuJo (it’s from a Disney collection, but I don’t remember the brand of the notebook).

I’ve already made a year in a glance, written down my “want to” lists and created a new monthly spread which you can see on the pictures above.

To sum up - I’m undeniably ready to start the new month 👌

Btw, would you like me to make a flip through video of my previous BuJo? ^^

Ps. The handsome man in the picture - Mr Lee Dong Wook (이 동욱 씨)

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