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Today the band 5 Seconds of Summer released their song Old Me. The title of the song is quite telling. I don’t really follow their music these days anymore, but six years ago I followed them religously. You should have seen my room, I was surrounded by their faces on the posters on my walls. My twitter was full of their tweets and my replies, that I really thought that they would see.

It was different back then, and Old Me did not only remind me of the band, but the old me. I used to sit in my room blasting their music and complain about middle school. Now I sit at home in silence paying taxes adn studying for university. The edgy girl with red hair became the pencil skirt and high heel wearing woman. 

The point of this post; Sometimes you realize how old you are really getting. Bands like 5 Seconds of Summer remind me of that. However listening to their songs make me feel somewhat like a young teen again. Listening to 18, like I myself wasn’t over 18 already. But, I also feel kind of sad, since the 5SOS that I knew and loved aren’t the same anymore. Just like I have grown, so have they. 

Thank you.

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Story of my Tumblr Account

I started my Tumblr account in 2012 hoping to make a platform for OPM through my account name @madelainee, but I wasn’t sure of how to maintain it.

It was in late 2014 when I realized that 5sos would be a great topic for re/posting blogs so I revived this account for my fave band. I love keeping in touch with 5sos through this ‘coz I saw many updates here.

In 2018, I finally decided to change my account name from @madelainee to @5sosers to fit with its content.

This year 2020, I realized that SB19, a Ppop group that I really love, would also be a good content so I made a new account @keunayuya for A'tin.

Never thought that my journey in Tumblr would be this long. It has witnessed everything about my fangirling with 5sos, and now I’m excited to fill my new account with (mostly) original contents from yours truly!

Above all, thank you very much! 💙🌹

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