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So your telling me that I can watch 2 hours of Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Boleva kicking ass while wearing leather jackets and combat boots with the most badass soundtrack playing in the background and ALL I have to do is wait 6 months and then pay you everything in my wallet???

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Desc: Fake Dating AU. Celebrity AU. After pity posts for Sebastian skyrocketing, you two being seen together as friends a lot and with a big movie coming up, his management decides to pair you two for a PR stunt. You both agree, pranking the public seems fun and getting rid of pity tweets seems convenient.
Pairing: Sebastian x Reader
Warning: It’s not that good and one of my last real people fiction pieces I have left. Not beta read.



+Pop Magazine - Articles: +Hot actors that are still on the market!+

*@lancebastian: Someone give this man a family!*
*@stanfanfam: I feel so bad for him, he still isn’t with a woman or trying to build a family.*
*@aliburger: Poor boy looks so alone. I’m volunteering!*


+Pop Magazine - Candids: +Sebastian Stan seen with his friend Y/N Y/LN in Manhattan, New York+

*@seabassbaby: I know they’re just friends but they’d make a cute couple.*
*@lancebastian: Get her, Stan!*
*@vanillaiceice: She’s cute af.*


“People are pitying you so much, it’s insane. What is so wrong with being single at your age?” you looked up from your phone at Sebastian sitting on the other side of the couch.
“They’re just projecting their desires onto this.” he shrugged without looking up from his phone.
“How does that not annoy you to some degree? I read it and get irritated by it.” you chuckled.
“Sometimes I do, but at the end of the day it’s so unimportant.” now he looked up.
“Yeah, but doesn’t that suck energy out of you to some level?” you two never talked about this specifically.
“A bit.” another shrug with a small pout.
“Well, let’s stop talking about that then. When’s press coming up?” you tried to change the topic.
He looked at you for a second with a confused face before answering, “I think in two weeks.”
“No, brunch meetings for weeks again.” you pouted like a child and got a smile back from him.
“Poor baby.” he played into it and laughed.
“You know they keep me sane.” you answered chuckling.
“I know. I promise we’ll eat like three pizzas in one day when I’m back again, chaotic mess.” you looked at him offended.
“I’m just telling the truth.” he held his arms up and grinned.
“Ar-” you were interrupted by someone calling him and went back to checking your socials.
You had a decent following and were friends with a few photographers, which gave you the opportunity to try yourself as a model and influencer. One of you photography friends is also how you two met and as soon as you two found your love for New York brunch meetings the friendship was sealed.
“With Y/N?” you looked up at the mention of your name and saw him raise a brow.
“Okay, yeah. Good, tomorrow at 11am. See ya.” he ended the call and finally saw your confused face.
“Guess we have a meeting at 11am tomorrow and they also want you there.” his hand went through his hair and he exhaled a bit exhausted.
“Why that?” you weren’t with his management or something.
“She didn’t tell me. Maybe they want to sign you?” he was just as clueless as you and sat back down on the couch and you sat up.
“That would be…sudden?” you said even more confused.
“I feel like there’s something more to that.” his eyes narrowed.
You shrugged taking your phone again, “We’ll find out I guess.”

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if you think about it, the fifteenth united states president was james buchanan and in his presidency we can say that he started the civil war/was president right before cw.

mcu and comic bucky barnes’s full name is JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES. in “captain america: civil war”, the two sides fought over 1) the accords and 2) turning in bucky.

SO basically both james buchanan barnes and a former US president of the similar name started their own respective civil war. much to think about

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a weekend reminder that it was Steve Rogers who literally broke down when he saw a lifeless Tony realising that they might have won the war but he lost a true friend who he loves very much


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Steve Rogers x Reader
Trope: Sacrificing / Last words confession
Descr: Description of injury, not beta read



You and Steve had been captured and held in this Hydra base for almost two months now and you were sure nobody would get you. They were either captured too or fell victim to the phenomenon that made the two men held across from you dust into thin air.
It’s not like you hadn’t tried to escape together or alone but they were having their eyes on you at all times and today was no different from that.
You looked at Steve in the cell next to you. For someone with super soldier serum in him, he was getting oddly thin and the only thing they didn’t get from him until now was a blood sample. He fought back anyone coming to close to his skin. This was Erskine’s prized possession, nobody would get that.

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I’m rewatching Civil War and I really wanna know who the asshole was who texted Steve that Peggy died like??? Didn’t tell him in person??? Not even a phone call??? How insensitive. And then the message was awful too like there wasn’t even an “I’m so sorry but…” no it was literally just “She’s Gone.” like god talk about awful bedside manner

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what i don’t get about captain america stans, is how they can hate tony after civil war??

i’m okay if you like steve, but like, what did tony do wrong to make you hate him?? like, bitch, i just wanna know??

“Oh, He WaS uPsEt ThAt BuCkY kiLlEd HiS pArEnTs So He FoUgHt StEvE aNd BuCkY, lMaO wHaT a CoWaRd”



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Bucky x Reader
Trope: Accidental Eavesdropping
Descr: Angst & Fluff



You wanted to walk into the kitchen when you heard your name fall from Bucky’s lips. You stopped in your tracks and decided to turn around until they were finished mentioning you in there. Until you heard what it was about.
“She acts like she has pity for all of us. It makes me uncomfortable. She’s trying too hard.” you turned around and ran to your room after these words.
Your only fear with the team was to be disliked by them. You joined the group only days before Bucky and always did your best to be there for everybody, to not be annoying and to learn enough about them.
“It concerns me, she’s overworking herself where she shouldn’t. She’s way too worried. I feel like she needs the same level of attention she gives to us and we’re not giving that to her.” he finished his little monologue and Steve pressed his lips together with a nod.
Bucky has been your training partner since you both came to the compound and you always tried your best to help him with the problems he had with his PTSD. He was still very distanced towards you, but not in a negative way. At least that’s what you thought until you accidentally eavesdropped on him talking about you.
You decided to not eat breakfast, your appetite was gone anyways and you still had a few episodes of Brooklyn 99 left to watch.

Bucky noticed when you didn’t come to eat breakfast. It worried him, you always made sure everyone ate enough and you talked about the shows you currently watched every evening.
“Friday? Can you deny the rest of the team access to my room? Except for Tony, of course.” you looked at the ceiling.
“Of course.” the gentle female computer voice answered.
“Friday? Can you tell me where Y/N is?” the brunette asked after everyone had finished breakfast and went about their day.
“She is in her room. It seems like she doesn’t want to be disturbed.” the voice answered him.
“Is she medically okay?” he asked.
“Yes, her vitals are normal. She seems to be upset but wants to be left alone.” she informed him.
He slowly exhaled with a frown. This wasn’t like you at all and he knew something must’ve happened in the last 24 hours.

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I was just watching CATWS (because of course) and I realized something annoying in Civil War. Tony gets so angry at Cap for not telling him about his parents (and I realize it wasn’t only that  - they had other disagreements and he has just seen his parents killed etc) but one of the main arguments people have for being team Iron Man is that Cap lied… here’s the thing: NATASHA WAS THERE TOO. She saw the same powerpoint presentation that Zola showed, she knew just as much as Steve did that Bucky did it. And yet no one ever gets mad at her. WTH

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