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#bullet journal

jeong yunho aka the light to my dark days♡

couldn’t just not have a spread dedicated to him and the love i have for this precious human being♡

ig: @bblueside_
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Friday - 02.28.20

Eeeee, I’m into my last set of classes and then I’m done my first year of college. omg.

It’s so exciting for me because it was such a huge step for me to take last year and now we’re down to the last seven weeks!

And after my struggle to find a planner setup I liked at the beginning of the year I’ve finally had the sense to go back to my trusted bujo and put everything in one easy place again. 

This Part 2 of the semester I have Communications (or English), Marketing, and Human Resources. And I also have to keep track of “L’s classes” who is my sister because we share a car. 

I also thought this would be a good place to keep track of deadlines and grades for each class for my own personal record. 

Have a great weekend guys!

Following #studytobloom.

- Bloom

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28.02.2020 // new desk set up ✨

last night i was hyped up on an afternoon nap and caffeine so i decided to do some rearranging in my dorm room. this is the product! my other desk has become a catch-all for random things so i wanted to have another cleared-off space where i can study. also it’s just such a cozy corner it makes me want to sit there all the time!!

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“It was too early to tell what was happening. I told myself from the beginning this was a no strings fling, but today marks the end and I feel strings stronger than ever. Sheets rustled and my heart beats louder. I cursed myself for starting something I couldn’t handle.”

~endless pages from my journal // nervousoutcome

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Carta a un chico desconocido.

Día 4.

Me sentí mejor y prometí cambiar la forma en como lo veía, aunque él ni siquiera sabe lo que siento, sin embargo, no hay posibilidad (he sido coqueta, linda y muchas cosas más y no fui correspondida).

Siento que no vale la pena, ahora lo mejor es seguir concentrada en mí y si voy a hacer ejercicio ahora cambia la dinámica, si antes en parte me gustaba ir para verlo y estar con él eso ahora es pasado.

Vuelvo a lo que era antes de idealizarlo y repetiré “el ejercicio y todo lo qué haces es para ti y para ti, no para nadie más”

¡buenas noches!🌙

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26. 02. 2020

Half way through my exam and idk, I’m not really stressed…. which might be good but I feel like I studied more the week before my exams that now I’ve in a way given up and going with the flow….does that make sense? Probably not .

- Sara

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