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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#but sometimes it b like that

idk about y’all but right now becoming a witch, living in the woods by myself with the occasional adventurer stopping by to ask for a potion or a place to sleep in exchange for some obscure item sounds really good right now

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Peter, ringing Tony: Hey Mr. Stark, I'm lost
Tony: Where are you?
Peter: Well I went down to the end of the hallway and took a left like you said, then walked forward until the second door and took a right, then opened the fourth door but now I can't figure out where I am
Tony: FRIDAY, where is Peter?
FRIDAY: Peter Parker is no longer in this building
Tony: Excuse me? Peter! Where did you go?!
Peter: I don't know! I didn't leave the penthouse!
Tony: You clearly did!
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The metro isn’t a nice place.

The railway tracks go on forever.

The walls move closer the longer you stay.

The eyes don’t blink.

The body doesn’t move.

He sits there, rusted and broken, staring into space as he slowly rots away. You stare back, but your eyes never meet. He’s angled towards the floor, a small puddle of ink reflecting his disfigured form back at him. He doesn’t see it. He doesn’t see anything. He doesn’t feel anything. After all, he is a corpse.

You have questions - so many questions - to ask him, but you can’t bring yourself to speak. To break the silence between you feels wrong; but all these questions eat away at you, make your breath quicken slightly and hearts beat a little faster.

Who created you?

Why did you do it?

Do you regret it?

The last one makes your eyes widen. You still for a moment, before a strange sorrow fills your chest. Of course he wouldn’t regret it. He’s done worse, he wouldn’t care about you. Doesn’t care about you. Or the marks he’s left behind, psychological and physical. The harsh throbbing on your face agrees.

They said it would never heal. You still can’t see out that eye, even 3 months later. It still burns when it’s cold, itches when you splash it with some water, stings after a nightmare. It still hurts to look at. You don’t really remember what your reflection looks like, now that you think about it. You haven’t even glanced at a mirror since it happened.

Maybe that’s why you avoid the shards of plastic near the platform. The blender you broke, cuttlefish tells you. You don’t remember, of course, but you believe him. Even if he let you get sanitized. You hold nothing against him. Or Eight. They’re not the ones at fault. He is.

You continue to stare. So does he. Your eyes never meet. He’s angled towards the floor. You’re angled towards him. The silence continues.

The body doesn’t move.

The eyes don’t blink

The walls move closer the longer you stay.

The railway tracks go on forever.

The metro isn’t a nice place.

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You ship V and David? Glad I wasn’t alone! ❤️

I’m filth so I love shipping V with her dancers because regardless of what signals V is giving off, it always seems the dancers are absolutely in love with her- girl dancers included- maybe ‘cause it feels more like she’s “one of them”? Or just because they all spend more time working with V since her dance numbers are usually more demanding and get close that way.

I loved that V and David happened because they seemed really similar but also um…that might have been why they broke up? I was laughing for days after over how V literally got a taste of her own medicine off of David but I think if they had broken up in a less… dramatic way I’d totally still believe they were hooking up and support it!

Right now I high key ship V and Sebastian, like just in my mind tho cause Sebastian is married? And it doesn’t look like they’re open but he clearly loves V in the hot neighbor big brother way and I love to see it! If he wasn’t married or there is a throuple situation though I mean, I’m 100% here for it.

(Also low key shipped her and Jeremy from WTW while Filip was like Vs normal friend with the two girls, Jeremy was so into being Vs gym buddy and trading inspirational quotes so it was cute there for a bit… I know a lot of people ship V and Ink LA/Jonathan but I just don’t follow him closely enough! V seems to really thrive off of being loved on and I think that’s why she’s so easy to ship with the dancers 🙈 )

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I’ve been thinking about Sherlock lately, and about Sherlock Holmes in general, and I’m going to rant a little bit about one of my two biggest problems with Sherlock’s characterization.

(Disclaimer: I never watched the fourth season. I did watch the first three and the “Abominable Bride” special—which gave lots of ammo to my old reincarnation headcanons!—but I was never deeply in the fandom.)

My objection: John Watson ought to be a romantic.

And I don’t mean chasing after women, which is the closest the writers seemed to get! I mean he should be, in the old-fashioned sense, romantic—idealistic, keenly sensitive to atmosphere, engrossed by ideas and the arts.

Instead, though I’m extremely glad they liked and respected the character of Watson, and that they steered away from “comedically bungling sidekick”… it seems as though they were trying too hard to make John cool?

He’s the hard-headed action-hero representative. He’s the practical one who’s constantly aggrieved by Sherlock’s poor domestic habits. He’s the veteran who assesses situations as “fun” or “threat” but doesn’t seem to have any interests outside of cases. John Watson, 21st-century sidekick, is almost aggressively mundane—very hobbitish, in a way, but almost all Baggins and almost no Took.

Our original Watson, on the other hand… well, he’s a writer. He’s an excellent writer, clearly devoted to his craft, and the story-loving temperament shows all through him. Like, I understand why John wouldn’t seem to need that trait on the surface, as he’s not needed for narration… But reducing him from “lifelong dedicated writer” to “does chatty blog posts for therapy” is a fundamental change.

Our Watson falls into philosophical musings at the drop of a hat. He loves beauty, and quite often the reason he misses the truth is because he’s too sensitive to atmosphere. (On the other hand, he has high emotional intelligence—even if he’s wrong about why someone feels something, he’s usually right about what they’re feeling.) Never forget his first letter to Holmes in Hound of the Baskervilles, where he spent the first page or so describing the autumn landscape and how it made him feel… and then wrapped up with “However, this is all beside the point, and probably severely uninteresting to you” and went on to his actual report. (But LEFT IN the useless description, which I’m sure Holmes appreciated just for being so characteristically him.)

Give me a modern Watson who carries around notebooks at all times, and scribbles down snatches of descriptive writing or notes for future pieces whenever the case is slow. Give me an idealistic Watson who still expects the world to be fair and just, even after all he’s seen, and is outraged every time it’s not. Give me a modern Watson who’s a nerd—because he would be—who has a subscription to the Doctor Who Magazine and will openly fight with anyone who says Dickens is overrated and has Opinions on the new Narnia movies because C. S. Lewis is Important, okay?? Give me a modern Watson who gets distracted from whatever he and Holmes are supposed to be doing by a lovely landscape, or by going inside an old majestic building, or by any live music. Give me a Watson with wonder in his eyes.

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Y’know, I think I just now realized my favorite thing about being a killjoy.

I LOVE how colorful and unique our costumes are!

I mean, I’ve been doing some improvements on my mask, and I gotta say, it looks pretty badass.

I added some gears that I drew on, and some of those colorbars that pop onto a TV set when there’s an error, as well as some silver duct tape that I found a while back!

Pics once it’s done, but for now… I just really like color!

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@augustaean​ from here

Rebecca is mid-pout when Jacob swears vengeance on her naysayers, oh, how she can always count on the likes of Jacob to bring cheer to her cheeks. “Joe won’t PLAY with me.” Becca says in a childish tone, she’s in one of her moods today and Joseph is busy. But busy to Rebecca when she’s like this is taken the wrong way. It’s not meant as unloving but to her, it seems so. “And you know how he likes to make John the busiest!” She throws her hands up, some of her honey blonde hair sliding from her shoulders at that. 

“I miss everyone. And I’m sad.” She declares those words with gusto, crossing her arms over her chest and then she’s full pout after that. Doe eyes and full lips make her seem like a Disney princess. It would be an accurate physical description in that case anyway. “Remember before, when everything was normal,” One would have to ask her when anything was normal but again, her memories don’t seem to match the others. She’s blocked certain things from her memory. Abuse has caused regression in her case. 

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